You may have heard about the smartphone game that’s eventually coming out. Although it’s not certain yet whether this app will be limited to Japan only, there is currently a pre-registration campaign that you can definitely sign up for just in case. 

The idea of the game is that you play as a Matsu protecting/stealing more for his secret savings from non-Matsu characters. You will be collecting different versions of the Matsu boys, and the battles will take place “all over the world.” While the game itself is free to download, there will be in-game purchases.  

In the pre-registration campaign, the total number of people that sign up before the campaign ends will determine what freebies you receive once the game is officially released. Below is a translation:

Based on the number of people who pre-register, you will be receiving these rewards!
6 people

>> The game will be released!
66 people
>> Nothing! You can do better!
666 people
>> Don’t expect to get anything with a number like that!
6666 people
>> Everyone gets free 50 diamonds! You can use them for the rare gatcha!
66666 people
>> Everyone gets a free rare Matsu! Plus 50 more diamonds!
666666 people
>> Plus 50 MORE diamonds! Everyone gets “Matsu” added to their twitter name!
6666666 people
>> Go buy me yakisoba bread!
66666666 people
>> The game release gets stopped! Don’t reach this number, you hear? Just don’t!!
666666666 people
>> If you make it this far, might as well re-release the game!
6666666666 people
>> You’re using fake accounts, aren’t you!!
66666666666 people
>> How many people do you think exist on planet Earth?!

The number at the bottom will show the number of people who have already pre-registered, and the current date.

Since there is no country block on the page, you can pre-register for the app by scrolling to the bottom of this form and choosing which OS you have (iOS or Android only), and then entering your email address. When the game is released, you will receive notification at your email on how to receive your reward.

Dear Creepypasta fandom...

Please stop stealing art and discrediting the wonderful people who put their time and effort into making those pictures. Reblog the picture from the artist, or if you insist on reposting the picture, ask the artist’s permission for it. I know you people want to do cool edits and maybe gifs of the pictures and so on, but that is NOT OKAY unless you have the permission of the artist! Always ask a permission for using someone’s art! If they say no, leave it to be like a respectful person and don’t steal.

A dragon that hoards people - but instead of stealing people and bringing them to their den or something they come across a town, see all the people that conveniently stay in one area and essentially adopt the entire town???

They find a convenient cave system within a minute’s flight of the town where they can watch their horde from a safe distance and begin settling in.

They lay down on the outskirts for days because their cousins told them it was a good idea with living hordes to let them acclimate to you first.

They memorize everyone’s names (though they were originally confused between names and titles.  They also found it peculiar that so many humans were named mama and papa until a child explained it to them once the townspeople started trusting them)

They love kids and babies a lot and are always eager to meet them.

They only ever hang out at the edges of town because they’re too big to go in the streets.

They’re entirely enamored when the town has its first festival after their arrival.  They love the atmosphere and how happy everyone seems.

The first time someone leaves, they’re upset, but understanding and don’t try to stop them.  Having a living horde is different from an inert one after all, forcing a member to stay if they didn’t want to would hurt the well being of the entire horde.

(It turns out they were only leaving to go somewhere called ‘college’, and they came back after a time with another two humans in tow.  The dragon almost cried they were so happy.)

It becomes a hobby for some of the younger townsfolk to bring books and homework to the dragon, reading aloud or showing them what they’d been learning in class (which turned to asking for help, once the dragon grasped the concepts).  The dragon, for their part, enjoys listening to their voices more than they do the stories themselves (though a few do pique their interest, and those are requested to be re-read every so often).

They get really excited about the first wedding they see and manage to become an ordained minister.  Dragon-officiated weddings become relatively popular.

They chase off the occasional angry bear or pack of wolves and usher everyone to their tunnel system during particularly bad storms.

They hunt in the surrounding woods, and will occasionally catch extra and bring it to the local butcher for the town to eat, especially during special occasions.  (They eventually taste cooked food, and it becomes a treat of sorts for them - though they don’t eat it often because they eat a lot of food and cooking takes work)

They fly to town as fast as they can one night when they hear screaming.  They see a group of visitors - not uncommon and not usually undesirable - but their people are cowering and one of the newcomers is holding a kid by the shirt and they smell of violence and ill-intent and thief thief thief.

The burglars don’t last long, to say the least.  Nor do any of the other attacks that are occasionally launched on the town.

The town grows into a flourishing city under the dragon’s careful watch (they are touched and elated when the first order of business was to widen the roads).

My neighbor has this super tiny dog named Bella, and she is just adorable af!! Like I think she’s some kinda teacup because she’s really tiny. Her bark is even adorable. I just wanna play with her and take her to my house.

i thought id never say this

but when beyonce walked out at the halftime show i rolled my eyes like

im tired of looking at you

coldplays show was so beautiful and colorful and sweet and bruno mars and his crew were so energetic and awesome

then out comes beyonce with a look like she knows she’s gonna steal the show


and now people are saying it was beyonces show


“You literally fell into my zone, insulted me, and then tried to
STEAL from me! Of course I’m going to be hostile, anyone would!
It’s not as though I ASKED for your criticism on my designs- which
I quite ENJOY coming up with and piloting! Why, I daresay I wouldn’t
have continued as I am all these years if I didn’t ENJOY some part of
the constant plotting and failures. It gives me something to actually
do rather than walk up to random scientists and belch in their face.

Tell me, just what is it that you actually take joy in, hmm? When you
build a blaster do you do so because you care for the craft or simply
because you CAN?”

One of the rudest things I’ve witnessed to date on this fuck-clustered site, as a new writer, is some irrelevant person coming out of nowhere and having the audacity to accusingly ask another writer if they steal the stories they post. Harsh criticism of our work is one thing, totally discrediting hard work via unfounded accusations is something else entirely. The mere suggestion of it can ruin reputations, so if you don’t have any actual proof that a story is being ripped off, then kindly find something else to do with your time.

Lesbians: how do you define what it is to be a lesbian? Do you feel it is a woman who loves women? Or a female who loves females? 

I’m an AFAB androgyne, and often call myself a lesbian, even though i’m not exactly a woman. I mean, I don’t necessarily need a label. I’m just having mixed feelings. 

Adam: I’m gonna steal all these people’s clothes.
Joel: Steal their clothes. Steal his clothes!  Oop–no pants for you!


Joel: Adam, that was impressive, I’ve gotta give you some credit there!

this is coming from joel ‘take off your pants’ heyman

i’m gonna tattoo “lesbian leftist who believes in religious freedom” on my forehead

hopefully this will stop racist homophobes from telling me about “luxury immigrants who come to steal our money!!!!”, “The Gays need to act like normal people, homophobia is not a thing in sweden anymore, whats wrong with str8!!!” and “Feminist Initiative wants to legalize rape i read this from a Trusted Source” (AN ACTUAL THING THAT WAS SAID TO ME you don’t even have to sympathize with FI to know that that’s complete bullshit end me)

Writer problems: when you browse 10 different baby name sites and get 30 different pop-ups asking about your pregnancy or offering you a deal on baby stuff. Not pregnant, just naming characters. Definitely not pregnant, I live in my writer’s lair and only come out on occasion to get a coffee; half my hair will be ripped out, ink smeared all over my hands and probably my face, big bags under my eyes because what is sleep my characters need me, coffee stains all down my shirt, probably some post-it’s that got stuck to me instead of on my desk or pages. Yeah, it’s not a pretty picture… I’m pretty sure nobody is ever going to even want to have a baby with me so yeah… no, not now, not ever, baby name sites. Let’s not remind me, okay? Okay, thanks.

Someday imma just sit in the library with some of their name books and just make a big list of names for every occasion I swear. Because I mean, I can’t bring these types of books home either or I’ll have to explain why I need baby name books to my parents.

shewalksbetweenworlds asked:

“You should be grateful I come down here and talk to you at all.” // Seelie Puck might be being framed for stealing important documents from her or something Idk but =throws this at you=


Gold eyes barely glanced up as he heard the footsteps, Puck choosing to
stick to the corner he was currently in. “Oh, yes. I am oh-so-grateful that
you take time out of your busy day to talk to the rabble.” His tone was raspy,
lacking its usual light air as he slowly turned to glare at Maeve. “Because
seeing you is always the highlight of my day, milady.

“What is it today? More questions? Or accusations?” His gaze slowly
drifted back to the wall across from him. “Please–don’t leave me waiting.”
Each word was spat almost, as if the very words carried venom. “I’ve got
far more important things to deal with than you.”

The other day at work my coworker was upset that she was told not to come in on one of her days and really venomously was like “But you worked, isn’t that funny, when I’m the one with seniority”
and apparently my natural response to this drama was an extremely nonchalant “Yeah, that’s the pits.” while walking out of the room