stealing land


Media Silent as Company Behind Dakota Pipeline Steals More Land in Texas for a Different Project

But of course the media is silent and the government has probably put a media black ban on the story which would incite a mass public protest if the truth came out. And again money over rules rights and they steal our property ruin natural resources after getting away with what they are doing in North Dakota. Fuck America and all the corporations in the world!

The international community is just as bad for standing aside and watching Assad slaughter Aleppo. You’d think they’d learn their lesson, in the 1990s they stood back and watched the genocides in Kosovo, Bosnia and Rwanda happen. They stood back when Britain and the US illegally invaded Iraq which led to millions of innocent people being killed for what? So that western imperialist could get some oil. They stood back while little by little ‘Israel’ steals land from the Palestinians and oppresses them on their own motherland. And now once again, they stand back as Assad (supported by Putin) is massacring his own people without mercy, but with pleasure. Do you have no shame?


Lake Shawnee Amusement Park is quite possibly one of the most unfortunate and tragic amusement parks in the entire world. Now abandoned, it is located in Mercer County, West Virginia. Many years before Lake Shawnee Amusement Park was built, the land was the home to a Native American tribe until 1783, when the Clay family attempted to steal the land. Three Clay children, Bartley, Tabitha, and Ezekial, were killed by the Native American tribe, with one being burnt at the stake. To retaliate, the patriarch of the family, Mitchell Clay, murdered several of the Native Americans. Years later, during the 1920′s Conley T. Snidow purchased the land and Lake Shawnee Amusement Park was born. Now that’s not the end of tragedy for this spot of land. A total of six people were reported to have died in freak accidents at the park. One little girl was hit by a truck as she swung on the circle swing photographed above and a little boy drowned in the swimming pool. Following these accidents, the park closed for good and was left to rot and rust. However, the park doesn’t appear to be completely empty.. The owner has reported witnessing a ghostly little girl covered in blood, swinging on the abandoned circle swing; he also said that’s it’s not uncommon to hear and see the swings moving on their own.

Dating Newt Scamander would include:

a/n: hello hi i was bored in physics so i wrote this :)

- being a second mum to the beasts

   - “no, you can’t be the mummy to them”

   - “yes, i can, i’m the female one”

   - “but i was here first”

   - “that’s not fair! can’t we both be mums to them?”

   - “i guess that’s fine, yes”

- taking care of the beasts

- carrying him around in the case/him carrying you in the case if it were crucial

- shyness!!! SHYNESS!!!!

- kissing would be very delicate and gentle

- he’d take care of you as if you were one of the beasts

- the beasts loving you

- newt giving you beautiful jewellery from foreign lands

- niffler stealing all of it 

   - newt making him apologise when he found out

- dates on top of rooftops

- he’d look at you like you were the most fascinating thing in the universe

- he’d always think he wasn’t loving you enough

- of course, insecure newt - he thought he could be easily replaced

   - a.k.a you deserved someone better, someone with a more calm life 

   - those thoughts appeared when one of the beasts would accidentally hurt you

   - but you would deny his insecurity because you couldn’t imagine someone better than him, someone who could give you more

   - he was and would be the most wonderful thing that ever happened to you

- you two would barely have ‘private time’ together for the beasts were always making a mess

- newt would extremely want you at times, but he just had to wait until you two were out of the case and at a hotel or something

- teasing him while taking care of the beasts

- omg, upset newt!!!

   - arms crossed over his chest

   - ultimate pouting

   - not talking to you

   - with kisses and tickles you’d get him out of that upset trance

- oh my, imagine newt laughing until he’s tearing up and unable to breathe

- i love newt so much, please protect my cinnamon roll at all costs!

That story about Steve Bannon supporting the suppression of African American voters should be one example of why reaching out to those people isn’t a strategy with any long term viability.  People acting like they need to control us and our anger so that the white supremacists don’t have a reason to be racist…having to put time into debating our humanity like its a question that needs to be pondered over or a difference of opinion…I loathe the very idea that people view that as “calm logic” when its really just their myopia talking. 

I guess they’re too busy acclimating and trying to humanize white supremacists to know this but…White supremacists know their stereotypes and “facts” aren’t true, because they only use them as justifications for their behavior. That’s how its always been.  “Natives drink and steal resources, that’s why its okay to assault them and steal their land.  Black people are violent thugs and liars, that’s why its okay to execute them on the street and use military grade weapons on their neighborhoods.  PoC are genetically inferior, they’re “mudmen” and abominations who steal from “True Americans” aka Christian white people.  They’re out to steal what you deserve and rape white women. Jews control everything and are forcing you to co-exist with them.”  They spread these lies around to dehumanize their targets and so that YOU believe them and let them get away with it. They’re scared of accountability. 

They selectively make their marginalized friends the “exception’ so that they don’t have to challenge their own beliefs.  Many of these people have family and friends in the groups that they persecute, but they’ll still go meet up with their hate group and advocate for destroying those very people and fail to see what’s wrong with that.  So if having black family or friends or coworkers won’t make these people stop, what makes you think marginalized people should put themselves at risk to “reach out” to these people?  What makes you think random white allies are going to get them to change their mind?  They can barely handle talking to racist family members, let alone violent, open white supremacists who willingly assault “race traitors”. 

To be honest, going by how defensive “allies” can be when any of us is less than accommodating to the idea of having civil conversations with people who regularly target us…I think its more likely that they’ll just “reach common ground” with the belief that racism is our fault, but disagree on how overt people should be and try to pass that off as “allyship”. 

I personally would prefer an anti-racism strategy that isn’t centered around what’s beneficial for white supremacists, and focus on what’s beneficial to us. 

tfw a proponent and implementer of apartheid agrees with president trump

alternatively: tfw someone who condones and defends and provides incentives to israeli settlers who steal land in the west bank agrees with president trump

White man
no call himself

White man
steal land,
call himself

White man
kill people,
call himself

Coloured man
steal bread,
get punished.

Coloured man
kill people,
coloured man
lose life.

Coloured man

White man
no call himself

Came on
same boat.

—  Nav K, By Bodies of Water

“Why do you call him the Devil?” they asked.

“Because the morality you are presupposing by asking me that question does not exist in the old covenants of the witches, or in wild nature. He-she-they wanders drumming to ancient bones and singing flesh up from the well of our ancestors. The Devil is not a name, it is an idea, a powerful idea that reminds me that the culture we would try to appease by saying we do not dance with the Devil is the sick and evil one. The world is full of lies.”

“So you don’t like Christianity at all?”

“It’s not Christianity, or Christ; it’s the Church, it’s the doctrine of Original Sin, it’s an institution that says more than half of our species can’t be priests, that says I must confess my carnal realities to absolve them, that rapes the land and steals children… I trust the wise serpent who told me that Yahweh was lying.”

I offered an apple from the fruit-bowl between us and noticed the look of terror in their azure eyes.

“Eve ate of this and saw the truth… that the world around her, the walled-in prison that Yahweh had called paradise, was a lie… and then She had eyes to see, and walked into the wilderness…”

“There are no gates to Paradise,” we whispered together.

—  Fio Akheron

On my way to steal your girl

So I made a post on my main blog about a Monster Romance story involving a pumpkin headed monster protecting his Pop’s farm (he has two human dads who took him in I’ve decided) and ending up meeting a lovely girl who becomes his friend (and something more eventually) after her friends had the great dumb idea to sneak onto their land to steal their prized pumpkin that had been in the newspaper.

I had to draw what I saw in my head and I’m in love with them and I want to see them-grow-be happy-and have lots of hugs and smooches.

Also the Pumpkin Plant dude wears lots of flannel shirts he can only button at the bottom cause he too gotdang big.

me EVERY TIME i meet a white person smh
  • me: hey do you know where the bathroom is
  • white person: listen, i’m sorry that your culture is destroyed and that you all seem to suffer from alcoholism but we didn’t steal your land and we sure as hell didn’t do this to you we bought this land like 300 fucking years ago get the fuck over it, get a fucking job, become a functioning member of society and shut the fuck up. i have to work and go to school full time to afford to eat, you whiny cunts get free education, tons of race-specific scholarships, free housing etc etc my family had to put off our disney world vacation by a year to pay for my braces if we were native my braces would have been free like fuck idk im annoyed just gfuiahguihsg
  • me: oh ok... do you know where the bathroom is
Ideas for the Bram Stoker au version of Return of the Jedi

1. Captain Solo owes some outstanding debts to a greasy landowner who’s moved to the American southwest. Where he is undoubtedly stealing land, extorting folk, and generally making a big slimy nuisance of himself.

2. Captain Solo gets conked on the noggin/drugged/put under a sleeping spell after some strenuous question and answer sessions and locked in a coffin. Because the Count is cruel. (He was aided in this by the Fett half of the Calrissian and Fett partnership, which was dissolved immediately after the fact. Fett moved out west and ended up becoming a desperado)

3. Coffin is shipped to the West and Lando follows, accidentally befriending a lot of cowboys who defend him from local racists. He uses his new contacts (and some darned good acting skills) to sneak onto Jabba duHutt’s ranch and find where he’s keeping the comatose Han locked up.

4. Leia Organa is a terrifying ball of rage and pistols and Mr. duHutt is going to sorely regret ever crossing her. Well. I mean. He would regret it. Except he can’t. Because he is dead now because :

5. Leia and Luke ambushed his train, started a stampede, killed duHutt (Leia becomes Old West Legend after this) and Chewbacca burns the plantation to the ground.

6. Leia wakes Sleeping Snarky with True Love’s Kiss. Then they all have to make a run for the nearest railroad to get back to the nearest seaport because Leia and Chewie left the Falcon alone too long. (They needn’t have worried. No one was going to steal it.)

7. Lando takes over what was left of duHutt’s finances and actually sets up a decent business. His cowboy friends put them in contact with someone who can help them track down Sidious, the Elder Vampire

(Because at this point, via Kenobi’s journals, Luke has discovered that the Count’s actions are not always as voluntary as he pretends, and Luke is determined to find a cure for vampirism that doesn’t involve a stake through the heart and beheading, thank-you-very-much.

Because on the off chance that Vader does manage to catch him and fully turn him, Luke would like to know he can come back.

And on the other hand, the last time he encountered the vampire claiming to be his father, there was something different in his eyes. Something that was almost human.)

I can’t even articulate my thoughts about Black Sails right now. The show is so good it’s just blowing my MIND. Follow me on Twitter @ arcadia_tweets if you want to hear my wibbling in a slightly more coherent form.

I went from being incredibly happy about the Flint/Silver/Madi trio being back together, how nice it is that Flint and Madi respect each other now, how Flint is happy for Silver being in love and stands apart thinking he won’t ever have that….and then I ended up just crying at the horror of what Woodes Rogers did. A perfect example of how England actively encourages its soldiers/leaders/representatives to go mad and commit horrific violence so they can steal more land, and hopes, and lives. And as long as they wear the correct uniform and speak in the right accent no one even notices. (Meanwhile if you do the wrong thing they will call you mad and kill you for it even if you’re the sanest one in the room.) This is my country’s history, and the heritage behind every beautiful fucking Tumblr post of tall white London buildings paid for in blood and hate.

I am so scared that I’m going to have to watch my loves die horribly. At least Vane got a damn speech.

Some blacks aren’t willing to openly recognize Malcolm X because they feel that showing recognition to a powerful, black leader will negatively affect them in society. Some of those same blacks will readily celebrate a so-called white leader like Columbus.

Ask yourself, “How does it look celebrating one who encouraged his people to steal land, rape, and do genocide, but not one who encouraged his people to defend themselves against terrorism, make use of their land, and practice their basic human rights?”