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Loose thoughts by Jayalvarrez

I’m usually pretty closed off to sharing any thoughts or feelings but whatever, fuck it maybe I can make someone feel something, these are just thoughts and feelings of MY opinions that I pulled from my list of notes scribbled down in different moments.. I’ve always said it before I barely show 5% of who I really am on social media.. Thank you to everyone who supports me.. I couldn’t live my life like this without you.


Confidence is natural, arrogance is forced.

Never think your to smart that you can’t still be the student, wisest people die still learning and improving.

Focus on your own ideas and directions, don’t let others & your mentors tell you everything and influence everything because even the most helping hand has biased ideas and thoughts

Trust your past self on ideas and thoughts it’s the same person you got you to where you are in this moment

You have to believe yourself and convenice your self to feel powerful about what you say, hearing your own voice has a certain ring to it like no one else’s.

Use yourself for everything you are, you truly are amazing and unqiue be loud about it but be humble & do with love.
You are undefinable, You have no single label or group you belong to.. and your mind isn’t even slightly opened yet.

Being honest with yourself saves you in the long run always.

Never be insecure of your creativity.

Don’t live a life based only around how you look, Spending time on your mind and soul is everything..
Determining your self worth off your looks will leave you empty & with short burst of satisfaction.

Remember where you started from and where you are going, You use to dream of the things you have now.. even though this life style becomes casual never forget what got you to this exact moment.

Girls & Sex

My brain is built more like a female than a males, It’s giving me an emotional reach to deeply understand and open up to any feelings or thoughts of any human being. Being soft & loving is being strong.

If she doesn’t want it as much as or more then me I have no interest, sex is mental and eye contact can give you more then anything, giving love is more then expecting all the other persons attention and actions , unless it’s feeding the soul, passionate with a twisted mind it’s a waste of time.. treat every touch on her body like it’s art. 15 second feelings are nice but a feeling in your mind for hours after is even better.

Gorgeous girls and body’s are easy, gorgeous minds and souls are hard. A girl with a beautiful body doesn’t always make for a beautiful girl.

Remember there’s always far better things ahead then anything left behind.

Being sweet & loving to girls will never not be cool, but regardless of gender actions get reactions.


Never worry about a good looking guy stealing your girl you better worry about that guy who emotionally gets your girl more & makes your girl laugh more 😉.

Getting under a girls skin with just my eyes and words as a connection makes it taste so much better (literally) than relying on physical looks or surface substance to entertain my mind.

I think few people are really built for relationships, I think technology will save us all.

It doesn’t matter how it looks and feels to anyone else it’s how it looks and feels to us.

Don’t let chasing pussy control your life or distract your big plan.

Being physically beautiful is nice but let it be nothing more then the gates to the soul.

Human Relations

i’ve got more personalities then the people i’ve met all together in my entire life combined, I don’t expect people to understand me, more likely expect them to judge me then to ever care to think past clueless first thoughts.

Take everyone with a grain of salt and a open mind, people don’t come with directions.

Peoples opinion of you is their truth, it’s not necessarily your truth or could be even close with to right at all.

The way you talk about the people you hate is a transparency of your own self esteem.

Don’t worry about trusting people, just don’t trust their emotions. Most people can’t understand them self how could they truly trust and understand you, & that’s fine.

Study psychology and history it will give you understanding and every answer you need, the world evolves but human emotions never will, people really aren’t that complex at base.

Don’t fight back into negativity and childishness insecurity, it only makes things worst.

If you want to hurt someone do it mentally, actions are short lived.

If you constantly blame other people for your problems take a look in your own soul.

make peace with your past so it doesn’t ruin your future

Standing up for someone who can’t stand up for them self is the coolest thing you can ever do.

To truly love someone is accepting someone for every thing they come as.

World & thoughts

Language is a forum of communication not always a measure of intelligence, At times I’ve had deeper conversations with just my eyes and touch then I have with words. You could be the most understanding person on the verbal side, but without a emotional understanding you may never be able to communicate with some people.

You don’t need to be any skin tone or ethnicity to practice and enjoy any cultural feelings, every human on this planet bleeds the same blood chances are you ain’t that special.

your not meant to be accepted or fit in, if you were you’d probably not of left that old life.

You can’t blame any one person or culture for anything, this planet is more diverse then you could ever process, Don’t get mad at a person for believing or acting a certain way even if it seems wrong or foolish in your eyes.

Being a good person won’t always benefit you, but there’s some emotional satisfaction in helping others.

You can’t fight science wether you like it or not, it holds the answers to all your fears and to all your questions, It’s a depressing beautiful thing.

Just because the Mass of people believe something is right or wrong doesn’t mean it’s either right or wrong, Most people go off emotions not logic, 1st world go figure.

I feel most alive in moments I don’t feel human. It’s all I really care to live for at times, these split seconds that my mind gives me these chemicals is all I crave at times.


I stand by no perfection and i’m a complete psychopath, I’ve been told i’m crazy outta my mind but attest it keeps me from going insane.. Anything said above can change in the moment & a mind with rules & barriers is limited, a wise & witty mind is what I work towards 😉 I'f any words can make you feel or relate it was worth me sharing! If I annoy and get under your skin for being..well just who I am.. I hope it hurts 👁

Love - @jayalvarrez


Culture Shock part 2 (Jungkook angst)

I’m terrified that this is the last time I’ll ever see you.

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Part one Part three Part four

Word count: 1.8k

Genre: Angst


I hope this letter finds its way to you. I know it’s a little weird and out of the blue, but I’m visiting Seoul and I saw you. What are the chances? The one person that I was scared to run into and I saw you in a restaurant with your girlfriend.

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Time Alone (M)

**Late like freaking always, but I supposed it’s better late than never lol also sorry if it seems rushed- I’m exhausted and a tad under the weather again**

Genre: Smut

Length: 1,300+

Kinks: Daddy kink/hints of dd/lg, exhibitionism, dirty talk

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Though there were tons of people around Wonho couldn’t help but to have every ounce of his attention fixed on you. Everyone else appeared to be so plain and dull in comparison. 

The burgundy dress you were wearing hugged your curves perfectly and the black wedgies booties you had decided to wear made your legs look a mile long. You looked so delicate and delicious- all he found himself wanting to do was ravage you; he needed to hear your angelic moans, he needed to feel your tightness around him.

He smiled brightly the moment he noticed you looking over at him, expertly hiding all the sin that was going through his head. As he watched you talk to the girls his friends brought as their dates, he silently decided he couldn’t wait any longer. Standing from his seat, he made his way over to you. 

Once he was finally beside you, he turned to the group of girls, flashing that cheesy, charming smile of his, “May I steal my girlfriend from you girls for a moment?” And just as they nodded their heads, he took your hand in his and led you to a less crowded area. 

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Rory and Jess encouraging/believing in/wanting what’s best for each other.


Milo Ventimiglia as Jess Mariano
Gilmore Girls : A Year in the Life “Fall”


Pairing: Tyler/ Reader/ Jenna// Warnings: Smuts, Threesome, GirlxGirl, And the reader is the top with Jenna at a time// Rating: Mature// A/N: Yes! This does include Jenna! If you don’t like it, I’ll have another Josh one out soon. Don’t worry. But I’m a bisexual female and Tyler and Jenna are hot as fuck. Leave me be.

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“Just tell me who it is” Jenna says, pushing your arm lightly. For about the past half hour the two of you had been just messing around on Instagram live, and someone asked who your crush was. Your response was “I don’t have any major crushes, but I have someone in mind” or something along those lines. “Jenna, it really doesn’t matter. I can’t have them.” You say, shrugging and tucking your legs underneath yourself. “If you can’t have them, then there’s no harm in telling me” she says. “You’re right. It’s you, Jenna. I am truly, madly, deeply, crazily in love with you” you joke, looking up at her adoringly. She looks back down at you and smiles. “Yeah we all know that one” she jokes, leaning her head on your shoulders.. Truth was, before her and Tyler had gotten married or even met, you two weren’t shy on experimenting. Well, you knew you also liked women, so it was more of her experimenting. Everything fell through when Tyler came. He had her hooked, and you couldn’t be happier for her. It seemed Jenna was meant to find him, so it didn’t even phase you to back off. Though, as far as you knew, Tyler didn’t know about this. As for your secret crush, it was Tyler. It made you feel awful to have feelings for him, even if it wasn’t a major crush. She opens her eyes wider and looks up at you, doing the puppy dog face. “You’re rediculous” You say. You lean down slightly and whisper Tyler’s name. She nods her head, and her face was unreadable. “But, it’s not a big deal or anything. It’s not a major crush. And as we’ve established, they’re unavailable” you say, just in case. Jenna laughs, and you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. “It’s fine. I’m not mad” she says, making sure the audience can’t hear. “Maybe he’s not as unavailable as you think” Before you can respond to her, she turns the phone back and begins answering questions. “A lot of people want us to kiss. Let’s just give the people what they want” Jenna says. You couldn’t even tell if she was serious or not, but you caught a glimpse of her phone, and saw Tyler had joined the audience, and was watching. “Your husband is here” you say, looking at her. She smiles and shrugs, leaning in to kiss you anyway. Her lips were soft against yours, exactly how you had remembered them to be. The kiss was nearly a make out, just without tongue. As soon as it started, it was over. The two of you stare at each other for a moment, before turning and laughing. “Oh, Tyler, I’m here to steal your girl” You say into the camera. The two of you continue on the stream, with Jenna consistently checking her phone. “What, are we not interesting enough for you?” You ask. She looks up and smiles. “It’s Ty, just arranging some things” she says, with a wink you were sure you had imagined. “He wants us to come over” she says. “Okay, is there a reason?” You ask. “Not really, or, none that you guys need to hear” She says dramatically, pointing at the phone. She ends the stream after your goodbyes and you gather your things, heading to the car and driving to Jenna and Tyler’s shared house. You guys didn’t really talk on the drive, but you did blast music and obnoxiously sing, per usual. You finally pull into the driveway, getting out and walking in behind Jenna. “Ah, you’re home” Tyler says, standing from the couch and waking to Jenna, kissing her softly. “Okay, I’ll just..” you say, waking to the couch and sitting. “Does she not know?” Tyler asks. That caught your attention. “Know what?” You ask, looking between the two suspiciously. “Jenna told me you like me” He says, bluntly. You practically choked on nothing, earning a low chuckle from him. You quickly stand up. “Jenna, what the fuck?” You say, heading to the door. They protest behind you, both speaking frantically. You open the door and are faced with Josh, fist in the air as he was about to knock. “Great timing” he said, letting himself in. You didn’t want to make a scene, so you waited for Josh to walk a little further away, before motioning for Jenna to say something. “Tyler knows everything. How we messed around and everything before I met him, you’re bi, you like him, all of it” she says. You run your hands through your hair, feeling even more stressed. “And I’m okay with everything. More than okay, actually” he says, a faint smile on his lips as he takes a step closer to you. You clear your throat and look past him, towards Josh who was in the kitchen. Tyler sighs and turns quick in his heels. He walked over to the boy and started talking, but they were too far away for you to understand what they were saying. Jenna looks down at you, eyes lingering. “Me and Tyler were talking during the stream, and nothing has to happen if you’re uncomfortable” she says. “What is even happening?” You ask. “If you want me to be blunt, we were offering a three way. Considering you like Tyler, Tyler thinks you’re hot, me and you have our history. It just makes sense” she says. You look around the room, trying to just think for a moment. You take a deep breath and slip past her, heading up the stairs to their room. “You coming?” You ask. She smiles and follows you to the room. The tension in the dimly lit room could’ve been cut with a knife. You knew once this happened, none of your relationships would go back to the way it was. Either way, Jenna grabbed a hold of your face, colliding your lips together. You wrap your arms around her waist, pulling her closer to you. She slowly and gently pushes you towards the bed, breaking away only so the both of you could get on the bed comfortably. She begins to kiss you again, but you quickly flip so that you were now settled on top of her, straddling her waist. The kissing resumes, with you pulling off her shirt and yours. Jenna smirks and sits up with you still on her lap. She grabs a hold of your butt rather roughly, and you unclasp your bra, throwing it to the ground. You also undo hers, before pushing your fingers through her hair and pulling her face closer to yours. It was getting hot and heavy, almost like you two were just going to start and finish without Tyler. Of course, the door swings open to see a rather angry, yet visibly horny Ty. “You really had to start without me?” He asks, walking over to the bed. You almost move off of Jenna, not exactly knowing where you should be. “Just stay there” Tyler says, getting on his knees on the bed behind you. He pushes your hair out of the way, latching his mouth onto your neck. You lean your head to give him more access, while Jenna helps you out of your pants and underwear. In one quick motion, you’re on your back on the bed and Jenna is lowering herself between your legs, while Tyler is stripping behind her. Without warning, she thrusts two of her long fingers inside of you, curling and twisting to hit you in certain spots. You listened to the way Tyler was talking to Jenna, and it was driving you crazy. You looked at Jenna and saw her body jerking, meaning Tyler was fucking her. Jenna grabs on of your thighs and wraps it over her shoulder, leaning down to lick stripes along your clit while continuing to finger you. Tyler grabs on to your leg, pulling you forward so Jenna could get deeper, but also so he could use you as leverage to get deeper in her. Jenna begins to hum against you, the vibrations causing you to moan out. Everyone at that point was moaning intensely. Jenna starts licking in figure eights, and you wrap your fingers into her hair, pulling a bit to get her to moan and hum more. Not long after that, she’s pumping faster, licking harder, and you finally spill, Jenna quick to clean up everything that came out. You sit up on your knees and look at Tyler as he’s still pumping in her. You take Jenna’s face in your hand, and tilt it upwards to kiss her. When she reaches her own end, her moans are swallowed up by your kids, and you pull away, smiling triumphantly​. Tyler still wasn’t done, but he pulled out of Jenna. “Time to switch places” he says. Jenna moves to where you had been been laying and Tyler grabs your hips, pulling you towards him. Your naked body is pressed against his, his breath hitting you. You turn your head and look at Jenna, and she nods, indicating it was okay. Tyler grabs your head and turns it back to him. “Tonight, you’re ours. Everything goes” he says. He leans in and kisses you softly, making sure you were still comfortable. When you make it clear you are, he makes the kiss more passionate, reaching around and slapping your backside. You moan out and pull away. “God Ty, just fuck me already” You say. He chuckles and flips you onto all fours, and you see Jenna had started to rub herself while she watches you both. You move her hands out of the way and thrust your own two fingers into her, smiling when her back arches. Tyler rests his hands on your hips, quickly burying himself deep inside of you. He thrusts in and out, every time he pushed himself in, he rolled his hips. You take after Jenna and lean down, licking and sucking on her clit. She grabbed a hold of your hair, pulling every time you began to suck on her. You curl your fingers into her, making sure to do so every time you pumped in. Tyler’s grip on your hips tightens, only moving one to bring back down and slap your ass hard. You hum from his actions, and smirk when you feel Jenna written underneath you. Tyler’s penis was large, length and size. It was stretching you more than you had ever been before. His thrusts were hard and fast, and were getting sloppier after a while. After one final pump, Jenna reaches her second orgasm, and you’re quick to clean it all up. Tyler digs his fingers into you, thrusting even harder and faster, so you use your now free hand to rub at your clit. He pushes away your hand and does it for you. A few moments later, you reach your own end, moaning and laying your head down on the sheets. You hear Tyler ask Jenna something, and hear the words ‘birth control’ and you realize he was asking where to finish. With this information, he finishes inside of you, continuing to thrust until he was all out. He pulls out and the three of you lay on the bed, listening to each other breathe. “We should do that more often” Tyler says, causing you and Jenna to laugh.
Jackson Imagine - Yandere

A/N - I was so happy when the anon requested this one because I think about this kind of thing a lot haha~ I am going to say this one now but I don’t think Jackson would be a full-on yandere if he was in a relationship but he’d definitely have those overprotective and jealous vibes around his S/O

After I saw your post about Got7 as stereotypical anime characters, and saw that you put yandere for Jackson, I was really interested on how that would play out. I’d love if you could use that concept for an x reader scenario. Thank you! <3

Jackson watched as you talked to the other boy. He had never seen him before and wished it had stayed that way. This guy was giving you a look as if he was flirting. It was the kind of look Jackson often gave you when he himself was trying to get your attention. Seeing him talk to you ignited some kind of fire in Jackson’s stomach. He had felt jealous before but this time it was stronger. It overwhelmed him a little but tried not to let it show. He knew how much you hated when he got too jealous and over protective. Instead, he just calmed himself and walked over to you and the other guy. Jackson put his arm around your shoulders and smiled at the man. 
“Who’s this you’re talking to, jagiya?”
“Oh, just an old friend of mine,” you replied, giving Jackson a pleasant smile, not noticing his jealousy.
“Ah well it’s great to meet you,” he said sarcastically. “I’m (Y/N)’s boyfriend, Jackson.” He added extra emphasis on the word ‘boyfriend’, trying to get the point across that you were his and only his. 
“I didn’t realise she had a boyfriend.”
“No? Well now you know.” You gave Jackson a wary look but tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and didn’t tell him to stop. 
“Hey, Jackson, I’m just going to grab some boba. Want some?”
“Please, you know which one’s my favourite, right?”
“Of course I do. What kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn’t?” You replied teasingly, laughing at your boyfriend before leaving to buy some boba.

While you were gone, Jackson stared down the man in front of him. Now that you couldn’t see him, he wasn’t holding back on letting this gut know you were taken. 
“I saw you way you were looking at her.”
“Listen, it’s nothing okay? I didn’t realise she had a boyfriend.”
“Well now you know so you better back off. She’s mine. No one else’s. Only mine.”
“Yeah I hear you, dude. Chill out I’m not going to try and steal your girl from you. I just think she’s cute.”
“Don’t you call her cute. Don’t talk to my girl, okay?”
“God your so overprotective. I’m not going to try and steal her from you. I’m just friends with her.” Even that thought alone made Jackson’s blood boil. He didn’t want anyone trying to be friends with his girlfriend. What if they tried to flirt with you and steal you away from him? He could never let that happen. Ever. And Jackson was willing to do anything to stop that from happening.

As you walked back, boba in hand, you noticed some tension between the two boys. Jackson’s jaw was tight and you could see something was bothering him. Your friend was just staring him down and frowning until he noticed you had returned. 
“Hey, (Y/N), maybe we should meet up some other time and catch up then?”
“Sure thing, I’ll see you later.” Once he was gone, you immediately turned to Jackson. 
“What did you say to him?” You asked, giving him a stern look. 
“Nothing! I just mentioned that you’re my girlfriend and that he should back the hell off my girl.”
“Jackson, he wasn’t trying to flirt with me.”
“I saw the way he looked at you he totally wanted to get in your pants and I’m not having some other guy looking at you like that. Only I get to.”
“Oh do you now? Well if you keep acting jealous like that then you might find even you don’t get to look at me like that often.”
“I know you don’t like me getting jealous but I just can’t help it, jagiya. Every time I see some guy looking at you or talking to you, I get this strange urge to stop them. To shout at them. Sometimes punch them. I just care about you so much that I can’t even imagine losing you to someone else.”
“Jackson, you won’t lose me. But you do need to try to reign in this protective side. It’s sweet how much you care but you need to maybe try and not scare off any guy that comes within five feet of me.”
“I’ll try but sometimes I do need to let them know you’re mine and only mine,” he said as he snaked his arms around you, pulling your body closer to his.
“I know. And I always will be just yours.”