Alex + rose during Bad Habits 😍 Miles’ moan tho

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This gift was for @averageocporn from rose moon light my friend. Her dad sent me this and i hope you like what rose made for you. She really loves your art and i wish she can still see your art she may still be alive or not be she loves your really beautiful art. Please spread her art work for rose and if she did died she may rest in pace. I wish her art got famous because is so amazing how she draws with a mouse.  Every one follow rose and the amazing artist. Spread  rose art also please do not steal my friend rose art

It is National Poetry Day pt 2

RE; the last post, where I asked for submissions from librarians for today, August the 26th, NZ’s National Poetry Day. A certain librarian’s efforts were so good that they warrant their own post! 

They wish to remain anonymous … very mysterious. But they may be known as The South East Cluster Bandit

If you can’t see
And you are skint
Go to the library
And get a Large Print

You’ve got 5 bucks?
You lucky fella!
Head to the library
And get a Bestseller!

Roses are red
You should go to the library
It’s better than thieving and stealing and bribery

Roses are red
Books are read too

Librarians care
There’s nobody humbler
They’re sweet and they’re kind
Now please put this on Tumblr

+ edna welthorpe

okay: i want to write a story inspired by the nightingale & the rose. oscar wilde; a favorite short story, go read it with tissues handy.

in a world of only red or white roses, a person procures marbled red-white ones to make her living.

& she always asks, for every client: but do you LOVE her? but do you LOVE him? because she’s the only one who knows how you have to interrupt the nigtingales at the height of their song & steal the roses before the thorns pierce their hearts.