steak house

#32 - The Stinking Rose

With a ceiling lined of garlic bulbs and wine bottles, it’s possible you may smell the Stinking Rose before you see it. Every item on this steak house’s menu has one main ingredient - garlic. Garlic fries, garlic ribs and garlic ice cream. The inside decor is circus themed and is a great place for a romantic dinner, a classy birthday party, or even a quiet business engagement. Parking is valet only for $5.50. Enjoy, and don’t forget to bring a mint!

Address: 55 N La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211


One of the great steaks in New York City, Chef Michael White’s Tomahawk Ribeye at Costata! A rare cut available at only a couple steakhouses in the city, this 44 oz. bad boy is aged 40 days and served medium rare with horseradish cream and Bordelaise sauce. Truly something special!!


206 Spring St.

NY, NY 10012