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thanks for educating me on family-farm practices. now please go research how the honey is stolen from the bees on an industrial scale. many times the "sugar water" can be high fructose corn syrup, and their wings may be clipped. anyway, helping the bees is fine, and i support it, but we shouldn't have to steal THEIR HONEY to help them. it is not. our. honey. to. steal.

-pinches bridge of nose-

Cleaning. A Hive. Is Not. Stealing.

Hives. Need. To Be Cleaned. Or The Bees. Will Swarm. And. Probably. Die.

Some companies add high fructose corn syrup to their end product to bulk up honey batches for retail sale, that is true. But even if it does get fed to the bees, do you know what high-fructose syrup of any sort is?


And what are we supposed to do with the wax and honey that gets scraped off the cleaned frames? Dump it in the trash? When it’s full of valuable nutrients? I don’t think so.

And you know what, I’m gonna stop right here, because you need to start citing some sources on this whole “toxic sugar substances” and “wing clipping” business. Show me something that comes from a reputable scientific journal and not a vegan editorial.

Go ahead. I’ll wait.

My take on... you know.

*Russia had more than enough time and resources to find an artist who didn’t violate that law. I mean… it seems like a simple internet search would have shown that Yuliya performed in Crimea (coz that was all over the internet as soon as she was announced), so I don’t believe Russia had no idea that this might happen.

*And even if they really wanted Yuliya to compete… they could have announced her early on, let the whole banning thing come to pass, then either petition for an exception/exemption, or they would have had time to find another performer. But no, they picked/revealed at the absolute last minute.

*Ukraine is well within their rights to ban Yuliya. She broke an existing law, and that’s the punishment. Simple as that.

*Should Ukraine grant Yuliya some sort of exception/exemption? On one hand, it would be a nice diplomatic gesture, a sort of “building bridges” (to steal an old ESC motto) move. On the other hand, if they were willing to do so, they would have done it already. Plus they shouldn’t have to alter or make exceptions to the law just because of Eurovision. I mean: It’s just Eurovision.

*That said, neither party is going to come off great, but both are going to claim some sort of moral victory. Ukraine gets to uphold their laws and sovereignty, Russia gets to cry foul over a woman in a wheelchair being banned.

*So what’s the solution? Heck if I know. EBU is certainly scrambling to figure something out, as this is a PR disaster. Russia’s already apparently threatening to pull out of Eurovision forever if they’re barred from competing this year, though honestly it feels like they’re looking for an excuse to finally do just that, having threatened to do so every single year in the past few years. There could be ways around it but IMO I don’t see a solution that’s gonna be acceptable to both parties. We’ll see.


Musical Theater Aesthetics - Lin-Manuel Miranda

Good morning. You are perfectly cast in your life. I can’t imagine anyone but you in the role. Go play.

Love or Hate (Part 2 of 13)

Summary: AU. When the reader’s shot at a better life is stolen from her, she continues to see the person responsible all over town. After a series of unfortunate events, will she learn that there’s a fine line between love and hate?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1,759

Warnings: language, excessive snark, childish behavior

A/N: Part two of my third drabble series. Bucky has most definitely been showing his inner dbag lately, hasn’t he?

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 -

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clothes-sharing headcanons for some of my favorite shepard ships

  • tali wears shepard’s N7 hoodie over her suit and cowl sometimes.  between ME2 and ME3, she steals one to wear while shepard’s under house arrest; it helps her miss them a little less
  • whenever they talk on the bridge, shepard steals joker’s hat and starts wearing it around the ship.  sometimes he’s so focused on flying he doesn’t notice for hours afterward
  • one early morning shepard grabs a shirt from the floor and tries to put it on; they don’t realize until they were thoroughly stuck with their arms over their head that the shirt was not made for humans.  garrus has to help them out of it–as soon as he stops laughing
  • sometimes when she’s cold, jack will take shepard’s clothes from their cabin and wear it over her usual getup.  if anyone comments, she will throw something at them
  • after one-too-many shots on omega, aria finally gives in to shepard’s requests and wears some damn body armor.  to make her feel better, shepard wears aria’s usual outfit around omega for a day.  it works out fine until shepard flexes and the seams burst
Pyrocynical Sentence Starters

WARNING: a lot of questionable stuff is said

❝ I gave it an overall meme out of 10 IGN rating. ❞
❝ Pardon my swag. ❞
❝ Hey, baby, guess what? I’m a porn star. ❞
❝ See you in Hell. ❞
❝ I just want to go home to my anime body pillow. ❞
❝ I’m just a misunderstood fourteen-year-old just leave me alone. ❞
❝ How’s it going, everyone, Mr. Swag here. ❞
❝ I’m too much of a faggot to actually have a decent life story to talk about ❞
❝ Mom, what’s porndude dot com? ❞
❝ You know what I’m gonna do today? Be possessed by the lord of Hell himself, Satan. ❞
❝ I’m just a middle aged man in the park, filming kids, you know, the usual. ❞
❝ Lulululululula follow me into the woods, lululululululula don’t tell your parents where you are. ❞
❝ Fair enough, that’s believable. ❞
❝ Oh. My. God. ❞
❝ What do you use the boy’s penis for? What is your objective with the boy’s penis? ❞
❝ You, slave child, bring me a pen. I must call this girl a bitch whore. ❞
❝ I live under a bridge, stealing wi-fi from McDonald’s. ❞
❝ Whoa, better calm down there, missy, that’s quite edgy. ❞
❝ Oh, wow, this is awkward. ❞
❝ I just found a bunch of dead guys, I swear it wasn’t me. ❞
❝ It was just a prank. ❞
❝ How dare you compliment me without my permission? ❞
❝ Stealing from the dead? Just a bit too far. ❞
❝ I don’t know why I just did that, I genuinely think I’m just an asshole. ❞
❝ I’ll tell you what: I’m feeling a little less homicidal today. ❞
❝ I’ve become the priest. ❞
❝ Time to smight some evildoers. ❞
❝ Please don’t mind me, I’m just committing mass murder. ❞

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A poetic language in which each morpheme has thirty different meanings; kwal can mean steal, cat, bridge and terror, while nothdhos can mean secret, fly, raindrop and misfortune. Most speakers of this language become depressed with the meaninglessness of their world; more hopeful speakers hear declarations of love in every conversation they have.

Every time I see a list of “kinds of witches” I just wanna reblog it and finish it with “here a witch, there a witch, everywhere a witch witch”

Then I think that would probably be rude so I don’t do it.

The Big-Ass Semi-Formal Meta

Say Geronimo: Lucas Leaps

FIRST OF ALL: If you haven’t re-watched Season 1 in production order along with what we have of Season 2 (airdate order for now) then just stop here. Until you re-watch with a critical eye and come to understand the CANON FACT that Lucas Friar has loved (like been IN LOVE with) Maya Hart all along, this meta is no good for you. [EDIT: Okay, that’s a bit of an overstatement, but the dude’s had feelings for her since forevvvvver. Just watch the show].

SECOND OF ALL: I really wanted to post this with GIFs and screencaps galore, but I’m just not that good and I don’t have the time. At this point I hope my reputation precedes me and you’ll just take my word for it on a lot of this stuff. I’m also hoping this post will inspire someone more capable of doing so to go ahead and make GIFs/Screencaps. For now, just queue up the scene and keep your finger on the pause button I guess.

THIRD: If you doubt me that all these little moments and glances matter, then refer back to FIRST OF ALL.


Aight. So let’s pick apart the last few minutes of this episode. You ready?

Okay, so: the song. Now, part of the reason we’ve got a Real Band in this episode is for the cynical real world purposes of cross-promotion. The other part is because this is a BIG episode for the romance arcs (a la Texas with Maddie & Tae). A Big Dance is a Big Deal for middle school kids, especially middle school kids on TV. Emotions run high, big things happen, big feelings get felt. There are any number of new bands/songs they could have chosen for either of these purposes. They chose this one. So POINT ONE: the song choice is intentional. This is a Big Moment.

Let’s discuss what this song is about. It’s pretty clear that it’s about deciding to do something scary. To take a leap (in this case from a waterfall, but “Geronimo!” is what people often shout when they jump out of airplanes). Someone is about to decide to do something scary. You might think it’s Riley, but it’s not. Riley doesn’t make any decisions in this episode. She avoids making decisions so much, she gets punished for it. So, who’s making a decision then? … Lukie-boy. Although I don’t think he’s consciously aware of it. Why do I think this? Read on bbs.

But just one more thing about the song first: so, when a TV show uses a song, it’s not necessarily an EVERY LYRIC MATTERS kind of a thing. (I mean none of the states they name-check in “No Place Like You” are relevant, but the basic idea of the song is pretty on the nose if you’re Maya and Lucas.) I mean sometimes ALL THE WORDS matter, but usually not unless the song was written especially for the show (a la Empire). The general idea/theme/mood of the song is usually more relevant, not every single line of the song has to PERFECTLY apply—it just has to get the idea/feeling across. Still, lot of the lyrics here are CRAZY on point—”can you feel it, now it’s coming back” considering what we now know about Lucas giving up on Maya in S1, “we can steal it, if we bridge this gap” considering how Riley and their own fears are between them, and how they’d be “stealing” the alpha couple position on the show etc etc—but that doesn’t mean you have to try to force a meaning out of every line. So…don’t do that.

“Say Geronimo” talks about seeing something “through the curtains of the waterfall.” (And aw, they’ve decorated the room with sparkly blue glitter and lights and drapey curtains—WHICH IS ON PURPOSE if you’re not hip to this show yet). And it’s also about “making a leap.” And wondering if someone can feeeeeee-eeeeeeel your love. Pretty straight forward. So in addition to doing something scary/taking a leap, “Say Geronimo” is about going for something you can’t quite see. Going back for something you missed. It’s about wondering if someone feels your love. And then…jump.

Bombs away. (We’ll come back to “bombs away” at the end).

Aight, so let’s begin. The lead up to the final scene of “Semi-Formal” is this REALLY touching moment between my old school bbs and Riley. This is when she’s presented with the “brother vs. boyfriend” dichotomy. She’s VERY influenced by stories from the lives of her parents and their friends (see: GM Cory & Topanga), so it’s not shocking that she takes the story of Eric, Jack, and Rachel (RACHEL!) so to heart. Make no mistake, Jack was brought back primarily FOR THIS SPECIFIC PURPOSE. He’s here to tell Riley a story about someone having to choose between two people they Like differently. Yeah, there’s the whole senator thing with Eric, but that’s just an excuse (a plot device!) to get him here, at the dance, to meet and talk to Riley. (And of course there’s a nice parallel with the two companies Eric has to choose between.)

Even though Riley is the one who asks “How do you like two people differently?” the question isn’t really about her. I mean, for HER in the moment maybe it is. But in terms of what the show’s trying to telegraph as far as the ongoing arcs, I don’t think that’s it. Why? Riley doesn’t really like two people differently. I know Riarlie shippers are going to jump down my throat here, but IN CANON Riley does not really Like-like Charlie. She barely knew he existed before Semi-Formal. So…what evidence do we have IN CANON of someone who may Like-like two people differently?

Lucas. I shouldn’t have to spell out the receipts at this point unless you are in complete denial about what this show’s been doing from the start. Again, RE WATCH IN PRODUCTION ORDER. He’s been making those same old moony faces at Maya all through this episode, and his face turns to STONE when Cory insults her about the etiquette thing. But…he’s still attached to this unofficial thing with Riley, partly because he genuinely likes and cares about her and partly because he thinks he ought to be attached to it. Because that’s what Mr. Perfect does.

So we finish up with the Old School Guys and then it’s time for Riley to go dance with her friends. Cory says she has a tough choice to make, but she doesn’t really. And she certainly doesn’t make a choice regarding Lucas and Charlie in this episode or any episode after until Texas, at which point the decision has kind of been made FOR her. Even though she pushed Lucas and Maya together, there’s good reason to believe that Riley didn’t realize just how quickly something big would happen for them. She doesn’t choose between Charlie and Lucas. They’re not both in front of her, open to her. She’s using Charlie as a band-aid over her bullet wound because he’s available in GMT3. But, back to Semi-Formal:

Someone is going to make a decision here. A decision that involves a scary leap. Maybe even a leap of faith, if you will. As Riley says earlier in the episode,

“Simple enough for ya, Billay? Time to make some choices, Bill-ay!”

So, let’s really get into it now, shall we kittens?

But first: a disclaimer. I’m not sure how much I really subscribe to the color theory. No doubt wardrobe departments and writers make INTENTIONAL choices regarding costumes and color. Mary’s red dress of doom in Downton Abbey S1 is a good example, or purple (I think it was purple) as Joan’s “sad” color in the early seasons of Mad Men. So, yes. Intentional costuming and color cues really are a thing, but it doesn’t mean EVERY outfit is going to be part of that. The theory as I understand it for GMW is that: Riley/Rucas = Purple, Lucaya = Blue, and Texas aka “Real Lucas” is red. I haven’t gone through the WHOLE show in that much detail so I don’t co-sign this specific theory entirely. I absolutely believe there’s a pattern to the colors/costuming overall, but I haven’t worked it out yet for myself. Still, I’m going to go ahead and include some observations about it here, and you can take from them what you will.

Aight. So Eric announces the band. The kids start running to the stage. Tell me what you notice here:

Is Lucas looking at Maya here? Sure looks that way to me. And why wouldn’t he be? He does that shit ALL THE TIME. I think he is, but you go on and decide for yourself. We don’t see much, the camera doesn’t linger. But in the cut to the kids just before this one, we’ve got Riley very obviously looking at Farkle. They aren’t just throwing random takes into the final cut of the episode. My opinion is that he’s 100% looking at Maya. Why? Well again, REWATCH. You think you know this show, but you don’t. (EDIT: I also think he’s crossing over to stand next to Maya, based on the way they’re all standing the next time we cut to the kids, bear with me.)

This next one MAY be nothing. It may just be that they let the lighting designer have free reign. I COULD BE WRONG ABOUT THIS PART. But, notice how as the song begins, the scrim (backdrop) behind the band is bathed in purple light. When the chorus hits, what happens?

BAM. IT’S RED. Aka Texas Lucas. I could really go either way on this, but again…this is scripted TV. So IF…I SAID IF…the color theory is correct or close to correct, then we’re supposed to be thinking about Lucas on some level. Hell, even if the purple/blue part isn’t true I’m actually pretty comfortable with the idea that red is a Lucas color. So. Let’s keep going. Band sings, band sings, then


A shot of the kids with Lucas in the foreground. Looking happy, but more thoughtful than the others. He doesn’t have his hands in the air or anything. Well, then. They’re standing in this order: Lucas, Maya, Riley, Farkle. It’s kinda hard to see Maya, but she’s there. THIS SHOT WAS SO INTENTIONAL. We are meant to be thinking about Lucas right now, even if the switch-to-red thing isn’t relevant. How do I know?

Look at this gif of the crowd from above from just a few seconds before the cut to Lucas in the foreground. What do you notice? Where are the kids standing? They are NOT standing in the formation they’re in during the cut to Lucas a second ago. My guess is that they filmed the above-the-crowd shots all at once (dig the one at the beginning and the one at the end of the song, the kids are in the same spot/formation). And THEN they went and got that closer shot of Lucas in the foreground. The shot of Lucas with the rest of the core four behind him was intentional. I would guess that it’s also intentional that Riley is easy to see while Maya is not. That’s the shot they CHOSE to use, at any rate. I can only speculate as to why. coughs

Soooooo if Riley is the one who has to make a decision, how come we’ve got this shot of Lucas in the foreground? Why put that in our heads? Why aren’t we seeing a shot of Riley in between Lucas and Charlie if that’s what the big decision is really about? Or even just Riley and Lucas next to each other? They’ve had a romantic misunderstanding all episode (technically for longer, but okay) and normally, if things were going to resolve romantically between them, we’d be getting hints of that by this point in the episode. It’s a Big Dance episode, romantic reconciliation is the kind of thing that happens in these episodes. But we just aren’t seeing it. What’s going on?

Okay, so now we go to the dancing scene. We see Lucas and Riley first (poor bbs) with Maya and Farkle goofing off behind them. Now, I’m not 100% on this one, but I think we catch a FAST glimpse of Lucas looking briefly down at Maya as they emerge from the crowd.  Then Lucas and Riley do their hi/hey thing, but it’s not…it’s not cute like it was before. It’s clipped. Although it is familiar. They aren’t afraid to look at each other. Riley’s using her grown-up voice. It’s not swoony moony. And they just aren’t quite in sync as they dance.

Then they talk about recent events and it is SO clear that they just DO NOT get each other on a romantic level here. So, they’re not officially together, okay fine. But if Lucas WANTED them to be, or if he was still into Riley Like That We KNOW (or at least we think we know) he knows how to do it up. That’s canon. He’s gotten a white horse together for her before. (Unless the white horse crack theory is true, of course. Which reminds me, what is WITH Lucas’s reaction to Charlie mentioning the horse earlier in the episode?  It just comes off as weird to me. Hmmm. ;-))

Anyway, if putting a girl on a white horse isn’t a GIGANTIC way over-the-top gesture, I don’t know what is. This is not a dude who doesn’t know how to pull off a grand gesture so far as we know. (Or even a little one, like the rose and the harmonica thing he did for Maya. coughs) So what’s changed since he put Riley on that horse? Why didn’t he do something like that for the dance? Is it just because they’re unofficially together and he figured he didn’t have to? If he thought that, then he doesn’t get what Riley wants romantically. And, it would seem his idea of “together” involves implicit understandings as opposed to mega gestures. That’s not Riley’s idea of “together,” and we know it.

What’s changed since the horse ride? Well: an awkward as hell date where they only touched each other because they thought they were supposed to, and Lucas moons over Maya without Riley even noticing (read my blog tags for GM the New World if you doubt me). The dance is the night that Lucas REALLY starts being more proactive than reactive about his Maya feels again. He steps back in, basically. I don’t know that it’s fully realized on his part, but it’s there. We see you, dude. Bruh. You so obvious, Mad Dog. He’s been getting bolder and bolder as the season’s gone on, but I think tonight is when he really starts to try again.

Anyway, Lucas and Riley dance around each other, their movement not quite in sync, both perplexed about why the other one even thought there was a problem or had a certain expectation. Lucas asks the “why would you make such a big deal?!” question, and we don’t get an answer from Riley, but we do see how hurt she is by the question as Charlie cuts in. Doesn’t Lucas know what Riley wants romantically? We thought he did. But he’s either forgotten…or he cares less about it than he thinks he does…or he never knew to begin with.

Then Charlie asks the question that HAS NOT YET BEEN answered even in subsequent episodes, I don’t think. “Why would you make such a big deal about me asking her?” That’s kind of a million dollar question. I have my thoughts on it (and yes, my thoughts involve genuine love between Riley and Lucas, but this post is already going to be huge so inbox me about it so I don’t forget).

So…Lucas and Charlie. Are dancing. Lucas doesn’t do this. He’s not dancing with a boy. And before people get mad at him for that, COME ON IT IS FINE FOR A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD BOY TO BE WEIRDED OUT ABOUT DANCING WITH ANOTHER BOY. Especially one who is needling him about his non-girlfriend. Anyway he turns away. But Riley is nearby, casually dancing with Farkle. Why doesn’t Lucas step over to Riley, cutting in between her and Charlie? Well, it’s partly because both he and Charlie agreed that Riley would have to decide between them. But does she make any decisions here? No. She’s just dancing with whichever boy is in front of her in the moment. Lucas doesn’t go over to Riley. He just turns around.

Now I’m going to pause my narrative to point something out that you may not have noticed. While Riley/Lucas/Charlie are dancing, the music is lower in the mix. It’s there of course, but their dialogue is much louder than the music. It’s just bombs away, bombs away quietly in the background.

And then Lucas bumps smack into Maya, who jumps back. Lucas didn’t mean to dance with Maya. But it’s happening.

AND YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND WHAT A HUGE DEAL THIS IS FOR HIM. Again, PRODUCTION ORDER. Go watch it. He’s been in awe and in love and in fear of her for a LONG time.

She calls him Huckleberry. And then he says “I’m not dancing with you” in this…stuttery, nervous, desperate kind of a way. Almost the way he asked “Penelope?” in New World, or “What do I seem like to you?” in Rules but with so much less confidence. Lucas is terrified of how he feels about Maya, remember. The music changes here. It’s louder. We can hear the singer better. We’re at the bridge. Something big is happening here, and it’s HUGE for Lucas because here he is 14 (15?) years old and he’s dancing with the girl he’s basically been in love with since he first laid eyes on her. And they’re pretty well in sync–that little do-si-do moment is SO smooth compared to with Riley earlier. So what’s the song on about at the moment? “Well, I’m just a boy…here I stand as a broken man…etc etc” THIS SCENE IS MOSTLY ABOUT LUCAS/LUCAYA FROM THE BEGINNING and this moment is how you know. He freaks and turns away, toward Riley. But who blocks his way? It’s not Charlie.

It’s FARKLE. Make of that what you will. ;-) Lucas could have easily gotten by Farkle, but he doesn’t try. He turns back around.

Anyway, so he’s back dancing with Maya now. And this time, she calls him “cowboy.” And if you think for one hot second that Lucas Friar doesn’t LOVE Maya Hart calling him a cowboy (rather than a Ranger Rick or a Hopalong or a Huckleberry)…I don’t know what to tell you because we aren’t watching the same show. Cowboy is a compliment to Lucas. If I have to explain how then…oh fine: HE LITERALLY RIDES A (MAN)COW IN TEXAS AND IT IS A BIG DEAL FOR HIM. Being a cowboy means being a man, if you didn’t catch how hard they were driving on that idea in the Texas episodes (and in New Teacher too, a little).  Anyway, so…he and Maya dance. He looks over at Riley and Charlie a few times. But he’s dancing with Maya. Maya occasionally turns to partner with Farkle, but from this point on Lucas is dancing by or with Maya only (even though she turns and gives Farkle some love because she’s cool like that).

Riley and Charlie have their little moment. Riley’s sorry it didn’t work out “as planned.” And then we get “we’re all dancing, we’re all friends” and Lucas asks:

“What else is there to figure out?”

HE IS THE ONE WITH SOMETHING TO FIGURE OUT. HE IS THE ONE WHO NEEDS TO LEARN WHAT IT MEANS TO LIKE/LOVE TWO PEOPLE DIFFERENTLY (the “great mystery of life” mentioned in the pilot as well as the dilemma Riley just presented the old school crew with).

Then Lucas and Riley have another one of their little hi/hey moments (and someone really needs to make a super cut of these hi/hey moments all through the series I swear). They seem almost…sad, but resigned. Anyway, Riley is what he’s got left to figure out.

But Lucas is making a decision in this scene, a decision I don’t think even he knows he’s making yet. A scary decision, really. What scares Lucas? I’m sure you can probably see where I’m going with this, but stay with me.

Then, as the music heads into that heart-pounding beat and the little pause while the sound of their shoes hitting floor creates anticipation, the kids all crowd together. Riley, Farkle, and Charlie are just kind of dancing in a blob. What are Lucas and Maya doing? Oh, they’re looking right at each other and dancing and grinning? As Maya would say these days, “Oh.” And it’s no mistake that they are pretty much in the center of the screen, Maya’s bright red dress standing out against almost everything else.

And then they all run back to be in front of the stage. You know that hissing-sucking in of breath thing Lucas does in Creativity after Zay outs him with the blonde beauty thing? He does it again in GMT3 during he and Maya’s second date. And I’m about 99% sure he’s doing it right here as he runs behind her:

And here is where the color thing comes back. And bear in mind I don’t co-sign the color thing 100%, but I’m going to put it out there for your consideration. So, remember how the scrim was purple at the start of the song? And then it turned to Red? Well, it’s been going back and forth between red and purple, red and blue, and just red all through the scene. Then we get this cut of the kids:

I am 100% certain Lucas is grinning down at Maya here. Maybe it’s meant to look ambiguous, but given everything we know, there’s just NO way he’s not beaming down at Maya. And this is the last real shot we get of the kids at the dance, so this is IMPORTANT.

As the song ends (make this leap, make this leap, can you feeeeeeeeeeeeee-eeeeeel my love,) the scrim turns blue. And STAYS blue. And note, Lucas is behind Maya. (But again I really think they did the above-the-crowd shots separately and it’s such a wide shot that I’m not actually going to read too much into where they’re standing in the aerial shots, considering the positional discontinuity in the cut to Lucas when the scrim turns red earlier).

Maya is wearing red. She also wears red in Yearbook (with cowboy boots that Lucas notices), as well as in Creativity when she tips her imaginary cowboy hat at the board. Maya in a red dress = Lucaya development. At this point, if you see a production still of Maya in a red dress, just assume that important Lucaya things are happening. Her dance shoes even have a little bit of a cowboy cut to them from the front view, although of course they’re just strappy heels all told.

Riley is wearing yellow. I’m beginning to think that yellow is significant in terms of how each girl is relating to Lucas when they wear it, but I don’t have a comprehensive theory on that so just…file it away for now.

Maya is also styled in a much more grown-up looking way than Riley. I mean, that’s often the case but it’s really extreme here.

Personally I don’t really know where I stand on the color theory. I do think it’s relevant and intentional, I’m just not 100% sure HOW yet. Either way, the whole vibe of the scene is quite different at the end than it is at the beginning. We’ve gone from purple to red to blue. Something is different. Something has changed.

So, who made a leap towards something he can’t quite see clearly yet? Lucas. And Maya too.

How do I know?

GIRL MEETS CREATIVITY. Lucas has been getting bolder towards Maya again over the course of the second season, but this episode (after the dance) is where the dam holding back Lucaya actually starts to break in earnest (I think it started cracking in GM Secret of Life). Everything between Maya and Lucas is different from this point on. The episode makes such a big deal of something being behind a door for Maya, that a door that was shut is open now. OH AND THEN RILEY SAYS SHE IS GOING TO GET MAYA THROUGH THE DOOR HELLO TEXAS. Lucas still has obvious affection for Riley, but he’s not staring at her and sneaking furtive glances. He doesn’t talk to her in that soft voice he uses with Maya sometimes, but more and more often lately (”Penelope?”, “What do I seem like to you?”.”N-No, I’m—I’m not dancing with ya.”) He doesn’t touch Riley much or have little silent conversations with her. He doesn’t treat her in a romantic way basically at all anymore, despite what he says before she leaves the campfire in Texas. She’s basically dumping him there and even though he questions it, he doesn’t follow her.

Lucas loves Riley, but he’s not IN LOVE with her. I’m not sure if he himself even knows the difference yet. 

Oh and: did you ever notice how when Maya says “pick up that bed with one hand” in Rileytown he kinda glances down like he’s thinking about it? He just busted through that barricade because something is happening to Riley, but when Maya says “pick up the bed” he seriously thinks about it for a second. Bruh. Where are your priorities in that moment? Point being: Lucas begins to flirt with Maya MUCH more blatantly after Semi-Formal. The degree to which he is WHIPPED starts getting way obvious again. And Riley picks up on it. From this episode on, everything is different. What other moment happens in Creativity? The blonde beauty reveal. EVERYTHING with Lucas and Maya is super-charged again compared to earlier episodes after Semi-Formal. And that’s saying something. (And is Riley’s farewell to Purple in Creativity meant to tie in with color theory? If the theory is true, then I’d say absolutely.)

Does Lucas fully realize what he’s doing after he makes the leap? I don’t think he does. But we do know how he acts in subsequent episodes post Semi-Formal. Considering how much it hurts Riley (we see her in visible pain so often after this my heart breaks for her) and how much Lucas cares about Riley, I really don’t he’s fully aware of the change in his behavior. He would never hurt Riley this much on purpose, and yet here we are. (As for Riley, I DO think she’s more willing to “blame” Maya than Lucas at this point. I don’t think she really lets herself fully see what Lucas has been doing until GMT3 even though on some level she CLEARLY knows what’s up). And at this point, Lucas doesn’t actually know for sure that he has any chance with Maya.

But something shifted and he can’t seem to help himself. All those smirks he gives her…on some level I honestly think he’s trying to see if he can get her to break. Both he and Maya know something is different now though, even if they aren’t acknowledging it. When Maya says “Can we just STOP?” at the campfire, I don’t think she’s talking about just the last few seconds there in Texas. I’m pretty sure she’s talking about everything since the moment Lucas bumped into her at the dance, and maybe even a little bit before that—”What do I seem like to you?” was pretty intense, I mean…bruh.

Lucas is going to have to make a purposeful, proactive, out-loud decision as the season winds down, or maybe early in S3. (I kinda smell a cliff hanger, where we see Lucas in frame and he makes a romantic declaration but we don’t find out who he’s talking to until S3 UGH.) Could something happen to make that decision be Riley? ABSOLUTELY. That door isn’t shut. But everything in canon points to Lucas ALWAYS having preferred Maya over Riley romantically even though he obviously loves both of them VERY much. And there’s a third option: if Lucas is harming Riley and Maya’s friendship, he may back off both of them entirely, no matter how he feels about either of them romantically.

But Semi-Formal is when Lucas really shifts away from Riley BACK to Maya in terms of where he’s aiming his romantic intentions. Yes, BACK. Again, PRODUCTION ORDER, bbs. Rewatch it.

Oh, and you know all those WAR metaphors this show is always throwing at us? I don’t think it’s an accident that the phrase “BOMBS AWAY” figures so much in the scene where we see Lucas stepping back into his Maya feels. This whole situation is going to get so much worse before it’s better, I think. Or maybe they’ll find a way to head that off at the pass.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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100 day song challenge

07. a song that gets you pumped up
sheppard - geronimo

Can you feel it? Now it’s coming back
We can steal it if we bridge this gap
I can see you through the curtains of the waterfall
So say geronimo! Say geronimo!

sovereignslayer  asked:

So, what do you think about the great american interchange

As a giant fan of birds (as well as a fan of giant birds) I, for one, am personally offended by the Great American Interchange and would like to know who is claiming responsibility for Panama as I have a strongly-worded letter coming right for them

For those of you unaware of this absolute travesty, the Great American Interchange occurred ~2.5MYA when a land bridge (aka Central America) formed between North and South America, allowing a transfer of species between the two. For a brief period, everything was beautiful and both continents were overrun with phorusrhacids, the feathery incarnation of all of my hopes and dreams. 

But then, like the jerks we are, mammals had to go and ruin everything by out-competing and eating all the giant flightless birds. Now all we’re left with are dogs and bears and a few weird marsupials and only two species of seriemas. U N B E L I E V A B L E


“Holographic Motion in 2012” by Bridge for Perfume’s “Kirin SUMMER NIGHT”

Thinking about the parallel universe where I’ve never had diarrhea and Team Instinct got one of the cool gym leaders and I very badly want to throw that version of me off a bridge and steal his identity