Steeveay x Salemintheworks                                               
By: Theotakuspazandwriter

Coffee Shop Sketchbook

A/N: Apologies for anything that may seem off about this >.<” It was honestly written with the intentions of no one ever seeing it but Salem wanted otherwise so I couldn’t say no.


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Also, it’s fair to say that I was feeling pretty dang guilty about my hiatus >w< Hehehe I was also feeling kind of guilty about the fact that I wrote Stealem and didn’t show my sempai’s (Salem/Steeveay)  XDDDD

Credit to my Onee-chan Suki who edited away my horrible grammar (hopefully XD). 


            Camping had been a unanimous decision. So it wasn’t very surprising that the two found themselves situated next to a bonfire. The pair sat side-by-side gazing at the stars and telling stories and (every so often) exchanging sweet kisses.

            Amidst the playful banter, Salem suggested the two make s’mores. Steeveay agreed almost immediately and the two engaged in “s’more-making”. They got their ingredients and utensils ready and started roasting marshmallows over the fire.

            “This is really nice.” Steeveay said, grinning at Salem.

            She smiled back at him, and then turned her attention back to the marshmallow that she had skewered over the fire. “You’ll have to thank whoever I found that from on the internet.” She muttered, examining her now-golden marshmallow.

            Steeveay noticed his was just right as well. He pulled his roasting stick upwards and slowly brought it near to his face. The marshmallow was mostly golden-brown, with tints of black and white around opposite edges. The sweet candy was smoking lightly and was about to start melting soon.

            Steeveay blew lightly on his marshmallow as he reached over to his side to grab a few graham crackers and a piece of chocolate, when all of a sudden he heard a loud “Ahh!”

            He quickly turned to his companion who was frantically patting her mouth in pain.

            “Salem! Are you okay?” he asked. Salem shook her head.

            “The damn marshmallow burned my lip.” She spoke, her voice slightly muffled by her hand.

“D-Does it still hurt?” Steeveay asked in a concerned voice. When he got a nod of approval, he began panicking mildly.

Not knowing what to do, Steeveay leaned towards Salem’s face and began blowing on her lips.

“Gah! Steeveay! What are you doing?” Salem squeaked, confused. Yeah, what was he doing?

“I-I don’t know!” he babbled. Steeveay continued blowing on it. He also tried desperately to cool Salem’s mouth by fanning it. He did this until a few moments later when he realized how utterly ridiculous they must’ve looked then and there.

He started to giggle as he fanned and blew on her mouth. Salem threw him a bewildered look.

“Steeveay, what’s so funny? I’m in pain here, tell me!” she said, still emphasizing her swollen lip, even though the pain had dulled an immense amount.

“Heh-” Steeveay chuckled, “We must look, -pfft- really, really stupid right now.” He said, breaking into a proper fit of laughter.

Suppressing her urge to join him, Salem crossed pouting. Steeveay wiped away the tears that had built up at the corner of his eyes and stared at Salem.

“Aww, why the long face? You gotta admit it was funny.” He nudged her, playfully. She said nothing, just stuck out her lower lip even more.

“Aww, fine, be that way,” he said, grinning. Salem turned to face Steeveay and looked at him expectantly.

He sighed and let out an “Alright, fine.”

Steeveay put his hand on Salem’s cheek and placed a chaste kiss on her lips. Smiling into the kiss, Suddenly, the burn didn’t seem to hurt anymore.