steak hotel

Good idea, bro.

CONCIERGE: So unfortunately Peter Luger is fully committed until 11:30PM. Do you want 11:30 or try another night?
GUEST: Hm. Well if they don’t have 8, let’s do 9.
CONCIERGE: Ok. But they’re fully committed until 11:30PM. That will be the earliest we can get a table.
GUEST: Right. Right. I got it. So what if I do something early? Like 7?
CONCIERGE: They are fully committed until 11:30PM.
GUEST: Oh, ok. Ok. 6?
GUEST: Do this. Make a reservation for just one person and then the 3 of us will just show up and ask for more space.

vagabond ; michael au { pt 8 }

part seven

Dahlia ended up crushing Michael. He had only taken one shot at the object balls, pocketing two, but then scratching when aiming for the third. Dahlia placed the cue ball strategically and aimed with precision. She pocketed ball after ball in ascending order, Michael watching in awe. Then she finally aimed at the nine ball, the ball she needed to pocket to win.

She glanced up from the table, meeting Michael’s eye. She smirked at him as she let the pole slide through her fingers, hitting the cue ball and sending it rolling towards the nine ball. Like she expected, it rebounded off the side of the table and went straight into the corner pocket.

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