stealing a dog

Okay everyone who recommends Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater to me needs to explain the part where it was a hard winter so the wolf pack immediately tried to cannibalize a first grader… and then later the kid grew up and one of those wolves had a romance with her.

Like. Explain that. Explain that romance to me.

Because like??? if you’re having a hard winter? EAT OUT OF THE TRASH. EAT STRAY CATS. LOOK ADORABLE AND HOPE PEOPLE FEED YOU. STEAL FROM PEOPLE WHO PUT DOG BOWLS OUTSIDE. Or since you’re a WEREwolf how about you just buy enough dog kibble beforehand????

Don’t just grab a small child off a swing and start chowing down!

I don’t care that the love interest wolf ~saved her life~ because he looked into her eyes and she was his soulmate, I care that he was chewing a mouthful of her arm meat when they met! And would totally have eaten a less soulmatey first grader! How does this not shit the romance to death for you guys???

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  • Shiro: What if I implement a no-pets policy at the Castle?
  • Lance: Well, hell, man, you can't just throw out Pidge like that.

how to be a donna tartt character

wear old-fashioned clothes in all black or all white, odd glasses are a bonus

have weird nicknames with your friends and only refer to each other by them

intellectualism™ is important. make sure everyone knows that you love homer more than them

moral ambiguity is slightly more important. wanna scam people with fake antiques? wanna murder a friend? wanna steal your stepmom’s dog and drugs and run away across america? wanna semi-accidentally steal a painting and worry about it for years? wanna get into an ecstatic state and murder some random farmer? no time like the present

speak a few languages, preferably dead ones or russian

embrace your angst. amplify your angst. worry

consume copious amounts of substances. smoke, develop a drug problem, get sick drinking as often as possible

forget having actual romantic relationships with people, instead opt for romanticizing someone and obsessing over them and then confessing your love unsuccessfully or being totally gay for your best friend and then denying it later when they try to bring it up

Imagine Loki is staying with you and your dog keeps stealing his boxers out of the laundry basket. He wonders where they are disappearing to, but then he finds them in a pile in your room, as that’s where your dog sleeps. But he thinks it’s you and confronts you. You are about to explain when your dog once again comes running through with another pair in her mouth, looking very proud of herself. 

aphobes: aspec was stolen from the autistic community!

several autistics: umm… no, it wasn’t. the autistic community never used aspec, and that term was created by the ace and aro community, not us. please stop spreading this false information

aphobes: …anyways, why do aces steal everything???

Books the Signs Should read

Aries: The Walls Around Us- Nova Ren Suma

Taurus: Divergent- Veronica Roth

Cancer: Finders Keepers- Stephen King

Gemini: The Passage- Justin Cronin

Leo: Forged by Fire- Sharon Draper

Virgo: The Giver- Lois Lowery

Libra: How to Steal a Dog- Barbara O’Connor

Scorpio: One Gone: A Riley Paige Mystery- Blake Pierce

SagittariusHyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations..- Allie Brosh

Aquarius: A Serious of Unfortunate Events- Lemony Snicket

Capricorn: The Tales of the Not Forgotten- Beth GuckenBerger

Pisces: Crazy- Linda Vigen Phillips

*requested by anon*