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#2 - Cheek Kiss

The second time it happens, Regina is no more prepared for it than the first.

She’s walking into the station, Emma’s jacket folded over her arm and lunch for both of them in her hand. She smiles when she sees the blonde engrossed in paperwork, hoping to God that it’s those reports she’d asked for three weeks ago.

Regina stops in the doorway for a moment, leaning against the frame to watch Emma work, captivated by the little furrow on her brow and the way she’s worrying her bottom lip as her pen scribbles almost furiously against the paper, and Regina already knows she’s going to have a hard time deciphering the beloved Sheriff’s chicken scratch.

“Is that grilled cheese I smell?”

Regina snaps out of her musings, slightly embarrassed at being caught staring. The feeling melts away almost completely, though, when she sees the smile on Emma’s face at the promise of food. (She would be lying if she said she didn’t hope that smile was at least partially for her.)

“That depends,” she replies with a small smirk. “Are those the reports I asked for three weeks ago?”

She chuckled when Emma pouted and handed her the brown bag that held her favorite food.

“I still think you eat like a child.”

“You love me anyways,” Emma said confidently around a big bite of sandwich.


Regina decided to pointedly ignore the way her heart fluttered at the statement and perched herself on the edge of the desk, holding out Emma’s jacket. “You left this at the house the other night.”

Emma nodded, chewing briefly before swallowing. “I figured that’s where it was. Thanks Gina.”

There was that fluttering again.

If she hadn’t been trying so hard to ignore and bury all these odd feelings, Regina would have noticed Emma stand from her chair. She would’ve seen the blonde lean in towards her.


But all she felt was the kiss, right on the apple of her cheek.


It was soft and sweet and all too brief, the moment gone before she even has time to register that she’s been kissed.


Emma’s back in her chair, pulling two root beers out of her newly installed mini fridge and asking Regina is she’s sure she can’t pry the tops off with her teeth, wearing that smirk that makes Regina smile despite herself.

And as she pokes at her kale salad and steals a bite of Emma’s sandwich and they talk about Henry, and the town fair and how cute Neal is, Regina finds herself thinking about this kiss and the one prior, wondering if maybe, just maybe, she’ll be the one to kiss Emma next time.


“Did you bring me dessert?”

Regina rolls her eyes.


Till We Catch Feelings pt. 2

“You speak french, right?”

TWCF Masterlist

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: (Modern!AU) Where Bucky and his neighbour decide to share more than uncomfortable glances when picking their mail ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). However, there’s only one rule that must not be broken: Feelings shall not be involved.

Warnings: None, maybe swearing(?

Words: 1000


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“So… Two minutes, huh?” Bucky reminded your words while recomposing his breathing, a cocky smile plastered on his face. You were laid down next to him, eyes wide open staring at his ceiling, overwhelmed about what just happened. 

“Well, in my defence, I did last for like 2 minutes or so.” You whispered, still in shock, closing your thighs on purpose to keep feeling the sweetness he left between your legs. Heck, it’s been awhile since you had this much fun. He laughed, his hand covering his face before speaking. 

“Suck it.” He mocked, acting like a little kid. 

“I just did.” You saw the chance and you took it, surprisingly making him chuckle and blush. “Congrats, you’re officially ranked at 7 on my list.” Barnes looked at you, smirk on his lips. 

“7 out of what?”

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Just a little heads up @whatevernoob stop stealing my fucking art along with winged salads art thabk tou very much, you know there is a thing called practicing and having ago at finding your own style of art, but for the love of god stop stealing winged-salads and my art!

Stop stealing art you theif

xenegg  asked:

last night i had a dream that you and amar helped me steal salad from rich white moms and by the time we stole all of it, it was dark outside so y'all walked home with me and a suspicious looking guy approached us so you shot him in the face. thx

That is fucking accurate! ill steal some salad idgaf!

Salad fingers theory (trigger waning it's messed up)

Sf (salad fingers) clearly has some sort of mental illness. After doing some research I made the conclusion he has ptsd and schophrenia. Why is not the reason most theory’s give. I think that he has ptsd not from the great war but from family matters. If you look at the episode were he gets nettles and dose… Weird shit with them… You can see he has a scare near his stomach. In the last episode the hires gets his stomach roped open. This is because he is not physically male. It makes sense when you think about it he wears the dresses and flirts with his brother Kenneth in the series. But why does he have the cut? A lot of people say he slept with his sister but what if he is is sister? He has multiple personality disorder and all his personalities are his abusers. Some theorists make it seem like Margery gave consent. But no. Hebert was the oldest brother and Kenneth the youngest. Hubert molested Margery over menu years. She then becomes pregnant. In his panic he makes a plan to frame Jeremy on it because Margery was secretly in love with him. The father kills him in a fit of rage and later on learns that his daughter is pregnant. He makes her get rid of it depicted by the horse being clawed into. Sf goes to his other personality the mother. She was there as she got the baby aborted. But why is sf living alone in this house? Well my answer is simple… ish? Kenneth died at war, the mom died of illness as well as the dad. But Hubert is killed by Margery for revenge so she doesn’t have to continue with the abuse. But with the realization that sf killed his own brother he goes mad. Margery makes up sf to be her protector 1 and the mom protector 2. She then lives alone in the house until she dies in the last episode and is put in heaven were her family actually cared about her correctly.

Request: Can you do a fic where the reader is Sam and Deans little sis and she decides to go vegetarian and Sam is fine with it but Dean hates it. So Dean gets all annoyed when they go out to dinners and she orders a salad instead of a burger, it just gets on his nerves. Just really funny and sassy, thanks :)

“I’m starving!” You exclaimed, walking into the kitchen.

“Want some bacon?” Dean asked, motioning to the plate of dead pig on the counter.

You rolled your eyes and shook your head. “No, I’m a vegetarian. And stop trying to make me eat meat!”

“Meat is good for you!” Dean exclaimed, shoving a piece of bacon in his mouth.

“Yeah, but not for the animals!” You replied, pulling down a box of cereal.

“Who cares if it’s good for the animals? They’re dead anyway!" 

"Dean, I’m a vegetarian, and I refuse to eat meat. Drop it.” You stated, annoyance laced through your words.

“Fine.” Dean sighed, turning back to his bacon. 

Your breakfast was fine until Dean sat next to you. You’d never force your beliefs on another person, but not Dean. Dean slowly shoved a piece of bacon in his mouth, and bit down, making sure it crunched deliciously. He moaned, closing his eyes and licking his lips. You were staring daggers at him. 

Dean noticed you looking at him, and he smirked. “Sorry, did you need something?”

“Only to tell you that bacon isn’t actually red. Pork bellies are actually doused with red dye and liquid smoke; God only knows how healthy that is.” You said. 

Dean slowly lowered the bacon from his mouth, and looked at it. But after only a moment he shrugged and shoved it back in his mouth. “Well it tastes delicious.”

“Not to mention that most pigs that live in industrial-” You started, just to annoy Dean.

“Alright, stop! Point made.” He grumbled.

You smiled triumphantly and finished your breakfast. You had only an hour before you and your brothers had to go on a hunt, so you decided to spend the time reading. 


You’d been in the car with Sam and Dean for over five hours. Now, you loved your brothers, but you desperately needed to get away from them. As you pulled into town you saw a sign for a diner, and your stomach rumbled. “Guys, I’m hungry,” you said, just as Dean started to follow the signs to food.

You all filed out of the car and into the diner, and were quickly seated. When looking at your menu, you glanced over all the burgers and sandwiches, and went straight to the salads. You decided to get the summer salad; with apples, pecans, and tomatoes.

“Hi! I’m Elsa, I’ll be your waitress this evening, what can I get you?” Your peppy waitress asked.

“I’ll have the bacon burger. Medium well.” Dean ordered.

“Chicken salad.” Sam replied.

“Summer salad.” You answered, then handed her the menus. She gave you all one last smile, then walked away.

“You’re so gross.” Dean said, shaking his head at you.

“Why just me? Sam ordered a salad too!” You exclaimed.

“Yeah, but Sam at least got some meat on his meal.” Dean said.

“Dean, I don’t know how many times I have to tell you, I’m a vegetarian! I. Will. Not. Eat. Meat!”

“You. Need. Protein.” Dean replied, punctuating his words just like you did.

“There are actually a lot of other ways to get proteins; beans, eggs, tofu.” Sam defended you.

Dean made a disgusted face. “I’m talking about real food, Sammy! Beans’ll make her fart, eggs are meat, and tofu is nasty!”

“I can eat eggs.” You said.

“But eggs are baby chickens!”

“Not really. Eggs are unfertilized, so really they were never living.” Sam explained.

“Thank you!” You exclaimed.

Dean looked like he was about to say something, but the food came, and he shut his mouth. Your salad was very good; it had just the right balance of lettuce to dressing, and the apples were fresh. The fries looked amazing, so you took one from Dean’s plate.

“Be careful! That fry could have touched meat!” Dean exclaimed with mock urgency.

You rolled your eyes and took another fry. Throughout the meal, Sam had been stealing bits of your salad, but you didn’t mind. Your salad was definitely better than his. 

“Anything else?” The waitress asked, taking your plates away.

“Pie!” You and Dean ordered at the same time, and the waitress walked away.

“I swear, if you weren’t a vegetarian, you’d just be another Dean.” Sam muttered. 

(I hope you like it!)

Ok I’m all for criticizing America, but I’m really tired of people making fun of how America has “no culture” and just “steals from other cultures” like that’s the whole fucking point of the country. It’s people from other countries coming here and bringing culture with them. You don’t get mad at salad for “stealing lettuce’s culture” or “ripping off carrots and calling them yours”. America’s nickname is the melting pot. It’s a deeply flawed country, but to say it’s devoid of culture is vastly incorrect. It has every culture, just in small pieces.