The bulk of the sacrifice was borne by the southernmost of the seven territories: a territory painted with crocuses and lambs and roses. Spring lands.

The six other courts of Prythian occupied a patchwork of territories. Autumn, Summer, and Winter were easy enough to pick out. Then above them, two glowing courts: the southernmost one a softer, redder palate, the Dawn Court; above, in bright gold and yellow and blue, the Day Court. And above that, perched in a frozen mountainous spread of darkness and stars, the sprawling, massive territory of the Night Court.

In the center of the land, as if it were the core around which everything else had spread, or perhaps the place where the cauldron’s liquid had first touched, was a small, snowy mountains range. From it arose a mammoth, solitary peak. Bald of snow, bald of life - as if the elements refused to touch it.

My First Fanfiction! (DO NOT STEAL)

“Oh my gosh! What do we do?!”
“I don’t know!”
“Have you checked her temperature in the past hour?” The taller wife panicked.
“No, I thought you did it.”
It had been about 2 years since Pearl had given birth to her and Amethyst daughter Opal. Though they used a sperm donor, the child resembled them both perfectly. Though through the first 2 years, things were a breeze to take care of her. That is mainly because she hadn’t gotten sick, before now.
Opal was screaming her head off for a upset stomach and made no effort to quiet down.
“She’s clearly going to vomit again! Oh my god! Do you think she might have the flu?”
“HEY! SHUT UP!” Amethyst whipped around and yelled at their now very sad and upset daughter.
A moment a silence was set for the next few seconds till everyone calmed down but Opal.
“We need help….”
“What do you mean?” Amethyst questioned blankly.
“We need to call…them”
“Aw, what? We can do this.”
“I believe it’s quite obvious we can’t. Plus, Rose and Garnet both have experience with child care and illness treatment.” Pearl stated sounding slightly disappointed in her lack of knowledge in this field of parenting.
“Chill babe. It’s fine. I’ll go call Garnet and you call Rose….. And PLEASE get the baby to shut the hell up! I’m gonna have a migraine by the end of this if she doesn’t”
After taking a deep breath, Pearl replied calmly, “Fine. But please watch your mouth. I will not tolerate such language in this apartment. Especially when the baby is around.” With that, Amethyst left the room as Pearl picked up the child and rested her with her head over her shoulder. She lightly patted Opal’s back and placed a pacifier in her mouth. She then carried the baby as she fetched her cell phone to call Rose.
“Um.. Hello? Pearl? Is everything ok?”
“Uhm? Hi, yes, er.. no.”
“What’s wrong?”
“Well, Opal appears to be ill and Amethyst and I don’t really know what to do!”
[Meanwhile :3]
“Hello” Garnet answered in her signature monotone voice.
“Sup Garnet. Um you see, Opal is sick and me and Pearl have no idea what to do… She’s over here screaming her head off and throwing up everywhere with a fever and cough.”
“I see..”
“Ill be over shortly.”
“Awesome! Thanks, G!”
“No problem”
And with the conversation over, a solid buzzing could be heard though the phone indicating Garnet had hung up.
[Back to Pearl]
“Aw, the poor thing… Any idea what sickness it is?”
“No, we were worried it was the flu or some stomach illness, no signs of chicken pox or measles though.”
“Oh dear, she must be miserable. Mind if I come by and see if I can do anything to help?”
“Please do if you don’t mind. Amethyst is calling Garnet so I’m assuming she will be here as well.”
“That’s wonderful! I’ll be there in a few minutes”
“Ok! Thank you SOOO much!”
“Anytime Pearl.”
The same dial tone made a few seconds earlier on the other apartment line used by her wife rang into her ear. She unconsciously set her phone down and sat on the couch with little Opal. Seconds later, Amethyst walked in and sat down as well.
“Any luck?”
“Yeah. Garnet is coming over to help. You?”
“Rose is coming as well.”
Knowing they had about 7 minutes and that both visitors had a key to the apartment, the two took the opportunity to just relax. Pearl laid Opal in her crib across the living room and sat on the couch once more. The baby finally quiet, they stretched out themselves, laying parallel of each other. Pearl being behind Amethyst and laying against the back of the small couch, placed her arm around her wife allowing Amethyst to scoot closer. They had no idea the baby wore them out much until now. Within seconds, the two fell asleep cuddling on the couch. When Rose and Garnet showed up, they walked in after knocking 3 times to find little Opal standing up in her crib sneezing and the couple out cold on the couch. This brought laughter to the taller woman and a slight smile to the other. Rose walked over and picked up the child and carried her properly to the small bathroom. Garnet followed it see what Rose’s idea was.
“Garnet, would you mind getting the thermometer from the living room? I believe it was on the counter by the stools.”
Rose helped the child clean her face and blow her nose in some variation. Garnet retuned with the thermometer when Rose had already given the child medicine she knew the two would allow Opal to have.
“Here’s the thermometer.”
“Thank you.”
She took the temperature to find a socking surprise.
“What’s wrong Rose?”
“The poor thing has a 100 degree fever!”
“Any idea what she has?”
“Typical head cold.”
Just then a loud thump was herd followed by a groan and a yawn.
The two made their way out of the bathroom to find the couple sprawled out on the floor, only half-awake. This made the guests chuckle softly as a voice was heard suddenly from surprise.
“Rose?! Garnet?!”
“What?” Amethyst murmured softly as her wife was rushed in getting up to greet her friends.
“How long have you guys been here?”
“Oh a good 15 minutes. Right Garnet?”
A noticeable nod followed by a grin was all they needed for a response.
“Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry!”
“It’s quite alright. Opal just seems to have a minor head cold with an upset stomach. The thing that worries me is her temperature. Might want to keep an eye on that.”
The sleepier companion made her way off the floor to acknowledge her company.
“Oh, hello Amethyst. I was just telling Pearl about your daughter’s head cold. Speaking of which, I gave her some medicine.”
“Thank you guys so much! …. and sorry for falling asleep right after we called you.”
“No problem” Rose replied to the taller lover and chuckled a little more.
“I would also be sure Opal gets some rest. She needs it.” Garnet added in.
“Will do! Thanks Garnet.”
It was Amethyst’s turn to butt in, “and thanks to you Rose too.”
“Anytime. I think we will be going now that you have it under control. Remember to let her rest, keep an eye out for high fevers, and give her the medicine I left out on the bathroom counter every 6 hours.”
“Sure thing!” Pearl said as she went to open the door for the two. “Bye.”
“See ya!”
“Bye guys.” The two guests said before exiting and shutting the door.
Pearl walked into the bathroom to get the precious Opal and put her down for a nap as Amethyst ran to the kitchen to make a bottle for her. Once the baby fell asleep, the two resumed cuddling on the couch till everyone in the household was sleeping. Whether it was next to a stuffed pink lion or next to the person they loved most, everyone in the apartment was dozing off soundly. And from this family, it might just be the most adorable sight you would imagine.

If you’re hating on Pearl right now for bullying Greg, try to look at it from her point of view. She had Rose basically all to herself for thousands of years. It’s heavily implied that Pearl was “different” on Homeworld (i.e when Jasper calls her “a lost, defective Pearl). When she was with Rose, Rose didn’t treat her like an outcast. Rose made her feel better and more secure about herself. Pearl relied heavily on Rose as a leader and a friend. Then suddenly a human man shows up at the temple and completely steals Rose’s heart, and in the long run leads to her "death”. I mean come on, any one of us would despise Greg if we were in Pearl’s situation. It’s like falling in love with someone who doesn’t love you back like that, who winds up dating someone else.

In no way am I justifying Pearl’s behavior in “We Need to Talk”. It was wrong of her to fuse just to spite Greg (even though it was cool to meet Rainbow Quartz), or to call him a novelty and “just a phase”. I’m just trying to shed some light on to why she did these things and felt the way that she did. Yes, she messed up, but I hope the fandom can forgive her.

(After all, she has seemed to have moved on. In “Reformed”, she happily helps Greg fix his van, and they even hug. I think she will always love Rose, but she has learned that Greg wasn’t trying to hurt anybody.)

Allow me to defend Pearl for just a moment- spoilers, of course, because this is concerning the leaked episode, ‘We Need To Talk’.

It’s true that Pearl was very petty and mean to Greg, but let’s look at it from her perspective. Pearl has spent thousands of years by Rose’s side, and she even risked her life to protect Rose in a freaking war. Cue to present day, and some random human shows up at their doorstep and manages to steal Rose away after just a few months. For Pearl, this has to be incredibly frustrating and heart-breaking, and it shouldn’t be any surprise that she would take some of that frustration out on Greg. I’m not saying she was in the right during the episode, but I don’t think she acted unreasonably considering how she must have been feeling.

I’m thinking of unfollowing br3@stforce because they keep insisting that Pearl’s flashback is transphobic
Like if you even knew the storyline of Steven Universe you’d know that it’s not a man in a dress joke, it’s literally a nightmare based on what Pearl feels that Greg did to her by “stealing” Rose and creating Steven with her. It’s much deeper than a petty transmisogynist jab.
It’s like I love br3@stforce’s stuff, I love her activism and stuff, but she’s blowing this way out of proportion.
If you wanna look at a true transphobic jab, take a look at the UG crossover episode. That was truly a bad joke, and was extremely transmisogynist. So why didn’t people get upset about that? Stop trying to ruin SU for everyone else.

I’ve fucked up a lot in life, but I don’t think I’ll ever quite top the time I reflexively took a rose from a Belgian man while abroad, realizing only after I attempted to walk off that he expected me to pay for it, and trying to apologize in a language he didn’t speak while I handed it back and he glared at me.

I can’t help but think that somewhere in Belgium there is still a man who’s only impression of me was as the kid who tried to steal one of his roses.

No u dont get it!! Pearl xant be gay!! Her and rose were GEM BFFS!!!! Pearl was trying to make greg jealpus and STEAL HIM FRKM ROSE!!!!!!!! NO GAYS IN MY SHOW THIS IS A KID CARTOON ! PEARL IS. A HETEROSTRAIGHT…