steady as a surgeon

The surgeon works his steady hands. Hannibal watches with eagerness for the man to stop, the only sign of pain on his face is the dripping sweat down his cheek, the heavy dampness of his forehead, and the spirit to keep his breath even. The surgeon tilts his head this way and that way in examination, and tells him that they did not hit an artery, but he will be unperfect for awhile. Hannibal nods his head and thanks him. The surgeon works to stitch him over, placing a white cloth that smoothly transitions to red to black. Hannibal breathes when it is over.

When the mouth of the tent opens and he sees Marcus, he attempts to straighten himself the best he can. No sense in letting the Roman boy know how fallen the general truly was; this is no story meant for them. He is not dead. No, he will be walking again in no time. Hannibal still belonged to the world and its mortal tragedies, but the world still belonged to him.

“I am glad you’re here, Marcus,” he says, propping himself on his elbow when he realizes sitting straighter is too much of a feat. He looks at the wound in his leg and shakes his head. “Don’t mind it too much. The Romans haven’t got the better of me yet.”


oh, cipher hunters?

if you’re in OR and you’re running to look for Bill in Reedsport—or if you know someone who’s going. do me a little favor?

i’ve worked my very hardest to bring you timely, accurate updates over the fourteen long, grueling days that cipher hunt has lasted. i’ve done a lot for you folks! so there’s a little something i’d like you to do for me in return.

just a little something in return for my hard work? you gotta be very, very gentle. okay? as careful as you can be. hands as steady as a surgeon’s. take a deep breath and be calm. but do this for me: 

when you find Bill, why don’t you go ahead and give that hand a shake?

and put in a good word for me?

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it’s almost time. are you ready? ∆

I’ll Never Go Away: Set following 11x24, an honest discussion ensues that could make or break them as a couple; April has a decision to make and Jackson has pride to protect.

I wanted to write something of substance again because I feel like I haven’t (written any angst) in a while, and I think this does the trick. Let me know if it’s good, bad, wonderful or terrible, okay? Thanks and I hope you enjoy! :)

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