Bluuuh, I’m hungry but all the food in the house is rock-hard toast and this soup that i’m sure is perfectly healthy and tasty but it’s SO SLIMY AND GROSS and my spergmouth can’t handle the feel of it

i wanna call in food but a) holy shit i’ve been getting takeout so often lately, it’s literally 75% of my purchases and b) my parents have been bitching SO HARD about me getting takeout instead of eating whatever bland reheated food we got at home and i’m tired of it??? even though they themselves also constantly eat out instead of at home (which is why the food at home is so bland, nobody has bothered with groceries in a while)

anyway i just really want, like, steak with french fries and a caesar salad, or something like that. maaaaan if they go eat out tonight i hope they at least come by and pick me up or something