Stealandrobgraaaaaaves needs a little pick me up.

Shilo’s dark eyes scanned the other grave robber. After that fateful night at the opera, she herself had become a grave robber and street dealer of Zydrate, she’d toughened up and filled out a bit… no thanks to the poison her father had pumped in to her. “What do you want?” Generally, other dealers didn’t interact with each other, it was just too dangerous, so Shilo was curious as to why the man would risk even a small chance of danger just to see her.

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“Hi, Mister!” Cadenza turned to face GraveRobber, and paraded over to the man with her bodyguard, a bold grin on her painted pink lips. “I’m Cadenza, what’s your name?” asked the girl, gazing up at him with curiosity.

StealAndRobGraaaaaaves Started Following You

Pavi hurried to catch up with the run away puppy that had leaped from his arms, dashing down an alleyway to regain control of it. Amber had only left the thing in his care for an hour or so, and he’d already let it get loose. He wasn’t usually so bad with pets, this was an off day for him. Harper, the puppy, leaped up at a man behind a dumpster, pawing at GraveRobber’s legs with an animal’s curiosity and interest. Pavi slowed down as he noticed the dog stopping to investigate Graves. “Harper! Sit!” he waved a finger at the puppy, who immediately obeyed.