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I had a BIG buffet dinner today… buttery fish, tons of sushi, orange chicken, sesame chicken, chow mien, sweet and sour chicken, steak kabobs, jello, ice cream, vanilla cake roll slices, these fried cream cheese and chive pastry things that are my favorites… just so much. And I am stuffed. So I guess I just wanted to let the world know!

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Pineapple fun fact! 🍍Pineapples are a type of bromeliad that contains an enzyme called bromelain, which breaks down protein. Pineapple harvesters and processers have to wear tough gloves so their hands won't be eaten away into bloody stumps 🤓 (kinda true). This is also why some people eat it to help digest a meaty meal. Unfortunately for you pizza-lovers out there, cooked and canned pineapple is kinda inert, so won't help you digest that family sized meat lovers pizza. 🍍❤️

Hi Pineapple Anon! Thank you for the fun fact. I had no idea, and now I know why I like fresh pineapple as a side when having steak and veggie kabobs. Mmmmm, I love to grill during the summer, and pineapple and grillin go hand in hand where I come from.

Thank you for the ask, Anon. I enjoy fun conversations that come about from obscure fandom tidbits. Have a magical day, Anon. 🌟💫✨

Alice 🐇🍍☀️😃

EXO Reaction To You Being Vegan/Vegetarian

Xiumin: Xiu just couldn’t understand why you would give up meat, and he’s a pretty understanding guy. When you refused the Korean barbeque he had offer you, Xiumin looked at you in shock. Korean barbeque had been your guys’ favorite date place. It had been a spur of the moment, you wanted to be healthier and this was the perfect way.

Luhan: Luhan couldn’t understand why you would want to be a vegetarian when there was so much meat in the world. You could have it in so many different ways too: kabobs, burgers, steak, stir-fry, soups, the list could go on and on. “Lu, we’ve talked about this.” You would say while eating your vegetarian bibimbap, “I prefer not eating meat, it’s not that healthy for you and I hate seeing poor little animals being hurt.” Which Luhan would just look at you like this with a huge steak in front of him. 

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Kris: You regretted every telling Kris that you were going to be a vegan from now on. For some reason, Kris’s oh so special brain, couldn’t wrap around what a vegan can and can’t eat. He was a sweet boyfriend, always picking up snacks for you as you had longs hours at work but he kept on messing up. One day it would be he got things with cheese covered the entirety of it or another day it would be a vegan looking meal that actually had eggs in it. You knew Kris was trying to help you adjust, like he always does, but maybe you should just figure out on your own.

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Lay: “Wait, so a vegan can’t eat anything with dairy, meat, or any animal based products? What do you eat then?”

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Suho: I think Suho would be all for you wanted to have a healthier lifestyle and changing your eating habits. He would volunteer to grab groceries that matched your needs when you had to work late and wouldn’t be able to shop until late at night. The two of you could be seen at the farmers market every Saturday checking out the newest herbs and nuts they had on stock. You couldn’t get Suho on the train with you to stop eating meat but you were happy that you were able to at least put a few more greens on his plate. Not that he really needed it with his being a health freak himself.

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Chen: “Yah! There’s no way this is better than steamed meat buns!” Chen yelled your way as you prepared the falafel wrap you were having for lunch. He thought it was a joke when you came in with a bunch of groceries saying you were going to be a vegetarian from now on. Chen still didn’t fully believe you as the days turn into a week, he was just waiting to catch you late at night eating some bulgogi that you loved so much. However, he didn’t catch you because you hadn’t cheated your new lifestyle. You loved your new eating habits, it helped you stay more alert and you felt much more refreshed. Chen pulled a leaf of lettuce out of your wrap. “Yah! What are we? Dinosaurs? Actually, don’t answer that!”  

Chanyeol: Chanyeol didn’t really mind that you wanted to become a vegetarian, but he still couldn’t fathom why you would ever want to give up meat. “But Jagi, what about Korean Beef? How can you just turn your head from Korean Beef?”

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Baekhyun: “What did you say this dish was called again?” Baekhyun asked while staring warily at his soup. “Dill Pickle Lentil Soup, I saw it in a magazine.” You replied back as you ladled some into your own bowl. You had decided to become a vegan for better health results and to help the environment. The only meals you had been able to produce where ones you found in random vegan magazines or blogs online. Grabbing a spoonful, Baekhyun prayed that it tasted somewhat good. Coming up from almost finishing half of your bowl, you smile at your boyfriend. “It’s good, right?” Baekhyun smiled weakly back at you. “Oh yeah, it’s delicious Jagi.” 

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D.O:  Kyungsoo didn’t mind much that you had decided to become a vegan because that just meant he got to look up more recipes that he could experiment with. Every night there would be new exotic smells coming from the kitchen as you walked through the front door. You hadn’t seen Kyungsoo this happy in a long time, for the past two weeks the minute you walked into the kitchen, Kyungsoo would swarm upon you to taste his new non-cream sauce or his no-meatloaf. “Okay, try this one. You’ll like this one more than yesterday’s.” Kyungsoo said before gently forcing his wooden spoon between your lips. It was delicious, of course, but you still nodded your head vigorously to let Kyungsoo you appreciated his cooking skills. s

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Tao: Tao didn’t really understand why you wanted to become a vegetarian but as long as it didn’t affect him then he was fine with it. Until you asked him to try all the new veggie recipes you had been trying recently. Tao wasn’t rude unnecessarily (or so he thought) but the recipes you were trying were fucking nasty. He had told you about three times now he didn’t want to try anymore of your meals, so when he heard you skipping from the kitchen he would hurry up his panda ass and hide.  

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Kai: “Kai, can you help me with dinner?” You called out while pulling the groceries you had bought from the farmers market onto the kitchen counter. “Sure, what are we-“ Kai faded out as he saw the colossal heaps of vegetables piled on the counter. “Um, Jagi?” Kai asked as you busied yourself with getting out the cutting boards and other tools needed for tonight’s dinner. “Yeah? What is it, babe?” Kai held up a stock of broccoli in apprehension, “Where’s the meat?” Smiling at your confused boyfriend, you walked over to grab the broccoli from him. “No meat, we’re going vegetarian. I wanna try something healthier.” Kai scratched at his head before walking in your line of vision. “I’m happy for you but, where’s my chicken?” 

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Sehun: “Come on Sehunnie, it’s only a block away.” You said while pulling your boyfriend’s arm towards the direction of the new vegan shop you wanted to try. It had been rather easy for Sehun and you to adapt to your new lifestyle. The both of you weren’t really the cooking type, so a lot of your meals were getting takeout and eat at home while watching a movie or such. It had been a little routine now for you to get something from the few vegan places in Seoul and then follow Sehun to a restaurant of his choosing. You felt your hand be tugged as you noticed Sehun wasn’t walking anymore, instead the two of you were in front of a bubble tea shop. “I’m just going to get our usual, okay Jagi?” Sehun said while walking away from you. “Just get yours, Sehun.” He would look at you in confusion as you made your way to a bench. “It’s made with milk Sehun, I can’t drink milk.” 

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Whole 30 Round 2: Day 3

Lunch: Apples and almond butter. 

Dinner: Steak kabobs, grilled veggies, and fresh fruit from Zoe’s Kitchen. If you’ve got one near you, check it out. Lots on the menu that’s both Whole 30 compliant and not a salad!

Snacky Things: Almonds and some sparkling water.

Exercise: Walked 2.5 km


Ugh… I’m in the zone where I feel like I’m in a perpetual blood sugar crash and it sucks mightily. I’m not even really hungry. I just feel weak and tired. But it will get better. Just a few more days and I won’t have to deal with it anymore. I’ll just have to deal with the hormone mayhem.

Seriously… this is the only diet I know where there are honest to goodness side effects. Tells you something about the truth of food addiction.