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etsyfindoftheday | 2.11.17

STEAL OF THE WEEK: fizzing bath bombs by dabombfizzers

each of these individual bath bombs are just $7.50 apiece — choose from tons of rad colors and scents, or get ‘the whole shebang’ aka one of each! a lot of them make your bath fizz or turn colors, and they all have a fun surprise hidden inside. what a steal!

Okay but what about the Gotham Sirens adopting Jason?

  • Selina was so sweet on Jason when he was Robin, he had the best sense of humor out of the Bats because it was just like her’s. The rare times Jason was off on his own she would always drop by and listen to Her Little Robin, comforting him after a fight with the Bat because he ‘used too much force’ or because ‘he’s too reckless’. Selina would even ask Jason to pull off small heists with her from time to time. He told her that he would only do it if she would either return the items before they went missing or if she donated most of it to charity. The Gotham City Museum was hijacked so many times by Catwoman and Robin but no one ever knew because she would always return the items so Jason didn’t get in trouble.
  • After Jason died Catwoman disappeared for a week, even Selina Kyle disappeared. After that week Catwoman was back in action but the first few weeks she didn’t steal anything that was worth the normal amounts that her previous heists had been, these were more like trinkets and Bruce couldn’t figure out the pattern. Selina had stolen every item she and Jason had ever stolen together; she donated them all the homeless center for abused children.
  • Selina never looked at Bruce quite the same way after Tim showed up that first night in a Robin costume, in Jason’s costume. She yelled and screamed about how Her Little Robin was already being forgotten and replaced. That Jason was worth more than just a few weeks of grief before just going back to normal. Bruce tried to explain that Batman needed a Robin, that Jason had known the risks and that he would never be forgotten but Selina didn’t listen. After that she still flirted with Batman, but it was only half-hearted at best. Bruce would never admit it but he was slightly heartbroken by the tearing of their relationship, it never really healed even after Jason was brought back by the Pit.
  • Bruce saved the Joker from the rubble in Batman Under the Red Hood but Jason had to drag himself out. With his injuries he couldn’t get far but he remembered this little roof-top where Selina told him many years ago she went to clear her mind. It took over an hour but Jason eventually managed to get to that roof-top and wait for Selina if she would come. Selina had gone out to check the huge explosion that had echoed through the streets but when she’d gotten to the sight Batman was gone and the Joker was being taken back to Arkham. Seeing nothing for her to do she retreated to her little roof-top only to find someone already there. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the blue eyes open at the sound of her approach, Her Little Robin had returned to her. She didn’t know how it was possible but she didn’t care, he was back in her arms and back in her life, she wasn’t letting go again.
  • When Selina saw the extent of Jason’s injuries from his fight with Bruce over the Joker she was furious. How dare the Bat hurt Her Little Robin after everything he’d already been through. She got him into a warm bath so he could soak and maybe take some of the edges of pain off, he was barely conscious, putty in her arms and trusting her to keep him safe; tears welled up in her eyes again and she didn’t even try to stop them. While Jason was in the tub she stripped her bed and put on the nicest silk sheets she had and made the bed for Her Little Robin because he deserved something nice for once in his life. After getting Jason settled in the bed she made a call to Harley and Ivy, telling them to meet her on top of her building. When Jason heard Selina open the window he let out a broken little whimper, he didn’t want to be alone again. Selina immediately went over to Jason and curled next to him, holding him to where he could hear her heartbeat and promising him that she wasn’t leaving him, she just had something to take care of; she stayed till he fell asleep.
  • Selina explained what she knew to Ivy & Harley, both righteously angry over what the poor boy had had to endure in his short life. Harley confessed that she’d always felt partially responsible for Jason’s death because she had left the Joker at that time due to a fight, if she had stayed maybe the Joker wouldn’t have gone so far. Selina told Harley that she should tell Jason that, that Her Little Robin would understand and wouldn’t blame her. Harley was doubtful but Ivy promised she would go with her to talk to the former Robin when this was all over.
  • The Gotham Sirens broke into Wayne manor and cornered a drunk Bruce in his study. When Selina started to growl and hiss at the man about the cut at his collarbone, that she would recognize the wound of a batarang anywhere, and how dare he attack that boy after everything. Bruce was so out of it that he broke down, he broke down and talked about the Pit, the explosion that killed Jason, about how he almost got himself killed because he was so angry and raw about Jason’s death, about how he didn’t let Tim do nearly what he’d let Jason and Dick do. But the last thing he told her about was the case with Jason’s costume. When Catwoman heard about that and about the engraving ‘My partner. My soldier. My fault.’ and she lost it. Harley and Ivy had to restrain her from scratching out Bruce’s eyes. How dare he call Jason his soldier, what about a son, was he ever a son to you Bruce? but Bruce was so far gone in his misery that he didn’t even notice.
  • Before they left Selina gave Bruce a warning to stay away from Jason. After she had climbed out the window Harley and Ivy stepped in front of Batman and threatened him as well, they might not know the boy as well as Selina did but if he was that important they would protect him for their friend too.
  • Harley apologized to Jason and, though he was wary of her for a while, he told her that most of his anger had never been at her. Sure he’d always thought she was a psychotic bitch but he didn’t blame her for his death. When she’d heard that, a huge burden lifted from Harley’s soldiers and without even thinking anything she hugged Jason tightly. He hissed at the pressure on his wounds but he gave her awkward pats on the back to let her know there weren’t any hard feelings.
  • Ivy gave Jason a shot that would render him immune to all of her plants and poisons. When Jason questioned her she told Jason that he was important to Selina and that he had given Harley something her girlfriend had desperately needed so she had no problem helping him. Jason stared at her blankly for a moment before asking when she’d left the Joker. Harley explained that after the Joker had murdered Jason, Harley thought he had taken it too far. Sure they’d killed before but this time it as so…personal and unnecessary that it felt wrong to Harley. She quickly packed up and never looked back.
  • Selina curled up in bed with Her Little Robin that evening and he let her hold him, just like a mother would. Once he’d fallen asleep Harley had decided to drag Ivy onto the bed and there was a huge pile of bodies on Selina’s giant bed but no one seemed to mind. In the morning Jason woke up first and saw that he had the three of Gotham’s most powerful villainous women curled around him and he felt…safe for the first time since he’d first laid eyes on the bomb that he knew would take his life. He made breakfast and eventually the smell of food woke the three ladies up enough for them to shuffle into the kitchen; they declared that Jason was going to be their stay in son from now on.
  • Jason put up a half-hearted fight but for some reason, his chest was getting really warm and he felt strangely giddy. He jokingly asked Selina if that meant she was his new mother and Selina merely got up and pulled Jason down to where she could plant a kiss on the boy’s forehead ‘I let you die once, I’m not letting my son get hurt again’ and that was how Selina Kyle adopted him of sorts. Harley had cried and told Jason that if Selina was his mother that since they were close as sisters that meant that Harley and Ivy were Jason’s aunts! He’d put his hand over his heart in mock horror but he couldn’t fight the smile that was making its way onto his face. It was crazy and not nearly what he’d imagined all those years ago as a street rat but he finally had the family he’d always wanted.

etsyfindoftheday | 3.18.17

STEAL OF THE WEEK: jerk balloon grab bag by fairgoods

for $1 each, you can have an affordable bunch of colorful balloons printed with purposely jerky statements printed on them … things like ‘you’re the worst’ and ‘meat!’ and ‘nobody cares’ and ‘die already.’ how sweet …? LOL.


etsyfindoftheday | 11.5.16

STEAL OF THE WEEK: ice cream pops stickers, 45-pc. by callicrafty

callicrafty’s stickers are fun — and this option is truly tasty-looking! and since this find sells for under $3 for all of these popsicle stickers, you can explore even more designs guilt-free.

one day, after training, shiro fell asleep on a chair because he was exhausted and Pidge and Hunk decided to braid his hair


Gruvia Fluff Week 2016 Day 6 Laughter

Uncle Lyon constantly steals Gray’s daughter because Gray doesn’t deserve an angel like her (He only tells Juvia about his abductions). When Azure comes back all she does is rave about Uncle Lyon so Gray gets a little jealous.

Azure is really interested in Ice magic so she tries to master Water Make: Ice magic. If you ever need a single ice cube, Azure can hook you up.

Like is it just me or is does it seem like, no matter the flavor of discourse that week is, somehow the target is stealing “queer resources”? Like I’ve literally seen this EVERYWHERE, mga people are stealing the queer resources, trans people are stealing the queer resources, non-binary trans people are stealing the queer resources, ace, aro, and aroaces are stealing our queer resources, like what the hell even are “queer resources” and why are they so limited? And if they’re so limited, why are we focused on cutting people off and rationing rather than working to get more?



tedros of camelot + agatha of woods beyond camelot


etsyfindoftheday | 8.20.16

STEAL OF THE WEEK: crystal point air plant home decor by falconandfinch

for only $14, you can pick up a sparkling, bohemian crystal point with an air plant accent — don’t you just LOVE the pale green hue of tillandsia?! i do :) what a steal.

In 2013, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas predicted the film industry as we know it would “implode” if/when, in the near future, too many wildly expensive blockbuster movies flopped. And if ever there were a year for an implosion on that scale to occur it would be 2018, the year when there are nearly as many major studio tentpole releases as there are weeks in the year. Well, here’s the thing …

2018 will see the release over 40 massive, tentpole movies. There are nearly 20 releases that happen exactly a week apart. This means that Marvel’s Black Panther will have only a week to make most of its money before Pacific Rim 2 steals its audience, which will give the unnamed Marvel/Fox movie a week to make its money before Wreck-It Ralph 2 comes out, which will only have a week before The Flash and/or Tomb Raider comes out, because Warner Bros. is dumb and scheduled two of their own tentpole movies for the same day. And all of those movies will be released in February and March, the two months studios usually use as a landfill to dump the movies they think suck. The year isn’t just crowded; it’s a clusterfuck, and there are going to be big casualties. There are too many massive movies and not enough people to watch them.

Why The Blockbuster Movie Bubble Will Burst In 2018

sorcererinslytherin  asked:

So in the new Asset Seizure video, the boys do a car heist basically wearing nothing and it's incredible. I'm feeling like the FAHC would absolutely do the same thing. Maybe a dare from Funhaus?

Listen, while i love that thought and could absolutely see it being Funhaus, the fact that they’re wearing awful cowboy hats makes me think of a different culprit.. 

Jeremy, who was so excited about the huge destruction truck they were going to steal, who’d been talking all week about how wicked it looked, how much devastation they would cause, whether or not it could flip his monster truck in a joust. Jeremy who let Gavin and Michael goad him into some stupid dare, who got hurt last second, who’s laid up in bed, knowing the job is too time-sensitive to delay until he’s better. Who tells them all to go ahead, take Ryan in his place, so disgustingly understanding despite his disappointment that they can’t help but feel guilty. Can’t shake it off like they would if he’d been selfish, can’t mock him like they would if he’d been mad, even Jack and Ryan feel bad and they weren’t remotely involved in the accident for gods sake. 

So when Gavin pitches an idea out of desperation, suggests that since Jeremy can’t come along he can instead play boss, be the voice in their ear, the shot caller, the others are all too eager to agree. Can’t see the harm, even after Jeremy jumps on the idea, almost as excited as he’d been about the truck in the first place. As though history has taught them nothing they don’t see Jeremy’s revenge coming until it’s too late, failed to even consider the danger in the way Jeremy immediately declared that there would be a dress code, that costumes would be provided.  It’s not until Trevor and Matt get back from running about doing Jeremy’s shopping and can’t stop laughing that the mood begins to sour. 

Geoff almost chokes to death laughing when Jeremy produces Gavin and Michaels costumes, or lack thereof. Stripped down to silly boxers and bowties like impromptu Chippendale dancers, garnished by a couple of the dozen ludicrous novelty cowboy hats and boots Jeremy is gifted with at every turn, team nice dynamite have never looked quite so unprepared for a heist. Still, true to their word, they resign themselves and quickly start to enjoy the ridiculousness of the whole ordeal; Gavin is legitimately more upset about the crime against fashion than he is the nudity, Michael struts around constantly flexing, and the pair can’t stop striking preposterous imitations of suggestive poses. 

Ryan watches this all go down in silence before turning to Jeremy and reminding him that he was a last second stand in and would be happy to tag out for Geoff. Which lasts all of five seconds after Jeremy reveals Ryan’s costume; the absurd silk and velvet playboy affair barely makes it out of the bag before Ryan starts pulling it on, slapping away Geoff’s grabby hands and declaring that the Lads are now his arguably classless arm-candy. 

Jeremy, being a smart man, tells Jack she can wear whatever she likes. Jack, being Jack, rolls her eyes and declares that if they are doing this they are doing it right, go hard or go home, picks out a hat and goes to sort out her own flashy costume for the world’s most inexplicably underdressed grand theft auto. 


etsyfindoftheday | 9.17.16

STEAL OF THE WEEK: embroidered patches by asildastore

i gotta share more patches for this steal of the week, guys … how can i keep these beauts to myself?! NEED. and at only $15 for two, i can totally buy both guilt-free.