steal it and ill kill you

steal the toaster

in which i try and fail to be as good as @jiilys and @alrightpotter

James Potter to whoever stole my weetabix is dead: WE ARE OUT OF MILK



Sirius Black: chill

Sirius Black: might have been me this morning though

Peter Pettigrew: did u hv it with weetabix by any chance???

Sirius Black: …..

Sirius Black: shit

Sirius Black to Remus Lupin: do you reckon he’ll accept cornflakes?

Remus Lupin: kellogs ones?

Sirius Black: wtf no lidl ones

Sirus Black: do I look like im made of money

Remus Lupin: well yes

Sirius Black: rude

Sirius changed the name to: next doors wifi is dragon420

Remus Lupin: how did you…?

Remus Lupin: acc I don’t want to know

James Potter: omg bc they BLAZE IT

Sirius Black: omg

Peter Pettigrew: omg

Peter Pettigrew to James Potter: where r u we’re going pub

James Potter: in the library

James Potter: there’s this chem girl

James Potter: she’s so pretty

James Potter: pete?

James Potter: ???

Sirius Black to LADSLADSLADS: new business idea

Sirius Black: james sells jams in his pyjamas

Sirius Black: we can call it

Sirius Black: jim jams

Remus Lupin has left the group

James Potter to three normal ppl + fucking romeo: she came and asked to borrow my pen today !!!

James Potter: out of the whole library!!! she picked me !!!

James Potter: what does this mean???

Sirius Black removed James Potter from the group

Peter Pettigrew: oh thank god

Remus Lupin to James Potter: why have you called me fourteen times???

James Potter: oh pete fell out the window but hes fine

Remus Lupin: whAT???


James Potter: on a completely unrelated matter would you say forgetting your name was a sign of concussion?

Lily Evans to James Potter: congrats on winning the match, you were really good

James Potter to no Sirius we’re not going skinny dipping its 4 degrees: HELP

James Potter sent a photo

James Potter: WHAT DO I SAY????

Sirius Black: be ~cool~

Peter Pettigrew: ignore her, girls love it when you ignore them

Sirius Black: mate…. maybe this is why youre a virgin

Peter Pettigrew: for the last time im NOT A VIRGIN

Sirius Black: idk sounds like smth a virgin would say

Peter Pettigrew to James Potter: if my mum rings the flat say im not there

James Potter: but youre not here…?

Peter Pettigrew: she believs u when u say it

Remus Lupin to pineapple is never acceptable on pizza fight me sirius: new drinking game- take a shot whenever james mentions lily’s eyes

Sirius Black: do you want us to die????

James Potter: but guys

James Potter: theyre so green

James Potter: its like a forest

Peter Pettigrew: ill buy some vodka omw back

James Potter changed the group name to: MAN U 4-CHELSEA 1

Sirius Black: blocked

Sirius Black to sirius and co: dont go near the microwave btw

Peter Pettigrew: …….why????

Sirius Black: its lowkey broken

Sirius Black: and by lowkey i mean will kill a man

Remus Lupin: I swear to god if we call the fire service again we’re getting fined

Sirius Black: its fine im gonna steal benjys

Remus Lupin to Benjy Fenwick: Just a quick heads up, maybe hide your microwave

Benjy Fenwick: I already did after black stole my toaster

Remus Lupin: ah sorry about that

Remus Lupin to Sirius Black: you told me benjy didn’t want his toaster anymore

Sirius Black: idk how youre studying astrophysics if you believed tht tbh

Sirius Black to moony ripped a new fiver im so proud: saw evans today

James Potter: omg did she mention me?

Sirius Black: she wanted to know if we were fucking

James Potter: what did you say???

Sirius Black: yes obvisly

James Potter: aw babe

Remus Lupin: get a room

James added Sirius Black and Lily Evans to the group: just to clarify me and sirius are not fucking

Sirius Black: exCUSE ME???



Lily Evans: james how could you?

James Potter: …. are you serious

Sirius Black: …..

James Potter: don’t you fucking dare

Sirius Black to James Potter: come and help me buy 150 snickers for bellatrix

James Potter: nah im in history

James Potter: isn’t she allergic to nuts

Sirius Black: exactly

Remus Lupin to Sirius Black: lily just asked if she can sit w/ us at james’s final

Sirius Black: oh mY GOD

Sirius Black: operation lames is go

Remus Lupin: I told you not to call it that

Sirius Black: it’s a gd name #hatersgonnahate

Remus Lupin: please stop

Peter Pettigrew to potter for president: afterparty at ours right?

Sirius Black: hell yes

Sirius Black: proud of you jamesy


James Potter: she cant walk around naked can she?

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TFP Cons with a human s/o that's sick with the flu? I got sick myself and it sucks.

This is a little late… I hope you feel better by now anon!

Megatron wouldn’t have time to stay with you, but he checks on you now and then. He makes sure that Knockout gives you the best possible care. You’ll have at least three vehicons at your beck and call.

Starscream would worry over you. On Cybertron viruses are much more severe; sickness didn’t come and go, it killed. You have to explain that the flu is a natural occurrence and you’ll be fine, you’ve had it before. He’s still twitchy and snappy all day, except for with you. He’s constantly nagging Knockout and ordering vehicons to go fetch you tea and blankets.

Soundwave would wrap you up into a blanket burrito and steals you some medicine and soup. He knows the other Cons don’t know scrap about human illnesses, you rest in his office the whole day. When he can’t be there Laserbeak hovers over you. You use his console to watch cartoons.

Knock Out is grossed out by all the mucus and other bodily fluids. Still, he is a doctor and actually takes very good care of you. His bedside manner is more tender with you, and he makes sure you get plenty of water and rest. You aren’t allowed to leave the medbay until you’re fully healed.

Breakdown is also a worrywart and constantly checks on you. He hates that he can’t be there to take care of you while he’s out on mission, but he’s by your side every other moment. When he’s away he comms Knockout every couple of minutes to ask how you’re doing. 

Shockwave is busy. If it’s not life threatening he doesn’t have time for it. He’ll make a list of things you need and send a vehicon to go retrieve them, then give them the job of making sure you stay in bed all day. When he finally finishes up in his lab for the day he may snuggle you a bit.

In 2x01 Nicole said “Desperate things make desperate decisions”

I feel like this became the theme of the season.

Jeremy ran off with the Earps who he didn’t even know betraying his place of work in the process because he had to make a decision and fast.

Rosita decided to join the group and take on Doc’s offer of protection because she was desperate for protection and desperate to stop running

Dolls injected himself with the serum not knowing whether or not it would kill him or make him a monster but he needed control over his demon side

Lucado touched the goo and got her head exploded because she was desperate for acceptance and if Black Badge won’t accept her maybe Mictian will

Nicole hid Waverly’s DNA results from Waverly because she was desperate to keep Waverly happy and she didn’t want her to know she wasn’t an Earp

Waverly kissed Rosita because she was desperate for closeness after finding out her whole life was a lie.

Waverly went behind Wynonna’s back and gave the seal to the widows because she was desperate to save Nicole

Waverly released Bobo from the psychiatric hospital because she was desperate for his help with saving Wynonna

Waverly,Nicole and Jeremy blew themselves up not knowing for sure if that would kill them or get them into their actual reality because they were so desperate to get out of the AU.

Doc and Wynonna shot bullets at each other hoping that maybe just maybe it would fix things.

Rosita planned to steal Wynonna’s baby because she saw an opportunity for safety for herself in the baby because Wynonna said she was going to “Shoot her last”

Perry and his team made those ill advised wishes cause they were desperate to win the game.

Greta made an ill advised wish on the trophy that Wynonna disappear because she needed to see if it would bring her sister back and if the Earps were the reason her sister was killed.

Feel free to add any more instances that you can think of.

Can you believe that I live in a country that back down almost 30 years in one day? I still can’t believe that yesterday the justice has allowed to treat homosexuality as an illness. Psychologists now can try to “revert the sexuality” of the LGBT+ community. This is so fucking ridiculous that I couldn’t believe when I did read the news, in a country where the politicians steal from everything they can, where the health care and education is horrible, they still aproving this kind of thing that literally kill your freedom to choose what to do with your own life. People are joking about it saying “now I can skip days of school and say that I was ‘gay’” but this is so serious.

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i wanna bang darth maul

Originally posted by witwerlove

first off, same
second off, same

Where do I even start with Maul. He kills your master and steals your heart. Horn game, on point. Leg and teeth game, only getting better with time, like a fine wine. Where’s his spread in inked magazine? He’s excellent at murder, which is hot, and he’s also good with words, which is very hot. Like any classic heartthrob, he also has a secret side, a sensitive side, a cyberpunk scrapmetal spider monster side. Is there anything sexier than vengeance? Mercy is a lie, but these metal hips don’t. 

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What are your top five chrollo moments?

-cracks fingers- lets see

btw these arent in any particular order


Originally posted by larvitarr

this entire scene with the mercenary was just so fucking good. for so many reason. we go from seeing chrollo chatting and playing neon like a charming, goofy dork to this cold blooded killer, and its almost jarring? in a sense?? how cold and dispassionate he is killing this man, because you can see that he isnt into it at all. hes not even thinking about it. hes busy considering all hes learned about uvo’s death and he chose a passive ability like the fish to deal with the assassin so he could busy himself with his own thoughts. it also just makes me think so much about chrollo’s love affair with aesthetics because the indoor fish are just so goddamn aesthetic and it shows that even though hes a fairly apathetic person (towards anything non-pt related) he still has his own sense of beauty and grace that he makes sure is reflected in his abilities.


Originally posted by lozup

why indeed? i think this might be the most telling glimpse of chrollo we get, the shit with kurapika aside. our innocent progatonist asks the age old question posed to every villain: why do you do the things you do without any guilt? and, unlike every other villain, chrollo simply replies “i dont think ive ever thought about it. why indeed?” and you see hes legitimately put off balance by the question and the realization that he doesnt have an answer. its just so indicative of his personality. he doesnt think about shit that doesnt matter to him, hes never needed to think about the why’s and how’s of what he does, since all hes ever done was ensure the existence and well being of him and his friends. everything else was extraneous and didnt matter. every other villain always has some reason for what they do, be it that they consider themselves above humanity and therefore have the right to do as they please, or that they think the loss of life is just in light of what they seek to bring about– chrollo though. he has no such illusions. he simply does what he does and he doesnt think it matters enough to wonder beyond it. i just love how unique a perspective that is. chrollo is amazing. just so goddamn amazing.


Originally posted by tsukyuo

ummm all yall know about my love affair with silvakuro and this comes as no surprise to any of you, but this scene in general was phenomenal because of the sheer potential it gives regarding chrollo’s backstory and early pt life. we know for sure that silva killed a spider and chrollo fought him, and that chrollo obviously has some ill feelings towards silva and silva harbors enough respect and caution around chrollo to warn the rest of the family about engaging with the spiders. we know that silva knows chrollos hatsu stealing power. what the fuck happened between the two of them??? was it a hit? was it made personal? chrollo didnt try to go after kurapika for killing uvo, so it couldnt have just been a simple case of silva taking out a spider on a hit. was the hit meant for him? did his spider get killed trying to protect him? was silva forced to fight a truly angry chrollo and barely made it out with his life in tact? i adore this scene because even though its short and mainly between chrollo and zeno, the sheer amount of potential is daunting. it keeps me up at night, guys. it really does.


Originally posted by shishkips

hmmm chrollo looking east. he’s just had his nen bound and his troupe cut off from him, as well as the death of paku on top of uvo to contend with. he’s been betrayed by hisoka, prevented from speaking to any of his friends, and suffice to say, his entire world has been turned on its side in the span of an evening. and still, he looks east towards his salvation. i adore this moment as it shows just how good chrollo is a compartmentalizing. anyone else would be raging, crying, pissed beyond belief that theyd been chained up and thrown into the wild with no friends or power beyond what they can manage with their bare hands. But chrollo, chrollo is just. looking east. its all happened, there was no stopping it, what little chance he had at defying fate was thwarted by hisoka’s meddling. and hes accepted all of that. hes accepted it, and so he looks east, towards the salvation hes meant to seek. its so fucking good.


Originally posted by yakumocchi

okay ive spoken at length about how fucking much i love this exchange, but its for good reason because i fucking love this exchange. chrollos just found out that hisoka has been lying to him the entire time, that hes the reason for uvo being killed and that he helped the chain user kidnap, beat, and bind him all for this chance at fighting him. chrollo would be completely justified in being angry, or betrayed, or hurt. instead, he accepts it. hes not even that surprised. because from the start, chrollo knew hisokas nature. his diatribe on judas showed very well how he views hisoka. its in human nature to betray and brutalize for money or power or prestige. hisoka did as hisoka does, self centered as he is, and chrollo knew that hisoka would do anything in order to get his chance to fight him. chrollo has no right to be surprised, because this wasnt betrayal. it was simply human nature doing as human nature does.

its so hard to pick favorite moments with chrollo because i sincerely believe that every scene we get with him is worthy of discussion. hes an endlessly fascinating character and his personality alone is so goddamn complex that its almost a crime to try and pin him in place. chrollo is incredibly dynamic and convoluted, a contradiction in every way because we simply have no grounds for comparison with him. the more you try to define him, the faster his slips through your fingers, ephemeral, like mist carried on the wind. hes as thought provoking as he is beautiful and i really love these sorts of asks since it gives me an excuse to get up on my soap box and preach to you all about my undying adoration of chrollo fucking lucilfer.

Historical AU prompts
  • Disclaimer: All of these are mine, free for grabs, I just want to know if you write them so that I could read it. Some are tear-jerkers, some are actually crack material.
  • 1: I’m the royal executioner and I’ve just received an execution warrant and oh God it’s you I have to put to sword.
  • 2: I was supposed to poison the king during a feast but I didn’t know you were his food taster, now how do I save you without actually losing my head?
  • 3: We met in the dungeon, you’re a petty thief and I’m a murderer, but I didn’t want to frighten you so I said I was a thief too, but the day of my execution is approaching and should I tell you the truth?
  • 4: You are a nobleman and your enemies sent me to kill you, but damn you are cute and I really don’t want to do it now.
  • 5: You are a knight and you’ve just won the tourney and put the wreath on my head in front of everyone, why the hell did you do that?
  • 6: You’re the king, I’m your cook, you were really sick last night and you think I tried to poison you, but I’m just really clumsy and I messed up, please don’t chop my head off.
  • 7: I’m a member of your guard escorting you to your future bride, but we fell in love on the way and now you don’t want to marry her, her father and your father are going to kill us.
  • 8: You’re a bandit and you kidnapped me for ransom, my family is poor, but I still keep pretending I am noble and rich so you won’t kill me, also I think you kinda fancy me, we could work with that.
  • 9: You’re a messenger delivering a top secret message, you’ve mistaken me for the recipient and now I’ve read it and fuck if they find out we’re both dead.
  • 10: You’re a slave being auctioned, I know the guy bidding for you is a horrible person and I feel sorry for you, so I keep bidding as well, but I don’t actually have the money, oh God, how is this going to end?
  • 11: I stole your horse when I was running from someone, now I came to return it, please don’t be mad.
  • 12: I’m a painter decorating a church and I kinda gave one of the angels your face, now you are sitting at that church and you’ve just seen it, just kill me know.
  • 13: I don’t actually have an explanation for hiding naked in your courtyard, but please don’t call the guards?
  • 14: I’ve stolen one of your soldiers’ uniform when he fell asleep at the inn, so that I could steal some things in your camp, you’re the commander and now you think I’m really one of your soldiers and how am I going to get out of here, also I can’t fight to save my life, this was a really bad idea.
  • 15: You’re the best swordsman in town and I bragged I could beat you when I was drunk, but I can’t actually fight, I just fancied you, please don’t kill me.
  • 16: I’m a physician, you’re our king’s only son and they called me to cure you of this mysterious illness, please, don’t die on me or I’m dead too.
  • 17: I’m a poet and I wrote a bunch of erotic poems about you, the lord of this city, as a joke, but then I got drunk and lost them somewhere, if you see them I’m dead oh shit.
  • 18: You saved me from the guys who wanted to ritually sacrifice me, but damn you, it was supposed to happen, I’m pretty sure we’ve angered the gods now just because you totally didn’t get it.
  • 19: I was just about to be executed when you invaded the city and now that the fight’s over you don’t know whether to actually finish that execution or not, like hello, if you could take the gag out, I’d like to have my say in this, thank you.
  • 20: You’re imprisoned in the castle where I work and whenever I pass that tiny window of your cell, you beg me to bring you food, I don’t have the heart not to do it but if they catch me I’m dead. Also you say you’re not a bad person, should I trust you?
  • 21: No, I swear I’m not a criminal and these men are not taking me to prison, I’m their hostage and they will probably kill me, please I know I can’t speak with the gag in my mouth but read my eyes or something and save me, please please please.
  • 22: What the hell do you mean that you misplaced the king’s crown accidentally, I know I’m the royal jeweler but I DON’T have a replica, oh God, fine, fine, calm down, we’ll think of something.
  • 23: They locked us together in a room because they thought we had plague, I know for sure I don’t have it but what if you do, stay away from me, actually no, stop crying, you’re not going to die, I’m sure it’s just a weird looking bruise, come here, I’ll hold you.
  • 24: You’re a mad alchemist and you need my blood, but I’m sure we can do this without you killing me, surely you don’t need that much, woah, put down the machete, I’m sure a small puncture wound will be enough.
  • 25: I took off my shirt in front of you and you’ve just seen my birthmark, no, my father is not the Devil, it’s just a birthmark, but if you tell anyone, I’ll kill you, I swear.

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"Send me a paring" W/ Kleinsen

  • proposes - evan does actually!! hes so in love with jared and he always has been and he knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with him so he pops the question!! its super casual and chill becus niether of them would want to make a spectacle out of this but jared still cries anyway 
  • shops for groceries - they team up,, evan picks out everything and then heads to the car while jared pays 
  • kills the spiders - evan catches them and sets them free while jared hides behind the couch saying he’d “feel much safer if the damn thing was dead” 
  • comes home drunk at 3am - again jared,, hes a big ‘drink your problems away’ kinda guy and comes home drunk and late more often than either of them would like. evan is always understanding and makes sure jared is taken care of and safe and then they talk it out in the morning. 
  • remembers to feed the fish - EVAN he loves their fish!! he loves taking care of something!! they have so many plants and a big aquarium and evan takes care of it all!! (jared would honestly love 30% less plants and fish but they make evan so happy!! he would never ask him to get rid of anything) 
  • initiates duets - jared for sure but it definitely doesnt take evan much prompting to join in,, they both love to hear each other sing and something about harmonizing with the person you love really makes their fuckin day 
  • falls asleep first - jared is actually a huge depression nap kinda guy so hes usually asleep first and awake last,, evan likes to wake him up with a big breakfast in bed and then they cuddle its great 
  • plans spontaneous trips - JARED but he only plans small day trips to different parks and stuff that he knows evan would enjoy!! its usually quiet and secluded and they have a picnic and just talk,, nothing highkey and adventurous just a simple way to get out their routine
  • wakes the other up at 3am demanding pancakes - jared will shoot up at 3 am like “fuck babe did u eat today??” to which evan will reply with either ‘no’ or like one thing he ate that day so jared gets up and makes them both pancakes while evan helps. 
  • sends the other unsolicited nudes - jared but he only does it like when theyre sitting right next to each other at home so he can watch evan open up his phone and then spit out his drink,,, its one of jareds favorite past times he thinks its so funny
  • brags about knowing karate even though they never made it past yellow belt - jared SAYS he could and would kick your ass if you fuck with him or evan but the second some one genuinely threatens him he straight up bolts 
  • comes to a complete halt outside bakeries/candy shops - evan has a secret sweet tooth and will stare far too long at sweets and stuff before jared finally buys it for him and then steals half 
  • blows sarcastic kisses after doing ridiculous shit - jared would but eventually he does it so much that it rubs off on evan and he does it too,, the first time evan does it jared is just “:D” 
  • killed the guy (also, which hid the body) - one time jared came home and told evan he killed somebody and that evan would have to help hide the body,, of course evan thought he was joking so he said no but jared insisted he was telling the truth until finally evan actually did believe him… evan steeled himself up and was like “FINE ill help you” and jared immediately starts cracking up like “dude of course i didnt actually kill anybody are you for real??? holy shit” 
  • wears the least clothing around the house - jared but only because evan steals his clothes to wear for himself so jared just wears next to nothing while evan is super cozy 
  • has icky sentimental moments for no apparent reason - jared for sure which shocks evan becus hes always telling himself that jared doesnt like him as much as he likes jared,,, thus jared proves him entirely wrong by being a big romantic sap and constantly making every memory special and sentimental 

Send Me A Ship!


dishonored; 3.2k

heliotropism: (noun) the tendency of an animal to move toward light

Or: the unmaking of Corvo Attano

feat. corvo attano/jessamine kaldwin, possibly graphic depictions of violence (being a discussion of the happenings in coldridge prison), canonical character death, and non-linear, flash-edited storytelling

thanks for reading, folks x

It starts like this:

Someone kills the Empress.

Keep reading

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may i request a monoma x reader where monoma thinks reader likes someone else?

This smug bih is jelly af

(Readers quirk is taking over someone’s quirk by touching them for as long as they want. They don’t use there quirk but control how the opponent uses it.)

MONOMA NEITO slammed his locker shut more aggressively than usual, catching a worried glance from Kendou. She paused her conversation with a vine haired girl and glanced over.

“What’s your problem now?” She almost groaned puffing out her cheeks. The blonde just shrugged and said it was nothing. He trudged along the long school hallway alone.

No he was definitely on edge about something.

He’d developed an ’ infatuation ’ with some 1A female that participated in the Sports Festival. He was interested by her before, but seeing her be amazing on the battle field seemed to just put fuel in the fire. His fire anyways.

Now, he had a crush on you. Especially since you were patient enough to start up some small talk with him while watching some other students fight it out. He was beyond surprised, not showing any of it on his face of course..

He r e a l l y wanted to hear more of your voice.

But than he realized something, you’ve been talking to that ‘Bakugou’ kid he pissed off at the festival. A lot. Like more than an average person (or Kirishima) could handle, the guy was barely even sociable 90% of the time! So why were you putting up with him instead of Monoma!

Thoughts were rushing in and out of his head, the teachers lesson not even reaching his ears. The ringing of reasons for ‘her’ to like Bakugou were far too loud.

Did you like him?

Did he like you?

Were you dating…?

On the inside, he was furious. That dude was a total lunatic with some stupid superiority complex. What does Bakugou have that he doesn’t that you find so appealing? He kinda felt sick, the nausea causing his internal anger to dissipate into worry almost immediately.

His ears were so deaf to the background noise of his surroundings, an orange haired girl had to poke him with a pencil.
He was sent a few glances from students, the teacher had asked him a question. 'Shit.’ He hastily smiled politely asking him to repeat the question.

“I said, did you get all that?” He felt sweat trickle down his neck.

“Yes sir.” His smug expression definitely was conflicting with his nervousness on the inside.

After getting out of the classroom way too early for some reason, Kendou filled him in on the instructions for the training today.
They were meeting up with class 1A for a training exercise. His ears perked up, now he was kinda excited.

He’d get to talk to you again.

“Pfft I don’t know why, something about team work and adapting to the people and your surroundings and different unknown quirks of others….. you know the deal.” He thanked her and they headed to the arena together.
It was a city like setting, with lots of metal pipe structures and frail looking buildings, a little outing clear in the middle of it.( kinda like the one in the new ep w izuku n sero but more clear and like a city? Idk)

There were four roles. Police who couldn’t use quirks, Heroes who could, injured or attacked who needed rescuing(immobile unable to move), and Villains.
It was a simple but complicated exercise.

“If a hero, villain or police officer is immobilized or wrapped in white tape, they become the injured and are not allowed to move from there spot. The key to winning depends on how many injured on each side or if all heroes or villains are immobilized.” All might practically yelled.

“You may all put yourselves in pairs.” The tired man sighed, his eyes almost covered by black long hair was evidence to his haggard state.

All might gave an almighty salute to us (see wat I did there hehu) and it was time to team up with someone. His heart sank at the the thought of you choosing Bakugou over him, when he heard you two arguing like a married couple.

“Boom boyyyyy where are youuuu….” you almost sang poking your beautiful head out of the crowd.

“Shut up already! So much for being the fucking patient one!”

Well there goes his chances with teaming up with y-

“Quiet down already, pairs need to consist of one 1a and one 1b student.” The haggard man sighed. Monoma glanced to you excitedly, though managed to keep his face blank.

“What kInD oF FuckerY is ThiS!!”

Taking your eyes off Katsuki, you and the blonde made eye contact, your e/c orbs looking into his pretty grey ones, didn’t you know him from somewhere? It clicked so you smiled brightly and ran over to him.

“Hey hey! I know you! Sports festival right!” You trotted over waving to him. His grey tinted eyes lighting up, he’d be lying if he wasn’t excited by you even remembering him.

“Yep. What is it?” He smiled for a second, it transitioning to a familiar smug grin.

“O-oh! N….Neito! Right? Well we have to choose different pairs now and your the only person I could think of….so…” you tried not to ramble, a little sad that he’d probably say no. His eyebrows bounced up, eyes widening a slight bit, than chuckled. Man did he loved the way his first name sounded in your voice.

“Well I don’t see why not.” He shrugged smugly, secretly dying on the inside about how cute you looked when you stuttered and rambled a little bit.

You two with some others were chosen for the part of heroes of course, and Bakugou was chosen as one of the villains, paired up with some random 1b student.

At the moment, you and the yellowy’ blonde may have been trying to attack a certain explosive boy. He was on a rampage of capturing heroes while you too thought up a plan inside a partially destroyed building.

Monoma distracted him, putting his dodging skills to work, snatching the boys quirk too steal his attention,


“Haha, go on and try.”

Monoma was taunting him, so you swooped in from the building jumping towards his back, your hand grazed the ash blondes shoulder, gifting you control over his quirk. He hadn’t seen you yet since you were a fast runner he knew a second hero was present but looked too late to catch you hiding under a wrecked wall piece from a building he’d blown up. You didn’t wanna give away your hiding spot but it looked like Monoma would need a little help soon enough.

“Monoma!” You yelled, he took his eyes off of Katsuki.

“Got it!” You redirected an explosion about to hit him, giving him a change to retreat. Concentrating, you got Bakugou to, basically start self destructing.

“What the f-…Fucking Y/n! FUCKING Really!?” Monoma envied how he knew you enough to recognize you by your quirk almost immediately. Your quirk was quite exciting though, it was practically the ultimate counter attack.

You weren’t aiming to hurt him, but he unfortunately looked down at his palm before hand confused, knocking himself out with a minor explosion that came out of it shortly.

“Shit…. I am so dead afterwards, aren’t I.” You two wrapped him up in tape, leaning him against a wall, and went back into your little damaged building.
You and Monoma just sat there on concrete waiting for more villains, awkwardly.

He was itching to ask if you associated your self 'intimately’ with the ash blonde he hated. He had to at l e a s t hint at it right?

“So what’s with you and 'boom boy’?”

“Huh?” You shot him a confused glance, putting a light dust of red in his cheeks. Why did you have to look so adorable?

“Well I mean, you too are pretty close for a pret- *cough* cool high school girl and a short tempered lunatic.” You watched his lips twitch a bit, seeming to struggle keeping on a smug expression, you tilted your head.

'Damn, good one Monoma. You almost called her pretty a n d trashed talked her potential boyfriend in one sentence. Great.’

“You got a crush on 'him’ or something.?” Jealousy was even more unbearably potent in that sentence.

“Kacchan?” You confirmed, he looked at the ground.

You blinked at him, giving him time to say he was joking. Than you stomped on his pride, by instead of replying stifling a laugh. Than struggling to keep it in and practically laughing through your whole sentence.

“Bakugou Katsuki? Pfft he’s l-like a-a brother t-to me.” He let out a quiet huh registering your words after admiring your careless laugh. It was like music to his ears. Now he felt like an idiot.

“W-why-” you gasped for emphasis on your realization.

“You’re….jealous?” His instincts kicked into panic mode the moment he messed up, this couldn’t have gone worse.
Like hell someone as smart and pretty would like some smug asshole she’s talked too a couple of times, she’d find out and then. Game over.

“Woah, I was right for once AND made Monoma Neito, the copy cat of class B jealous!!” You eyebrows rose, and then a smug expression took over the features he admired most, then you smiled like an idiot seeing his face turn red. He desperately tried to erase the sound of how nicely his first name rolled off your tongue. He shook his head.

“Pshhh, yeah right. No I’m no-!” Before he could deny anything, you quit the sarcastic scooted closer to him on the concrete floor. You grabbed one cheek and pecked the other softly. This smug boy was beyond shocked.

“Cute.” His face was pink and his thoughts were scattered. You placed another soft kiss on his neck, sending shivers down his back.

For once he didn’t have any comebacks or smug remarks.

I apoligize this is kindaaa long but I was really in the mood for writing wOoPs :)

I explained the game or tranin a. Little to thoroughly because I was planning on maybe involving it in other imagines, like you guys request with a different char and the game, and I can write it as like a diff char x reader with them 'rescuing’ or having to carry you or smth. Idk.

Leave a note reblog and send me some requestssss I’m planning on opening them rn!

Warrior spirit
Dancing through my soul
Warrior spirit
Coming to swallow you whole

Time kills, time steals
Stories left untold
Life kills, life steals
Leaves you in the cold

Warrior spirit
Echoes through my bones
Warrior spirit
Songs sway the drones

Shadow fighters
Driving light back home
Shadow fighters
Living dreams on loan

Time kills, time steals
Time can’t be sold
Life kills, life steals
Life is for the bold

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If this blog was about gay people you wouldn't be laughing at it.

so after i saw the force awakens i decided to revisit the star wars universe in general. the last time i saw any of the movies i was a bored kid watching with my dad (who loves star wars), and all i really remember is sleeping straight through them. but anyway i rewatched everything, discovered: holy shit! i really like star wars! cool! 

i decided to check out the new star wars: battlefront game in light of this discovery because, fuck, i also like games. when i was a kid i remembered my dad had some really cool star wars game that hed let me play when he wasnt using his computer. id mostly run around, kill people, steal things, all the good shit you do when youre nine and dont really understand how games work.

but.. uh.. fuck. battlefront is like $110 with all the dlc, and $60 normally, and apparently its not a good game unless you have the dlc. so i figured my dad likes star wars, ill try to convince him to buy it and then i can borrow it or something.

as we talk about star wars games, i bring up that game he used to let me play. it goes like this

me: what was that game you used to let me play?
my dad: the failed mmo?
me: no, it wasnt an mmo. it was a star wars game where you were a jedi and you could run around, exploring, doing missions, build a light saber, etc
my dad: yeah, that was knights of the old republic, the failed mmo

so at this moment i see my childhood flash before my eyes as i… realise.. had i been running around mass slaughtering other players on my dads high level character, under the impression they were npcs? did people come to recognize that username and realise some days he was a friendly guy just doin quests, and others he was a ruthless heathen?

i have many regrets.

Look, they have killed us. Like, I’m not kidding. They practically did after accepting this bullshit called Constituyente.

Now, we are nothing and they will remind us of that. They will remind us that we don’t have any power. They will take our houses from our hands, not matter if you worked for it your whole life.

They will jail us or kill us if they want just because you spoke ill of the government. They won’t care if you are young, old, disable, they just won’t care. You spoke ill of the government, you are going to jail or even be killed.

And they call this socialism, when clearly, it’s fucking dictatorship. This is tyranny! 




I don’t think I will sleep tonight. I’m fucking depressed. If the situation before this whole bullshit made me sad, now I’m just fucking depressed.


🤗= Give my muse a hug
😙= Give my muse a kiss
😄= Tell my muse a joke
😜= Pulling a prank on my muse
😎= Chilling with my muse
😳= Seeing my muse naked
😡= Scream at my muse
😰= Almost killed my muse by accidet
😈= Almost killed my muse on purpose
💀= Killed someone in front of my muse
🤐= Telling my muse a secret
👋= Slapping my muse in the face
👊= Punshing my muse in the face
👕= Stealing my muse clothes
🌙= Meeting my muse at night
🌧= Meeting my muse in the rain
🍎= Stealing my muse food
🍼= Telling my muse you are pregnat an my muse is the father
👣= Telling my muse you have born a child and my muse is the father
😷= Gettin ill while visit my muse
💤= falling asleep while visit my muse
✍= Write a letter to my muse
🗣= Scream at my muse
👥= Stalking my muse
💍= proposal of marriage
👠= Dance with my muse
👄= Giving my muse a french kiss
🌹= Giving my muse a bouquet of flower
💫= Seeing a shoting star with my muse
🔥= Set my muse house on fire
🍻= Drinking sometjing with my muse (alcoholic or not alcoholic)
🛀= Jumping to my muse in the bath
👾= Gaming with my muse
🎤= Sing with my muse
🎼= Playing music with my muse
🌅= Watch the sunset with my muse
📽= Watch a movie with my muse
⏰= Wake up my muse
🕯= Having a romantic evening with my muse (write any special things)
💊= Telling my muse he/she is ill
🔑= lock my muse into a room
❤= Telling my muse you love him/her

Grimmjow drunk texts

As requested by anon. :)

1. To Ulquiorra


2. To Ulquiorra


3. To Ulquiorra


4. To Ulquiorra


5. To Ulquiorra

whatever I didn’t steal your woman I just borrowed her for a second

not the same at all

6. To Aizen

so i heard your in prison now

7. To Aizen

just wanted to say HA HA U LOSER

8. To Aizen


9. To Aizen

wait what i don’t believe that

but i’m not going to visit you anyway

10. To Aizen

because i don’t feel like it thats why!!!!!

11. To Riruka

gotta tell you something woman

12. To Riruka

i kinda loved being in that black box of yours

13. To Riruka

i love boxes

i love them so much

14. To Riurka

don’t tell anyone or ill kill you dead

15. To Askin

sure hope your secretly strong

otherwise killing u is gonna be so boring

16. To Askin

not taht i wont still enjoy it

17. To Askin

im gonna be busy pretnding your aizen while i kill you

18. To Askin

gonna make you eat that stupid hair lock

19. To Nelliel

u me fight!

20. To Nelliel

and when i beat u i get to be 3

21. To Nelliel

no i mean 2

22. To Nelliel

not that numbers matter to me

but i’d be 2

which is higher than what u are

23. To Orihime

hey woman if kurosaki gets injured fighting teh quincy you gotta heal him

24. To Orihime

that way we can fight for real!!!

25. To Orihime

y are u trying to spoil my fun woman

arent we friends

26. To Nnoitra

too bad we never got to fight for real

you’d see that panthers are stronger than bugs!!!!

26. To 


27. To Ichigo

ur my fav enemy

28. To Ichigo

i dream about killing u ever night

29. To Ichigo

makes me smile

30. To Ichigo

crushing ur skull beneath my hand is gonna be the best day ever

31. To Bazz-B

im better than u

32. To Bazz-B

heard u once attacked some people to steal their prey

u know what that makes u?

an asshole

33. To Bazz-B


38. To Urahara


39. To Tosen

did u get the pic i sent u?

it’s the arm you once tried to cut off

making a gesture

40. To Tosen

wait i forgot your blind

41. To Tosen

u ruin literally everything

Salvage = kill

To my international friends!

Did you know?

The word “salvage” has negative connotations in the Philippines.

In the Philippines, the word “salvage” which normally means “rescue” became synonymous to “kill” during the regime of Ferdinand Marcos, a.k.a. Hitler of the Philippines.

During Philippine Martial Law, people were not allowed to speak out against the government. Any form of backlash (an essay, a mobilization, a piece of art, etc.) against Marcos’ acts (WHICH INCLUDES STEALING OF PUBLIC FUNDS, TORTURE AND KILLING OF FILIPINOS WHO OPPOSE HIM, ETC.) could possibly result in you simply disappearing.

Your family will never know what happened to you.

Next thing they know, they’ll find your body lying in a ditch.

Bloody. Bruised. Battered.



During his regime:

3,257 people have been killed by the military

35,000 were tortured

That was more than thirty years ago.

Up to this day, the Marcos family enjoys their ill-gotten wealth, money stolen from the Filipino people.

Up to this day, many of these victims’ cases have not been brought to justice just yet.

Up to this day, Marcos’ children (WHO ARE IN PUBLIC OFFICE EVEN, WTF PHILIPPINES) still do not admit the atrocities committed by their monster of a father during his regime.

Today, this monster of a man was given a hero’s burial at the “Libingan ng mga Bayani” (direct translation: Cemetery of Heroes).

We have protested against this from day 1 but our current president is a political ally of the Marcoses.

Today is a blatant attempt of the Marcoses and their allies on rewriting Philippine History.

Let it be known that we will never forget.

Marcos is not a hero.

Scott Soulmate Au

Scott soulmate

‘Did you steal my lucky underwear’

They were the words engraved into you left arm for as long as you could remember. They were the first words your soulmate would say to you.

What weird words they are. You stayed up many nights thinking of he content the words would be used in. But you wouldn’t steal a boy underwear and why would he think that.

Since you finished school early and clearly your soulmate wasn’t in San Diego you decided to travel the country for a while and maybe you’ll meet him. First stop was to visit your favorite Cousin in beacon Hills Stiles. You and stiles were only a few months apart and very close. You unfortunately haven’t seen him since his mother died. It was a hard time for him and his dad, so they kinda pushed your family away.
You were sadden you that you weren’t as close which is why you can’t wait to visit. You and Stiles still talked all the time. He came to you for everything. Including the odd things that arose in Beacon Hills, with the Werewolves.

When you got to town you went to the sheriff station to see you uncle before seeing Stiles since he wasn’t aware of you coming.

“Hello I’m here to see Sheriff Stilinski.”

“And who may say is asking for him.” Asked a guy was a tag that said Parrish.

“His Niece Y/n.”

After getting the go ahead from Parrish you walked into your Uncle’s office.

Scott pov.

'Please don’t kill me’

I stared down at the words of my right arm while in math class. Mane that why I’m always behind since I just stare at it everyday. But this week felt different. Would you meet her soon. But how.

'Do I lose control and scare my soulmate’

'Is she in a different pact that I will have to face.’

'Am I the beast I saw myself turn into and actually kill her’

I stop think when I paper he me in the face. I looked open at Stiles to see him looking worried at me.
I just sign before Turing back to my arm and wondering about meeting my soulmate.


Y/n pov.

It was almost 7:30pm and Stiles still wasn’t home. Your uncle said he got in trouble in math class and had a test to make up on top of lacrosse practice.

You decided to tea was shower before making them a home-cooked meal. As you walked stepped out of the shower you heard the front door opening. Thinking that it was Stiles or His dad you ignored and continued to walk out of the bathroom. At that moment you saw a boy climb through the window and turned to you was a glare on his face with glowing red eyes


You stared at him as he continue yelling




Scott pov.

As I paced and screamed Stiles room I realized he hasn’t said I thing since I walked in.


As I scream I heard the words that I been dreading and dreaming to hear.

“Please don’t kill me.”

I stopped pacing and calmed down to see a girl standing into front of me in a towel.

This girl was my soulmate.

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52. Alex/Astra. Please!

things you said with my lips on your neck

“He’ll kill you,” Astra whispers, as though anyone can overhear in a concrete and steel bunker fifty feet below the ground. “There’s no greater dishonor than to take another man’s wife.”

“He’s trying to take my planet,” Alex growls against the thundering pulse at the base of Astra’s throat. She bites down, emphasizing her point. “And you’re nobody’s trophy to steal, General.”

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