steal of the week

steal of the week

it’s only Monday and I’ve already been notified about two people who are taking credit for my work.

One of them has taken down my work from their page, and reblogged my post instead which I am thankful for. But…

This person has stolen one of my 50 Owl City Lyrics  posts, and I can’t contact them and I am NOT HAPPY.

I make my artwork to share with fellow Hoot Owls and it’s so disappointing when something like this happens. I’m going to have to start adding huge ugly water marks to my work, or stop posting all together :(

Hoot Owls, you can help too. If the watermark on the artwork doesn’t match up with the source, please don’t reblog it. I’m pretty sure this applies for every post on your dashboard. Someone has put in effort to share that post with you so please don’t help some peasant get credit for it! 

Fuck you, fire

You’re taking advantage of the festival tradition of allowing the celebrating flight a win. You’re pissing other flights off. If anyone steals a holiday week it’s going to be this one. You don’t have the support a normal festival has because of your shitty attitude and crap raffle. You aren’t entitled to the festival week. You’re granted it out of good will. You don’t even have your own fucking sprite or 2013 festival apparel in the raffle. 

You don’t owe us a good raffle? We don’t owe you a win on your holiday.

Their raffle prize pool is shit I hoardsell. Their payouts are standard for exalting. Go forth and exalt your own dragons and their shitty raffle and piss poor attitude be damned.  Obviously they don’t want festival dom very much.

a soviet joke

Valentina Vladimirovna is a worker at a bed factory in the Soviet city of Kovrov. The factory she works at produces the most well-made, highest quality beds in the USSR, machined to a high standard and made of fine steel. However, due to the distribution policies of the Soviet government, neither Vladimirovna nor any of her fellow workers have beds at all. The policies are quite clear on this– first, the brave soldiers of the USSR must get beds, then the industrial engineers, then the doctors and lawyers, then the Party officials– and after everyone has a bed, the workers will get to enjoy the fruits of their labour. But that day is a long way away.

One day she is complaining of this to Anna Grigorevna, a childhood best friend who works for an aircraft design bureau. Grigorevna’s solution is simple: each day, steal a part from the factory. After a week or two, put all the stolen parts together and Vladimirovna will have her very own bed.

Frustrated, Vladimirovna responds “don’t you think we’ve tried that? Time and time again we workers steal these bed parts from the factory! But each time we put all the parts together, we end up with an automatic Kalashnikov!”

Hey Guys it's Restaurant Week

So because it’s restaurant week in the city and I live on a college students budget of course I’m taking advantage of the much lower prices at the city’s hottest places to dine.  So I’m on my way now to lunch and then will be off to class. I will let you all know about my delicious meal when I get back. 


Amanda Paige

Lala rouses from her slumber once a week to steal candy from children. So far, management has been unsuccessful in their attempts to uninstall her bad attitude from beneath the bleachers.   

I really should be doing 20 other things, but this was just way too tempting. Beez belongs to poplerpig who is an amazing inspiration. Opposites attract amiright. 

Steal My Artificial Heart is a game about solving a murder by Vague Collective.

Play Online

Why Try It: Lovely art & audio design; a short, lightly-interactive story about robot murder on the moon.

Mood: Atmospheric

Author’s Notes: “Steal My Artificial Heart is a visual novel made in six weeks for Antholojam 1, a game jam loosely themed around “the Golden Age of sci-fi”. It has robots, the moon, and robots on the moon. Originally released in February 2015, this release brings Steal My Artificial Heart all the way to your home computer, available for consumption by the most discerning of visual novel connoisseurs.”

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