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super good and helpful ideas for peter gallagher’s character nick, a.k.a. ‘i sued you so you’d answer my calls’ guy, in grace & frankie season 4; he is apparently going to be there, so he might as well be there in one of these contexts:

  • the most obvious and wonderful option: grace and frankie pretend to be a couple so that nick will finally agree that things are over between him and grace; g+f kiss in the middle of some social gathering to really sell it, and the kiss lingers just a second too long to be 100% for the con.
  • nick plans an elaborate and opulently expensive wedding for himself and grace; on the day of, grace steals said wedding and gives it to frankie, thereby marrying her instead.
  • grace tries to date nick and decides that, yep, he sucks and realizes she is giving up on men for good because they are all THE WORST
    • ‘in a spinster way? oh, grace, don’t put yourself on the shelf just yet. you’ve got so much to offer.’
    • 'no,’ grace says, with a husky and significant lilt to her tone. 'not in a spinster way.’
    • frankie gulps.
  • schmidt & the gang from new girl show up and demand to know what the hell is going on, thus revealing that “nick” is, in fact, schmidt’s dad, just living a double life complete with double careers. ‘dad, this is ludicrous! ludicrous! you steal my best friend’s name and start seducing beautiful grandmamas for sport? come home!’ schmidt scolds, and then of course throws grace a, ‘you are exquisite, by the way.’ grace happens to be wearing a bird shirt on the day of this encounter. winston gives her the most enthusiastic of thumbs ups. frankie and jess almost explode the universe by being in the same place together. maybe the gang also runs into brianna. ‘you too, sadie?’ jess gasps in dismay. “HOW DEEP DOES THIS THING GO?” real nick hollers.
  • nick leaves grace for grace’s friend lisa kudrow the manicurist. grace is heartbroken (mostly due to the wounded pride and also due to losing her pink tracksuited friend). why do the people in her life who are supposed to choose her always, always choose someone else?
    • ‘i chose you,’ frankie says.
    • ‘you got stuck with me,’ grace counters bitterly, because she sounds her bitterest when she’s trying not to cry. ‘not that i didn’t get stuck with you too, by the way, because i did. neither of us chose this.’
    • ‘oh, i didn’t realize i was living in santa fe with jacob right now. i thought i was right here, in our house, sitting next to you and listening to you waste your time crying over some jackasses who never deserved you in the first place. because i chose you.’
    • and then grace surprises frankie by lunging at her with an extremely emotional hug and it’s the happiest day of frankie’s life and maybe they kiss a little, i don’t know.
  • grace and frankie accidentally murder nick and have to cover it up together, but it only makes their (spiritual if not legal) marriage stronger, like on santa clarita diet

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to add to freckled eggsy: you have freckles year round, so in the summer when his come out he'll constantly say that you're his "twin" so you steal his clothes one day and say "hey look babe someone must have put a mirror here" and we all know how he likes it when you wear his clothes...he fucks you right then and there and then after when you're all quiet and cuddly he just bursts out laughing bc he got the joke




Sara Lance taking over typical heterosexual endings (1x08/2x12)


I was gonna cheat on this day and just reblog something I made befo re but then this happened and now it cannot be undone i’m sorry

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Marichat May (Something Sweet) II

Time is one hell of a thief, if you ask me. All the good times and bad times, the smiles and tears, the pain and happiness, the empty promises and broken dreams, time will somehow find a way to steal them away. Day by day, bit by bit, in every living moment, time slowly takes everything away whether you like it or not. In time, we will fade eventually, and you wonder why people will somehow forget the things they should remember 10 years from now.
—  Lukas W. // Time is nothing but a thief
Fyre Festival is Hilarious and I'll Tell You Why

As a Louisiana resident, I find all the people rushing in to defend the Fyre Festival goers behavior hilarious. Here’s why.

I’m someone who is familiar with disasters, from floods taking out homes to hurricanes ripping through my state. I am also familiar with the horrible things said about the people in my state, primarily the poor, when they resort to methods of survival such as scavenging for supplies in unmanned stores in times of disaster. I also remember how people were so eager people were to call names and point fingers during Katrina when people were recorded fighting and stealing from others. Somehow my people were deemed ‘savages’ and 'animals’ for all of their behavior.

Now here’s Fyre Festival’s rich attendees who:

1. Are not actually stranded (bc people low to throw around that word). Being stranded suggests there is no foreseeable way out. They have a way out, they just have to wait as groups of people are going out in droves.

2. Have enough money to buy supplies and things from another area if needed.

3. Were not there for more than a day and started looting, stealing, and destructing property.

4. Have actually been provided with some form of food and shelter. Ironically, disaster relief shelter lol.

People are acting like they experiences the Hunger Games when really it was more the first few pages Lord of the Flies before shit hit the fan. Does it suck they lost thousands. Of course. Do they have the right to be mad. HELL YEAH! I would be too. However, I’m still going to laugh at this reaction by the attendees and the media. How these people would survive in real danger I will never know lol.