“Once you’ve got her, hold her tight, and don’t let her go.”

Kar and Rose being tender because bodyguard!steakship rps give me a bunch of feels hi.
Also Zeta and I have an OC ship zine in the works, slated for the fall~! Possibly more than one but that comes later. I’m really excited for it and can’t wait to tell more! 

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enamor me!

Kar’s frown deepened as he slowly and carefully made one fold after another. He probably shouldn’t have bothered with the care. The paper he was using wasn’t very nice. In fact it was torn out of a botany book that Rose had for some reason. Just another one of the things she’s hoarded over the years, supposes. But the paper itself at least have a colorful picture of a flower. And that was his goal with this origami project.

Rose was out getting some groceries and after this morning’s fiasco with him once again secretly eating all their bacon, she had pretty much said that if he didn’t make it up to her by the time she got back, she would make him wish he had. At the very thought the bump on his head that she had made with the frying pan throbbed.

Oh, he would make it up  to her alright. Determined to do an incredibly good job of it too. This was partially out of fear, but more so out of sure pride and a good portion of spite too. When she walked through that door, he’d knock her socks off with such a show of wooing. Which also meant one less piece of clothing to get off her for the horizontal tango they were sure to do.

So he folded and folded, absentmindedly taking drinks from the nearby vodka bottle as he worked. Glancing out the window he saw the snow had lightened up a little and now quite hard to see against the darkening sky. Rose ought to be back soon, which gave him just enough time to finish up the last fold, stuff them into an empty bottle for a makeshift vase, and get down on one knee before the door.

His timimg was perfect, as it often was, and Rose opened the door right then. “You would not believe the ice out there. I could have just sat on my ass and slid right down the stre-” stopping as she saw Kar before her, striking a galant pose similar to those on the covers of her dime-store novels and presenting her with a bouquet of paper roses.

“Kar! I-I- this.. you-!” a little speechless as she reached for the bouquet.

“Roses forr Rose,” he replied solemnly. “Since to know you to miss flowerr durrink vinterr.”

“I didn’t even know you knew how to make this!” Lightly touching the paper petals, then pretending to get to breath in their fragrance as if they were real flowers. Giggling as she leaned down to kiss him on the forehead. “I love them.”

“To ‘ave much glad,” bracing a hand on his knee and pushing back up onto his feet. Smiling with relief that the gesture had worked and already starting to unbutton his shirt when Rose lifted the 'vase’ up to see how he had attached the stems.

“Kar.. was this the last bottle of booze..?!” with exactly the same inflection in her voice as this morning. She was even gripping the neck of the bottle rather similarly to how she had gripped the frying pan then too.

Honestly, he’s not sure why he bothered sometimes.