steal candy

some larry couple photo shoot concepts:

  • louis sprawled across harry’s lap in a silk robe with a glass of wine
  • harry giving louis a piggyback ride, both with crinkly-eyed smiles
  • lying in the grass wearing big sweaters; a recreation of the photo from harry’s another man shoot
  • some stills from a pillow fight where they’re both caught mid-laugh
  • talking animatedly while they walk through one of their gardens, clifford chasing after them
  • cuddling, with clifford squashed in the middle
  • painting one of their rooms (and each other)
  • dancing in a ballroom under a chandelier, wearing colourful suits
  • kissing on a park bench
  • louis cutting harry’s hair and harry looking terrified in the mirror
  • harry making them breakfast and louis on his tiptoes, with his arms wrapped around him from behind, resting his head on his shoulder
  • playing guitar together on the patio while the sun sets
  • some closeup shots of them holding hands, their wedding rings being the focus
  • shirtless ones of them standing together so their tattoos line up
  • on a ferris wheel, harry stealing louis’ candy floss and louis looking at him menacingly

etsyfindoftheday | 2.11.17

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Modern Day Greek Gods

He’s that infamous high school dropout, the one that keeps the people of his small-town origins entertained for years. He’s the runaway at sixteen, the boy who saw opportunity in a forgotten stack of twenties and took the first train out. He’s the kid that pickpockets at carnivals, the daredevil who robs convenience stores with clown masks and toy guns. He’s the fastest kid you’ve ever met, the one who set all of the track records at school, the one that the cops can’t catch. He’s the kid who runs messages between gangs because he enjoys being the middleman. He’s the boy who will drop everything to help an old lady across the street. He’s the boy who steals from a candy shop so that the crying little boy on the sidewalk can have something sweet to brighten his day. He’s the kid who has big dreams to travel the world, who puts pins in his maps and connects them with threads because there’s an order that he has to visit them in. He’s the kid who takes what he can and survives off the laughter he leaves behind.

Q&A With the Crow Crew: Halloween Edition
  • Kaz: So guys, it's Halloween so what's your favorite part about it?
  • Inej: You can walk around with knives and covered in blood and no one questions it
  • Jesper: stealing candy from small children
  • Nina: SEXY COSTUMES AND CANDY ;) *winks at Matthias*
  • Wylan: Cuddling with someone during horror movies because they're scared and you're totally not scared

I was in my pj’s and I looked behind a billboard and I saw batman but his eyes were glowing red and he was stealing candy from a girl in a bumble bee costume and I was so scared I ran home

Taako is fascinating because he seemingly is an idiot, to the point of which he supposedly didn’t know what a garage looked like until Petals To The Metal but like, as soon as he wants to do something malicious he just gets 200% more competent, like, using blink to phase in to the ethereal plane just to steal the candy from Leon and place the coin in his hands? That was fucking genius. 

When it comes to fiction you got problematic favs and then you got like garbage favs.

Like problematic favs have done some shit, ruined some lives, can be anything from like a superhero with one big mistake to an antihero who is trying their best. They got like a handful of redeemable qualities that makes you like them despite their many flaws. Maybe you wanna shake some sense into them. Maybe you wanna see them get better. Depends on the problematic part of the equation.

Then you got your garbage favs. Villains who have like one good quality max and that might be that they have a sense of humor and that’s it. They would sell you to Satan for one corn chip. They would steal candy from a baby. These characters you will be happy to see get punched in the face, you love them but they are garbage people, please kick their ass, they are the worst. If they died you would mourn their loss as an interesting character but be like “they totally had it coming good riddance you sack of shit”