Okay, major brainstorm, and I think there’s a non-zero (if only just) chance it might actually work out. Among other things, the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer introduced my new favorite superhero movie characters, Four Mooks Wearing Store-Bought Avengers Masks:

Somehow, some way, these idiots have managed to steal my heart just as they tried to steal the contents of an ATM with an honest-to-god laser, before being smacked around by a lightly radioactive nerd. I realize there’s no more need for a Phil Coulson-type character or group of characters in the role of “shows up in all the Marvel movies to let you know they’re connected” now that all the heroes are just showing up in each others’, but I wanna see these guys pop up all over the place. In Ragnarok, in Captain Marvel, trying and failing to pull an overseas job in Black Panther, thrown into the Microverse in Ant-Man & Wasp, narrowly avoiding atomization in Infinity War, getting beaten to a hideous collective pulp in one of the Netflix shows to remind us that’s part of the MCU too. Just the saddest, most ambitious, unlucky bastards in this entire universe. They should hook up with Turk sometime, I bet they’d agree they’ve all got Vision, and then by sheer nightmarish coincidence get busted by the actual Vision.*

So fast-forward 5 years or so to the post-credits scene of one of these movies, and haha, it’s our favorite morons - what shenanigans are they gonna get up to this time? This time they’re casing a construction site, but wouldn’t you know it, it all goes wrong again. They’re running like it’s a Three Stooges sketch from some guard dogs, stopping behind a wall to catch their breath, when it suddenly catches in their throats as they see a…crowbar? 

But something’s wrong. There’s something different about this. It seems almost to glow from within, a sickly turquoise. And it’s covered in runes, and in spite of being from some unknown language, they understand its words instinctively and perfectly. This crowbar has been imbued with something greater, touched by a force from beyond the knowledge of the ancients, of the gods themselves, a relic of a time before time, charged with power beyond power for those willing to take it. And as one they leap for it, desperately, knowing this is their final chance to seize a greater destiny, and as their hands meet around it LIGHTNING STREAKS DOWN FROM OVERHEAD, AND—-!!!

And that’s how we get THOR 4: That’s Right Babe, It’s The WRECKING CREW!

* How have Turk and Vision never run into each other in the comics? I’mma hold that in the back pocket just in case, but if Mark Waid or Charles Soule catch wind of this, feel free - a paltry 50% cut of the paycheck for that issue/arc in question would be a perfectly reasonable ‘thank you’.

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There is one thing in the kh fandom I really don't understand to be honest. I see very much hate towards Terra because of the things he did wrong (trusting Xehanort and stealing Auroras heart) even if it's not an actually stupid thing to trust the best friend of your father (how should he've known Xehanort was evil just because he looked creepy) and was controlled by Maleficent so it wasn't really his doing but I see no hate towards Riku? I mean that's great because character hate is stupid[tbc]

[tbc]But Riku destroyed the destiny island by opening the door just because he got bored of this tiny world and wanted to see the outside world. That’s a lot more worth than everything Terra did and I think that’s not really fair…

I really want to think that it’s because Riku got a redemption throughout CoM, Days and KH2, and even got to be named a Keyblade Master, which obviously meant more depth and development to his character, whereas Terra only got to be in one game and he ends basically where all the conflict of the saga starts.

But yeah, it’s still unfair much more given that Riku fully embraced darkness to ‘save Kairi’ but not caring that he was harming Sora and co. in the process (and being a jerk the whole time), when Terra all wanted to do was to get rid of the darkness, or at least control it so it wouldn’t harm his friends, only succumbing to it when he was cornered and wanted to save Aqua and Ven.

In all honesty, most of the time I think people don’t take the time to try and understand (or even just pay attention) to Terra’s character. A lot of posts I’ve seen through out time in here literally reduce Terra to being the gullible character who screwed everything up. If the fandom actually bothered to look more into the setting, the bit of backstory we got on them, all the circumstances that put the wayfinder trio where they were in game, then they’ll understand that there much more to Terra than what most people think. 

And just to end this, if it wasn’t for Terra, Riku wouldn’t have the ability to wield the keyblade in the first place. He was the one who saw the light in Riku’s heart, and the one who knew (or at least felt) that the little kid in front of him could be capable of, maybe not becoming a master (who knows), but at least of becoming a great keyblade wielder. So maybe people could give him credit for at least that, right?


Gaius | Thief | Soldier of Chrom’s Army 

“Baby, you’re a river of chocolate in an ocean of cream. I’m gonna steal your heart on a daily basis.” -Gaius, Fire Emblem: Awakening

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Prompt: Winter Wonderland

Character(s): Gaius (with his one true love, candy)

For @spytefull in @fe-gift-exchange! I did an aesthetics of Gaius with a few Christmas pics as well photos that depicted himself and his personality as well as some aspects from the drabble I wrote down below. Not sure if I added enough Winter Wonderland into the story; it’s more of the setting rather than the focus so regardless, I hope you like your present of Gaius enjoying Christmas/Yuletide. 

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Why do you think I became a cop? It’s because you said cops are cool. But they’re not. This would’ve never happened if I weren’t a cop. Why did you make me into a cop? You’re the most precious one to me. Not even knowing anything, I resented you for the last 10 years. So please bear with this because I’ll be waiting for you. Jin-sook. I love you. I love you.