steal deal

Take my mail? I'll help the state take your kid.

This is what I thought to be somewhat pro revenge but correct me if I’m wrong. Also this is long so tl;dr is at the bottom.

It all started about 4 months ago while I was living in a shitty duplex, in the shitty part of the city where I used to live. I had been living in this duplex for about a year and a half and even though it wasn’t in a good part of the city, no one really bothered us and our neighbors were pretty normal so I didn’t really mind it. At least not until my old neighbors moved out and Satan’s minions moved in.

I knew from the moment I first met them that there was going to be an issue. There were 5 of them all together(three guys, one baby, and one girl), and these were only 1 bedroom places. I tried my best not to judge, so I went over while they were moving to say hello and welcome them to the area. I walked over and said “Hi! How’s it going? I guess you guys are my new neighbors huh?” all 5 of them at the exact same time stopped what they were doing and stared at me. The oldest of the bunch was a guy, and I extended my hand out to shake his, and he just looked at my hand, and then looked up at me and said “What do you want kid?” I replied “Just to welcome you guys to the area. Sorry to bother you.” He just stared at me, so I started to walk off and as I did I looked back and said “Lift with your knees not your back!” just to be an ass. That was the only contact I had with them for the next two weeks.

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~*Stanchez Appreciation Week 2017*~

~*Day One: Heist*~

(Read from Left to Right~)


Fractured (F-416) Rick and Stanley started heisting a lot since their young teens, and kept it up throughout their years of being together while traveling the different dimensions-

Stanley made it known to Rick that he wanted to help others who are less fortunate, so they steal from rich and greedy; and give most of what they get to those who need it.

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can you maybe write something about richie and eddie's first kiss where edddie takes richie's glasses off right before? im dying of feels for these boys who'd get so nervous around each other

He wanted to kiss him.

Hi, i hope this is okay! Sorry for any mistakes.

During summer Sunday afternoons, the Derry theater was the place to be. For most days, all the losers would come running into the dark building to escape the outside heat, and find their seats where they’d take up half the row and kick their feet up.

The Derry Theater always had a summer deal, or ‘steal’ as Richie liked to call it. They’d play classic hits for 3.00 per ticket, and snacks would be down a dollar.

“We should see E.T.,” Mike suggests.

Richie argued back, “No way! Gremlins is the way to go.”

“We saw that two weeks ago, Richie.”

It would usually take about 15 minutes before everyone either gave up or finally all decided on one film they could agree on.

But today was a rainy, dark Sunday.

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Reaper x reader where the smol reader steals his clothes a lot?

I  did this pre fall, hope that works for you anon!  Hopefully Reaper’s voice came out okay–I’m still working on figuring out his pre-fall character.

Gabe had never offered you anything to wear, even when you pretended to be cold.  You weren’t sure if it was because he knew that you weren’t cold, or his attitude was real.  All you would usually get from him was a “Shoulda been more prepared, Y/N,” with a chuckle.  Suffice to say, you never got him to offer you a jacket or even a glove.

So resorting to stealing his stuff?  That was his own fault.  One evening while he slept next to you you managed to sneak out of bed and grab his grey hoodie, throwing it over your head with a hushed giggle.  He didn’t even stir when you climbed back into bed, wrapping your arms around him and nuzzling close.  By the time you woke he was gone, something you were used to.

However he had somehow managed to steal his sweater back, leaving you in nothing but a tank top to cover your torso.  It had freaked you out a little to know he’d gotten a sweater over your head without you noticing, but it only fueled your fire.

The next time you slept in his room you stole his boxers.  But again you woke without them.  Frustrated and feeling like this had become a contest, you found his hoodie slung over a chair by his desk.  You quickly dressed and grabbed it, making sure to throw it on before you left; this time he wasn’t going to get it back while you slept.  

You marched to his office, barely anyone giving you a glance knowing exactly who you were.  The boss’s s/o was never questioned; you could walk pretty much anywhere without anyone batting an eyelash at you.  But while you had a strange amount of power over those in Overwatch, you didn’t over your boyfriend.  So when you came to his office door you knocked and waited for him to say, “Come in.”

You entered, keeping your steps light and shutting the door behind you.  He looked up at you and you thought you caught him wince.  But he quickly grabbed a piece of paper and stood, walking over to a filing cabinet in the corner, his back to you.  

“Hey Gabe,” you said, remaining as cool as possible.  “What’s up?”

His grey hoodie hit you just below your shorts, giving the image of wearing no pants beneath.  You tucked your hands into the front pockets, cozy and warm in his sweater; you just wished he got a similar feeling when seeing you in his clothes.

“Shouldn’t you be working?” he asked, still refusing to turn around.  You heare papers shuffle as he searched through the files.

“No,” you replied, voice low.  You walked over to him, ensuring your footsteps were loud but he still didn’t turn.  You poked your head to the side, trying to get him to look at you but he only looked the other way.  You shuffled to the other side, and again he looked away.  “Why won’t you look at me?”

“I’m…looking for a file,” he said.  His fingers fumbled through the papers before him, drawing your attention.  “I’m busy right now so we’ll have to talk later carino.”

You almost believed him, but something in your tone irked you.  So instead of leaving you used your height to an advantage and weaselled your way under his elbow, forcing yourself between him and the cabinet.  Popping up, you pressed your back against the drawer and shut it with a loud slam.

“Why are your cheeks so dark?” you asked.  Gabe bit the inside of his cheeks, trying to turn away when you grabbed his face and made him look at you.  And there, along his cheeks, you saw something you weren’t even aware he was capable of.  You squealed.   “Are you blushing?”

He huffed at you, grabbed your wrists and lowering them, twisting his neck to look away.  Thankfully he didn’t try to run, and kept hold of you.  Finally, his eyes glanced down at you, slowly moving down your body before meeting your gaze again.

“How many?” he asked.

You pressed your palms flat against his chest.  “What?”

“How many people saw you come here…dressed like that?”  Again, he looked down at the hoodie that covered most of you body.

You shrugged.  “A few.  Why?  You embarrassed that people can actually see I’m your s/o?”

Hurt and anger swelled in your stomach.  Was that why he always took his clothes back?  Or didn’t kiss you in public?  He was fine if people knew you were together but seeing it was something completely different?  You pulled out of his grip and crossed your arms, looking down at his chest as a lump in your throat formed.  Of all the things you thought about your relationship, every doubt that would wriggle into your mind, him being embarrassed of you was not one of them.

“No no no, carino,” he said quickly, cupping your cheeks to make you look at him.  He pressed his forehead to yours eyes closed as he sighed.  His breath was warm against your skin, and you had to stop yourself from kissing him then.  “I…cannot have you wearing my clothes.”

“Why?”  You let your arms fall to your sides.

“Because I cannot stop from…”  He let out a huff of a sigh.  “I cannot control myself when I look at you in them.”

Your own cheeks warmed.  Looking up at him now you could see he was still flustered.

He continued, “It’s not…professional.”

A giggle escaped your lips, making him pull back and look at you.

“Sorry,” you said, “that’s just…really cute.  So you do like when I wear your things?”

With a small smile he let his eyes slowly take in the sweater you wore, lingering on your exposed legs.  “I like it when it isn’t a surprise.”

“Well you never offered so I had to resort to alternative methods.”

Gabe’s hand moved to your waist, pulling you against him.  He leaned down and took your lips into a soft kiss.  Your eyes fluttered closed, hands gripping his biceps as you pressed onto your toes.

“I’ll make you a deal, carino,” he said when he pulled away.  “If you stop stealing my clothes and walking down the hallway like this…” One hand slid down the curve of your ass before he pulled at the hem of your shorts.  “I will give you anything you want to wear when we are in private.”

“And you’ll stop taking them off while I’m sleeping?” you clarified.

He grinned.  “I can’t guarantee I won’t take them off while you’re awake, but yes.  I will steal nothing back.”

“Deal,” you agreed.

“Ah, you know how we seal deals,” he said, leaning down again.  “With a kiss.”


author’s note: i’ve gotten quite a few requests for a mafia/gang!bts au and i am in the works of writing a few drabbles here and there, but in the meantime, enjoy these headcanons; also, gif credits are link as cr. under each member’s name—none of these gifs are my own, i only resize them to make the post easier to read
warnings: mentions of weaponry, blood, [mild] violence


  • poison specialist
  • he can make or break any poison
  • poison gas, liquid poison, organ specific poisons
  • you name it jin can mix it or find the antidote for it
  • if it’s necessary for him to be in the field, his kills are quick and efficient
  • knows the human body inside and out
  • he targets the body’s weak spots
  • he’s also bangtan’s doctor of sorts
  • it keeps them from having to deal with the whole process of checking into hospitals under aliases and explaining what happened to them
  • for the most part, the boys can fix themselves up, but jin cleans up any gunshot wounds or large gashes
  • and helps them get back up on their feet if any serious injuries occur
  • likes to piss off yoongi and give him pink bandages
  • also in charge of keeping everything organized
  • any kinds of records, medical or not, jin has got them sorted for easy access
  • knows all of the boys’ medical information from their allergies to their past injuries even down to their blood types
  • jin probably isn’t in the field most of the time bc if he even tho he can patch himself up, if he ever does get seriously hurt the rest of them are pretty fucked
  • but if he had to be, his weapon of choice would be a shiny silver switchblade
  • it’s clean, efficient and gets the job done just how he likes it


  • grandfather of this whole organization
  • basically mafia royalty
  • yoongi has all the connections he knows who to make friends with and who to strike against 
  • namjoon is the leader of bangtan but yoongi oversees everything namjoon oversees
  • he’s got a critical eye so he always double and triple checks for any flaws or open areas of attack
  • the strategist, the genius of the operation
  • he’s an expert at pretty much everything
  • but he favorite area of expertise is machinery
  • he can make or improve any kind of gun
  • the boys’ specialized weapons are all yoongi’s doing
  • all of their original guns, knives or earpieces are marked with a small MYG
  • yoongi is more of the backup kind of guy only because he hates dealing with people
  • so he doesn’t go in straight away but he’s always there if he needs to fight
  • but when he’s called in
  • oh boy you’d wish he hadn’t been
  • ofc his weapon of choice is a small gun, a myg original
  • he’s also a pretty good lock pick
  • he’s good at figuring things out quickly so lock picking, gun making, floor plans, weaving his way through other organizations
  • it all comes easily to him
  • protective of the boys but would rather shoot himself than say i love you to them
  • says shit like “watch what the fuck you’re doing taehyung you could have died”
  • but he cares
  • he’d be the first to take a bullet for any of them be sure of that


  • street fighter hobi
  • something like a black belt in karate but…. higher
  • i don’t know what that would be but he’s good is the point
  • he’s just an amazing fighter
  • and he’s self taught
  • his hand to hand combat puts everyone else’s to shame
  • when he’s really angry stay out of his path
  • unlike seokjin he doesn’t need to strategically aim for weak parts of the body
  • he’ll just knock the wind out of someone
  • trains every day no exceptions
  • boxing mostly
  • he’s the one who trained the rest of the boys in hand to hand combat
  • so all of them can handle themselves if need be
  • probably spars with jungkook every day
  • runner up for fist fighting is jimin tho don’t get it twisted just bc he’s small
  • his fists are his weapon
  • hobi with brass knuckles what a concept
  • namjoon requires all of them to know how to handle at least a small handgun but hobi never uses it
  • if he needs something besides his hands he’s rather resourceful
  • a stray pipe, leg chair, any kind of furniture laying around, another person….. anything he can swing with he’ll use
  • maybe a baseball bat if they wanna get rowdy


  • leader of bangtan and yoongi’s protégé
  • calm and collected when need be, but also not afraid to snap someone when they cross him
  • i wouldn’t recommend crossing him
  • smooth talker
  • by that i mean he could talk his way into any event or out of any situation
  • but i also mean he speaks 5 languages fluently
  • he’ll flirt with someone in french, read over files in english, threaten someone’s life in japanese, make underground deals with governments in russian and go home to speak korean
  • a full man
  • language is never a barrier for bangtan
  • oversees all of the boys’ training to make sure everyone is as well rounded as possible
  • always working to improve bangtan any way he can
  • he himself isn’t that good with hand to hand combat but yoongi’s taught him everything about guns there is to know so he’s never in trouble
  • perfect aim every time
  • extremely good at memorizing things
  • long codes, pins, floorpans, names, locations he can memorize it all
  • always first to enter the scene and the boys follow loyally
  • also bangtan’s interrogation machine
  • he doesn’t even need to physically torture anyone, he just puts all that psychology to work
  • he gets inside people’s head, make them tell him what he wants to know when he wants to know it
  • so if namjoon wants something, namjoon gets something


  • hacker extraordinaire
  • anything to do with computers, jimin’s your guy
  • any computer, database, safe, lock, password, encryption, jimin can get behind it
  • no firewall is too strong or code too dense
  • he’s the voice in their ears and their eye in the sky
  • jimin guides them through building through earpieces
  • tells him if there’s something going down while they’re on site
  • often teams up with yoongi to make sure their weaponry is the most advanced and efficient it can be
  • but jimin is also their playboy
  • he is rarely, almost never, working on the field as they boys need him to guide them through heists
  • but he’s got a pretty face most would melt for so they can’t let it go to waste
  • so when it comes to schmoozing their way into high snobiety, it’s jimin’s time to shine
  • everyone falls for him
  • people will spill their life stories to jimin merely an hour after meeting him because he’s that charming
  • with a smile that sweet and voice that enticing, you’d never suspect he’s a devil in disguise
  • he might be the computer guy but those hands are good for things besides hacking
  • he can knock someone out when he needs to
  • i’m talking knock someone to the ground with a single kick
  • he’s so extra when he’s fighting tho he’ll split kick and knock out two guys when it wasn’t really that big of a deal
  • even though he’s great at it, he prefers to be behind the scenes looking after the boys he has more control that way and he can ensure everyone is safe
  • so maybe he is an angel after all


  • sniper of all snipers
  • you wouldn’t think it from his personality but taehyung’s got deadly aim
  • always hits his target
  • and he loves guns
  • absolutely obsessed with them
  • always begging yoongi to buy him more or build him a new one
  • “hyung pleeeaaaaase it doesn’t have to be a big one it can be a medium sized one, yooooooongi hyuuuuung”
  • the only other thing taehyung loves more than guns is money
  • loves money and everything to do with it
  • stealing it, dealing it, wiring it, handling it
  • he’ll jump at any opportunity
  • namjoon and yoongi try to not to let him get too out of control so they let him spend only on things the boys need
  • so handles their wardrobe obviously
  • they have to dress to impress, at least according to taehyung anyway
  • they never walk into a casino or club or posh event without being dressed head to toe in armani or gucci
  • “taehyung why did you buy jin a silk pocket square” “um its prada namjoon get with it”
  • they also tame him by letting him play the games
  • so he’s bangtan’s main guy when it comes to gambling and handling cards
  • king of roulette
  • honestly half way through people give up and let him win, he’d win anyway
  • they think it’s luck but really he’s just good
  • tae’s basically a joker of sorts, a very mischievous, well dressed joker


  • ofc he’s their golden boy
  • jack of all trades
  • jungkook is good with any hand he’s dealt
  • whether it be literal cards, combat, guns, knives, anything
  • he can handle himself
  • partially because he’s naturally gifted
  • partially because he’s always trying to prove himself to his hyungs
  • has a temper worse than a provoked hoseok
  • i’m talking a real short fuse here jeon jungkook does not come to play around
  • the boys try their best to look after him when and how they can tho
  • jungkook can dish it out and take it, but he’s still their baby
  • pretty face number two
  • if they’re not sending in jimin to flirt his way to the top, they’re sending in jungkook
  • because who wouldn’t fall for those doe eyes and that baby face
  • a baby face the boys frequently use to their advantage
  • he’s often the bait on their missions
  • they’ll send him in and purposely let the enemy think he’s nothing but a street rat with a bad temper they can take advantage of but the tables quickly turn around
  • he’s their distraction man
  • jungkook is ridiculously strong we all know that
  • so if there’s anything or anywhere to get to that would require immense physical strength, jk is their boy
wip snippet - lardo wakes up in jack’s bed

Lardo wasn’t entirely sure how she ended up in Jack Zimmermann’s bed in her underwear, but it wasn’t the strangest thing to happen after a kegster.

“Oh, Jesus, my fucking head,” she grumbled, rolling over-

-straight into a large, warm lump.

“…mmthe fuck?” Jack grumbled. “Oh, hey.”

“Did we fuck?” Lardo asked, more incredulous than anything. It wasn’t like she’d say no to that ass, but she’d also never pegged Jack as the kegster hookup type.

“Hell no,” Jack said immediately. “You could barely stand when you crawled into my bed last night. Thought you were gonna puke on me.”

“Why didn’t you kick me out?” Lardo asked, laughing a little. “And where are my clothes?”

“Someone spilled tub juice on them,” Jack said around a yawn. “And you wanted to snuggle. You take up so little space, I didn’t see why not.”

“Too early for your chirps, Zimmermann,” Lardo mumbled, kicking at his stomach. She flopped back onto the pillow she’d commandeered and groaned. “Please never let me drink again.”

“Like any power on earth could ever stop you,” Jack retorted. “C’mon, Bittle will have brunch going. You’ll feel better.”

“Okay,” Lardo conceded. “But you have to explain to Bitty why I’m about to go steal his clothes.”

“Deal,” Jack said, rolling his eyes. 

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“Some people are meant to be loved and others just naked” (II)

A/N: Part II of businessman Harry. It contains smut, daddy kink and it’s quite long. I’m stil not sure if it’s alright, but I hope you like it. 

Harry and Y/N are enemies in the business world but the perfect partners under the sheets.

Based on the song Wrong by Zayn ft. Kehlani

Part I. Part II. Part III. Part IV.

Originally posted by ohbabyyeah

“Styles Corporations’ CEO Harry Styles enjoys 22nd birthday bash in tropical paradise with long legged beauty”

While no one would ever dream of describing Y/N as anything less than a genius, a business luminary whose accomplished eminence is often described as freakish by those who are several decades older than her yet much less successful, she could humbly admit to all of them that she was the biggest fool in the world for thinking that getting over Harry Styles would be easy. She didn’t want him back; she just wanted what he had taken from her. He could keep the black lace thong he had tucked into his pocket a couple of months ago after he had bent her over his desk, raining dirty words and harsh nibbles down her neck. But her sanity? He would definitely have to give that back. The sooner the better. As for delivery preferences, no white roses or puke-inducing handwritten notes this time, please. And while he was at it, she had another request: If he was going to be in her head all day, he should at least regard some sort of decency and put some clothes on. How inconsiderate of him. Chivalry is dead.

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