steakandunicorns  asked:

I'm going to be an exhibitor at a comic convention/music festival next week near Santa Cruz, so of course I'm going to do a day trip there and hit up the boardwalk. Are there any other must-see spots in that area for a Lost Boys fangirl?

Oh yes! Grab a map! I think the trestle is the only thing on it that is incorrect. BUT, it’s well worth it and don’t forget Pogonip! It’s a huge and at one point will take you to the Emerson’s house. Will you be there on the 21st? They’re showing the movie on the beach! Take lots of pictures! I would suggest the Mystery Spot as well because it’s pretty neat but has nothing to do with the movie.



Hey everyone. Recently my account was hacked and I logged in to find all this bullshit. Just fyi, I NEVER personally chat with people I don’t know personally. I’m greatly sorry to all those who were sent a link. I have no idea what those links will lead you to but please, DO NOT CLICK THEM. I recently changed my password so hopefully this will never happen again. If it does, however, I’ll just have to make a new account with a new email. Again, sorry for all of those who were affected by the hack. It’s not me.


Reasons I Love Mermaids (in no particular order)

Reason Four! I love women! Not simply these feminine mermaids, true, but still–mermaids personify the feminine mystique: enigmatic, graceful, evasive, full of a magnetic something that cannot quite be placed. And mermaids seem highly aware that they are sisters to each other, in art and in stories–except, of course, when they are lovers….