steal the bed

The bidders when they sleep


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Eisuke: He’s still a little shit even when asleep. Despite having a king-sized bed, he still manages to somehow take up 80% of the bed space. He usually sleeps on his back with his limbs splayed out all over the place, kind of like a starfish. Not to mention he’s a definite blanket and pillow hogger. 

Whenever MC sleeps next to him, she ends up shivering in her sleep, while he curls up like a blanket burrito. When she’s had enough of his tyrannical blanket theft, she tries to stand up to move to the couch. Out of nowhere, Eisuke (while still half-asleep) pulls her back to bed with his arm around her waist in a tight vice grip. No matter how much she struggles, she’ll be unable to escape until morning. Oh well, at least she’s warm now.

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He still loves without makeup on.
He still loves me even though my hair is everywhere in his house and it drives him crazy.
He still loves me even when I’m insecure.
He still loves me when I have food falling out of my mouth.
He still loves me when I’m acting crazy.
He still loves me when I steal the bed and covers.
He still loves me when I have a huge pimple.
He still loves me when I’m utterly unlovable.
I used to be scared that someone wouldn’t love me for all these parts.
Until he stumbled across my path.
He still loves me.
—  Chapters from my life
Pet AU Prompts
  • You rescued my cat from a tree, but you also feel out the tree afterwords. I’m so sorry this is all my fault are you okay . You’re still cute though?
  • You dog always sneaks into my backyard at the same time every day.
  • I feed your dog once and now he likes me more than he likes you. I’m so sorry.
  • Your fucking cat keeps on stealing my spot on our bed and every time I try and lay down, it hisses at me. My back hurts from sleeping on the floor.
  • Your parrot spilled the beans that you like me. I’m so happy cause I really like you. Wait, should I be listening to a parrot?
  • I’m at the vet because my dog needs a checkup after it’s been sick for a while. Oh hello. You’re a very attractive vet. I wasn’t expecting that.
  • “Hey cute dog. Is someone is stuck in a well?” Aka Lassie situation.
  • Our dogs had babies together . I kinda wanna have babies with you. Wait what, did I say that out loud? Fuck.
  • I work at pet smart and every 2 weeks when you get your paycheck, I see you buying more and more accessories for your hamster. I’m a little concerned about your finances.  
  • I work at a shelter and you walked in drunk and crying, saying “I just want to pet a dog. Is that so hard to ask for?” 
  • I was at your house for a party and kinda stole your dog? It’s a long story. I’m so sorry.
  • My pet rat accidentally got out of it’s cage a few days ago and I’ve been really worried but then I heard you scream “RAT”
  • You’re getting really annoying about our strong Cat Vs. Dog debate. I kinda just wanna fight my mouth with your mouth.
What Eddie said...

Despite how lovely Cait looks and how lively Sam behaves in the See You In Seattle video, it’s Queen Eddie that steals the show and many people’s hearts. 

Here are her lines, according to a few of me ol’ pals. If you’ve written or read other Eddie dialogue, please send it to me. I’ll compile what I receive and post an addendum to this piece. Thank ye kindly. 😺

OMG, so obvious. I’ve had enough of you two! — @myaccueill

You are so embarrassing! My friends’ parents don’t act this way. Just STOP! — @t4two2

S’all cool, guys. — @scatterations

There they go again. — @happypizzahcheesecake

Hey, it’s that a##hole who steals my spot in bed and jostles it around too much for me to sleep. — @caitriona-m-balfe

I love my human father. Shut the f#ck up, Dad. f#ck off, Dad, I’m not here for your video. — @balfeheughlywed

Hey, I know him and I love him. — @outoftheheartsabundance

F#ck it, Dad. You had me all weekend while Mummy was away. I am so happy she is home! — @simba2001

Dude, what are you talking about? — @madam-outlander

DAAADDDD, Mum and I are snuggling. STOPPPP! — @princess-wicked

Just another 20 minutes; you guys were gone a long time.—  @betweenthescenes

DAAAAAD, you’re so embarrassing! — @flocklander

Oh my, cats, my hoomans are embarrassing me! — @allthefangirlishfeels




I like to think Sting has a small habit of brushing Rogue’s bangs out of his face as he sleeps and just gently resting his hand on his cheek for a moment and just looking at his sleeping boyfriend like ‘god damn you are gorgeous’.

sybbelle  asked:

I may need that anons message aka the one with Ginny, a dog and Mike in fic form please.

a/n: we both did our study, bask in the fluff.

Getting the dog had seemed like a good idea first — the pup was good at calming Ginny down from panic attacks and the animal needing constant walks meaning it got Mike out of the house in his post-retirement years.

Then the dog — named Ghost, because of his ashy grey fur — went and got attached to sleeping next to Ginny.

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The kiss is sweet, reminds him of the stretch of caramel candy when Stiles tries to pull away but Scott captures his mouth in another. He kisses until he’s breathless, arms stealing around Stiles in the bed, pulling him close until they’re pressed together at the stomach, the hips, legs tangling under the covers.

Art by @anomalagous for Chapter 21 of Sawdust & Snow

Reyes didn’t plan the pregnancy. Fuck, fatherhood was the furthest thing from his mind. He had a career ahead of him and a million people to prove wrong. He didn’t have time for a kid, even if he’d thought he could be a good dad.
He put the baby up for adoption. The tyke wasn’t even named yet. Better to avoid the pain of attachment. Part of Reyes longed to hold his baby close and never let go. A larger part of him knew he wasn’t built for nurturing.
Seventeen years passed and the child rarely crossed his mind anymore. Reyes was ice and Morrison was fire. Together they razed the earth and raised it anew. They didn’t speak about the times over the years that they’d steal into each other’s bed late at night and only part when dawn licked at the horizon once more. Gabriel wondered sometimes if Jack even knew about the baby. Jack wondered if Gabriel knew that he knew. That was another thing they didn’t speak about.
Reyes found McCree in a shithole patch of desert in New Mexico. The kid had been with Deadlock since he was thirteen. Before then he bounced around the western states in the foster system. He was seventeen and had a mouth on him that’d usually give Reyes an aneurism, except… the kid had Jack’s smile.
So Reyes took him in. He taught the kid to shoot like a soldier and act like a man. Morrison kept his mouth shut but watched closely. He noticed that McCree held himself taller now. The kid looked so much like Gabriel when he laughed.
Reyes dug. He called in favors, filed paperwork, sent messages to people he’d never thought he’d need to speak to. He had to know. There was a burning inside him now. It’s been only a year, and yet the kid had grown so much. Jesse came of age as an agent of Overwatch. The pride that threatened to burst from Reyes’s mouth and chest and eyes sent him searching for the truth.
He found it.
Jesse McCree. Surname taken from his first foster family. Disappeared from the system at twelve. Born in LA at a hospital Reyes knew too well.
The revelation changed nothing. McCree remained oblivious, but radiated happiness at any expression of pride. Jack probably knew. He spent most nights with Gabriel these days. He had to have seen the papers scattered on his desk. Still, he said nothing. Gabriel was grateful.
Would the kid hate him for what he’d put him through? Would he lose the respect (love, really) that he’d worked so hard to build? Should he tell him at all?
Chance chose for him. Ziegler’s examinations found strange results. The DNA of three particular agents bore remarkable similarities. She spoke to Jesse first. Before she could inquire whether he thought it a case of contaminated samples or something more significant, he was gone.
Reyes shouldn’t have been worried about rejection.
He should have been worried about getting snot on his shirt from the kid’s happy bawling.
Jack watched with a smile for a few minutes, then went to save Gabriel from their son’s bear hug.

Send one for a Not-so-cute living together starters

Send with a + to be reversed where applicable

🍕- Our muses fighting over who has to put the dishes away
👚- My muse Screaming and Crying after a long day because the laundry wasn’t done even though they asked your muse to do it like 5 times
💩- Your muse waiting until my muse gets in the shower to decide they need to poop
💤- Our muses falling asleep on seperate couches becuase they’re too exhausted to move to bed
😠- My muse waking up to find the all the poptarts they bought for themselves already eaten
🏩- My muse steals all the covers in bed
👊- My muse knees yours in the face because the bed is too small
🏠- My muse walking away and slamming the door
👿- My muse saying something harsh during an argument
🌌- My muse wondering if they made the right decsion by deciding to live with your muse
🍏- My muse angrily throwing food at your muse
🎣- Our muses eating the same cheap easy meals for a week because money is tight
🌛- Our muses sitting down to dinner at 10 at night because they both work crazy hours
😱- My muse having an emotional break down due to stress
💔- Our muses having a pointless fight about nothing important
🔪- My muse coming home after a long day at work and finding no food and a messy house

Butch staring at Dogmeat, one cold winter morning: why don’t you, i dunno…pay fucking rent..huh, living here eating our food, living in our house, stealing half the bed at night.



“I wanna be the big spoon!”

“Y/N, you’re always the big spoon!”

“fine, I’ll let you be the big spoon…this time”

•waist hugs

•him waking you up in the morning, and finding a cute new way to do it every morning


•him teaching you sarcasm

•everyone being surprised of how he acts whenever you’re mentioned

•him kissing your hand

•wearing his shirts to bed

•stealing his beanies


•he absolutely loves PDA so he does it anytime you guys are in public

"Stuart, people are around!”


"I don’t care”

•nose kisses

•calling each other “Baby”

•stealing his clothes when you miss him because they smell exactly like him

•him teasing you for being short

“Even your hands are small!”

“Yes, I know I’m a midget”

“Every giant needs his adorable little midget”

*tell me it’s not cluttered…“

  • Brain: Imagine Raven stealing Yang off her bed to train her personally, so that Yang will become strong enough to save herself in the future.
  • Me: Go on...
  • Brain: Now imagine Raven giving Yang a prosthetic arm with a sword attachment coming out of the wrist and teaching her how to fight with blades.
  • Me: This is getting better.
  • Brain: Now imagine, after spending a lot of time with her beautiful smiling-again daughter, that Raven's heart begins to become less cold and hard. Perhaps after Yang passes out from too much fighting, Raven carries her to bed. Yang whispers while asleep, "Don't go..." and Raven hesitates to leave. "Don't go... Blake..." Then Raven leaves.
  • Me: Hang on, this is starting to get emotional.
  • Brain: Now Raven is starting to smile, when Yang isn't looking. And her insults during training become less biting and maybe slightly encouraging. Raven can see Yang improving steadily, becoming more powerful than she has ever been. She's even coming close to actually landing a hit on Raven! Raven would never say it aloud, but she's secretly proud of her daughter.
  • Me: We've been down this road before, you're gonna make me cry at the end of this.
  • Brain: Now, finally, it happens. Blake arrives to save Yang from the clutches of the dangerous rouge Huntress. And the most flabbergasting thing is that Yang immediately forgives Blake! Raven can't figure it out! She tries to kill Blake, but Yang defends her! HER! THE WOMAN WHO LEFT YOU WHEN YOU NEEDED HER MOST! HOW CAN YOU FORGIVE SOMEONE WHO ABANDONED YOU!
  • And Yang just says, "But you abandoned me too."
  • Raven can't say a word. She just watches as Blake leaves with her daughter. And once more, Raven is left all alone. Somehow though, the loneliness seems to hurt a little bit more than usual.
  • Me: (sniffling) You're an asshole, Brain.