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“Hey, stranger.”

“Sorry I haven’t come by sooner, I was…”

“Busy fending off a throng of reporters and being a full-time parent?”

“Yeah.” Oliver huffs a short laugh, stealing a shy glance at the ground, as all the weight of the day visibly slips from his shoulders. She likes him like this, more innocent and carefree, where it’s no longer Mayor Queen or the Green Arrow or more recently a worried Dad standing in front of her…it’s just him. Just Oliver. Just her Oliver.

“I won’t hold it against you. Come on in.”

She holds the door open for him as he steps inside, his arm carefully dodging her shoulder, but that doesn’t stop a thousand goosebumps from breaking out over her skin in anticipation. As she shuts the front door, Felicity steals a quick glance of her own at his back because wow. While she loves Suit Oliver in all of his various…well, suits, it has been ages since she’s seen Casual Oliver. And honestly, seeing him standing there in full-on casual black and that jacket that she swears is framing his jaw really well, looking so at ease in her apartment…what used to be their apartment…it’s bringing back a lot of old memories mixed with new, tingling hopes stirring in her stomach.

Oliver spins to regard her in return, wearing a strangely nervous look. It’s then that she notices the small box with a white bow in his hands. “I uh…I was gonna wait, but I just…” He sighs, pausing, watching her like he’s waiting for her to stop him. And when she doesn’t, he finally says, “I brought you something,” holding the box out to her.

“Oh. What’s this?” She takes the box from him, wanting to reach for his hand, too, but he pulls back before she can.

“It’s just a uh…a present.”

“I can see that. You know, it’s not my birthday for another several months,” she teases him with a smile.

He doesn’t quite smile back, but there’s a hint of mischief behind his eyes now. “I know. This is different.”

Felicity frowns at his serious voice, watching him cross his arms. Uh oh. She knows that move. He only does this when it’s something big, something important. “Okay.”

She hesitates, her fingers hovering over the lid, playing with the plastic bow. Her heart starts to hammer against the walls of her chest with a new ferocity, like it somehow already knows what’s inside.

Swallowing once, she finally lifts the lid and finds nestled on top of a cotton square…a silver key.

“It’s a key,” supplies Oliver, his voice sounding very far away and warped, like she’s suddenly trapped inside a fish bowl.

Felicity stares in awe at the little object shimmering in the dim lighting, calling out to her. Slowly, she picks up the key, feeling the cool, wonderful weight of her future pressed against her palm.

“I know we’ve talked about it, and you’ve met William, and he seems to really like you. And this doesn’t mean that you have to move out of your place or anything, I just think…”

His voice sounds much closer now, and she glances up to realize that he’s standing right in front of her, his hands finally reaching out to hold her shoulders, drawing her closer, drawing her home.

He licks his lips. “And if this is too fast then–”

“Oliver, are you sure?”

He sighs again, only this time it’s a gentler sigh, a contented sigh, a hopeful sigh. His gaze grows intense yet familiar, and oh she’s missed that look most of all. Even after five months of taking things slow, after being engaged to this man once, she’s still getting used to him looking at her like this–like she’s the only thing in the entire world that he wants. She’ll never be used to it. She couldn’t look away from him even if she wanted to. And she doesn’t want to.

“I’m sure of one thing,” he says, his voice so deep it sends a warm feeling straight down her gut. “I love you, and I want us to be a family. All of us.”

“Me too.”

Trapping the key in a fist, Felicity reaches for Oliver just as he lowers his head down to her. Thank you, she says through the kiss, her lips gently pressed against his, re-familiarizing herself with his taste. But Oliver changes the angle quickly, deepening the kiss, his hands coming up and around her, pulling her close, his fingers pressing deep into the muscles of her lower back.

Felicity feels herself losing focus, her grip around his neck loosening…. She fumbles in the haze but manages to set the little box down on the counter, freeing her other hand to join the one still tightly clasped behind his neck. Her fingers sweep into his hair brushing against his scalp.

Seconds seem to bleed into minutes, and she doesn’t know how long they stand there like that, holding each other, remembering and relearning and learning afresh what the other person feels like…

A loud clang startles her, and Oliver pulls back, breaking the kiss, though she doesn’t let him go too far.

Realizing she must have dropped the key, Felicity breathes against his open lips, “It’s fine. I’ll get it later.”

And then she kisses him again, openly, fiercely, desperately. This kiss is different than the one before, taking on a life of its own, like the one they shared in this very spot years ago, when they first moved in together. It feels right that they should find each other again in this way. Felicity clings to him, his body still so warm and solid and familiar. How is he always so warm?

After what feels like too brief a time, though, Oliver pulls back again, breathing heavily. He keeps his eyes closed, as he presses his forehead against hers. “Felicity,” he whispers. “Can I ask you a question?”

“If the question is can you stay the night, the answer is yes.”

He laughs, giving her a short and more chaste kiss. “Are you sure?”

She nods. 

“Besides,” Felicity nips his lips again. “I don’t expect to be staying here much in the future. We better make the most of it.”

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Sskk with Akutagawa proposing? :3c

This fic was some random word vomit because I’m having little to no motivation, but I did overload it with fluff so maybe that’ll make up for it? XD

“Can I borrow your jacket?”

Akutagawa cracks open an eye to stare up at Atsushi, who is hovering over him, his silver hair falling over his eyes like slivers of moonlight. He’s shivering, too, which makes Akutagawa want to wrap his arms around him and hold him so tight the cold can’t get in.

“Sure.” He mumbles, instead. What’s weird about it is that Atsushi is the warmest human Akutagawa has ever met - always emitting heat like a furnace.

He feels the bed shift as Atsushi settles down next to him, wrapped in Aku’s jacket. It fits him perfectly, and he’ll probably steal it every day after this, but Aku is willing to make that sacrifice.

(And no, it wasn’t because Atsushi looked adorable in his clothes. It was to keep him warm. Stop assuming things.)

“You okay?” Atsushi murmurs. He curls up a little, like a kitten settling down for a nap in the sunlight, tucking his hands under his head.

“Yeah.” Akutagawa answers. He likes seeing Atsushi half awake, with his hair mussed in a birds nest and his amber eyes blinking in and out of sight with his eyelids. He really is beautiful.

Atsushi bites his lip. “I had a dream.”

Aku checks the clock - twelve am, just about the time he likes to initiate pillowtalk. Not that he’s complaining. But he does blink the sleep out of his eyes, and shifts up to see Atsushi better. “What was it?”

“Well,” Atsushi laps his tongue over his bottom lip, then flops his arm out along the lining of his pillow. “I think we had a kid.”

Akutagawa, vulnerable in his sleepy state, lets himself smile. “Really?”

This, of all things, makes Atsushi perk up. “Yeah. And… she was…”

Akutagawa curls in closer, resting his head on Atsushi’s outstretched arm. “What?”

“She was short,” Atsushi grins. “Or maybe just really young, I don’t know. And she had a lot of energy. Like a lot.”

“Cute.” Akutagawa says, even though that sounds awful. Like a mini Chuuya. The thought makes him shudder.

“And I don’t remember much, but,” Atsushi looks up at his bedmate, a pretty smile painted over his lips. The moonlight is dazzling against his hair, collecting in the silky strands and releasing a beautiful reflection. “But I know we were happy.” He tips his head, considering. “Really happy, actually.”

Akutagawa nods. “Hmmmm….”

“And I guess, I just wondered…” He pauses, as if mulling the thought through his head. Twirling it about his fingers like a smooth stone. “Would you ever… want to…. be more serious, I guess? Like, make a commitment?”

Akutagawa nods. “Yeah.” He yawns, eyelids fluttering. His mind is sluggish, only half comprehending anything beyond how pretty and warm Atsushi is.

“Like what?”

“We could get married.” He mumbles, letting his eyes close.

Atsushi’s eyes widen - not that Akutagawa can see, already halfway to being out cold.

“Do you mean that?” He grins.

“Of course,” He rubs his head against the pillow trying to find a comfortable position. “I love you. Why would I not?”

He does end up passing out, actually, head against Atsushi’s arm. The weretiger smiles down at him, and leans over to press a kiss to Akutagawa’s forehead.

“Ask me later, and I’ll say yes.”


Sara Lance taking over typical heterosexual endings (1x08/2x12)


The jacket origin story that no one asked for


I was gonna cheat on this day and just reblog something I made befo re but then this happened and now it cannot be undone i’m sorry

[PART 1]

Marichat May (Something Sweet) II

pros of dating me

• if u like something but i dont, i will try super hard to get into the thing u like
•i like physicality so neverending kisses and hugs
• im not cute so no one will steal me away??
•chubby. warm hugs.
•i will call u cute names all day long


•if im wearing socks on a hardwood floor i will pretend to be lightning mcqueen in the final lap of the piston cup