I dare you to create a monster based on your worst fear

Be creative! Maybe it’s a monster that steals your dreams, leaving you without rest or perhaps it traps you inside of them. Perhaps it’s something that symbolizes the passage of time and creeps up on you, following you, taunting you with mortality. Maybe it has the face of the person who has hurt you the most or the face of someone you love as it betrays you. 

Monsters have long been created so that they speak directly to humanity’s universal fears. What monster would speak to your own?

Think outside the box!

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The houses what they feel what they fear

Cold ice cream on a hot summer day, cocktail party, barbecue, dancing till morning, the buzz of too much alcohol, stupid dares, skating with your mates, arm wrestling, loud laughs till the stomach hurts, shouting when your favourite band comes on, howling the lyrics in the crowd, running till you’re out of breath, tickle attacks, the get together after two years, calling your friend at 3am, spitting contests, the cheers on new year’s eve.

The panic in the crowd, the fear of being too loud, to be hated by your loved ones, the boogyman that steals your dreams,

The sun on your face, the light tan on your skin, the easy smiles given to strangers, lying in the garden, the first blossoms of spring, waking up to a sunny day, walking in a new outfit, enthusiastic cheers, first sip of champagne, giggles, braiding hair, shining eyes, paint smeared on your sleeves, the air after the rain, whistling your favourite song, barefoot running in the street, the perfect birthday song.

To be the fifth wheel, the over the top, treason within the closest group of friends, waiting for the crash and burn, the beast in the deep waters,
Post traumatic stress disorder.

The crunching of leaves beneath your boots, the smell of old books, red wine, scented candles, sweater weather, laughing loudly when nobody’s listening, solitude and quiet, the pet’s favorite, hot baths, reading till the morning, eyes for details, sand under your feet, daydreaming, inhaling fresh air, autumn style, long scarfs, self carved pumpkin on Halloween.

Too many thoughts, voices that aren’t there, the looming figure in the dark, the cold grip of fear, glassy eyes,

The winter wind in your face, black coffee, stargazing, walking through the untouched snow, the glow of a single candle, the smell of the night, the sea in the morning, the eye of the storm, running late and not caring, dark lipstick, darker nails, smirks and winks, ink on paper and skin, swimming in cold water, drawing a perfect portrait, the wind in the trees, sweet revenge, dancing on ice, the glow of the Christmas tree.

The silent cries, suffering in silence, the loneliness, the parent that pushes you down, too many bruisies and scars and lies, losing control, giving in,


You had doubts, you were afraid. You came to believe that, what you loved most dearly, could be taken away from you. But the truth is, no one in the whole universe could ever steal your past, your dreams, or your magic powers. They are yours to keep, forever. Bloom, to recover your powers, look deep inside yourself. your journey has ended, Bloom. You have arrived

anonymous asked:

lizzington + last pint of ice cream

Lizzington you both grab for the last pint of ice cream at the supermarket and end up arguing over it au


Some part of her had always known that she didn’t want to find out what kind of people shopped at a gas station at 3am on a Wednesday, but surely it wasn’t too much to expect at least some shreds of decency?

“Excuse me? Did you just take that ice cream from my cart?”

The little thief has the gull to look offended; he even pulls an exaggerated grimace of what is universally known as the ‘Who, me?’-face, as if the expensive designer suit and suave fedora somehow put him above petty supermarket etiquette (and what is he, some kind of castaway from the Blues Brothers? Who even wears sunglasses at night?)


“That ice cream. There was only one pint of it left, and since you entered the store after me, I don’t see how you could have possibly gotten it if not from my cart.”

(She doesn’t tell him that she saw him take the damned thing. He didn’t even try to disguise his actions, and the thief in her is frankly appalled by this blatant disrespect for criminal know-how.)

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I wanna be...
  • I wanna be the reason for the smile on your face.
  • I wanna be the one that you’ll never replace.
  • I wanna be the person who steals your heart.
  • I wanna be the person to whom no-one can compare.
  • I wanna be the one you love until the end of time.
  • I wanna be the reason that you write these stupid rhymes.
  • I wanna be your one and only, you’re every dream come true.
  • I want ours to be a perfect love.
  • I wanna be yours and I wanna be your fantasy.
  • Just take a look around you baby, we are meant to be. 

I am not a relationship material.
I’ll get under your skin and make my love run through your veins. I’ll get into your soul, and kiss those scars. I’ll soothe your brokenness, in a way that, you no more refrain yourself from falling in love. I’ll get into your mind, steal your thoughts, realize your dreams, and will stand with you, to make them come true. I’ll be with you, in your daydreams, and nightmares, too. That’s the way I’ll love you. At 3, in the morning, when you feel the weakest and all you need is someone, to listen to your deepest secrets, those guilts that make your heart heavy, your fears, and those dreams which do not let you sleep, I’ll be there for you. I’ll make you realize how strong you’re. When the world will be against you, you’ll find me, holding your hand, walking by your side. I’ll never let pain touch you, I’ll always be your shield. I’ll shout at you for not taking proper care of your self. I’ll bother you 10 times a day, to check if you’re fine. I’ll keep on asking you day and night, the reason, why were you upset that day. You’ll be my baby, I’ll be protecting you, and standing before you, to face everything, before it reaches you. I’ll make sure you always have a smile on your face. I’ll end the fights and apologize, even if its your mistake. I’ll love you for your faliures, for your dreams and for your fears, and everything, for which you do not love yourself. I’ll struggle with you. I’ll never let you be alone.
My heart will shatter over pity things. My heart will bleed when I see you, kissing that girl in the rain. I’ll get annoyed when you’ll not answer my infinite calls. My heart will hurt when you yell at me, for calling you so many times. I’ll get possessive when that girl calls you at 2 in the morning, and you ignore me for her. All I’ll need is you, to be mine. You cannot handle me because baby, may be I’m excessively demanding.
No, baby, no, I am not a relationship material.