stealing first base

Ianthony  Domestic Headcannons

Because I don’t have time to make oneshots about these and because I need let my imaginative little fangirl side out for a moment!

  • Ian is awful at baking but never fails to bake Anthony a batch of vegan chocolate chip cookies every year for his birthday. Instead of telling his sweet boyfriend the truth, Anthony just eats them without a second thought and masks the burnt flavor with hefty amounts of vanilla icing.

  • Ian has a bad tendency to stay up late and fall asleep on the couch while playing his gaming system. Instead of disturbing Ian by carrying him to bed, Anthony just grabs a blanket and sleeps on the couch with him.

  • Ian sometimes gets playfully jealous when Anthony naps with Pip. So much so that he’ll even try to lure Pip out of Anthony’s tight hold with a can of cat food. He usually always succeeds and takes Pip’s place in Anthony’s arms.

  • Anthony is a passionate vegan, but is more than willing to cook whatever Ian wants.

  • Anthony and Ian usually shares the chores, but since Anthony wakes up earlier than Ian, he will sometimes clean the house while he lets his boyfriend catch up on his sleep.

  • While cuddling on the couch, Anthony loves it when Ian plays his hair and trails his finger in small circles around his neck. Ian loves it even more because he loves seeing Anthony in such a weekend state.

  • While watching a movie, Anthony is really talkative. He compares things, gives his thoughts, and complains about the lack of realism. Ian thinks it’s cute at times, but wishes he would keep quiet at certain times.

  • Sometimes when slow music comes on over the radio, Anthony just randomly grabs Ian from wherever he is and slow dances with him.

  • Ian wears socks all the time in the house, but it’s really slippery in their apartment because of the hardwood floors. One day, Ian falls and hits his head. Anthony is on the other side of the house, but as soon as he hears Ian fall, he drops everything and runs to Ian’s aid. It turns out to be a mild fall, but Anthony says arm-and-arm with his boyfriend all day to make sure that his head is okay.

I will be doing more sets of these, so if you would like to request a specific list of headcannons, Please let me know! :D I’m always up for a writing challenge!