steady grind

How about Harry rubbing his tip against your clit..

You’re laying on the kitchen counter, your hot and sweaty back against the cold surface. Harry is holding your legs open for him, and looking down at where you two are joined, watching the way you’re taking him in so easily, his cock glistening from your juices as he thrusts into you in a steady pace, rolling and grinding his hips.

Biting his raspberry lips between his teeth, nostrils flared out as his lashes flutter, and his head tips back, a raspy groan leaves his throat.

“So close, so close from yeh fuckin’ cunt.. doin’ so good fo’ m’.”

He takes a grip of his shaft after he pulls out of you, leaving you whimpering after his touch, his strech and warmth. But your whimpers turn into shaky legs, body jolts and choked up moans, when Harry starts rubbing his tip against your clit.

You pop yourself on your elbows so you can see the full view of Harry’s furrowed brows and his fallen plump lips, his hand working quickly as his chest rises up and down quickly, right between your trembling legs. Harry curses deep under his breath, as the grip of his hand on his cock tightens, when you let out a cry.

You bite your lips, trying so hard to keep your eyes open and your head up. You can tell that Harry’s right on the edge.

“Is daddy gonna cum nicely for me?” you ask him, but he doesn’t even look at you, just eyes clamped shut, he nods to you, as he presses his sensitive tip against you, making your body jolt once again.


Harry’s panting, his hand gripping tightly to the edge of the counter, knuckles turning white.

“I’m- I’m gonna cu-cum..” he breathes out heavily, throwing his head back, a vein popped up on his neck. His moans get louder and louder, as the tension in his tummy grows. Then he goes completely silent. Hot, white spurts cover your wet core, dripping down from your clit. Harry’s body jerks, as he presses his tip against you one more time, the sensitiveness making him hiss.

He leans down to kiss the insides of your thighs, nibbling your skin and blowing some cooling air on the wet spots. He looks up to you in awe, as you breathe heavily, your hair in a mess and the way your cunt is covered in his cum.

"Look at tha’.. Yeh sweet cunt drippin’ from daddy’s cum.”

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For the dirty talk, just to bring it up again: thigh riding. Who'd be up for it, and how do you think it'd go down?

Sirius: you’d be drunk. both of you. unable to quite get ahold of your actions, but still needing each other.

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Lap Dance

Requested?: It was! However it was meant for @daveeddiggsit who so graciously handed it to me so yeah (Thank you Bri! This one’s for you.)

Words: 771 (short and sweet to start out!)

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

Prompt: …giving Laf a lap dance???? Something really private like just a game between u two and u get him sitting in a chair and start moving your hips on him and he’s holding onto the chair so hard and cussing in french and ya ya you guys please go on (This is a modern AU because why not?)

Warnings: cursing (in french), gets a little spicy (i guess?)

Dedication: Firstly, @daveeddiggsit for convincing me to take this prompt and run with it, thank you!

@diggs4life for proofreading this for me and for the general encouragement <3

@tempfixeliza for also proofreading and being a kind soul

@sunshinemiranda because your ask really pushed me to try and believe in myself, i hope you enjoy!

(A/N: I do not speak French so I used a translator and I am so sorry if it fucked some stuff up. I tried! The translations are at the end! Also if you want a song to jam to while reading, I wrote this to Company by Tinashe. It’s a bomb song yo.)

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Lafayette was nervous, you could tell. There was some sweat beading around his hairline, he kept shifting in his chair and his knee was bouncing rapidly; it was pretty cute. You chuckled, making Laf lift his eyes to meet yours. He visibly relaxed when you gave him a warm smile.

“You okay, Laf?” You asked, going to your phone and scrolling through your playlists.

“Never better, mon amour. Just waiting for you.”

You could feel Laf’s eyes trailing down your body, you took the liberty of changing to shorts and a tanktop when you thought up the idea to give your boyfriend a lap dance. Why?

Well…why not?

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nightclub — kylie jenner.

“God, it’s so fucking hot in here.” I groan in displeasure, leaning back against the velveteen couch that Kylie, Kendall, Gigi, and I were currently sitting in. A couple of shots had been delivered to our table and we’d all taken more than enough to feel that light buzz. 

“I know, but what’re you gonna do? Sweaty bodies everywhere..” Kendall murmurs in reply, taking another shot and downing it. Kylie stood up, stretching out her arms high in the air before extending a hand towards me, a sultry look on her face. 

“Let’s go dance!” She yelled over the music, quickly glancing at her sister and Gigi as well. Gigi bowed out and stayed with Kendall who said she wanted to take a couple more shots, so I shrugged, standing up and slipping my hand into Kylie’s. Our fingers laced together as she pulled me onto the dance floor, pushing ourselves past the sea of bodies until we were near the center. 

My back turned to her as we began to dance, bodies pressed together. I could hear her drunken laughs filling my ears, a wonderful, simply melodious sound. For a while now, I’ve held a lust for Kylie, wanted to be between her legs and get a taste of that glorious pussy that so many others wanted as well. And right now, in our current situation, being so close to each other, I think I could get somewhere. 

I began to grind my ass into her hips, like I would do with any random guy I would pick up at the club. Her hands found my waist, helping guide me as I continued the promiscuous dance on my friend, and I could feel her hot breath on my neck. 

“Watcha think you’re doing, babe?” She questions curiously, her voice low; yet, I could still hear her over the music. I swung my hips lightly, sliding down her body and back up again as I looked at her over my shoulder, a sly little smile on my face. 

“Just dancing, Ky.” I answer in my most innocent of tones, batting my eyelashes at her. She furrowed her eyebrows, her hands sliding over the front of my body and under my short dress, swiping her fingers along my slick folds. Surprise; I’d ‘forgotten’ to wear panties tonight. Normally, I would be shocked she would do this here, but with so many people around, I doubt anyone noticed us. 

In a matter of seconds, Kylie had dragged us off the dance floor and into an empty bathroom, locking the main entrance to it by shoving a stick through the handle. I opened my mouth to question what she was doing but before I could, her lips had crashed against mine, my back hitting the counter of the sinks. 

“You were most definitely not just dancing.” She murmured against my mouth, sinking her teeth into my bottom lip deliciously. I whined, tangling my fingers into her locks as I wrapped my legs around her waist. One of her hands snaked its way between us, rubbing at my bare, dripping cunt. 

“You were trying to seduce me.” She commented as an after though, her fingers finding my clit and kneading the sensitive bundle of nerves. I cried in pleasure, nodding my head while her lips attacked my neck. My own hands moved out of her hair, instead moving to untie the laces on her tight top. The shirt came undone and her tits spilled out, covered by nothing. Eagerly, I took a handful in, squeezing them and earning a moan from my friend. 

I took a nipple between my fingers, rolling the nub around until it hardened under my grasp before repeating the action with the other. She lets out a quiet whimper of pleasure, slipping a finger into my pussy and beginning to pump at a steady pace. My hips grinding down on her finger, eager for more.

“Another finger, Kylie, please.” I begged a bit, running my hands along her sides. her bare skin against my fingertips felt like pure fire, and I craved more, to feel more other. My hands finally settled on her jeans, unbuttoning them and yanking them down her pants while she slipped in a second, and almost instantly after, third finger, letting me accommodate the stretch before she began pounding into my pussy. I cried out at the pleasure, hips bucking wildly against her. 

Kylie managed to slip a hand between her own legs as well, playing with her clit casually while she fucked me until I felt dizzy. Her fingers curled the slightest, hitting my sweet spot at the best time. I could practically see stars in my eyes. 

“You like that, huh? My fingers fucking that tight cunt of yours, baby?” Kylie’s words sounded a little breathless as she was enjoying her own self induced pleasure as well, and it was absolutely the hottest thing I’d ever heard. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” I cried out, squirting all over her fingers and the bathroom floor, my legs shaking. My orgasm triggered hers as well as seconds after mine, I heard her loud cries, opening my eyes to watch her unravel. Seeing her body shake while her fingers pumped in and out of herself was enough to get me going again, but I just watched. 

Once Kylie finished herself off, she pulled her fingers out of her cunt and brought them too my lips, letting me suck off her cum. I eagerly lapped at the sweet juices, taking up every bit I could. 

“Who the fuck is in here?” We heard suddenly, accompanied by the band of a door. The two of us burst into laughter, trying to put on our clothes quickly so we could let the poor drunken girl in. 

“We should get back to the dance floor.” 

A/N: We hit 1k posts on this blog, which is so exciting !! I thought for my thousandth post I’d post a smut so here it is, in all its glory. As always, I hope you lot enjoy reading my smuts as much as I love writing them !!

Aozora Clubbing Heart part 1

Plot: Mari and Kanan invite everyone to go out clubbing, which hasn’t happened since Kanan and Mari got them all kicked out of and banned from a club for drunk and disorderly conduct. It’s going to be a very wild night.

Pairings: KananMari, RubyMaru, ChikaRiko, YouYoshiko (Sorry Dia)

SFW with strong language, adult content [alcohol, sexual innuendos, hot kisses, and a lot of touching]

Summary: Everyone is thirsty and not just for alcohol

5k words

A/N: This fic is spliced between EVERYONE’S POV’s. Everybody is aged up and you can technically consider this a College AU. I try not to favor anyone, but some segments are longer than others due to content and me having a good time writing it hahaha.

Ruby isn’t sure why Dia insists on tagging along. These kinds of events are usually beneath her, and she’s already promised not to drink. As the youngest, she’s used to being the DD and Ruby doesn’t particularly care for drinking anyways.

“It’s not fair for you to have to babysit seven unruly drunks,” Dia affirms, but Ruby knows her sister well enough to pick up on when she secretly wants to do something. Dia visibly shudders. “And besides, the last time we were all together you saw things you should never have to see.” This was also true.

“Mari and Kanan apologized already. They even promised that the club we’re going to doesn’t allow table-dancing.”

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Surprise Love Attack

Originally posted by kevinovvens

Great big special thanks to @imagines–assemble! She is my Smut Sister. I normally don’t need much help on my writing it seems, but this is my.. FIRST SMUT, so I needed her help.

Description: Dean is making his way home one night, and he takes his usual shortcut down a dark alley. However, this time, he meets an unexpected stranger and though she’s small compared to him, she shows that her BITE is far worse than her BARK.

This is my very first smut, but I’m sure you’ll love it. I know I do! Here we go!

You were walking down an alley, sniffing around for a kill. You were starving to the point where you couldn’t wait for your friend to get in a new load of blood packs. Your stomach growled loudly, causing you to pause mid step and cringe at the pain. You groaned rather loudly, leaning against one of the buildings as you tried to remain stable.

Dean was heading down an alley as a shortcut to get to his house quicker. He was hit with a strong, sweet scent, but tried to shake it off. He knew nobody would ever be his mate. He kept walking, only to be hit with it even more as it filled his senses. He was taken from his thoughts as he heard a loud groan. He picked up that it came from a female. He soon became curious because even if he didn’t think anyone would be his mate, he still had a chance, due to the fact that he had smelled the sweetest scent he’d ever come across.

You heard loud footsteps, you could tell they were closer, even with your blurred vision, because you could hear them getting louder. “Hey? Are you alright, doll? You don’t sound so good.” You grinned to yourself, hearing the man’s raspy voice. “Perfect. Time for dinner.” You thought to yourself. Your eyes glowing red, your fangs slowly coming out. You turned around and pounced on him, a low growl coming from your throat as you tried to bite him, but he held you by your throat, not wanting to squeeze too hard.

Dean ended up squeezing your throat enough to cut off circulation, causing you to pass out. He carried you bridal style back to his house, getting a chance to look at you in better lighting now, instead of the pitch black alley where you had tried to jump him. The sweet scent was definitely from you, because when he was carrying you, he nearly passed out himself. “My mate tried to kill me.” He thought to himself as he gently moved the strands of hair from your face, admiring your beauty.

He was soon interrupted by a door shutting. He groaned, assuming that Roman and Seth were home now, meaning he’d be getting an ear full once they saw you passed out on the couch.

Roman came into view, nodding at Dean. “Hey man, how’d your night-” He soon saw you laying on the couch and scratched the back of his neck. “Uh. Dean? Who’s our visitor there?” Seth looked at you next, arching a brow in question as he looked at Dean.

Dean scratched his beard. “Well.. She uh.. She didn’t sound too good, so I tried to check on her, then I heard a growl, and she uh.. I think she tried to bite me?” He said, not even knowing exactly what all had happened, because it had happened so fast.

Seth was stuck on one part, being he was the one that did more research on supernatural creatures than the other two did. “Whoah, hold it. She tried to.. bite you?” He looked shocked.

Dean nodded. “Yeah. The only reason I even wanted to check on her was because she..” He bit his lip and mumbled the rest.

Roman smirked and crossed his arms over his chest. “She what? Speak up, Ambrose.”

Dean growled and pulled his hair. “She smelled so sweet! I know I’ve said I doubted having a mate out there, but when I got a whiff of her scent, I couldn’t control myself. I had to make sure she was alright..”

Seth waved everything else off, still focusing on the one thing. “Okay, she tried to bite you. She was growling.. and- wait.. what’re those?” He asked, pointing to Dean’s arm, which had two small puncture wounds that looked rather fresh.

Dean looked to where Seth had pointed, noticing them. “What the hell? I-I don’t know where those came from, man.”

Seth started to roll over the information that Dean had given and the obvious evidence. “Guys.. That’s not a regular girl.” They looked at him like he was crazy.

“What do you mean by not a regular girl?” Roman asked him. Seth gestured for them to come over to the couch as he made his way to you. He carefully lifted your top lip to reveal sharp fangs. “Thought so. All the information Dean gave us, along with the puncture wound on his arm matched up to her being a vampire.” Seth whispered to the two shocked men.

“She didn’t look good, because from the looks of it, she hasn’t had a decent drink of blood in a couple days. She was in that dark alley, looking for a kill, and Dean, you happened to be the one to get into her trap, so she tried to kill you so she could make it through the night. The thing she wasn’t expecting, was you being a werewolf and having fast reflexes, just like a vampire.” Seth continued.

Roman shook his head to get out of his state of shock. “Hold it. I’ve heard of us having mates that are human, or like us, but.. a vampire for a mate?” He looked at Seth in confusion.

Seth shrugged. “Anything’s possible when it comes to being a creature like us, man.” They looked over at Dean, who was just staring at you as you slept. He was soaking in the information he’d just learned from Seth. “Dean?”

Dean was still hypnotized as he admired your features. When you were peaceful like this, you looked gorgeous. Attacking him in a dark alley, though he couldn’t see you, let alone his own hand in front of his face, your scent was hard for him to wrap his head around. If you hadn’t had that scent, he probably would’ve killed you.

“She’s so beautiful..” He said softly, you slowly opened your eyes to be met with a gaze of his. You recognized him from the alley and bit your lip.

Seth stood up quickly. “Okay, before you freak out, he brought you here because he made you pass out from lack of oxygen. And the only reason he didn’t kill you, is because you have a scent that to him, is his mate’s scent.”

You rubbed your eyes slightly. “Mate scent..?” You processed it and felt like an idiot. “How did I not pick up the scent of him being a creature like me?” You asked yourself quietly.

Seth butt in. “I would assume it’s because your senses are weakened due to not feeding as much as you should be.”

You looked at the man with a look on your face, showing you were dazed and confused. “W-What? How do you know about-” You were cut off when Seth pointed at Dean’s arm, seeing the puncture wounds there. “Oh..” You flushed pink and put your head down in embarrassment.

Dean sighed softly. “She looks so sickly and weak.. is there anyone or anywhere we can talk to about getting some blood to get her strength back?” He asked Roman and Seth.

They all looked at each other, however, you soon felt woozy and you attempted to stand only to fall into a set of strong arms. They were familiar to you, you leaned into the stranger you had tried to attack in the alley. He whispered to you. “Here, I’ll let you drink from me until you get a little of your strength back…maybe by then the guys will have someone here with blood packs for you to devour.” You nodded weakly as he sat down on the couch with you in his lap. He moved your head to his neck, trying to be quiet while the two men had left to go to another room to make some phone calls.

You weakly opened your mouth since your fangs were still out and a growl bubbled in your throat as you sank your fangs into his flesh, groaning softly while you drank in his red nectar. Your eyes rolled back as you grasped onto his shirt a bit firmly. He groaned out when he felt you begin to drink. You were gaining your strength back slowly. You got your fill, not wanting to harm him as he’d been so kind to you. You pulled free from his neck, running your tongue over the wound.

Dean grunted, grasping onto your arms a bit tightly as he bit his lip. He was only trying to help you out, with you being his mate and all but he hated seeing you in such a frail state of being. His good deed however, had turned on him, as he was becoming turned on from the roughness and a bulge began to take shape in his jeans.

You felt this and flushed scarlet. “S-so I’m your.. mate?” He nodded. “Well, so we get off on a less awkward note, I’m Y/n.”

Dean smirked. “I’m Dean. But..” He trailed off, going after your neck now as he held your hips firmly in place. He began to move you, grinding your body against his own, causing him to grunt softly. “I think I’d love it if you called me Alpha.. Or maybe even.. Daddy..” He whispered.

You gasped as he started moving you against him and, arching your back, you let out a soft moan. You whimpered softly as you heard him speak. “D-Daddy?” You questioned.

Dean smirked and gripped your ass through your jeans, growling softly, releasing it to spank you roughly, causing you to yelp. “That’s right, my sexy little vampire.” He grinned.

You giggled softly, starting to move your body against his on your own. You were soon grinding against him roughly as you pressed your body against his. “Mmn.. Does daddy like this?” You whispered, leaning in and nibbling at his ear gently. Dean groaned lowly, almost in warning at you as he smacked your ass once more.

“Yes he does.” He grinned. “But, daddy also enjoys taking control..” A low growl rumbled in his chest as he pushed you down into the cushions of the couch, hovering above you. He leaned in and kissed you hungrily. You growled softly, clawing at him through his shirt, pushing off his leather jacket that he had on.

Ambrose moved himself in between your legs, starting a steady rhythm of grinding against you as your lips moved together beautifully. You moaned softly into the kiss, digging your fingernails into the flesh of his arms. You pushed him away to break the kiss, licking your lips. “Mmn.. everything about you is delicious daddy.. not just your blood.” You growled softly, grinning evilly as you shoved him back onto the couch to sit.

Dean gave you a confused look, then he felt your hands going after his belt and the button and zipper to his jeans, causing a smirk to tug at his lip. “Looks like babygirl wants to make sure she doesn’t miss out on tasting every part of daddy..”

He was cut off, replaced by a gasp as he felt you rubbing him through the material of the boxer briefs he was wearing, which happened to be a blood red color. You licked your lips, a groan eliciting from your lips as you took in the color, and the sight of him squirming.

You leaned in and playfully nipped at the bulge that was in his boxers, he jumped slightly, whimpering at the touch of your mouth. “Mmn.. Seems daddy is enjoying this..”

Dean grinned. “Oh fuck, you know I am, babygirl.. I need to feel those pretty little lips wrapped around my cock.. Can you do that for daddy, huh babygirl?”

You nodded and tugged his boxers and jeans down to get access at his cock.

“Now how could I say no to a request like that?” you grinned, eyeing his impressive girth with a smirk. “You even asked nicely, so…” you moved, giving a few kitten licks to the head of his cock and Dean hummed, easing back into the cushions as a hand found its way to your head. He tangled his fingers in your hair, tugging at your locks as you continued with the torturous licks to the head of his cock. “C-C’mon, baby…I need more…”

“Hmmm…” you moaned as you teasingly slipped the tip past your lips and Dean’s head crashed against the pillows when the vibrations ran through his length.

“Fuck, y/n! ‘S not nice to tease Daddy…” he groaned, his grip tightening in your hair as you moaned around his cock. “Shit!” his back arched slightly when you finally sucked him down to the hilt in one go and you almost smirked. You licked the underside of his shaft, busying your hand with massaging his balls through his boxer briefs and Dean gave a throaty sound. You shivered at the sound, feeling your wetness spread between your legs. Dean’s voice naturally sounded shot to hell as is but now…Fuck, you might just come from his voice alone.

You reached both of your hands down to unbutton and unzip your jeans. Returning one hand to massage his balls through the boxer briefs, you slid the other hand down your jeans and into the front of your panties. He growled and reached down to grab your hand in your pants. “Ah, ah, ah.. Did daddy say you could touch yourself?” He shook his head and pulled you up from his cock, pushing you down onto your back on couch, smirking deviously.

“I’m sorry, daddy.” you pouted, though you didn’t seem very remorseful and Dean grinned above you as he inched closer.

“You will be…” he nipped your neck. “But for all the right reasons, y/n.” you whined, feeling Dean’s rough hand streak a blazing path up your side to cup your breast through your bra and you whimpered. Your nipples were stiff against his palm and he growled, nipping and kissing your neck as he massaged you.

You moaned softly as you felt his hands burning into you. You whimpered softly. “Mmn, Daddy.. I-”

Dean interrupted with a hard smack to your ass, making you yelp but he grinned when it turned into a moan. “What does my baby girl want?” He leaned in to go after your neck, biting and sucking on your flesh roughly to mark you with a love bite.

“Mmm.. I want daddy to fuck me already.. I can’t wait any longer.”

Dean smirked, teasingly ghosting his fingers at your hips and, more importantly, the waistband of your jeans.

“Is that so?” his smirk grew. “How bad does my baby girl want daddy to pound her into this couch? How bad does she want me to fuck her until she can’t stand tomorrow? How bad does my baby want her daddy to make her scream?”

You whimpered in response, moving him out of the way to get up from the couch. You shed your jeans and your shirt, only being left in your bra and panties. You shoved him to sit back in the chair across from the couch before strutting to the couch. Laying down on the couch and spreading your legs, you let Dean see the wet spot on your panties.

He groaned in response, which made you giggle and bite your lip. You soon began to rub at the spot briefly only to wiggle yourself out of your panties and spreading your legs again for him to see your pretty little pussy.

He bit his lip as he fisted his cock a bit, watching you as you teasingly rubbed your pussy lips. This was your way of showing him how badly you needed and wanted his cock pounding into your tight cunt.

“Daddy…” you whispered, making sure to keep constant eye contact as your fingers danced around your nipple while the others were playing with your wet folds. “Please don’t make me wait any longer…” you keened, your back arching from the couch as you rubbed your clit in harsh circles. “I need you in me, Dean…” you gasped, slipping a finger into your sopping core and you heard Dean’s growls as you eyed him fisting his cock.

You bit your lip as you watched him, his gaze fixated on you. He grunted as he picked up speed with his strokes. He released a snarl as he couldn’t take it anymore. He got up and pulled you up from the couch, laying on his side as he pulled you back onto the couch in a spooning position. He was just about to slide himself inside your heated core but then there was the sound of a door closing from upstairs.

Dean looked around quickly, spotting a blanket. He grabbed it and unfolded it briskly, using it to cover your bodies. He told you to pretend that you were sleeping, which you did, just when Roman and Seth came into the room as Dean wrapped his arms around you protectively.

“Hey man, we got ahold of Corey. He said he can spare some blood packs for your girl.” Roman notified Dean. Ambrose simply nodded and the two men left. Once the door shut, Dean tore the blanket off and got on top of you.

“Fucking hell…” he breathed and you giggled when he sighed, seemingly in relief.

“It’s not like they would have caught us, daddy.” Dean growled, pinning your arms above your head.

“They are wolves, baby girl. If they caught scent of anything, I’d never hear the end of it but for the mean time…” he grinned, rubbing the head of his cock against your pussy and you whimpered. “I got some unfinished business to deal with.” Dean slowly pushed in, groaning as his cock sank into you inch by inch without fail and you gasped when he bottomed out.

“Shit!” you scratched Dean’s back as he filled you to the brim and you clenched around him, making him grunt softly.

“Naughty, naughty y/n…Good girls don’t curse.” he grinned, tightly gripping your hips as he pulled out to the tip. “I think my baby girl needs some punishment.” Dean chuckled and you wondered what he meant but you soon got your answer as he suddenly rammed right back in, making your back arch. You gave a soundless gasp as Dean’s hips smacked into yours like a piston, his fingers sure to leave bruises on both your wrists and your hip but you honestly couldn’t be bothered to care.

Dean’s broken name left your mouth like a mantra as your voice cracked with each thrust. Your skin was on fire, every inch of your body seemed to be on a high and as Dean pinched your nipple between his teeth, you knew this was one high you didn’t want to come down from. You bit your lip, bucking against your mate as he plowed into you, making the couch shift slightly from the force of his movements.

“Fuck, y/n…You are so tight! This little pussy feels so amazing wrapped around my dick…” he gasped, moving from your nipple to your ear as your legs tightened around his hips and your legs dug into his back to bring him closer.

“Ah, daddy!” you whined. “You’re so thick, I can’t! Daddy, please, I’m gonna…” At a particularly hard bite, you shrieked, knowing your release was drawing closer and as you looked at Dean you knew he wouldn’t last much longer either. His brows were tight with concentration, his eyes were tightly shut and his lip was caught in his teeth. This visage painted the absolute picture of bliss.

“S-shit…” his hips stuttered and his rhythm spasmed. “H-hold it, baby girl…I’m almost there…” Dean gasped, increasing the power behind his thrusts and it almost end you right there. He felt you squeeze down on him and he groaned. “Hold on, hold on…Fuck!” he cursed, suddenly pulling out of you and you groaned, your eyes quickly locking to his,

“What? Why did you-” you squealed, suddenly being hefted and positioned with your ass in the air. Dean’s hard length was poised before you as his hands rubbed your ass.

“My baby girl wanted to taste all of me and my baby girl gets what she wants.” Dean grinned, blowing air on your trembling slick and you gasped, your fingers tightly gripping the couch.

“Mmn, Daddy!” you whimpered, taking his cock into your mouth once more and you instantly groaned when his tongue slipped past your dripping cunt. Your eyes shut, bobbing your head as your tongue swirled around his length and you tried to focus when his hands spread your cheeks for more access. Your whines were muffled around him as you propped yourself on your forearm and massaged his balls with your other hand. Dean groaned beneath you as you moved your hips ever so slightly against his tongue but that proved to be your end.

You gasped around his cock as you came, your orgasm rocking through you and Dean lapped at your folds, determined to get every drop. His cock twitched as your tongue swept his the tip once more, making Dean detach from you with a short yell.

“Fuck, baby don’t spill it!” he gasped, his come spewing into your mouth in salty ropes and you groaned, gladly milking him for every drop. Dean gasped, rubbing your ass as you swallowed his load and licked him clean.

Dean smiled. He moved you off of him, only to be pulled back, but you wiggled free to get your bra and panties. You pulled them on and tossed Dean his boxer briefs. He pulled them on and walked up behind you, suckling and biting on your neck to leave a fresh mark. He grinned. “Definitely my kind of mate..” He whispered, causing you to giggle.

You were soon brought out of your thoughts of him when you took in a whiff of the air, groaning and nearly collapsing. “B-Blood..”

Dean arched a brow at your actions, but soon got his answer when he heard the door open.

“Hey Ambrose! We got the blood-” Seth was soon cut off and landed to the floor roughly with a loud thump. You had ran out of Dean’s arms and tackled Seth for the packs. You quickly dug into the ice box that was carrying them, pulling one out and piercing your fangs into it hungrily. The taste had you groaning as your eyes rolled back.

“Mmn.. Not as good as daddy’s blood, but it’ll fill my hunger..”

Roman was observing you as you sat on Seth’s abdomen feasting on your blood pack. He took in the bite marks, the scratches, the bruises, nearly your whole body was covered. You looked up at him with your innocent eyes, looking like a child as you drank happily. He gazed over at Dean, crossing his arms over his chest as he gave a questioning look to Dean, who was grinning proudly.

“Really Dean…? Daddy?” Roman smirked.

Dean grinned, simply chuckling in response.

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Could you do a Bucky Smut where they have angry sex? Pleaseeeee

A/N: ohhh my god, Umm, okay, here you go! *internally screaming* hope this is somewhat okay??? I’ve never done straight smut before?? (Sorry if this seems rushed!) __________________________________
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: NSFW!!! Mentions of Past trauma, mentions of memory loss, hinted PTSD, mentions of nightmares, smut, rough sex, dirty talk, drunk Sex, consensual verbal abuse, fingering (with metal hand), slight oral, angry sex, unprotected sex, sorta spanking?, hair pulling, claiming sex, punishment sex


You’d been dating Bucky for almost a year now, slowly helping him get a hold on his life after everything that’d happened with HYDRA. When you’d first met him, he’d been almost completely unable to function. His memory was a blur of truths and lies, leaving his trust low and his mind on high alert. He’d forget the simplest things, things he should know. His name, where he was, who he was, who Steve was, who you were. He’d go night after night without sleep, body being jolted awake only minutes after he’d fallen asleep, body wracked with sobs from his nightmares. It got better over time, slowly, luckily.

Now, he was more like himself, or at least what you’d imagine his old self to be like. Steve had agreed with you, he was happier, more like the Bucky he knew, like his old Bucky. The real Bucky. He slept through the night now, usually holding you close to his bare chest. He was protective over the few things he could still cling to, Steve, his journal, his belongings, you. His sarcasm was on high at all times now, usually a playful smirk playing his lips, which you’d take over the frown that had seemed to have permanently taken over his features for a long time.

You’re out with him now, walking down the street, hand in hand with him, though it isn’t under the normal circumstances.

It’s chilly out, just enough so that you can see your breath, just enough to make you walk a little closer to the constant furnace that is Bucky. He’s upset, upset with you, but he hasn’t said anything yet so you try not to think about it too much. You’re a little tipsy, seeing as how he’s walking you home from a bar. Not that you’d meant to get quite this drunk anyways.

The longer the silence stretches, his fast pace pulling your wobbly legs along across the icy sidewalk the more you realize how badly you messed up. He’s not just upset, he’s angry, you can tell. He’s silent, eyes directed forward. He could’ve taken you home by car but apparently he had other plans, or maybe, more likely, Steve had the car. Again.

You open your mouth to speak but you’re cut off by Bucky’s angry, direct voice. “So, we fight one time and you decide to go get drunk and flirt around at a fucking bar?” You can see his breath as he talks, face stern. You don’t say anything. “What, and then you just call me to come drag your drunk ass home?” He snaps. “Walk all the way out here for you?”

Your words are only a little slurred when you speak and you’re sober enough to make sure you get your point across. “I thought we were through! That’s what you made it sound like! So, yeah, I’m allowed to go to a bar and take my mind off things!”

“You were practically throwing yourself at the people in there. Do I mean shit to you? Because fuck, you sure got over me fast.” He shot back, letting go of your hand. You vaguely wonder why he was holding it in the first place but you figure there are more important things going on so you let it go.

“You don’t own me!” You shout, stopping in your tracks, unwilling to follow him anymore.

“You’re my girlfriend, or maybe you forgot?” He growled, metal first clenching angrily. “we didn’t break up, not even close, you didn’t have a right to go act like a little
slut, Y/N.” He snarled, stepping closer to you. You can tell he’s jealous, and it’s making your heart beat a little faster, nerves, guilt.

He pushes you against the wall of an empty brick building, firmly but not hard enough to hurt. “You’re mine, got it Y/N?” He breathes into your ear, breath hot against your neck. You shiver, something about his sudden protectiveness that was definitely amplified, his complete control, it was surprisingly hot and the alcohol wasn’t doing much to help you keep your cool in what should be a serious situation.

You don’t give a real answer so he growls something and backs off.

You both make your way home in silence. Once you’re both in the bedroom, the house empty besides the two of you, he removes his shoes and jacket and turns to you, his anger still clearly evident.

“Get on the bed.” He orders.

You could say no, if you actually wanted to. He would have left it at that and you both would have gone about your night normally, but something inside you stirred at the thought of him making you his. Of him jealous and angry and all over you. Of course the alcohol certainly wasn’t helping your judgment but you really didn’t care. He wants this just as much as you do, you can tell and so you don’t make him wait, climbing onto the bed and shrugging off your light jacket.

Despite the cold wether you’re wearing black skinny jeans and a low dip tank top that shows your cleavage nicely, something you know he likes.

Without hesitation he pushes you down onto the bed and pulls your shirt off roughly, following in suit with your pants. Kissing down your neck hungrily, he bites a bit at the tender skin between your neck and shoulder, enough to leave a mark. You let a small whimper escape your lips at the feeling of his hot mouth on your cool skin.

His tongue flicks over the spot briefly before he works his way up to your ear, leaving open mouthed kisses and bites along the way, his voice is low and deep when he speaks against your ear, his cool metal hand running down your back slowly. “I think you need to know who you belong to.” He smirks, cupping your breast firmly in one hand while his metal hand continues to trail down your lower back.

You suppress a moan as you feel yourself start to become wet while he palms and squeezes your breast in his hand through your lace bra.

He stops abruptly after a few minutes of this and he removes his shirt and pants, leaving him in just his tight boxers, his erection pressing against the fabric, the tip of his cock straining at the top of the elastic band, begging for attention. “Suck.” He orders, pulling you closer by your hair. You’re perched on the bed, just in your lace bra and matching panties, you moan softly at the sight and obediently pull down his boxers, taking his thick cock in your hand, stroking him a few times before taking his leaking head into your mouth, gently running your tongue over his tip, swallowing down the precum. You could argue with him, fight this, try and have some control, but you don’t want him anymore angry than he already is so you stay quiet.

“Take it Y/N.” He growls, tangling his left hand in your hair as he pushes his cock roughly into your mouth, giving you no time to adjust before he starts steadily fucking your mouth, his soft moans filling the room. You don’t gag, taking him even when he pushes further into your mouth and throat.

You continue a steady pace, swallowing down his precum as best you can as he fucks roughly into your mouth, your jaw is sore but you’re unable to pull back considering his firm hand on your head. He keeps calling you ‘his’ and telling you how much of a slut you were tonight but it only makes you take him deeper, makes you wetter. Finally he stops, your core throbbing for attention, heat pooling inside you.

He pulls out of your mouth slowly, precum and saliva dripping from the corners of your mouth and his cock. He wastes little time in pushing you onto your back, pushing two of his metal fingers into your mouth while he begins grinding down on you. You moan around his fingers, mouth hanging open slightly as you’re lost in arousal as his cock rubs against your sensitive clit. “Y/N. Suck or they’re fucking you dry.” He growls, continuing his steady pace as he grinds down on you.

You moan softly and suck on his fingers obediently, wetting them as best you can, the slight metallic taste filling your mouth. After a minute he pulls them out, dripping. He pushes your underwear down roughly and rubs your clit with a wet finger for a minute before he pushes a finger inside you without warning, causing you to gasp at the cold and sudden intrusion. It feels so good to have him inside you, fucking your cunt finally, but you adjust quickly, hands tangling the sheets.

It doesn’t take long before you’re adjusted completely and you want more, you need more as you push back against his finger greedily while he pushes in the second. He fucks you with just his fingers roughly for a while, pushing them in and out while he teases you, knowing you’re more than ready but unwilling to give you more. “Please, please, Buck” you moan, panting heavily.

He pulls out quickly, smirking as he lines up his cock, pushing into you easily. You gasp at the feeling, a hand tangling in his hair as he begins to fuck you at a fast pace, kissing and bitting at your neck.

You moan softly, panting as he fucks you. “You’re mine. You don’t get to have anyone but me.” He growls. He pinches your nipple between his metal fingers, smirking at the moan that he receives. He continues to fuck you, repeating that you’re his.

He leans down and nips at your ear lightly, words deep and husky in your ear. “I’m the only one that gets to fuck you, you’re only mine and you need to know that, bitch.” You moan loudly at his words and cum, unable to hold back your orgasm as he continues to fuck you roughly. Eventually he’s panting and moaning your name, thrusting deep inside you until he cums, working his hips still as he fills you.

He pulls out carefully after he’s caught his breath, orgasm passing, recovering quickly as usual. Ignoring the clean up he flops down by you and pulls you against his chest. “Mine.” He mumbles tiredly.

You snuggle close to him, chest still rising and falling heavily. Your voice is soft and breathy as you close your eyes. “Yours..”

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Member/Kink: Jimin & Thigh Riding😉




“No, ‘m tired.”

Frustrated and horny, you whine incessantly, tugging at your boyfriend’s shoulders in the hopes that you could get him to sit up and take care of you. You had even put on the sky blue babydoll he bought you for your last anniversary. It has never failed to make Jimin pop a boner.

“Jimiiiiin.” You drag the end of his name out as you thrown your leg over his waist, straddling him. “At least let me ride you or something.” Jimin cracks an eye open, lifting his head to look up at you for a second before letting it fall back, throwing an arm over his eyes.

“I think I’m too tired to get hard.”

“What?!” you screech, your hand immediately flying down to his crotch, where he was, to your dismay, soft.

“Oh.” You try not to let the disappointment show, try to understand that Jimin was just exhausted after a particularly grueling dance practice. But you can’t stop the feelings of doubt from bubbling up and telling you you’re not good enough, not sexy enough.

“Hey.” Jimin sits up, cupping your hand in his face. “Quit thinking so hard, I can practically hear you.” You pout at him, one last plea for him to do something to help, to make you feel wanted. Jimin sighs, his eyes narrowing as a thought grows. Unexpectedly, he scoots backing, until he’s sitting against the headboard. He then grabs your hips, pulling towards him and rearranging your legs until they straddle one of his thick things.

“Ride my thigh, babe.” He smirks up at you before grabbing a pillow to put behind his back. “I promise I’ll make it up to you in the morning but this will have to do for right now, okay?”

“Um… okay.” You awkwardly place your hands on his shoulders for support before lowering yourself on your thigh. A gasp escapes your lips when the muscle clenches beneath you, the slightest friction stimulating your sensitive nub. “Oh.”

Jimin’s hands, still holding onto your hips, help you start a steady rhythm as you grind down on his thigh. He tugs the leg of his basketball shorts up so the only thing separating you is the pair thin lacy panties you’re wearing under your babydoll. You grind down a little harder, enjoying the feeling of his muscles rippling and tensing underneath you. Wetness spreads, dampening your panties and leaving a trail of wetness on his skin as you grind back and forth.

“That’s it baby. You’re doing such a good job. You look so pretty,” he murmurs encouragingly, one of his hands letting go to brush a strand of hair out of your face. “Does it feel good, princess?”

“Y-yes,” you moan as you increase your pace, your own thighs burning as you chase the orgasm building in your core. 

Jimin surprises you by lifting his leg up a bit and moving it back and forth, opposite to the movement of your hips. His thigh stimulates your clit at just the right angle and speed, your orgasm suddenly so close you can feel your walls tensing up.

“J-Jimin!” his name falls from your lips like a prayer, followed by moans and curses. 

“Go ahead, baby. Be a good girl and come for me.” His words push you over the edge, your orgasm surprisingly strong, your walls clenching around nothing as you slow your pace, riding it out and smearing your juices all over his thigh.

You finally come to a stop, sighing contentedly as you collapse next to Jimin, who gets a couple of tissues to wipe up the mess you had left on his leg. Sleep creeps up on you, your eyelids getting heavier.



“I’m hard now.”


“Come on, baby.”

“No. ‘m too tired now.”


You make it up to him in the morning.

Little Warrior

Pairing: T’Challa x Avenger!Reader

Requested by @marvelheaux:  Can you do a fic where the reader & t'challa have a love-hate relationship, the reader is an avenger and where they were sparring while arguing in the tower and he pulled her into a heated kiss mid-sentence 

Warnings: Explicit Language and Suggestive Themes.

Word Count: 1.4k+

A/N: My first official T’Challa fic.. If you have any prompts for him I will take them! This is after Civil War but doesn’t give anything away, so enjoy! x. T

Your name: submit What is this?

          “What’s my schedule for today, F.R.I.D.A.Y?” You asked, pouring steaming tea into a mug with the Avenger’s logo splayed on the front. The tea smelled delicious as you craned your head to inhale the steam and you wondered who made it.

           “Miss Y/N, you had lunch planned with Mr. Barnes but he had to cancel for mission debriefing. You have the rest of the day free,” The A.I informed you. At the news of Bucky’s cancellation you set the mug down on the granite counter and sighed, staring at the swaying liquid before it settled.

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Body Say (M)

Originally posted by thirstyforsekais

Request: Hello, are you taking requests? If yes, I’d like to request a smut with Sehun based on a Demi Lovato’s song Body Say if it’s possible. Thank you so much and Have a nice day! 😘😊

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1672

“You can touch me with slow hands. Speed it up, baby, make me sweat” [🎵 ]

Alcohol, flashing lights and a heavy bass was all that it took for you to let loose. You were mindlessly swaying your hips to the beat of the music, enjoying yourself and letting your body take over.

Your eyes crossed paths with a handsome stranger across the room. He was tall and had broad shoulders. A smirk was curled onto his lips as he watched you have, and you could tell by his avid expression that he wanted you.

You flashed him a sultry smile and you saw him lick his lips in want. You inwardly smirked and moved your gaze away to continue dancing. You didn’t think much of the tall, handsome man until you felt strong hands grip your waist and a warm body pressed against your back.

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could you please do an emison prompt where they are not dating/together and accidental stimulation leads to sex? just some sort of thing like that, you can do whatever with it

Set during (I think this is the right number) 5x06, when Alison stays at Emily’s for the night. Just a short one, but definitely nsfw.

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Much love and respect to those steady on their grind working to see their aspirations into fruition. Taking all the hate and criticisms to shut them up with product. Keep it moving and make those who believe in you proud! God Bless

Saturday Morning - Evilde Oneshot

[Read on AO3] 

Eva feels light.

Lightheaded, luminous, so light on her feet she’s tripping, tumbling into a guy. He steadies her, grinds against her, but Eva stopped feeling three drinks ago. She misses being a lightweight.

“What’s your name?”

The guy. Eva’s not here for someone to learn her name, so she leaves him to dance alone.

This week’s been shit. Her mom’s away, she failed her last math exam, Sara and Ingrid are talking shit about her because they can’t fucking get over anything. They need to learn from Eva. The more you drink, the less you remember, the better your life. It’s simple math. To think she failed that exam.

“There you are.”

Chris only finds her when she’s drunk, but he always does. Eva falls into his arms, lets him kiss her, lead to her a bedroom, push her onto the bed, rest himself on top of her.

But he’s body’s so heavy tonight, and Eva’s too light for it. “Not tonight.”

“Don’t be a fucking tease, Eva. I can find other girls to hook-up with.”

He’s an idiot if he thinks she cares about that. She flips him off as he goes to find other girls. If he were a true gentleman, he’d find some for her too.

Eva could maybe fall asleep in this bed right now. She could maybe puke in this bed. Regardless, this bed is her new home.

“I told you she’d be in here. She always ends up in the bedroom.”


Vilde. Eva smiles. Maybe Vilde could join her in her new home. That would be nice.

“I’m not judging, Noora. I’m being honest. And I’m the one who found her, aren’t I?”

“We just need to get her home. Can you stay with her tonight?”

“You won’t stay?”

“I told William to come over.”

Fucking William.

“To poison him, I hope.”

“Funny, Vilde.”

“No poison,” Eva mumbles. “Just smash a bottle over his head.”

“Oh, look who’s alert now!” Noora says. “Eva, Vilde is going to take you home. Ok?”

That’s what Eva’s wanted all night.

I thought you were coming over last night???

Magnus’s text goes unanswered as Vilde makes peppermint tea. It’s Eva’s favourite.

As the tea steeps, she texts her mom: do you need me at home? But her mom never replies fast enough for Vilde not to worry.

Vilde knows where everything is in Eva’s house. She grabs a tray from the bottom-right cupboard, places two mugs of tea on it, and brings it to Eva in bed.

Eva’s smile is genuine, but strained. She’s thrown her hair into a top-knot, washed her face, changed into Vilde’s clothes. It’s better than she looked an hour ago, much better than she looked two hours ago. “You don’t have to do this, Vilde,” Eva says, but Vilde climbs into bed with her anyway.

“I don’t mind.”

“Thank you for bringing me home last night, but I’m ok now. You don’t have to stay.”

“I don’t mind, Eva.”

“Won’t Magnus be looking for you?”

Vilde checks her phone: Not sure what happened last night, but you could come over now? She was hoping for a text from her mom.

“No, he’s with the guys today.”

Eva drinks her tea, then smiles so wide Vilde wants to laugh. That’s become her favourite sight. “Oh, is this peppermint? I thought we were out.”

“You had a couple bags left.” Vilde doesn’t admit that she’s started carrying peppermint tea bags in her purse. “How are you feeling now? Still nauseous?”

“No, thank God. Just have a headache.”

“Do you want ibuprofen?”

“Do you have some?”

Vilde grabs a bottle from her purse, double-checking to make sure it’s the right one. She hands Eva a pill and the glass of water she brought her earlier.

“Vilde, will you be completely honest with me?”

They have this conversation every Saturday morning. “Of course.”

“Was I better or worse than last Friday?”

“Oh, much better.”

“The Friday before that?”

Vilde frowns. “A little worse.”

“Fuck. But I didn’t sleep with Chris, right?” Vilde shakes her head. “Ok, at least there’s one regret I don’t need to have.”

Vilde checks her phone again. Nothing.

“Did I make-out with you?” Vilde smiles, shaking her head again. “Oh. That’s one regret I have.”

“I’ve told you that I only want to kiss you when you’re sober.” That’s more of a principle than a fact. She always wants to kiss Eva.

“And when I don’t have puke breath?”

Vilde nods, but kisses Eva’s cheek to make up for it. As Eva puts her arm around her, Vilde’s phone flashes with a new text.

Please come home, sweetheart. Love you.


“Your mom?” Eva asks. She’s the only one who knows.

“I don’t want to leave—”

“Go, Vilde. I’m ok.”

“Call me if you need anything. Or if you just need to talk.”

“You know that goes both ways, right? If you need anything—oh, I think you got another text.”

Sweetheart? Are you coming home?

Vilde can’t keep doing this.

“Can I ask you for something then, Eva?”

“Yes. Please, Vilde. Make me feel like a good friend.”

“Can you please try to drink a little less?” When Eva looks away, she adds, “Then we can do something else with our Saturday mornings? Go to a café with better tea?”

“I like it when you make my tea.”


“Vilde, I’ll try. Just…don’t stop liking me if I can’t figure it out right away, ok?”

“Of course not, Eva.”

“And we’re keeping our standing date.“

“Every Saturday morning. I promise.”

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RobRae smut where Raven is doing every way to distract Robin from working?

Um, please excuse me while I giggle compulsively in the corner for a second. 

Okay, I’m better now. 



- - - 

“If I can just…” Robin sighed and tapped his pen against the paper grumbling out halfhearted curse words under his breath as he scribbled another messy note next to a highlighted page. He ran his fingers through his hair and snarled down into the page before flicking the pen against the wall, where it embedded in the drywall next to another two pens and a bird-a-rang from earlier. He hissed out an angry breath from between his lips and leaned back against his chair, staring up at ceiling (and another two pens above his head that were waiting to fall).

Raven leaned against the door frame to the office and stared at him, her eyes following his exhausted form with serious concern. He’d been working on this file for two nights straight now, and he hadn’t made any headway, but he kept plugging away as if he was close to some amazing description. Raven sighed, if he didn’t take a break soon, his entire body was going to collapse in on itself. 


He glanced over at her and offered a weak smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. “Hey, Rae. What’s up?”

She shrugged and stepped into his office, her bare feet careful to avoid the carefully stacked piles of notes and case files. “You’re sending your emotions all over the tower like a distress beacon… I thought I would come see if you’d managed to give yourself an aneurism yet.”

“Ha ha, Rae. You’re so funny. You should be a freakin’ comedian.”

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Lesson X : [Chapter 5] : G-DragonxYou - Rated M

*A/N: Bolded words are spoken in English. Unbolded are in Korean.*

Warning: Rated parts in this chapter

Intro | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 89 |

Hey,” You jump and look up to see Mina with an apologetic frown on her face, “Sorry, but I don’t think I can get lunch with you today… the English teachers wanted to have a meeting for the exams coming up next week.

You stop yourself from letting out a sigh of relief and shake your head, “Oh! It’s okay, don’t worry about me. I’m sure I can figure something out.

Alright then… I’ll see you at the next class.” She gives you a small smile while leaving the office, “Make sure you get something to eat!

I will!” 

You waited a good while, making sure she’s well on her way before standing up to head out as well. Your heart was racing as you made your way down the hall, hoping you didn’t look too suspicious. You were a bit relieved you didn’t have to make something up to get out of lunch this time, but the whole thing was still nerve-racking… even though you’ve been doing this for a week now. Every lunch you had to yourself, you went there looking for him.

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