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Hamburger steak and beef steak at “Gyusha 牛車” nakasu Fukuoka Japan 05 Sep 2016 1800yen


Need to procrastinate from studying for my finance exam so I’ll write about the new POT I met last weekend. We’ll call him Dallas. 

Dallas is a married forty-something from Texas (obviously) who travels to my city a lot for business. We starting texting a little bit about what expectations we had and what not. He asked me to meet him at one of the steak houses in town. I told him I wanted money just for dinner…just a little something to show me that he was serious. He was not into that. I finally decided that we weren’t ever going to agree and so I just stopped answering. 

Weirdly though, a couple of hours later my friend from high school texted me and asked me to meet her at the steak house that I was supposed to meet Dallas at. I agreed and damn me and her had a bomb ass dinner. 

I was feeling especially generous after dinner so I decided to text Dallas again. I texted him something like “weirdly just had dinner with an old friend at the steak house we were supposed to meet at…made me think of you.” Well for some reason he just ate that shit up. Started telling me how sweet and charming I was. I don’t fucking know men are weird. 

We kept texting throughout the night. He actually was pretty entertaining, really smart and had my same sarcastic sense of humor. As our conversation started to die down, I stated how it was a shame we couldn’t agree on a number and how we would never meet. He quickly changed his tune and agreed to $300 just to meet and $1000 if we had “chemistry” in person. I could literally fake chemistry with a brick wall if there was enough money involved but whatever you need to tell yourself. 

The next morning I woke up to a bunch of texts from him telling me how excited he was that we were going to have dinner. Guess he was feeling pretty confident that I wasn’t a fake because he venmoed me $300 for my “uber fare” before I even got to the restaurant. I met him for an early dinner at a nicer Mexican restaurant in town. He was shorter and a little nerdier then I was expecting but still not bad. Dinner went well. He was super impressed by the business program I’m in right now and I get the sense that he was a little intimidated by me…even though I’m 20 years old and have no idea what the fuck I’m doing but okay. 

After dinner we went back to his hotel. Guess he was feeling the chemistry 🙄. We talked and drank champagne in his room. Once I was buzzed enough we started making out and what not. Finally I went to go blow him and JESUS. The man was hung. I think the biggest dick I’ve ever seen actually. I eye rolled to myself when I walked into the room and there were magnums sitting on the dresser but he definitely needed them. So I blew him and he came pretty quickly. Thank god because again he was huge. A little while later we had sex and then like an hour of cuddling. He was the type that liked to be hugged and cuddled more than the actual sex. Definitely not getting any love from the wifey at home I guess. 

He had an early flight and it was also daylight savings so he wanted to get to bed which was fine by me because I was all cuddled out. I got dressed and he slipped me $1000 on my way out. Before I was even on the elevator to leave he texted me telling me how “in awe” he is of me and how he can’t wait until his next conference in my city.

And to think he wasn’t going to meet me because he didn’t want to pay me upfront for dinner.  Men are silly. 

anonymous asked:

Hey Chris! I'm gonna be in Indy for a few months for a film shoot and I was wondering if you could give me some good restaurant recs? I avoid yelp as it isn't always a real result

Idk what part of the city you’ll be in and what price point but these are all Chris-approved:
Bru Burger is my go-to, Patachou, Bazbeaux Pizza, Kilroy’s, Bakersfield, Ale Emporium, St. Elmo’s or its cheaper sister Harry & Izzy’s if you’re looking for steak, Yard House, City Market has a bunch of different vendors, MoFoCo, Taste of Havana in Broad Ripple if you want a bombass Cuban sandwich, The Sinking Ship, Twenty Tap, Big Lug brewery…

I like to eat.

the boys did get to eat “american steak” because look where rapmon took his #kimdaily 

behind him is this restaurant 

and here’s inside…

Benjamin Steak House is one of the best (if not the best) steakhouses in NYC where prices go for about $9 USD for bottled water, the steak itself being $54 USD (without sides!- potatoes, soups and salads starting at $11 up to $37 USD each extra to fill up your plates)