steak & cake


All the amazing amazing amazing food I got a Vegan Soulfest in Baltimore on Saturday. This was like one of the best days of my life. A vegan festival filled with Black people. I was in heaven! It was an awesome event, I enjoyed it way more than the 2 vegfests I’ve been too. There were tons of vendors selling tons of stuff but I’m a sucker for food so that was priority #1

But yea everything was delicious. I brought a lot of it home because I couldn’t eat that much food in one day! I got lots of mac & cheese and vegan chicken, a rib sandwich, a cheese steak, chocolate chip cookies, carrot cake. The mac and cheese in the last 2 pictures is my fav, it’s from Sweet & Natural and the drumsticks above are too good for this world. I had way too much fun throwing money at people… Black people :))))

the signs as food
  • aries: jalapeño peppers
  • taurus: deep fried twinkie
  • gemini: a hot pocket but still frozen
  • cancer: crab cakes
  • leo: steak
  • virgo: really good fudge, like, gourmet fudge
  • libra: gogurt
  • scorpio: those jellybeans where theres rly gross ones but also the regular ones but they look the same
  • sagittarius: oreos
  • capricorn: freshly baked bread
  • aquarius: 3 day old sushi
  • pisces: regular, not gross sushi

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one song: About You-xxyyxx (it calms me)

two movies: Pan’s Labyrinth & The Nightmare Before Christmas

three shows: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Walking Dead & The Outsiders

four people: Clay Matthews, Rihanna, my mom & Micah

five foods: TACOS, guacamole, steak, salad & carrot cake

six people to tag: @godfatherofgreenbay and 5 other people that want to do it

things i’m currently in love with, tagged by the delightful @gleefully-macabre

one song: 500 Miles by the Proclaimers.  It makes me so happy every time I hear it.

two movies: Strange Magic *gasp* and Dr. Strange (I sense a trend…)

three shows: Doctor Who, The Librarians, Gravity Falls

four people: Real people?  Fictional?  We’ll go with real.  Peter Capaldi, Richard Armitage, Jeremy Renner, Christian Kane.

five foods: No-bake cookies, applesauce snack cake, steak and rice with dill marinade, the rosemary Parmesan bread from Costco, and the chips from Chipotle.

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Things I love !

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ONE SONG: ordinary world- Green Day

TWO MOVIES: bridgend and blue is warmest color

THREE SHOWS: stranger things, skins, doctor who

FOUR PEOPLE: my smol granny, my other best friend, Lozzzzzzzz( @ittakestrengthtobekind ), and lovely @moonchild-glokid

FIVE FOODS: animal crackers, chicken, cake, pretzels, steak

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I have 1 more day of week 1 for my C25K app.
I was suppose to do it this weekend, but it’s been -1 degree all weekend….So I hibernated instead. 😏

I have work tomorrow, so I’ll go after and finish week 1. It’s suppose to go back up to 60 Tuesday so I shouldn’t have a problem getting out.

My eating was horrible last night. We celebrated Hubby’s bday. My pregnant sis in law was over and omg. I get pregnancy appetite whenever she’s close by, lol. We had steak and potatoes, with cake after. I managed to pace myself pretty good…It was just a constant eat, just very slowly I guess.

I have my first weigh in tomorrow. 😕


Have you ever wished, in these dulcet weeks of fall, that there might be one place you could go to find every pumpkin thing you ever wanted? If so, then today I am your wish granting genie, because that place in the virtual food heavens has arrived: The #virtualpumpkinparty hosted by Cake Over Steak. Everywhere on social media, from Instagram to Twitter and beyond, you will find pumpkin in every creamy, delectable, sweet, savory, crunchy, wild, and totally tame form imaginable.

Today, collectively, food bloggers everywhere are crying one primal pumpkin scream. And it sounds like YUM.

In my kitchen, it also sounds like pumpkin goat cheese polenta swirled with heaps of parmesan and brown butter, a touch of brown sugar, and topped thyme infused chanterelle mushrooms with kale. If this dish doesn’t fulfill all your savory fall fantasies, I have nothing left for you. Jk. I’ll still love you. But you might want to check your autumn-ometer, because this polenta is off the fall hizzy.

Read more and get the recipe here!