Super speculation post let’s go

Okay so recently a bunch of episode titles were released I’m gonna go over them with irresponsible speculation. (Spoilers, you’ve been warned)

Okay, first confirmed synopses.

Nightmare Hosiptal - Steven and Connie sneak into a hospital in order to steal Rose’s sword: Connie last had the sword, and I think it’s likely her strict mother confiscated her weapon since well, it’s a weapon. And since her mother is a doctor, she probably took it to the hospital she works at, and Connie and Steven sneak in to take it back.

Catch and Release - A look into Steven’s bathroom: We know the water in the temple is a mystery. There’s water for the washing machine in the title cards, and water inside Pearl’s room and running inside the temple. It’d be fun to see how this water system works.

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michaelceratops asked:

my alpha dave hc is that every date/plus-one/etc he brings to red carpet events, rose steals and brings to the next one. he tries so hard to beat her at her game but he can't. he brings guys, girls, whoever, doesn't matter, somehow the next time they're hanging off of rose's arm. he never wins unless he brings her or goes alone which ofc he's too stubborn to do

o h my god yes that’s beautiful

and in retaliation he tries to get one of HER old dates but he just absolutely fucking fails and vows never to speak of that incident again

timelordinvictus replied to your post “I JUST DIED!!! (i just read the latest chapter of BBS ^.^) AND…”

I’m holding you to the fact things can only get better. My heart cannot handle another emotionally-charged chapter like this. Also, I adore that Mickey and Donna are the two biggest cheerleaders for these two idiots :D :D

In the next chapter, Rose gets an unexpected respite and the Doctor remembers things he’d forgotten. Then in chapter 4, he gets encouragement from an unlikely source. The reunion itself happens on Midnight–but nothing like your story. So really, it just gets better and better after this. 

Mickey and Donna are so much fun. Mickey grew out of resenting the Doctor for stealing Rose while he was in Pete’s World, and he can be a true friend to her now. Donna is the big sister the Doctor never knew he always needed. Between the two of them, the Doctor and Rose will find each other again, come hell or high water.

Season 2 Title Speculations!

So we got a more complete, but ‘whack’ed up order list of some S2 episodes, along with the handful of upcoming episodes we have synopses for. There were some gems there so I wanted to throw out my wild guesses! 

The parenthesis are confirmed synopses.

Nightmare Hospital (Steven and Connie sneak into a hospital in order to steal Rose’s sword)

  • Dr. M learns about the magic stuff Connie’s been doing with Steven
  • Connie becomes the bearer of RS
  • Does Steven get his healing back? 

Catch and Release (A look into Steven’s bathroom)  

  •   The bathroom under the loft has never been seen. 
  • Catch and Release is a fishing term. 
  • There’s the seapals that Steven dumped into the ocean in Love Letters. 
  • There’s also the gem waterbear/tardigrade that Garnet threw back into the ocean.

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Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ- “I’ve got better things to do than to steal from other people.” Niko replied, looking at the other. “Not to mention, I don’t have a reason I need to steal from someone. She rose an eyebrow at the other, giving a small scoff. “Jeez, you think you’d be more grateful to the person who just got you your wallet back.”

RIP Uggie 2002-2015

Uggie, the adorable Jack Russell Terrier famous for his role in the Academy Award winning ‘The Artist,’ has died at 13.

After battling a prostate tumour, he was put to sleep on August 7 by his owner, Omar von Muller. 

The scene stealing canine rose to fame after he played Jean Dujardin’s character’s dog in the Oscar winning ‘The Artist,’ and even won a tongue-in-cheek ‘Palm Dog’ award for Best Canine Actor at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. 

In 2012, Uggie not only became the first dog to have his paw prints immortalised outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, he also became the ‘spokesdog’ for PETA in an advertising campaign designed to encourage potential dog owners to adopt from shelters.

“I will forever hold him dearly in my heart and never forget his infinite love for chicken and hotdogs” (Sarah Clifford, Uggie’s trainer on ‘The Artist’).

Serious Question

Should i steal Cess roses from the cemetery grace like in the song Besitos? (she’s sleeping right now so i think now’s my only chance) She’s always wanted to do it for someone or for someone to do it for her. Should i?

anonymous asked:

Will there be a Steven Universe predictions episode based on the episode titles that were just revealed?

Ooo, new titles. I was already planning on doing a theory SU podcast with Sam tomorrow, maybe we can talk about these at the beginning.

“Nightmare Hospital: Steven and Connie sneak into a hospital in order to steal Rose’s sword.” Seems really interesting.