steal their style meme


Ahh I did the steal other artists style meme =w= this was a lot of fun trying to figure out how other people draw xD oh goodness Im sure I butchered all your colouring styles im sorry ^^;

anyways, I tried to do the artist that styles I really admire! (I hope none of you mind) I tried the lovelies n-a-d-h-i-e , easyminds , nalutbh, shandisworld, luciasatalina, and kkumri ;D


Meme Levy! I lovee Levy soo much!~~ <3

 I was trying to steal the style of four talented person
Blanania Rboz LeonS Karokitten-chan and my style which in itself is a copy of the Mashima style xD

Sorry girls for the destruction your beautiful Styles…forgive me…

Now I will steal your style Buahahaha!! >D