steak umm


y'all Taehyung tries so hard with English he’s not rly good but he’s enthusiastic and he wants to communicate

he kept asking me questions in English and paying really close attention to my answers. and he asked me to ask him Qs in English as well

it basically was just “did you eat?” “yes!” “what did you eat?” “umm, steak medium rare!” but ir was so cue

cr. twitter: BTS0222 (x,x,x)

holditin  asked:

what are some of your favorite giant bomb vids/series?

Oh gosh. This is a toughie. But I’m gonna go with tried and true classics that you can find without a premium subscription.

Okay. I’ve spent an hour now curating this list, and I physically cannot do any more. People feel free to reblog this and add more videos. Go out on YouTube and check out the baskets of Giant Bomb Best-Of videos by xpantherx, compilations, Mario Party Parties, Quick Looks, everything. And if you wanna pony up the money for a premium subscription, you open up multiple worlds of weird-ass, marginally video game-related content. Go forth, my friend.

#Foodiechats Talks "Quick Sizzlin' Cooking" with @Steak_Umm

Carnivores everywhere were excited to learn that last night’s #Foodiechats sponsor was Steak Umm! Our theme was “Quick Sizzlin’ Cooking” and it was an absolute blast!

When you’re a foodie, it’s always nice to have quick and delicious meal ideas, so last night was a great time to share those with our community! Also, get prepared because I’ve got a fun question for you coming up!

One question of the night was “What’s your favorite way to prepare a quick stir fry?” I loved the answers of @ohalchemygirl and @Foodtiq!

Another great question was “There are so many ways to make tacos/fajitas-what’re the perfect add-ins?”

As a taco lover, this was a fun one! @tinamuir@Holyantle and @KNInnovations all had answers that made me drool!

One of my favorite questions of the night was “Pile it on! How do you top your favorite hamburger patty?” I can’t begin to tell you how hungry @nella22’s response made me!

Thank you to our friends at @Steak_Umm for sponsoring such a fun #Foodiechats!

As promised, I’ve got a fun question for you! What is your favorite quick meal to make after a long day? Tweet me your answer at @RoryRoselyn.

See you next Monday #Foodiechats friends! Remember that we announce our theme every Thursday at 6 pm ET!