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For the dirty talk, just to bring it up again: thigh riding. Who'd be up for it, and how do you think it'd go down?

Sirius: you’d be drunk. both of you. unable to quite get ahold of your actions, but still needing each other.

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BTS Reaction: Intense sex


Sex with Jin is always intimate and passionate, so it’s not an unusual occurence for the two of you to have intense sex anyway. But when you do, he has you arching your back and curling your toes, releasing muffled moans into his broad shoulders. He’d take extra time to please you, starting by tenderly licking your folds then maneuvering his lips around the rest of your body. In the moment, the most important thing to him is your pleasure, so he won’t let you go any where near his pulsating member until he’s deeply rocking into you. As he thrusts into you at a leisurely pace, he’ll place open mouthed kisses along the curve of your neck, meeting your eyes after every particularly sharp thrust.

“Do you like that, sweetheart?”

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Sex usually only goes either of these two ways with Yoongi: rough fucking or lazy sex. It’s only on special occasions, like your birthday, that he spoils you by doing whatever you want; this time it happened to be sensual sex. He was dubious at first, thinking there was a lot better and dirtier stuff the two of you could be doing, but nonetheless he accepted anyway. However, he soon grew to love it as plunging into you slowly allowed him to bask in the pleasure longer and let him take the time to really appreciate you, not just your body. He’d grasp your jaw and forcefully push his lips against your own, his tongue wrestling your own for a while before he decided to form his admiration into words.

“I’m so in love with you, Y/n.”

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Intense sex was one of the best ways to show Hobi that you really love him, knowing that he feels down and self doubting often. Each steady grind against his hips below you earned an exhausted moan from him; his fingers delicately holding onto your waist as you ride him, the sweat coating your bodies making your movements easier. As both of you get closer to your high, he clasps the back of your head pulling you down into his chest and meeting your lips in a soft kiss, his hands now stroking your hair gently. Once the two of you have finished and cleaned up, he pulls you into his chest, peppering kisses along the nape of your neck, treating you as you did him.

“What would I do without you, angel?”

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Having just won an award that night, Joon came home in an incredibly amorous mood, pulling you towards him immediately after catching sight of you at home. Feeling especially grateful for your presence in his life, he gave you the best oral you’d ever received, licking and flicking in all directions, making you cum twice just from that. Soon the two of you were bare, hands all over the over and hips meeting simultaneously. Thrusting into you at an unimaginable pace, still hitting all your favourite spots, making both of your satisfied sounds echo around the room.

“You truly are a blessing, babygirl.”

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He felt it was time to repay you for the constant praise and happiness you give him, wanting to do the same in return. Admiring every curve and beauty mark on your body, he made new marks of his own along your stomach and chest, lingering when his lips arrive to your neck. He’s combing his fingers through your hair when he enters you smoothly, hissing at the warmth of your core and sending you a loving smile soon after. His skilled hips moving swiftly to give you the utmost pleasure leading to your nails leaving a trail of scratches down his toned back. His hands interlock with yours above your head, gazing at your face as you twist in gratification.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, baby. You don’t even know it.”

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Long periods of time filled without each other meant extreme sexual frustration, so when he finally arrived home after months of touring the both of you were desperate for release. Within barely minutes of being in each others presence, both of your clothes were thrown somewhere around the apartment, the two of you now intensely making out on the bed. However, he suddenly started to slow down when inserted himself in you, his strokes being slow and deep. The new feeling made the both of you erupt in a series of moans, the slow pace being surprisingly breathtaking. Your breaths mixed together, his eyes meeting yours as you both pursued your highs.

“I missed you so freakin’ much.”

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Kookie always felt guilty after having a fight with you but could never form the right words to apologize. Instead, his way of apologizing was through fervent make-up sex. He carried you into the bedroom and lay you onto the bed. Hovering over you, his hands caress your face as if he was afraid you would break from the slightest touch. His thrusts were ardent, his eyes running over your body as you shook from the tremendous pleasure, his hands now move to keep your writhing hips down. He manages to mutter praises to you through the in-suppressible high-pitched moans fleeing from his throat; the sultry expression on your face being enough of a response to him, the look imprinted on his mind days afterwards.

“I can’t stay away from you.”

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How about Harry rubbing his tip against your clit..

You’re laying on the kitchen counter, your hot and sweaty back against the cold surface. Harry is holding your legs open for him, and looking down at where you two are joined, watching the way you’re taking him in so easily, his cock glistening from your juices as he thrusts into you in a steady pace, rolling and grinding his hips.

Biting his raspberry lips between his teeth, nostrils flared out as his lashes flutter, and his head tips back, a raspy groan leaves his throat.

“So close, so close from yeh fuckin’ cunt.. doin’ so good fo’ m’.”

He takes a grip of his shaft after he pulls out of you, leaving you whimpering after his touch, his strech and warmth. But your whimpers turn into shaky legs, body jolts and choked up moans, when Harry starts rubbing his tip against your clit.

You pop yourself on your elbows so you can see the full view of Harry’s furrowed brows and his fallen plump lips, his hand working quickly as his chest rises up and down quickly, right between your trembling legs. Harry curses deep under his breath, as the grip of his hand on his cock tightens, when you let out a cry.

You bite your lips, trying so hard to keep your eyes open and your head up. You can tell that Harry’s right on the edge.

“Is daddy gonna cum nicely for me?” you ask him, but he doesn’t even look at you, just eyes clamped shut, he nods to you, as he presses his sensitive tip against you, making your body jolt once again.


Harry’s panting, his hand gripping tightly to the edge of the counter, knuckles turning white.

“I’m- I’m gonna cu-cum..” he breathes out heavily, throwing his head back, a vein popped up on his neck. His moans get louder and louder, as the tension in his tummy grows. Then he goes completely silent. Hot, white spurts cover your wet core, dripping down from your clit. Harry’s body jerks, as he presses his tip against you one more time, the sensitiveness making him hiss.

He leans down to kiss the insides of your thighs, nibbling your skin and blowing some cooling air on the wet spots. He looks up to you in awe, as you breathe heavily, your hair in a mess and the way your cunt is covered in his cum.

"Look at tha’.. Yeh sweet cunt drippin’ from daddy’s cum.”

Mistaken thoughts-m

Justin and you attend a business event after not seeing each other for a week, he gives you the cold shoulder which makes you confused..maybe it seemed like he fell out of love?? [jb x reader] warnings; mature, angst.

“Quit touching me” he seethes through his teeth.

“What?” you smile back.

You tilt your head as you innocently keep your hand on his thigh. You know you shouldn’t be provoking him but you couldn’t help but find his reactions so amusing. He had been super busy with travelling and business you two had hardly anytime alone.

The scenery was amazing, a building so structured and built so well, it almost reminded you of an ancient castle of some sort. The night sky was pitch black, the trees were barely there but you could make out the shapes and branches as it swung in the cold air. Speaking of cold air, you could definitely feel the chilly breeze hit your exposed arms and legs.

“Are you cold?” he whispers lowly beside your ear as he places his hand on the crook of your lower back.

You could feel the shiver travel down your spine, not because of the breeze but because of barely there touch of justin’s hand.

Beautiful looking figured women and men were surrounded you as you scan your eyes left and right. You now felt out of place as you lean down to slowly sip your glass of alcohol. 

“Hey!” you turn your head to the familiar voice and see Kendall and Hailey.

After a while of walking around the exhibit of art, expensive yet bland like of looking paintings and structures you finally feel tired and a bit off from all the walking and wine you’ve drank.

“So he was carrying me on his back and then he just dropped me,” kendall exclaims as she continues to tell you two her hilarious story of a recent fan meet story, where supposebly a male fan wanted to take a photo with her on his back, instead he dropped her. You laugh along with the girls as they continue to joke around. You were glad you bumped into them or else you’ll just be dragged along beside Justin and his stupid business conversations that you had no intention of listening to. 

“By the way, i really like how the dress works with your body,” hailey squeals out, pinching the fabric between her manicured nails, “expensive?”

“yeah, it’s a little over a thousand.” you answer back and you twirl the bubbly liquid remaining in your glass.

“Justin has that kind of money, that boy sure does love you,” she says in a teasing voice.

You smile back as you hear Justin’s name being mentioned. You almost forgot about justin, “I hope he does,” you whisper under your breath. Kendall and hailey didn’t seem to hear as they begin ranting and gossiping again.

“I’ve been looking for you everywhere! Jesus stop running away from me and answer your phone next time,” justin scolds you as he drags you by the forearm into the black vehicle.

You wanted to cry and wail like a baby at him. You were the one looking and waiting for him. You try to keep up with his pace as you painfully walk to the car. 

“Justin,” you squeak out, your voice slightly breaking because of the aching in your feet. He narrows his eyes to your for a moment as soon as he hears the tone in your voice. “My feet. It hurts.” He quickly and effortlessly scoop you up bridal style and opens the door, placing you carefully before getting in as well.

You weren’t sure if Justin still loved you like before, you were scared he had moved on. You hadn’t seen him in a week and a half and during the time apart you two barely spoke or facetimed. You had been super busy with college as well as managing a partime job, even though he insisted you he could cover all your financial issues even though you knew he could easily do that, you still wanted a normal life despite being in a relationship with a rich billionaire. Most of the times when you would call him he would quickly excuse himself because of a ‘meeting with important people’ but whenever he calls you, he always expects you to answer his call. “Ugh that stupid idiotic-”

The sounds of water droplets rang through your ears, awakening you from your sleep. The feeling of silk and satin sheets run through your fingers, the warmth of the soft blankets covering over almost bare body. You run your hand at your body, mentally sighing as you realise you weren’t fully nude and was probably wearing one of Justin’s tshirts. “You’re awake.” 

You snap your direction to the man walking into the bedroom freshly showered with a towel wrapped around his torso, your eyes follow and he paces out of the door once again and down the stairs, despairing from your sight. You sigh out as you lay flat back onto the bed, making a ‘oof’ sound, wow this bed was so comfortable. Did he change his mattress or something?

You feel the bed sudden droop down the side, indicating justin was back and seated next to you. You watch as he holds out a glass of water with a small white pill. You sit up and take the single pill, along with the glass and do as directed. Did this show he cared? You gently place the glass on the side table and cross your legs, playing with your feet, which was a habit you had when you were nervous. 

“Nervous are we babygirl?” He says as he reaches and tucks a heavy strand off hair to the back of your ear, since your posture and leaning caused your messy hair to drape like a curtain around your face. He reaches to the back of your neck and cups your face, gently as ever and plants a single kiss below your ear. As soon as you thought it was over and you two could sleep, he starts to suck a little harsher, the kisses going lower. 

“Can we finish what you started in the car?” he mutters as he lays his head into your shoulder causing his slightly damp golden locks to tickle your chin and nose. You don’t reply for a moment, you weren’t sure why, maybe it was just because you were so shocked at how tonight escalated, just a moment ago you were doubting whether he still loved you, just back at the event justin was scolding you, ignoring you, this made your heart ache and the hole was still there, bleeding almost, you were crying to be loved by this man. 

“Baby?” he mumbles against your shoulder when he realises you have not responded yet, “are you ok? You seem a bit… out of place.” 

Your heart drops and you dont know why you couldn’t respond back to him, you loved him, you were now going to show him just how much. 

Soft as ever could be, the clean skin of his upper body smooths against your fingertips, you take your time as you feel the structured abs on his glorious body. You quickly get up and sit on his lap, your front body rubbing against his bare one. 

“Are you sure you still have the energy to do this?” justin laughs as you start to pepper kiss his neck, “not long ago you were just passed out.” 

You grind your hips against his towel, the thin fabric of your panties were so thin and transparent you could basically feel the whole length of his erection, not to mention the amazing thick texture of his towel. You angle your clit as you began to rock your hips at a steady pace, the fire quickly igniting between you two, the room suddenly suffocating in heat and lust. 

A large pair of hands suddenly coming to your waist and he steadies your grinding, “fuck-Ugh stop for a moment,” he growls out as tries to hold you steady. You really needed to orgasm and you were so desperate after ages of not seeing him, you wanted to share something intimate and he wanted you to stop? 

“Really? “ you breathe out, a verge of tears appearing, you really needed to cum and you were so stressed and angry with justin you couldn’t help but cry. Justin had his eyes closed and his head thrown back against the wall so he couldn’t see your eyes. 

“Stop babygirl, i’m not gonna last long if you keep that up.” he breathes out as he bites down on his pink lips you now wanted to kiss so badly. 

You feel anger get the better of you and as if your hands had mind of their own, you swiftly reach in between your bodies and remove his towel, leaving him bare. Justin’s eyes flash open in surprise at the action. He first noticed the towel being removed but then his eyes travelled to your face. 

“Babe. You’re crying?” 

Before he could react, you grab a hold of his cock, he was so hard and stiff you moan out as you start to pump his length in your hand. Justin groans out loud as he starts to react by shifting his hips at your hand, trying his best to thrust into your fingers, despite you sitting on top of him. You inwardly smile as this showed you justin needed this more than you thought, you loved seeing him desperate for your touch. He starts to twitch in your fingers, the precum from his tip leaking all over your pumping hand making it so much easier to move smoothly, you couldn’t help but bite your lip at the sight. 

“Ugh-f-fucking hell. Im not gonna last,” he groans out into your ear making you smile as he sounded shaky and breathless. 

You wanted to make him loose control so bad, almost to punish him for not calling you even though that sounds childish you didnt really care. 

Without thinking, you hold his length and shove him into your core. You both moan at the same time, the action taking you both by surprise. He detaches his hands from your waist and grip tightly onto the bedsheets causing his knuckles to turn white. Justin was using all the self control he had to prevent himself from letting go. 

“F-f-fuck. So tight.” he grunts out as you start to move your hips a bit. 

Despite not having any action the past week, you tried your best to adjust with his size but it felt so constricted it didn’t really feel as pleasurable as the other times you’ve had sex. 

You hold onto his broad shoulders as you use it to help yourself rock back and forth, suddenly loving how he felt inside of you, you speed up a tad. 

“Im cumming,” you snap your eyes opening at his words, you see the way he had his pink lips turning white from how hard he was biting them, how his forehead was now sweating and hair flopped against his forehead, everything telling you he had good sex. 

You bite your lip happily. He moves his hips up, trembling his thighs as you feel his cock twitching inside your core. You move your eyes down at the sight, taking in how beautiful he looked like this, how much you missed the sight. He wails out in pleasure as he lets go, his seed warm inside of you, filling you up. 

Narrowing your eyes down, you could see how his lower stomach clenched and unclenched, how his chest the heaving up and down so fast like he ran a thousand miles. 

He stays like that for a while, trying to catch his breath. You get off his length, carefully, taking a seat on his thighs. You squint your eyes in disgust as you watch the string of arousal mixed across his thighs. Before you could get up and clean it off, your back was suddenly being met with the mattress. 

“Let me return the favour babygirl,” he says with a huge smile. 

 He intertwines your fingers with his large ones as he pins you down.

“My beautiful baby,” he mumbles in a loving voice as he sucks down on your neck.


POV: Min Yoongi

Genre: Angst, smut

Word Count: 1.4k

A/N: This fic is based on Chandelier by Sia. I’ve wanted to write it for literally almost a whole year, so here it is. I think it’ll end up a series if you guys really like this one, so definitely send in a few requests for song fics and we’ll see where it ends up, hahah. Anyway, my masterlist is here, and requests are open for Yoongi (aka daddy of the week)! You can still vote for the next Daddy of the Week here

Party boys don’t get hurt. I toss back a shot and wrap my arm around the girl next to me. She leans into my touch and I smile. This is nice, I think to myself.

“Yoongi!” Jimin is calling me from across the room, and I take this girl’s hand in my own, pulling her with me.

“Dude, what are you doing?” Jimin asks when I get close enough to hear him over the loud music.

My heart drops at the look on his face. “I- I dunno…” I stammer. He presses his hand to the back of my neck and looks at me with big brown eyes full of concern.

“Well, I’m here for you, man,” he says, ever the caretaker.

I shrug and walk away. The only thing on my mind right now is getting smashed, and then smashing thereafter. This girl’s hand is soft against mine, the contrast pulling at my heart. Only because she feels like her. She even kind of looks like her. I push it down. She smiles, leading me back to the pool table.

“What’s your name?!” she yells over the music.

“Anything you want it to be!” I yell back. She beams at me, her dark brown hair falling over her bare shoulders. I hadn’t even noticed that she’s wearing a halter dress, the black fabric falling perfectly at the middle of her thighs. I sweep a look down at her shoes. Black flats. Smart. Delicate.

“Don’t look at me like that,” I say as she presses herself closer to me, her eyes smoldering like she wants to know what makes me tick. “I don’t have feelings,” I warn. The last girl I was with stole them from me. I push it down. I push it clear to the bottom of the pile of undealt-with shit in my mind, drop it back with another shot. How many is that now?

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"Im going to need you to put on some underwear" or something prompt for bellarke... hopefully its bellamy saying it to clarke, or both situations x

I love this one. I love it. Thanks for the prompt, nonny! This got a little….risque but with a prompt like that, how could I not?


A normal relationship looks like this: mutual trust, honesty, passion, and respect. Eventually, love. For Clarke, well, she’s never been any good at normal relationships. Hell, her current one was built off mutual hate and loathing paired with constant bickering. There is definitely passion, oh yes, and that was discovered the first time she and Bellamy ever slept together. She’d like to say they were both drunk and just  stumbled upon it but the truth is, it was bound to happen. One moment they had been arguing, probably over something small, and the next they were ripping each others clothes off and falling into bed together. There is definitely passion. 

Sometimes it manifests itself in unique ways. They argue over Netflix documentaries and their historical accuracies (and usually she loses because Bellamy Blake is a history NERD), over how to properly fry an egg, and even over stuff they normally agree on. Okay, maybe they argue because they enjoy it sometimes and when Bellamy gets fired up, he’s extremely attractive. All this to say, their passion is never absent, just present in specific moments. Like this one, as she stands in the mirror trying to make herself look like a sex object but not for the reason you would think.

No, she’s currently sporting one of Bellamy’s dress shirts complete (or incomplete, depending on how you look at it) without anything underneath. No bra. No panties. No shorts. Zilch. While, technically, her endgame is exactly what you think it would be, it’s not without making him suffer first. After all, he started the war. She’s ready to end it.

Pranks are nothing new to them. Even during their mutual hatred, pre-passion, stage, they played pranks on each other often. Stupid shit, sometimes embarrassing shit. Now that they’re together, it’s only gotten worse. Today he took off the toilet seat in the bathroom causing her to fall into the toilet bowl as she shuffled in, half asleep, for her morning bathroom break. It’s just as childish as it sounds and all because they had gotten into a fight over the toilet seat two days ago (he’s used to living alone now, he can’t help old habits!).

Is she taking this too far? It’s possible, but she’s already committed and honestly, it’s way better than falling ass first into a nasty toilet. He’s currently sitting in the living room on some important conference call (college professors do this, apparently) completely unexpecting. Show time. 

He pays her no mind as she walks into the living room, typing away at something on his laptop and nodding profusely at something someone on the other line is saying. She’s trying to go for casual, so she walks to the TV stand and pretends to be looking at movies. He’s sitting directly across from her, so she knows he is seeing this. As she bends over further, she hears his sharp intake of breath as the shirt reveals her perfectly round ass. She’s been doing squats specifically for moments like this. When she turns around, she sees his face has gone completely slack and he’s watching her in reverie. 

“Um, yeah,” he says into the phone, “I’ve just been trying to figure out ways to engage students in the content more. Make them want to show up for class and participate…”

Always a dreamer, that one. Now that she has attention, she moves towards the couch with a devilish smile. On instinct, he leans back and watches her saunter towards him. He is humming into the phone, pretending to really comprehend what the person is telling him. She crawls onto the couch and straddles him, letting her naked bottom half rub against him. His eyes are hooded and he has completely checked out from the conversation, struggling to hold the phone to his ear. 

“Yes sir, I’m listening,” he manages to get out with a steady voice. She grinds down on him for extra measure and she swears he whimpers.

She kisses his neck, right in the spot she knows he likes, and he seems to lose all self control in the worst way possible.

“I’m going to need you to put on some underwear!” he hisses and both their eyes go wide. She has to cover her mouth to keep from laughing at his mortification.

“I’m sorry, everyone. I’m watching my nephew,” he recovers fairly quickly, a little to her displeasure, “I’m going to have to dial back in once I take care of this.”

Luckily, he hasn’t moved her from his lap so she grinds back down for good measure. He presses down on the red button aggressively and tosses his phone on the table. Before she knows it, he has her pinned to the couch below him.

“Very funny,” he growls, and she’s happy to know there is no real malice in his voice.

“That’s what you get for the toilet seat.”

He laughs and pokes at her sides, “Is that the best you got, Griffin? Seducing me while I’m on the phone?”

She shrugs innocently and leans up to kiss him. She squeals in delight when he picks her up from the couch and throws her over his shoulder. 

“Shouldn’t you call them back?” she asks.

“I can think of something else I’d rather do.”

Like she said: passion.

Say His Name

Velveteen Dream/Reader, non-explicit Aleister Black/Reader, implied Velveteen Dream/Aleister Black
Smut and angst; 1515 words


You like Aleister, and, going by the way he looks at you, the fact that he apparently can’t ever stop staring at you, you’re pretty certain he likes you back. And surely, you think, it should be the simplest thing in the world, for two people who are in mutual like to at least make an attempt at getting to know one another better, but nothing, it seems, is that simple when it comes to Aleister.

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I’m on mobile sorry :-/ (there’s public unrination soo…)

For my one and only @nocoxs




“I-I can’t hold it in anymore.” You’re on the verge of tears, bladder seemingly in blissful disarray.

He idly sips on his drink, making sure you hear the slurping sound effects. “Not yet ___.” He whispers into your ear, taking another slurp.

The bumping of the subway car aided in your failing bladder. With each jump of the wheels off the tracks, lead you closer to relieving yourself on the crowded train.

That actually didn’t sound like a bad idea right now. It’s not like you’d get fined for public indecency for wetting your pants.

When the train comes to a shrieking halt, pulling up to one of the platforms, the rush hour crowd shifts. More people hop on than off and it wedges you and Jimin between the door and railing.

Jimin rests a palm at the base of your hip. This small gesture seemed innocent enough and you’d thought he’d finally given up on bothering you, you spoke too soon. His fingers deftly trailed down to undo the button of your jeans. Your gasp fell short when he pressed you up against the class of the door.

“Open your legs.” He stressed his command with a firm thigh wriggling itself between your legs.

Once he had full access to your core he dove in, shoving one hand into the fabric of your jeans to cup your heat. You were wet and warm and Jimin couldn’t decide if it was from arousal or if you’d actually pissed yourself and he chuckled darkly at the unknown.

Ok now this, they might fine you for. You swiped his hand away in earnest, wanting him to abandon the childish antics he’d been taking part in ever since you said you’d had to use the restroom.

“J-Jimin.” Your attempt at sounding stern was a waste when the cracking in your voice could be so easily heard.

“You have to go don’t you?” He inquires this all while circling your clit, “I’m just trying to help you out baby.”

You let out a string of garbled moans, bracing your weight against the metal door. You garner the attention of a mother of two sitting close by with her children cuddled close to her. She gives you a disapproving look, turning her children’s heads away from the lecherous scene playing out on the public transit.

“…hah J-J…”

Jimin coos into your ear to quiet down, inserting a finger into your cunt. “Are you throbbing this much because you have to pee? Or…?” He thrusts his finger up into you causing you to jump on your toes. He keeps a steady pace, grinding his palm against your clit.

“I c-can’t hold it an-ymore.”

You feel him nod against you, letting his fingers work over time to get you to your release. His middle finger and thumb work tirelessly against your pussy and sensitive bud to bring you to the brink.

You let out a fleeting gasp feeling your pussy fight against your resolve to not piss on yourself, but it’s too late. Jimin feels the tell tale convulsions of your warmth and soon his hand is met with an onslaught of warmth trickling from your heat.

The tension from desperately trying to contain your bladder leaves your body as you visibly sag, resting your weight on the door. You feel your pee trickle down your pant legs forming a small puddle where you stood.

Your cheeks burn brightly at the sight of the wet spot on your pants and you look up to catch several people staring at you with absolute disgust.

You feel like you are going to die of embarrassment and want nothing more than to shower and crawl into your bed and try to forget about this day.

Jimin is trying his hardest to contain his laughter, completely turned on by the demurity of your actions.

Once the train comes to another abrupt stop, Jimin is gripping onto your wrist tightly dragging you from the train. You look back one last time to see a transit custodian placing paper towels down where the accident took place, looking up to you with unconcealed disdain and you whip your head around to focus on the back of Jimin’s head.

Best friends: S.coups

“Why the hell did the car have to break down as it’s raining.” Y/N grumbles as she and her best friend make their way to the closest hotel they could find.

“How should I know, I swear I checked everything before we left.” Seungcheol said.

“I know you did, it’s okay let’s just get into the hotel and dry up. Good thing we brought our luggage.”  Y/N groaned. They entered the hotel, small droplets of water fall on the ground as the two rush towards the main desk.

“We need two rooms please.” Seungcheol said to the man behind the front desk.

“There’s only one room with a double size bed. Is that going to be okay?” The man asked. Seungcheol eyes Y/N, he could feel his face gain heat at the thought of having to share a bed with his best friend and the love his life, although she didn’t know it.

“It’ll be fine Cheol. We’ll take it.” Y/N said for him, signing the paper and grabbing the key card.

“Why don’t you go shower and change first..” Seungcheol said awkwardly. Y/N nods and grabs dry clothes from her luggage and disappearing into the bathroom. Seungcheol lies on the floor, sighing to himself as endless thoughts of what tonight could bring him rush through his mind. Fifteen minutes later Y/N comes out the bathroom, only in a large shirt and a towel around her neck.

“Your turn Cheollie-Cheol.”

“Okay was the-Are you not wearing shorts?” He exclaimed. Y/N snorts, rolling her eyes. “I forgot okay? Jesus calm down.” Seungcheol’s face burns, a slight red coloring his cheeks as he walks off to shower. Y/N giggles to herself, knowing her little plan was going just as planned. She knew Seungcheol liked her, and she very much liked him back, but none of them made a move. After drying her hair, she lays on the bed making sure her shirt is slighting above her upper thighs. Seungcheol emerges from the bathroom in his sweatpants and a white shirt, Y/N looks up at him and tries not to bite her lip.

“We should probably get some sleep. We have to call the mechanics for the car.” Seungcheol said as he climbed into the bed, trying to be discreet at looking at Y/N’s legs.

“Yeah we should. Night Cheol.” She said as turns out the lamps.


Four hours later and the two of them still weren’t asleep. The tension in the room was so thick, it could be cut with a knife if possible. Y/N felt her heart quicken as she decided to turn around, and just as she did so did Seungcheol.



The two looked at each other, both their faces burning.



“Are you sure you don’t want me to sleep on the floor. I don’t want you feeling uncomfortable.” Seungcheol said getting up. Y/N grabs his wrist, pulling him back down.

“Stay Cheol. It’s okay.” She said with a small smile on her face. Seungcheol grins at her, scooting himself slightly closer than normal. They looked at eachother, Y/N feels her heartbeat race, her breath growing shallow. Her eyes outlining the features of Seungcheol’s face, stopping at his lips.



“…Can you…kiss me?” Y/N asked shyly. Seungcheol felt himself go stiff. He stares at her, focusing on her plump lips that were slightly parted. He leaned in close to her, capturing her lips softly, and Y/N eagerly kissed him back. Y/N could feel herself growing more and more passionate as she rolled on top of Seungcheol, doing her best not to break their kiss. His hands roughly secure her on his lap, holding onto her ass. Their kiss left Y/N breathless as she pulls away, rocking her hips back and forth between Seungcheol’s clothed crotch.

“Oh god~” He groaned feeling himself harden against the rough grinding. Y/N bites her lip, leaning over to hold onto the headboard to keep herself steady as she keeps grinding.

“We will get no where like this.” He said as he flips the girl over, sitting himself between her legs.

“Someone’s impatient.” Y/N said with a giggle.

“If you’ve been waiting as long as I have then hell yeah.” Seungcheol said with a smirk. One by one their clothes get thrown off, Seungcheol eagerly kisses down the girl’s body, savoring every place he could. Y/N whimpers at his touch, feeling herself get wetter as he gets closer to her heat.

“S-shit…” Y/N moans as the older boy rubs circles into her sensitive bud. Seungcheol traces her body, her chest rising and falling as she seeks air, her face dissolved in bliss. He teases her entrance before slowly pushing himself into her. Thrusting roughly into her, Y/N lets out desperate moans. Seungcheol quickens his pace, the room emits against skin slapping against skin. Feeling her stomach tighten, she grips onto Seungcheol’s back.

“CHEOL~” She cries as she climaxes. He groans soon after as his milky cum fills her up. The two pant heavily, catching their breaths. Seungcheol reaches over and grabs Y/N’s hand, interlocking their fingers together.

“Well…that happened…”

“Oh my god Cheol… I love you.” Y/N laughs pecking his cheek. He grins at her, giving her a kiss on the lips.

“I love you too Y/N.”

Hope you liked it, I feel like the end was kinda rushed tbh
-RI <3

Rick Sanchez/Reader: Strung Out on John Wayne

CW: NSFW. Fem reader. Substance use. Slight dub con. Rough sex. Dirty talk. Flesh Curtains!Rick

Author’s note: I got two anon requests for Flesh Curtains smut over the weekend. Both asked for rough sex, one asked for loving/affectionate as well. Soooo I tried to fulfill both with this fic lol.  Title comes from the Lady Gaga song John Wayne. If Flesh Curtains!Rick had an anthem, that would be it IMO.

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erotetica  asked:

for your prompts, maybe lalwen and finarfin, when finarfin turns back after the darkening?

The ground was frosted; Lalwen’s boots crunched as she walked, her breath a mist in the air. Blue lamplight caught on the faces around her, in the glimmer of their eyes. She put her head up and strode on.

Findaráto caught her glance as she passed, calling orders by the supply-wains, and gave her a smile that was like a wound. It rocked her, but whatever he saw in her face made him spin away, pushing his hair back with both hands, and begin talking fast to an unhappy-looking companion.

“Arafinwë!” she called, as she came into the pool of a lantern, her brother directing the division of their baggage beneath it. He looked up at her with almost a guilty start, shadows grey around his eyelids.

He had been growing thinner, these past – months? Hard to tell time, by only the wheel of the stars, if you did not keep the measure of it.

“Arafinwë,” she said, again, and went to embrace him, feeling his shoulders tense under her arms, pressing a rough kiss to his cheek. “They tell me that you – you – “

More tension. He held her away from him, stepping back, steeling himself. She looked at him, feeling an uncomfortable pity, the twist of love tight in her chest.

“I’m going back,” he said, and bit his lip.

She shifted on her feet. Tugged at her gloves.

Why,” she said, staring at him, and he gave her a strange, blank look. “Arafinwë, after that? How can you – “

The Doomsman’s words still tolled in her bones; she shivered.

“Lalwen,” he said, putting out a hand, almost blindly, and catching hers, so she felt his grip through the layers of their gloves. “Of course I’m going back. You should – we all – “

“After that?” she said again, starting to be angry. “After threats and – and – is that what it takes, for you, after everything – “

A wince; then his head came up.

“It’s not too late,” he said, earnest. She was familiar enough with the tone. “Listen, Lalwendë, we need to do this together, we did all along. If we go back and – and ask – “

“Ask your wife’s kin for pardon?” Lalwen said, deliberate. “After they started the battle on the docks, and tried to call the sea’s wrath on us, after – oh, listen, little brother, those were no natural storms – “

“I don’t know who started it,” Arafinwë said, almost petulant. “After we tried to kill them. Yes. Let’s shake hands and try to get along, if they’ll let us.” She recognised the phrase from when their eldest brother had said it with scorn; Arafinwë spoke now with bitter resignation.

Lalwen had, herself, pushed a spear through the chest of a Telerin sailor, who had nocked an arrow to aim with pale, terrified face but steady hands. The grind of his ribs against the blade and shaft had been familiar from a dozen courtly hunts; she had hardly needed to think about the motion.

“It’s too late,” she said, instead of thinking about it now. “Nothing’s right, Arafinwë, it hasn’t been since before Father died, but at least we can try to make Moringotto pay. What else should we do, now we’ve come this far? Who do you think this is going to help?”

Her brother’s face was falling into familiar lines, the stubborn determination that made him – tall and golden and with his mother’s features – look, for a moment, not like Finwë but Fëanáro.

“No one, probably,” he said, thinly. “It never does.” She tried to catch his sleeve, but he was already turning away.

Surprise Love Attack

Originally posted by kevinovvens

Great big special thanks to @imagines–assemble! She is my Smut Sister. I normally don’t need much help on my writing it seems, but this is my.. FIRST SMUT, so I needed her help.

Description: Dean is making his way home one night, and he takes his usual shortcut down a dark alley. However, this time, he meets an unexpected stranger and though she’s small compared to him, she shows that her BITE is far worse than her BARK.

This is my very first smut, but I’m sure you’ll love it. I know I do! Here we go!

You were walking down an alley, sniffing around for a kill. You were starving to the point where you couldn’t wait for your friend to get in a new load of blood packs. Your stomach growled loudly, causing you to pause mid step and cringe at the pain. You groaned rather loudly, leaning against one of the buildings as you tried to remain stable.

Dean was heading down an alley as a shortcut to get to his house quicker. He was hit with a strong, sweet scent, but tried to shake it off. He knew nobody would ever be his mate. He kept walking, only to be hit with it even more as it filled his senses. He was taken from his thoughts as he heard a loud groan. He picked up that it came from a female. He soon became curious because even if he didn’t think anyone would be his mate, he still had a chance, due to the fact that he had smelled the sweetest scent he’d ever come across.

You heard loud footsteps, you could tell they were closer, even with your blurred vision, because you could hear them getting louder. “Hey? Are you alright, doll? You don’t sound so good.” You grinned to yourself, hearing the man’s raspy voice. “Perfect. Time for dinner.” You thought to yourself. Your eyes glowing red, your fangs slowly coming out. You turned around and pounced on him, a low growl coming from your throat as you tried to bite him, but he held you by your throat, not wanting to squeeze too hard.

Dean ended up squeezing your throat enough to cut off circulation, causing you to pass out. He carried you bridal style back to his house, getting a chance to look at you in better lighting now, instead of the pitch black alley where you had tried to jump him. The sweet scent was definitely from you, because when he was carrying you, he nearly passed out himself. “My mate tried to kill me.” He thought to himself as he gently moved the strands of hair from your face, admiring your beauty.

He was soon interrupted by a door shutting. He groaned, assuming that Roman and Seth were home now, meaning he’d be getting an ear full once they saw you passed out on the couch.

Roman came into view, nodding at Dean. “Hey man, how’d your night-” He soon saw you laying on the couch and scratched the back of his neck. “Uh. Dean? Who’s our visitor there?” Seth looked at you next, arching a brow in question as he looked at Dean.

Dean scratched his beard. “Well.. She uh.. She didn’t sound too good, so I tried to check on her, then I heard a growl, and she uh.. I think she tried to bite me?” He said, not even knowing exactly what all had happened, because it had happened so fast.

Seth was stuck on one part, being he was the one that did more research on supernatural creatures than the other two did. “Whoah, hold it. She tried to.. bite you?” He looked shocked.

Dean nodded. “Yeah. The only reason I even wanted to check on her was because she..” He bit his lip and mumbled the rest.

Roman smirked and crossed his arms over his chest. “She what? Speak up, Ambrose.”

Dean growled and pulled his hair. “She smelled so sweet! I know I’ve said I doubted having a mate out there, but when I got a whiff of her scent, I couldn’t control myself. I had to make sure she was alright..”

Seth waved everything else off, still focusing on the one thing. “Okay, she tried to bite you. She was growling.. and- wait.. what’re those?” He asked, pointing to Dean’s arm, which had two small puncture wounds that looked rather fresh.

Dean looked to where Seth had pointed, noticing them. “What the hell? I-I don’t know where those came from, man.”

Seth started to roll over the information that Dean had given and the obvious evidence. “Guys.. That’s not a regular girl.” They looked at him like he was crazy.

“What do you mean by not a regular girl?” Roman asked him. Seth gestured for them to come over to the couch as he made his way to you. He carefully lifted your top lip to reveal sharp fangs. “Thought so. All the information Dean gave us, along with the puncture wound on his arm matched up to her being a vampire.” Seth whispered to the two shocked men.

“She didn’t look good, because from the looks of it, she hasn’t had a decent drink of blood in a couple days. She was in that dark alley, looking for a kill, and Dean, you happened to be the one to get into her trap, so she tried to kill you so she could make it through the night. The thing she wasn’t expecting, was you being a werewolf and having fast reflexes, just like a vampire.” Seth continued.

Roman shook his head to get out of his state of shock. “Hold it. I’ve heard of us having mates that are human, or like us, but.. a vampire for a mate?” He looked at Seth in confusion.

Seth shrugged. “Anything’s possible when it comes to being a creature like us, man.” They looked over at Dean, who was just staring at you as you slept. He was soaking in the information he’d just learned from Seth. “Dean?”

Dean was still hypnotized as he admired your features. When you were peaceful like this, you looked gorgeous. Attacking him in a dark alley, though he couldn’t see you, let alone his own hand in front of his face, your scent was hard for him to wrap his head around. If you hadn’t had that scent, he probably would’ve killed you.

“She’s so beautiful..” He said softly, you slowly opened your eyes to be met with a gaze of his. You recognized him from the alley and bit your lip.

Seth stood up quickly. “Okay, before you freak out, he brought you here because he made you pass out from lack of oxygen. And the only reason he didn’t kill you, is because you have a scent that to him, is his mate’s scent.”

You rubbed your eyes slightly. “Mate scent..?” You processed it and felt like an idiot. “How did I not pick up the scent of him being a creature like me?” You asked yourself quietly.

Seth butt in. “I would assume it’s because your senses are weakened due to not feeding as much as you should be.”

You looked at the man with a look on your face, showing you were dazed and confused. “W-What? How do you know about-” You were cut off when Seth pointed at Dean’s arm, seeing the puncture wounds there. “Oh..” You flushed pink and put your head down in embarrassment.

Dean sighed softly. “She looks so sickly and weak.. is there anyone or anywhere we can talk to about getting some blood to get her strength back?” He asked Roman and Seth.

They all looked at each other, however, you soon felt woozy and you attempted to stand only to fall into a set of strong arms. They were familiar to you, you leaned into the stranger you had tried to attack in the alley. He whispered to you. “Here, I’ll let you drink from me until you get a little of your strength back…maybe by then the guys will have someone here with blood packs for you to devour.” You nodded weakly as he sat down on the couch with you in his lap. He moved your head to his neck, trying to be quiet while the two men had left to go to another room to make some phone calls.

You weakly opened your mouth since your fangs were still out and a growl bubbled in your throat as you sank your fangs into his flesh, groaning softly while you drank in his red nectar. Your eyes rolled back as you grasped onto his shirt a bit firmly. He groaned out when he felt you begin to drink. You were gaining your strength back slowly. You got your fill, not wanting to harm him as he’d been so kind to you. You pulled free from his neck, running your tongue over the wound.

Dean grunted, grasping onto your arms a bit tightly as he bit his lip. He was only trying to help you out, with you being his mate and all but he hated seeing you in such a frail state of being. His good deed however, had turned on him, as he was becoming turned on from the roughness and a bulge began to take shape in his jeans.

You felt this and flushed scarlet. “S-so I’m your.. mate?” He nodded. “Well, so we get off on a less awkward note, I’m Y/n.”

Dean smirked. “I’m Dean. But..” He trailed off, going after your neck now as he held your hips firmly in place. He began to move you, grinding your body against his own, causing him to grunt softly. “I think I’d love it if you called me Alpha.. Or maybe even.. Daddy..” He whispered.

You gasped as he started moving you against him and, arching your back, you let out a soft moan. You whimpered softly as you heard him speak. “D-Daddy?” You questioned.

Dean smirked and gripped your ass through your jeans, growling softly, releasing it to spank you roughly, causing you to yelp. “That’s right, my sexy little vampire.” He grinned.

You giggled softly, starting to move your body against his on your own. You were soon grinding against him roughly as you pressed your body against his. “Mmn.. Does daddy like this?” You whispered, leaning in and nibbling at his ear gently. Dean groaned lowly, almost in warning at you as he smacked your ass once more.

“Yes he does.” He grinned. “But, daddy also enjoys taking control..” A low growl rumbled in his chest as he pushed you down into the cushions of the couch, hovering above you. He leaned in and kissed you hungrily. You growled softly, clawing at him through his shirt, pushing off his leather jacket that he had on.

Ambrose moved himself in between your legs, starting a steady rhythm of grinding against you as your lips moved together beautifully. You moaned softly into the kiss, digging your fingernails into the flesh of his arms. You pushed him away to break the kiss, licking your lips. “Mmn.. everything about you is delicious daddy.. not just your blood.” You growled softly, grinning evilly as you shoved him back onto the couch to sit.

Dean gave you a confused look, then he felt your hands going after his belt and the button and zipper to his jeans, causing a smirk to tug at his lip. “Looks like babygirl wants to make sure she doesn’t miss out on tasting every part of daddy..”

He was cut off, replaced by a gasp as he felt you rubbing him through the material of the boxer briefs he was wearing, which happened to be a blood red color. You licked your lips, a groan eliciting from your lips as you took in the color, and the sight of him squirming.

You leaned in and playfully nipped at the bulge that was in his boxers, he jumped slightly, whimpering at the touch of your mouth. “Mmn.. Seems daddy is enjoying this..”

Dean grinned. “Oh fuck, you know I am, babygirl.. I need to feel those pretty little lips wrapped around my cock.. Can you do that for daddy, huh babygirl?”

You nodded and tugged his boxers and jeans down to get access at his cock.

“Now how could I say no to a request like that?” you grinned, eyeing his impressive girth with a smirk. “You even asked nicely, so…” you moved, giving a few kitten licks to the head of his cock and Dean hummed, easing back into the cushions as a hand found its way to your head. He tangled his fingers in your hair, tugging at your locks as you continued with the torturous licks to the head of his cock. “C-C’mon, baby…I need more…”

“Hmmm…” you moaned as you teasingly slipped the tip past your lips and Dean’s head crashed against the pillows when the vibrations ran through his length.

“Fuck, y/n! ‘S not nice to tease Daddy…” he groaned, his grip tightening in your hair as you moaned around his cock. “Shit!” his back arched slightly when you finally sucked him down to the hilt in one go and you almost smirked. You licked the underside of his shaft, busying your hand with massaging his balls through his boxer briefs and Dean gave a throaty sound. You shivered at the sound, feeling your wetness spread between your legs. Dean’s voice naturally sounded shot to hell as is but now…Fuck, you might just come from his voice alone.

You reached both of your hands down to unbutton and unzip your jeans. Returning one hand to massage his balls through the boxer briefs, you slid the other hand down your jeans and into the front of your panties. He growled and reached down to grab your hand in your pants. “Ah, ah, ah.. Did daddy say you could touch yourself?” He shook his head and pulled you up from his cock, pushing you down onto your back on couch, smirking deviously.

“I’m sorry, daddy.” you pouted, though you didn’t seem very remorseful and Dean grinned above you as he inched closer.

“You will be…” he nipped your neck. “But for all the right reasons, y/n.” you whined, feeling Dean’s rough hand streak a blazing path up your side to cup your breast through your bra and you whimpered. Your nipples were stiff against his palm and he growled, nipping and kissing your neck as he massaged you.

You moaned softly as you felt his hands burning into you. You whimpered softly. “Mmn, Daddy.. I-”

Dean interrupted with a hard smack to your ass, making you yelp but he grinned when it turned into a moan. “What does my baby girl want?” He leaned in to go after your neck, biting and sucking on your flesh roughly to mark you with a love bite.

“Mmm.. I want daddy to fuck me already.. I can’t wait any longer.”

Dean smirked, teasingly ghosting his fingers at your hips and, more importantly, the waistband of your jeans.

“Is that so?” his smirk grew. “How bad does my baby girl want daddy to pound her into this couch? How bad does she want me to fuck her until she can’t stand tomorrow? How bad does my baby want her daddy to make her scream?”

You whimpered in response, moving him out of the way to get up from the couch. You shed your jeans and your shirt, only being left in your bra and panties. You shoved him to sit back in the chair across from the couch before strutting to the couch. Laying down on the couch and spreading your legs, you let Dean see the wet spot on your panties.

He groaned in response, which made you giggle and bite your lip. You soon began to rub at the spot briefly only to wiggle yourself out of your panties and spreading your legs again for him to see your pretty little pussy.

He bit his lip as he fisted his cock a bit, watching you as you teasingly rubbed your pussy lips. This was your way of showing him how badly you needed and wanted his cock pounding into your tight cunt.

“Daddy…” you whispered, making sure to keep constant eye contact as your fingers danced around your nipple while the others were playing with your wet folds. “Please don’t make me wait any longer…” you keened, your back arching from the couch as you rubbed your clit in harsh circles. “I need you in me, Dean…” you gasped, slipping a finger into your sopping core and you heard Dean’s growls as you eyed him fisting his cock.

You bit your lip as you watched him, his gaze fixated on you. He grunted as he picked up speed with his strokes. He released a snarl as he couldn’t take it anymore. He got up and pulled you up from the couch, laying on his side as he pulled you back onto the couch in a spooning position. He was just about to slide himself inside your heated core but then there was the sound of a door closing from upstairs.

Dean looked around quickly, spotting a blanket. He grabbed it and unfolded it briskly, using it to cover your bodies. He told you to pretend that you were sleeping, which you did, just when Roman and Seth came into the room as Dean wrapped his arms around you protectively.

“Hey man, we got ahold of Corey. He said he can spare some blood packs for your girl.” Roman notified Dean. Ambrose simply nodded and the two men left. Once the door shut, Dean tore the blanket off and got on top of you.

“Fucking hell…” he breathed and you giggled when he sighed, seemingly in relief.

“It’s not like they would have caught us, daddy.” Dean growled, pinning your arms above your head.

“They are wolves, baby girl. If they caught scent of anything, I’d never hear the end of it but for the mean time…” he grinned, rubbing the head of his cock against your pussy and you whimpered. “I got some unfinished business to deal with.” Dean slowly pushed in, groaning as his cock sank into you inch by inch without fail and you gasped when he bottomed out.

“Shit!” you scratched Dean’s back as he filled you to the brim and you clenched around him, making him grunt softly.

“Naughty, naughty y/n…Good girls don’t curse.” he grinned, tightly gripping your hips as he pulled out to the tip. “I think my baby girl needs some punishment.” Dean chuckled and you wondered what he meant but you soon got your answer as he suddenly rammed right back in, making your back arch. You gave a soundless gasp as Dean’s hips smacked into yours like a piston, his fingers sure to leave bruises on both your wrists and your hip but you honestly couldn’t be bothered to care.

Dean’s broken name left your mouth like a mantra as your voice cracked with each thrust. Your skin was on fire, every inch of your body seemed to be on a high and as Dean pinched your nipple between his teeth, you knew this was one high you didn’t want to come down from. You bit your lip, bucking against your mate as he plowed into you, making the couch shift slightly from the force of his movements.

“Fuck, y/n…You are so tight! This little pussy feels so amazing wrapped around my dick…” he gasped, moving from your nipple to your ear as your legs tightened around his hips and your legs dug into his back to bring him closer.

“Ah, daddy!” you whined. “You’re so thick, I can’t! Daddy, please, I’m gonna…” At a particularly hard bite, you shrieked, knowing your release was drawing closer and as you looked at Dean you knew he wouldn’t last much longer either. His brows were tight with concentration, his eyes were tightly shut and his lip was caught in his teeth. This visage painted the absolute picture of bliss.

“S-shit…” his hips stuttered and his rhythm spasmed. “H-hold it, baby girl…I’m almost there…” Dean gasped, increasing the power behind his thrusts and it almost end you right there. He felt you squeeze down on him and he groaned. “Hold on, hold on…Fuck!” he cursed, suddenly pulling out of you and you groaned, your eyes quickly locking to his,

“What? Why did you-” you squealed, suddenly being hefted and positioned with your ass in the air. Dean’s hard length was poised before you as his hands rubbed your ass.

“My baby girl wanted to taste all of me and my baby girl gets what she wants.” Dean grinned, blowing air on your trembling slick and you gasped, your fingers tightly gripping the couch.

“Mmn, Daddy!” you whimpered, taking his cock into your mouth once more and you instantly groaned when his tongue slipped past your dripping cunt. Your eyes shut, bobbing your head as your tongue swirled around his length and you tried to focus when his hands spread your cheeks for more access. Your whines were muffled around him as you propped yourself on your forearm and massaged his balls with your other hand. Dean groaned beneath you as you moved your hips ever so slightly against his tongue but that proved to be your end.

You gasped around his cock as you came, your orgasm rocking through you and Dean lapped at your folds, determined to get every drop. His cock twitched as your tongue swept his the tip once more, making Dean detach from you with a short yell.

“Fuck, baby don’t spill it!” he gasped, his come spewing into your mouth in salty ropes and you groaned, gladly milking him for every drop. Dean gasped, rubbing your ass as you swallowed his load and licked him clean.

Dean smiled. He moved you off of him, only to be pulled back, but you wiggled free to get your bra and panties. You pulled them on and tossed Dean his boxer briefs. He pulled them on and walked up behind you, suckling and biting on your neck to leave a fresh mark. He grinned. “Definitely my kind of mate..” He whispered, causing you to giggle.

You were soon brought out of your thoughts of him when you took in a whiff of the air, groaning and nearly collapsing. “B-Blood..”

Dean arched a brow at your actions, but soon got his answer when he heard the door open.

“Hey Ambrose! We got the blood-” Seth was soon cut off and landed to the floor roughly with a loud thump. You had ran out of Dean’s arms and tackled Seth for the packs. You quickly dug into the ice box that was carrying them, pulling one out and piercing your fangs into it hungrily. The taste had you groaning as your eyes rolled back.

“Mmn.. Not as good as daddy’s blood, but it’ll fill my hunger..”

Roman was observing you as you sat on Seth’s abdomen feasting on your blood pack. He took in the bite marks, the scratches, the bruises, nearly your whole body was covered. You looked up at him with your innocent eyes, looking like a child as you drank happily. He gazed over at Dean, crossing his arms over his chest as he gave a questioning look to Dean, who was grinning proudly.

“Really Dean…? Daddy?” Roman smirked.

Dean grinned, simply chuckling in response.

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Little Warrior

Pairing: T’Challa x Avenger!Reader

Requested by @marvelheaux:  Can you do a fic where the reader & t'challa have a love-hate relationship, the reader is an avenger and where they were sparring while arguing in the tower and he pulled her into a heated kiss mid-sentence 

Warnings: Explicit Language and Suggestive Themes.

Word Count: 1.4k+

A/N: My first official T’Challa fic.. If you have any prompts for him I will take them! This is after Civil War but doesn’t give anything away, so enjoy! x. T

Your name: submit What is this?

          “What’s my schedule for today, F.R.I.D.A.Y?” You asked, pouring steaming tea into a mug with the Avenger’s logo splayed on the front. The tea smelled delicious as you craned your head to inhale the steam and you wondered who made it.

           “Miss Y/N, you had lunch planned with Mr. Barnes but he had to cancel for mission debriefing. You have the rest of the day free,” The A.I informed you. At the news of Bucky’s cancellation you set the mug down on the granite counter and sighed, staring at the swaying liquid before it settled.

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Steady Work Spell (4) Steady Work Oil

  1. Grind the ingredients used in Steady Work Formula together and place them in a small glass bottle or jar.
  2. Cover with sunflower and jojoba oil. Voila! Steady Work Oil.

Rub Steady Work Oil on your palms and soles when going to work or looking for employment. Or use it to dress candles and mojo hands dedicated to the job search.

(from The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes)

Just Imagine - Elias Samson Pt. 2

So, this part is extra long. Would y’all rather one long part or two separate parts? I’m not really dialed into tumbler “etiquette” so I’m not really sure where all the lines are. I’m pretty sure this is not considered an imagine at this point, but honestly, I don’t really care. There is one more part coming!

Warning: Smut

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Shiro week: day 6: duty/choice

day one   day two   day three   day four   day five   day six   day seven

Ryou bonus

It’s not words.

Its a blast of furnace hot air against his face.  There’s sand and grit in it and it pits his skin where its exposed, blows his hair back from his forehead in almost a painful pull.  He slits his eyes against it, feels the sand, somehow, make it past his lips and coat his teeth.  The scar over his nose hurts, raw feeling from the abrasion.  Everything falls then, the silence, the sand out of the air, the heat, he can almost feel the weight of it all drop in front of him.  He rubs a hand over his lips and his fingers come away red.  Like old blood.  Like rust.  He lifts his head to the presence he can feel just on the edge of his senses and tries to think of a question. 

Before he can, it answers him again and the scouring sand and hot wind hollow out his lungs until he can’t breathe anymore.

He wakes up.

Shiro isn’t good at remembering dreams.  He’s never really been, too much each morning already piling up for his attention for his brain to waste time catching at half-wisps of subconscious dreams.  He forgets the furnace blast of wind before he’s even finished pushing himself up off the floor where he sleeps in the closet and stretching.

But he scrubs his teeth longer than usual that morning and takes longer in the shower, letting the water drum against the raised, slick skin over his nose.

A month later the voice is back.

There are still no words.  This time there’s no blast of heat.  Instead there’s a tumalt, a rushing, roaring build up that swirls around him.  He can taste brine and engine oil in the wind that buffets him.  Water pits his face just as hard as the sand once had, harder, but its cold, bits of diamond frozen ice.  His nostrils hurt.  His ears hurt.  His lips go numb.  He doesn’t understand what its saying and the curl of this wind, so much more sensuous than the furnace of before, curls up the back of his neck, slides down his shirt collar, makes him jerk at the invading cold.  He opens his mouth to gasp, knows he needs to ask a question but he can’t think of one

and the ocean turns upside down and crashes down on him, forcing its way down his throat and his ears and his nose, intent on making him understand.

He wakes up choking, coughing, rolls on his side and heaves, shuddering.  Lays there with his head pressed against the blanket and the cold of the floor, hard and solid and unmoving and tries to remember what woke him up.  Catches a glimpse of drowning and something he was supposed to do and hadn’t and can’t remember anything else.

It’s a few days before he’s comfortable in the shower and longer before he forgets enough to raise his face to the shower head to rinse it.

The third time, he’s almost ready.  He almost remembers the previous times.  It’s still not enough.

This time the blast of wind is hot and wet and reminds him of a wild animal’s breath.  There’s dark still water and swamp in the blast and it sets the hair on his arms rising, the animal inside him knowing it needs to run, to find open spaces, that staying in the suffocating tangle is death.  He can sense the being looming over him, like a mountain, too huge and vast and it shouldn’t be able to see something as small and insignificant as he is but it does.  He tries to brace his feet for the second roar, the one he knows is coming in the sudden humid stillness but the blast of it still overwhelms him and fetid air pours down into his lungs, too full of green and rot, choking him on the overwhelming intensity of the rush.

He avoids the food goo after that, the algae taste of it too close to what he almost remembers to want it in is mouth, slipping down his throat.

The fourth time he recognizes, as it happens, what’s happening, remembers the time before and the time before with vague echoes.  And he remembers that he’s supposed to ask a question.   Except the wind that rolls over him is heavy and it rolls.  Like a sandstorm, like a bulldozer, it plows forward instead of blasting and it weighs him down.  Egyptian tombs and the weight of centuries and dust from when time was already old.  He can feel it stretching him thin, pressed between eternal gravity wells.  It drags the air from his lungs - and keeps dragging it long after he thinks there’s nothing left to take, inexorable.  He jerks away, rolling into the wall and banging his head and he remembers thinking ‘not fair!’.

Because there had been no pause, no break in assaults, only the slow steady grind downward forever.

He scrabbles then, for a PAD, manages to type something in so that he’ll remember the rest when he wakes up again - but the next morning the only thing on the tablet are the words:

Ask your question

And he doesn’t remember what they mean.

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Idris Elba x Reader (OFC Camille)

Song Fic: Sexy by Black Eyed Peas

Warnings: Smut, Spanking, British Devil (he just tew much 😥)


   Camille knew that the man lying beneath her was not human. Couldn’t be, not with the way his hips moved. Swirling and shifting smoothly. How was she supposed to keep the camera steady with him grinding into her like this. “Babe you’re supposed to be taking a picture. Come on luv. Focus.” The man said to her. His voice was deep and gravelly. “Yes, Sir.” She whispered. ‘easier said than done’ she thought. Pointing the camera back to him she brought it up and waited for the lens to focus. When it did she was meet by his devilish grin. “Cheese.” He chuckled as the device went off.

       “Cheeky man.” She mumbled. Suddenly a thought occurred. Smiling Camille squeezed around his shaft causing him to throw his head back and arch his back. “Fuckin’ hell!” He growled out. Quickly as she could the picture was snapped. No sooner was it taken did Camille end up on her back. The camera nearly slipping from her lax grip. Fearfully she cried out to him, “Idris! Wait the camera!” She heard it go off again as he pushed her backwards and she landed near the foot of the bed.

         “What did you just say?” He grabbed her jaw in a firm but soft grip, making her look at him and waited for her answer. He knew it was a slip up. The camera was a gift to her from him and she always cherished the things he gave her. She was sweet and caring like that. But good god, did he love the way her body trembled when he used an authoritative voice on her. “I’m sorry, Sir. It won’t happen again.” she answered breathlessly. “Good girl. Now, finish taking your pictures. Cause once your done…then the fun’ll start yeah?” He said rubbing her sides.

          With a small nod, Camille brought the camera back up. He started a slow pace, rolling his hips into hers when they met causing her to squeeze her eyes shut. “Sir, can you take the pictures this time? I wanna see what you see.” Camille asked glossy eyes meeting his. Moaning Idris bucked his hips into hers roughly twice then stopped altogether. “I will spank you, Camille, when I’m done.” He looked her in the eyes and she could tell he was going to make it tough for her to sit the next couple of days. “Only then will I take the camera. Now be the good girl you promised you’d be.” He continued lifting it back up to her face.

          She complied groaning when he set his slow pace again. As she took pictures of his flexing abs and his face as he watched where they were joined, she couldn’t help the fluttering of her internal walls. She was close, the knot in her stomach tightening with every thrust. ‘Oh god! I’m going to cum.’ she threw her head back breathing for a few seconds before bringing her head forward again. His chest was her next picture, and when he brought her leg up to his shoulder she knew that this would their favorite. His deep brown skin shining with sweat and her toned leg on him…the minute she pressed the button to take said picture she came she was so turned on. She came hard, long and loud. Body shaking and twitching not noticing him pulling out or moving her around.

              When she finally came down from her high, Camille noticed that she was on her stomach arms above her head. Thankfully they were untied as she gripped the sheets tightly with him during on her thighs. A moan that would make a pornstar proud passed through her lips when she felt, Idris side back into her. “That’s it luv. Tell me how much you like it.” He growled into her hair. Breathless, Camille moaned out incoherent words to him. “Can’t talk eh? Well let’s see if a little spanking can help you find your words hmm?” He questioned sitting up. He rubbed her ass softly then lifted his hand bringing it back down hard. “Ah!” she squealed tugging the sheets

. He loved the sounds she made sometimes. Raising his hand Idris did it again, and again, and again. Until her ass was red and sensitive. “Now, who’s my good girl?” Idris asked one hand placed on the small of her back the other raised in the air. “I am. Me. I’m your good girl.” Camille replied panting wildly. “And tell me does it feel good? You like it?”

           Nodding Camille breathed in deep only to scream or when Idris brought his hand down hard two times. “ ’S not an answer luv!” He chided. “I’m sorr- yes. Yes it feels so good.” She answered close to tears. “And?” He thrusted in and out of her smoothly thanks to the slick dripping from her. “I love it, Sir. I love it. I do.” Now she was crying. But she didn’t want him to stop. Camille wanted him to fuck her. As hard and fast as he liked as long as she could cum.

              Grabbing her hips, Idris pulled them backwards while pushing his forward. “ ’S right, you love when I fuck you like this huh?” He said pulling and pushing faster and faster listening to her cry out his name, God’s name and a slew of other things. The more he fucked her the tighter she became around him. She was close again and he wanted to feel it. The slap of her fleshy ass on the tops of his thighs brought the sting of his spanking as well as her impending orgasm.

Reaching around he brought her up wrapping his right arm around her waist and holding her in place while using his left hand to rub quick circles on her clit. “Cum.” He said his hips positioning into hers with so much force she practically lifted from his lap each time.

             Screaming, Camille squeezed her eyes shut and cunt tight as she came. Warm liquid flowers from between her legs causing her legs to shake uncontrollably. “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes!” He moaned thrusting into her. Finally he spilled himself into her. After two more thrusts he stilled bringing his left arm up to hold her tightly to him. They sat their panting and sweaty him with his face resting in her neck and her with her head back.

             “I’m pretty sure you just got the job done in one go. Damn I like trying for a baby…” Camille said. Lifting his head Idris laughed. “Yeah? It is fun innit?” He asked kissing her shoulder. “Never got around to taking those pictures though.” He said causing her to laugh.


So I’m pretty sure I need a cigarette. What about you guys? Also I decided to forgo any visuals because…..yeah

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infidusfiles  asked:

Because of my three hour meeting hell today pls give me what Ignis does to relax after meeting hell. Be it him “doing” Prompto or Gladio (or both) or just cooking up the best meal ever or stress baking or bubble baths or tea or cheesy dramas. Or in honor of glaiveweek tell me what Nyx does in the sun is out after a council meeting from hell

Nyx walks into Cor’s office without knocking and makes a bee-line for the couch in the corner, where he faceplants without a care. He buries his face as far as he can, into the dark purple cushions, and lets out a high-pitched keening noise.

“That bad, huh,” Cor muses with a wry smirk in his tone, and Nyx’s only reply is another warbling noise of sheer boiling rage.

Cor continues working and Nyx continues screaming in small, controlled doses, until he’s all out of rage or his throat hurts too much, whichever happens first. When he’s done, he rolls onto his back and stares at the ceiling with a blank expression on his face.

“Tell me again why I accepted this job,” he demands, cracking the joints in his fingers by sharply clenching each finger, one at the time.

“Because you’re a self-sacrificing idiot with a hero complex the size of Ravatogh,” Cor replies indolently, and pushes his chair back to get enough room to kick over a large carton box that slides over in Nyx’s general direction over the shiny black floors.

“Right,” Nyx says, sighing loudly, as he sits up and then leans over to pull the box the rest of the way, until it’s resting between his feet.

“Wanna talk about it?” Cor asks, sitting back properly and picking up another report to read and sign.

“No,” Nyx growls in frustration, pulling out a sheet of paper form the box and methodically ripping it into tiny shreds with his bare hands.

He does anyway, ranting in a low, frustrated tone as he works his way through the classified papers Cor was supposed to shred before sending for disposal in the incinerators on the second basement of the Citadel. Cor’s perfectly serviceable shredder remains untouched in the corner behind his desk most of the time. Nyx rants about all the valid, sensible reasons why he loathes council meetings, but by the time he’s reaching the last quarter of the box, he’s just complaining about poor haircuts and horrid fashion choices.

He accompanies Cor to drop off the box - now filled with classified confetti - at the disposal desk, and even manages to be borderline personable to the clerk. Then Cor’s driving them out into the back alleys of the harbor district, to eat fried shrimp in a very small cart tucked away between two massive warehouses, and if someone asked Nyx to pinpoint it in a map, he’d have to stare blankly and probably cry. They sit on the trunk of the car with a small plastic tray of food each - Cor’s are honey glazed, because of course they are, while Nyx’s are dripping a red spicy sauce that makes his eyes water and his throat threaten to collapse - and drink fruit juice from those old, reusable glass bottles that can’t be found anywhere else. They could have beer, but somehow it doesn’t taste as good and honestly Nyx is too damn exhausted to ponder on the nuances of food-drink pairings at this point. He buys a cigarette off an old man with a tray of knickknacks while Cor gets rid of their trash. It doesn’t count as smoking if he doesn’t buy a carton, and despite their slow and steady efforts to grind out his sanity, council meetings still haven’t gotten him to break. Yet.

“I’m going to murder Mancipo,” Nyx says, blowing out a cloud of smoke above their heads.

“I’d sincerely appreciate it if you didn’t,” Cor replies, snorting and leaning back on the trunk of the car and Nyx’s side. “Because then I’d be in the unenviable position of having to arrest you for high treason.”

“I wouldn’t murder him much,” Nyx muses wryly, “just enough to drive the point home.”

“…which is?”

“That he’s a soggy, swollen ballsack with a personality to match,” Nyx retorts in a borderline cheerful tone. “Also, his face’s stupid.”

“Not disagreeing,” Cor says, rolling his eyes, “but still. Don’t murder the asshole.”

“Fine,” Nyx sighs dramatically, as if agreeing to a very hard bargain. “But you’re taking me home and you’re letting me suck your cock until I feel better.”

Cor snorts.

“It’s cute you think you’re getting your mouth anywhere near me after what you just ate.”

“It’s a ruse,” Nyx tells him, grinning at him. “See, now when I tell you that I guess I’m okay with you sucking my dick until I feel better, it sounds like I’m being magnanimous, even though fucking your throat was always the original plan.”

“Clearly, I’ve been outwitted,” Cor snorts, and pokes Nyx’s in the ribs when he tries to lean in for a kiss. “Seriously, Ulric, not going to happen.”

Nyx gives him an exaggerated pout.


They do, eventually, go home, after Nyx is done smoking, and the impossible shithead refuses to kiss him properly until after he’s done washing his mouth. But, and this is the important bit, he does absolutely get to fuck Cor’s throat. Because he’s a tactical genius, clearly.

Aozora Clubbing Heart part 1

Plot: Mari and Kanan invite everyone to go out clubbing, which hasn’t happened since Kanan and Mari got them all kicked out of and banned from a club for drunk and disorderly conduct. It’s going to be a very wild night.

Pairings: KananMari, RubyMaru, ChikaRiko, YouYoshiko (Sorry Dia)

SFW with strong language, adult content [alcohol, sexual innuendos, hot kisses, and a lot of touching]

Summary: Everyone is thirsty and not just for alcohol

5k words

A/N: This fic is spliced between EVERYONE’S POV’s. Everybody is aged up and you can technically consider this a College AU. I try not to favor anyone, but some segments are longer than others due to content and me having a good time writing it hahaha.

Ruby isn’t sure why Dia insists on tagging along. These kinds of events are usually beneath her, and she’s already promised not to drink. As the youngest, she’s used to being the DD and Ruby doesn’t particularly care for drinking anyways.

“It’s not fair for you to have to babysit seven unruly drunks,” Dia affirms, but Ruby knows her sister well enough to pick up on when she secretly wants to do something. Dia visibly shudders. “And besides, the last time we were all together you saw things you should never have to see.” This was also true.

“Mari and Kanan apologized already. They even promised that the club we’re going to doesn’t allow table-dancing.”

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