The Outback calls itself a steakhouse which it wouldn’t be if it were the only place left on this planet serving steak. It’s a theme restaurant. The theme is white trash. Every Outback, no matter the location, is in Florida. It has the Florida clientele: the skinny white tattooed thugs with the neck tattoos. The fat girls who constantly play with their cell phones (in jeweled cases from mall kiosks) to keep tabs on the lives of people who aren’t them. The angry construction worker dad, his baby factory wife, and his litter of expenses. They come in carrying stuffed animals and blankets. It’s more than a restaurant, for an hour it’s their home. There are the old people on fixed incomes. You often hear that old people with limited budgets have to eat cat food. Maybe these people don’t know that’s an option? There are the teens on first dates eye fucking each other. The waiters and waitresses are surprisingly good looking but most have dull eyes, they walk around in a haze, occasionally stopping to deliver a manic “Happy Birthday” to a table of obese teenagers or a divorcee and her friend. “You shouldn’t have made them do that!” she says as she orders another wine. Since the excitement of the first drink is gone, all she can do now is chase it. She’ll chase it for ten years, into the beds of strangers, and into a small apartment where she cocoons herself in Chinese take out and fantasies about Mark Harmon. It’ll all end in a church basement with greying hair. She’ll shuffle in and do the work. She’ll make the coffee and nibble on the cookies, much like the booze nibbled on her life. And she’ll remember that birthday dinner at the Outback. Maybe her friend shouldn’t have her to a restaurant where the most popular dish was an onion. And she’ll just shrug. And the Outback will continue to symbolize the increasingly desperate middle class, the bitter loneliness of old age, and the mediocrity that America now accepts and celebrates. In Australia the outback is a dangerous place with animals that can kill you. Here in America it’s the cafeteria of the already dead. Go to Fridays is my point.

Bowery Meat Company, NYC

My friend Abel is visiting from Singapore and is all about eating beef while he’s here in New York City. So last week we took him down to Bowery Meat Company to try and satisfy his cravings for cow. Here’s a look…

We started with their buzzed-about Duck Lasagna…

Made with Caciocavallo and Parmesan cheeses, it was a great lasagna with wonderful consistency and form, but nothing about it screamed “duck” to us. Could have been any meat inside…

Their Pork Ribeye, served over bok choy, usually comes with a Korean BBQ sauce, which we asked to have served on the side, which proved to be a good idea…

The main event, BMC’s 38oz. Côte de Boeuf…

This was a simple and simply wonderful preparation of beef…

Served with Parisian potatoes and salsa verde, which both complemented the steak! We enjoyed every bite!!

We ordered a Sour Cream & Onion Hash Brown as well, which I loved…

There are a lot of great steakhouses in NYC, but Bowery Meat Company definitely has the chops to stand up to the big boys of beef in this city!


9 E 1st St.

NY, NY 10003




Como todos os anos, recebemos centenas de amigos que nos visitam do Brasil, é necessário fazer alguns esclarecimentos devido a alguns comentários feitos no TripAdvisor que só confundem.

Os promotores que oferecem promoções e descontos na porta do nosso estabelecimento, fez um ótimo trabalho.

Promoções são folhetos e ardósias. 

Descontos são de 20%, 30% e 40% somente para os pratos do MENU PRINCIPAL.

Descontos e promoções não são cumulativas, alguns afirmam não entender e se sentir enganados.

Estamos abertos há 20 anos. Sempre na rua Lavalle. Não fazemos qualquer publicidade enganosa. Nós nunca estafamos ninguém.

Obrigado pela compreensão. Obrigado por escolher-nos sempre