Cantonese/Hong Kong Culture Tidbit #1

I don’t see too much about Hong Kong or Cantonese culture, so I’ll post little bits of information about it. 

Today, I went to go eat what’s called 下午茶 (haa m cha), which means afternoon tea in English.  It’s the Hong Kong version of English “high tea”, which some of you are familiar with. Oftentimes, we eat 下午茶 at 茶餐廳 (cha chaan teng), which is a very casual restaurant that serves Hong Kong style breakfast in the mornings, 下午茶 in the afternoons, and might also have Hong Kong style dinners at night. 

At 下午茶, we can eat a variety of dishes, including noodles in soup, baked spaghetti or rice, grilled steaks, stir-fried dishes, french toast, deep fried chicken wings, milk tea, lemon tea, etc. 

French Toast (left), Pineapple Bun (forward), Milk tea (right)

西多士, 波羅包, 奶茶 (sai dor see, bor lor bao, lai cha)

Hainan Chicken w/ Rice 海南雞飯 (hoi naam gai faan)

Macaroni in soup w/ Luncheon Meat (actually I went to this exact restaurant for lunch today hehe) 餐肉通粉 (chaan yuk tung fun)

Baked Pork Chop with Rice (picture taken by me) 焗豬扒飯 (gook ju pah faan)

Hot Milk Tea (my favourite drink) 熱奶茶 (yeet lai cha)

Hope you learned a little something about HK culture~