Rainy Days

Requested by ca19990000, I hope you like it!

Sitting in the Bay-window of the apartment, reading my favorite book and watching the rain fall down the glass was the perfect, calm and quite day that I needed. The only other thing that would make it better would be if my sweet and loving boyfriend was here but his hold hoodies will have to suffice for now. No matter how many times I read Peter Pan, I could never get tired and with the steady rhythm of the rain next to me, it was a blissful morning so far.
“Well aren’t you a sight of sore eyes.” Spencer said taking me by surprise as he walked in the apartment, completely soaked from the down pour going on outside. I smiled, putting my book down and running over to him to engulf him in a cold and wet hug, no matter how warm my heart was right now.
“This is the longest you have ever been gone.” I whispered as Spencer held me close by my waist, smiling down at me and kissing my forehead softly.
“I’m going to go get changed and then I figured we could just have a day in, maybe order some food and just be with one another.” Spencer said even though he looked tired beyond belief so I just nodded and let him walk into the bedroom to change. I walked back over to the window to grab my cup of coffee and my book and heading over to couch, knowing that window wouldn’t but both me and the lengthy man that is Dr.Reid. Sure the hoodie I had on of Spencer’s was now a little wet but nothing I couldn’t handle. Having Spencer home was something you have to take when you could get it and use it to the fullest even if this is all we wanted to do today, honestly I think days in like this mean more than any reservation at any restaurant.  
“Peter Pan again?” He asked coming back into the living room with blanket in hand, knowing we would both either want one or share one. I nodded with a small as he sat down next to me as I cuddled into his side.
“It makes me feel like a kid again, like when I thought that everything was bright and happy. Peter Pan is timeless.” I said looking at him and he nodded with a smile.
“eighty-three percent of people like books form their childhood more often than books they read later on in life because it takes them back to a simpler time.” Spencer said looking down at me, our lips now inches away from one another. He cupped the side of my face and then connected our lips in a sweet, soft yet passionate kiss, filled with meaning but at the same time so much simplicity.
“I missed you.” He whispered into the kiss and I smiled, breaking the kiss and then kissing his nose.
“I miss you too genius.” I said as I laid down with my head in his lap, his hand immediately going into my hair and playing with it slightly.
“I just want you to talk to me about everything you did these past three weeks. I want to hear nothing for your voice for a good hour or so.” I said yawning quietly and he just nodded, and began his story all while putting a blanket over my lower half, my ears hanging on every word that came out of my boyfriend’s mouth, my eyes lips getting heavy, knowing I was nothing but safe and Comfortable with Spencer. It was good to have my genius back home.

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Hi, sorry for this question, but, do you know something to do when you are having a panic attack? Because I'm dying right now and I don't know how to stop it

Okay, here’s what I can recommend at the top of my head:

  • Take steady breaths. Try counting upwards with a clock, until you feel yourself breathing at a normal rhythm.
  • Keep positive. You’re going to be okay, this won’t actually kill you.
  • Space yourself from anything that might be causing you stress. Close Tumblr if you have to.
  • Stimulate yourself with someone you care about, or something you enjoy

If you’ve got any prescription medication to help with that, now might be the time to take it. Just make sure you let someone in your house know that you need it, so in case some sort of emergency happens, they can be active on your behalf.

I’m sure people will add more to this via reblog, but keep steady. You’re gonna be okay. <3

kindness is cheaper but death is the cheapest

i just saw a link to an article discussing how its cheaper to give homeless ppl a home (or even just steady shelter) than it is to leave them on the streets.

calculated by the cost of a bed/shelter vs. being harassed by police, needing emergency medical help bc not having a home is hard on the body and dangerous, etc and so on.

i’ve talked before about why economic arguments for liberation don’t work. this is another example.

the classism that feeds into why ppl are left out to find for themselves isn’t about money. and the saving of it.

capitalism would be most happy if these unproductive ppl who don’t contribute to the economy in a meaningful way would just die.

that’s the point.

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taekey; dom!Key teaching his Taemin to walk in stiletto heels cause work those legs.

strut; taekey; pg

Taemin felt sort of like an awkward giant in his shiny, new platform stilettos. There was a ridiculous amount of heel on these things, but they were pure black and laced tightly and Taemin would be lying if he said he wasn’t attracted to them at first sight.

His boyfriend, Kibum, had lovingly bought them for Taemin the moment the younger man had showed interest. He assumed he’d just use them in bed from time to time to please his partner, but to his surprise (and annoyance alike), Kibum had insisted on teaching Taemin to actually walk in these damn things.

“What are you doing?” Kibum critiqued, sharply evaluating Taemin’s each and every move. “You’re hobbling all over the place! Keep yourself steady.”

Taemin was a dancer with natural grace, but he preferred to pop and lock, not nimbly twirl or maintain this so-called balance Kibum kept going on about. He wanted to freestyle, not follow the rules.

“Why do I have to do this?” Taemin whined, folding his arms over his chest. His bare legs suddenly felt so much longer, and although that made him feel a bit more powerful, this boost in height was undeniably strange. Kibum looked so small from up here.

Because,” Kibum emphasized, “how are you gonna seduce me in these things if you’re tripping over yourself? Here,” he mumbled in concentration, walking the length of the living room, stopping at the opposite end. “Strut to me.”

Taemin hesitated. “Strut?”

“Yes. Not walk. Strut.

Taemin knew what this entailed… a long, long lecture that included things like, ‘no, Taem, you have to put more ‘umph’ into it!’ and ‘your form is all wrong! It’s like this!’ He wasn’t thrilled about it in the least, and he puffed his cheeks before blowing out an exasperated sigh. “Fine,” he surrendered, being as reluctant and as childish as possible.

He steadied himself, then began to walk toward Kibum (making sure to throw in a bit of attitude as he did so), paying close attention to where and how he stepped. Balance, his mind tutted. Keep your balance…

Once he’d reached Kibum, he stopped. The older man looked pleasantly surprised.

“That wasn’t half bad!”

“Can I take these off now?” Taemin slumped.

“Don’t you like them?” Kibum seemed disappointed. “You look so hot in them.”

Taemin liked the sound of that, but he shrugged regardless. “I don’t like being this tall,” he confessed.

Kibum frowned before he lead Taemin toward the couch. He took a seat first, then pat at his thigh with a teasing grin. “You should sit down here, then.”

Taemin looked vaguely embarrassed, but nodded and made to sit. Kibum stopped him suddenly, though.

“Take your clothes off first.”

Taemin smirked, then did as he was told, his shirt falling to the floor.

“Oh, and Taem?”

Taemin glanced up, thumbs hooked under his waistband.

Kibum beamed. “Leave the heels.”

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Could you combine 13, 24, and 28 for Ben x Mal?

apple picking + warm sweaters + flannel shirts

Mal’s only picked a handful of bright green apples on this trip, but she thinks it’s worth losing one to get a little time alone with Ben. So she steady’s herself on the tree branch she’s climbed onto and takes aim.

Luckily the tourney coach isn’t around to see her, because her aim is perfect. The apple knocks lightly against Ben’s shoulder and he turns around. It takes him a moment to spot her, but as soon as he does, he falls back from the rest of the group.

“Want some company?” he asks from the ground.

Mal nods.

He tosses his own full bag of apples up to Mal and climbs up to join her.

“Apple picking not your thing?” he asks, nodding at her mostly empty bag.

Mal shrugs, “I ate most of them.”

She’s still adjusting to the whole having regular, healthy, meals that haven’t gone stale or rotten.

“Fair enough. Are you enjoying yourself?”

Mal considers his question. She’d thought that apple picking would feel more like work than play, but so far it’s been kind of nice. She likes spending time with her friends, she likes getting off campus, and she really likes getting to see new parts of Auradon.

“Aside from this sweater somebody foisted on me, it’s not too bad,” she replies.

Ben had told her that wearing flannel shirts and cozy sweaters was traditional for apple picking. Evie got her a purple flannel for the occasion, but she’d had to borrow a sweater of Ben’s (in a shade of gray she didn’t know he actually owned). And then when they’d shown up, no one other than Ben had been dressed appropriately.

Mal was kind of impressed that he’d tricked her like that.

“It’s a nice sweater, you should keep it,” he tells her.

Maybe she will.

Mal reaches into Ben’s bag and pulls out an apple. It’s yellow. She didn’t even know apples came in yellow. She takes a bite. It’s sweeter than the green ones, and the skin’s not as thick as some of the reds. She makes a mental note to pick some of those when they climb down.

Their friends seem to have given up on them and moved on, because Mal can only really make out the tops of Jay’s and Doug’s heads over the trees. Someone must have done something funny, though, because Mal can clearly make out Evie’s laugh.

“Do you want to catch up with them?” Ben asks.

Mal shakes her head.

“I’m good here.”

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You're like the smell of fresh coffee first thing in the morning, comfortable and familiar, You remind me of a hot shower after a long day, warm and inviting, You remind me of soft floral prints, delicate and beautiful, Yet in the same breath you make me recall the soft green earth and the barks of trees, so steady and strong capable of weathering any storm.You remind me of old china tea sets, with a chip or two missing but it still holds value.You remind me of everything soft and lovely.

I wish I could make my gratitude tangible and send it to you

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How do you feel now compared to last year?

Well, compared to last year I’m feeling and doing better. That’s not to say that last year was awful, but I feel like the last 7 years of my life has been a steady incline in my mental and physical health. Sure, there has been some pretty shitty bumps along the way, but each year I seem to cut off more of the bullshit that’s clouding my life and it’s just been getting better. I can say for the first time in my life that I truly feel loved and appreciated without any doubt in my heart and mind. It’s a great feeling. Thanks for asking! 

Taking Care of You

anonymous asked:

Could you do one where you’re dating jack barakat&you’re helping on atl’s tour and you sprain/break your ankle for the third time and he gets all worried and tries to do everything he can to help you out with things?? c:

I like this one. :)


“Jack, please don’t worry about me,” I begged as I made my way out of the bus.

“You have sprained your ankle twice already on this tour alone,” he reminded me, keeping a hand on my back to steady me.

“And twice was enough to remind me to be careful!” I shot back. “I won’t get hurt,” I insisted. “Please, stop worrying.” I halted, turned, and kissed my boyfriend of six months now.

“With you as clumsy as you are, I don’t think I’ll ever stop worrying,” he admitted, but let me go down the steps on my own. I was just recovering from my previous (and hopefully my last) sprained ankle and was finally leaving the tour bus on my own for the first time in days.

“Freedom feels fantastic!” I cheered, dancing around on the grass outside. Jack ran down and started dancing with me. The other guys wandered back to the bus just in time to see the show.

“Y/n, nice moves!” Alex cheered.

“It’s good to see you out and about again!” Zack grinned. “Does this mean you’ll start going on morning runs with me again?”

“It sure does! Local trail, watch out!” I stopped dancing to laugh and catch my breath.

“We were going to go find some food in town,” Rian informed Jack and me. “Do you guys want to come with?”

“I’m down for food,” Jack agreed.

“Yeah, I’m starved.” Our small pack went to cross the street and I promptly tripped over the curb.

“Y/n, are you okay?” Jack rushed to my side to pick me back up.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m just- ow!” I winced at the pain as I tried to step on my previously sprained ankle and found it injured once more.

“Oh my God,” Jack moaned, setting his face in the palm of his hand. “Did you strain it again?”

“No, no,” I denied. “I didn’t sprain it again. I’ll just walk it off. Don’t worry.” I got to my feet and began to limp down the street on my own.

“Y/n,” Jack tried to stop me.

“It’s fine, see?” I motioned to myself and how I was making surprisingly okay progress and flatly refused to look at the others. Their faces would be more than I could handle with the amount of pain I was currently experiencing. I was just tired of being hurt. Why do I have to be such a goddamn clutz?

“Y/n,” Jack sighed, “no you’re not. Come on, I’ll take you to the doctor.”

Five hours later, we were all back in the bus, me with a cast on my ankle. Looks like third time’s the charm, because it was finally broken. “I’m really sorry about all the trouble, guys,” I said, breaking the slightly uncomfortable silence that had befallen our group. “I really wanted to help out on tour instead of sitting around being a bum and eating food that I didn’t earn.”

“You’re not being a bum, love,” Jack reassured me, taking my hand and squeezing it.

“No, I’m just being a damsel in distress,” I groaned.

“It’s not your fault you have weak ankles,” Rian tried to comfort me.

“No, genetics just fucked you over,” Alex agreed and Zack “yeah”ed. I frowned down at my ankles.

“That’s true.”

“What do you say,” Jack clapped his hands on his thighs and stood suddenly, “that I make you some soup and then we go to sleep?” Jack was asked me.

“That sounds good,” I mumbled.

“What was that?”

“That sounds fantastic!” I shouted. “I’m sorry for being a terrible patient, I’m just tired of being one.” Jack pecked me on the forehead and went to work in the small bus kitchen.

“I think that’s our cue to go,” Alex said. “There’s a party in the other band’s trailer.”

“Have fun,” I called as they left.

“Get better,” was their response. I looked up at Jack, who was humming to himself as he stirred the soup.

“If this is going to keep happening, maybe I should get you an apron,” I jested.

“Oh, I’d like that,” Jack smirked at me. “I could cook you breakfast in it.” I smiled at the thought. He walked up to me and knelt down so our faces were in line with each other. “In just the apron,” he clarified.

“I wouldn’t mind that, either,” I admitted, kissing him fiercely.

“You know, I don’t mind taking care of you,” my boyfriend informed me, breaking our kiss. “You’re not a hassle in any way, I promise. It worries me when you get hurt, yes, but there’s something definitely matronly that I enjoy about taking care of you when you need it.”

“Jack, please don’t describe your feelings for me as matronly. Ever,” I bit back laughter.

“How would you prefer I describe them, then?” He inquired, quirking one of his signature bushy brows.

“Oh, maybe nurturing? Fiercely protective? Incomparably adoring?”

“Yes to all of those,” he grinned, turning back to his soup. When it was done, he brought me a bowl and then sat next to me with one of his own. “Do you need me to chew it up first like a mama bird?”

“It’s soup,” I shot him a glare. “But thanks for the offer.” Twenty minutes and a full belly later, Jack was cleaning up after us and helping me into bed. “You should go to the party,” I decided.

“What? No, I’ll stay with you. It’s not a problem.”

“I know it’s not, but you’ve been taking care of me for so long, you should go enjoy yourself,” I insisted. “Really, I don’t mind at all.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m completely sure. Go have fun, love.” After a moment of contemplation, Jack finished tucking me in and gave in.

“Alright. I’ll go. But when I come back drunk and smelling like shit, remember you told me to.”

“I’ll remember,” I chuckled. “Go.” Jack kissed me twice before he went.

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✉ for a text that WASN’T SENT.

The back of the yellow truck rumbled as the driver hit almost every single pothole in the way as he drove. Zack was grateful that the man had agreed to take them but come on.

“Easy on the bumps there buddy!” He remarked as the SOLDIER turned to make sure that Cloud was comfortable. Not that he could ever really tell. Cloud’s eyes remained open and unfocused at something far, far away from here. His breathing was steady though and there was no extra blood rushing to his face. Zack took this as a sign of content and he ruffled the blonde spikes adoringly. 

“We’re gonna get away from this place and start over– ever thought about what you’d wanna do when you grow up? Besides SOLDIER I mean.” 

There was no response from the vegetative state Cloud was in. Zack had been doing this for months on the run, he didn’t really expect one. 

“Y’know, Tseng always told me that I have a way with making people wanna do better. So maybe you and I could start some sorta gym! Get people wanting to train and get stronger. I think we can do it together. After all, we’re friends, right?” 

At this point he was babbling but, at his own mention of the Turk, he pursed his lips. Thoughts drifted to the Wutaian man and to Aerith. Something clenched at the base of his stomach and what followed was an impulsive movement but he reached for his phone and flipped the screen. 

After staring for a few long seconds, leather creaked as gloved fingers began typing.

[text] i know i owe you enough for making sure she’s ok but please keep taking care of her until i get back

Another bump distracted him from his thoughts right before his thumb could push ‘send’ and the device went clattering to the hardwood floor of the back of the truck. He’d have reached for it if the truck then hadn’t come to a complete stop. After getting up to check, his eyes widened and he hissed under his breath as he went to shield his friend. 

They had found them.

“Shit! Cloud, get down!” 

Success hadn’t come easy for Cara Dixon, not in the slightest. At just the tender age of 18 she moved from her home town to attend Columbia University on an art scholarship. It wasn’t something her friends or family supported her on but she still pressed on, losing contact with many of the people she had once thought were important fixtures in her life.

With hard work and determination she graduated at 22 and by the time she was 23 had a steady stream on clients as well as her own art gallery opening… which leads us to present day. 

It hadn’t been the grand opening but it was still nerve racking, seeing so many people look at her art, many of which held so much insight to her troubles and her heart.. It was hard to think that just by looking at a canvas these people were looking into her soul. 

Cara had been walking to the bathroom, looking over her shoulder as someone complimented her work when she bumped into someone, her hands instantly flying up to steady the other out of instinct, a slew of apologies falling from her mouth. “I am so sorry sir, I wasn’t paying attention.”

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“Joshua-Hyung!” Soonyoung whines says. “Get down from their!” 

“No!” I say and strum my guitar angrily. “I’m going to be in this unit too!” 

“You can’t be in every unit hyung.” Chan says. 

“If i try hard enough i can!” I say, refusing to look down at them. I’m currently in between two walls using my legs to keep me steady. You’re probably wondering why I’m up here. Simple answer for a simple question; I want to be shown with this unit as well! I’m part of the vocal unit, I did a photo shoot with the Hip-Hop unit, so i only makes sense that i get shown with the performance unit by playing the guitar in between two walls with nothing underneath me to blow my fall if i do fall, right? 

The way i got up there is simple, i used my Spidey powers. That is the only way i can put it because i don’t even remembered how i got up here, and i can’t look down because i may pee my pants if i do. 

“The scene has been shot and you need to get down from there!” Jun says. 

“I’m too scared to.” I say. “I didn’t realize how high up i was until after we shot the scene.” 

“Well, you got yourself up there.” Soonyoung says. “You can get yourself down.” Soonyoung turns around and the rest of the Performance team follows their leader, leaving their hyung to stay suspended in mid-air. 

‘One of them has to come back to get me. They can’t be that mean.’ I say to myself. The door opens again and Jun comes back in. “I knew that you ere the nice dongsaeng who would save his hyu-Don’t take this!” I say as Jun tries to take my guitar, ‘Wow, he has long arms.’ 

“Soonyoung-ah told me to get this.” Jun says. He successfully grabs the guitar and walks away. 

“Great, now I’m alone and i have no form of entertainment.” My legs were starting to burn, i knew that was not a good sign. “And i may break some bone in my body. This is just perfect!” My foot starts to slide. ‘OH NO!! THIS IS NOT GOOD.’ I put my hands on the wall my back was against, hoping that it would help support me a little more. It worked a little bit. 

I was starting to break into a sweat. My legs hurt from supporting me up for this long, by arms hurt from trying to support myself when my legs were giving up on me, and my butt went numb from sitting like this. My foot slid even more. I look up at the ceiling. ‘God, I know your there. You have to do me a huge favor and not let be break anything if i do fall.’ Both of my feet start sliding. I close my eyes, not wanting to see what happens next. My legs didn’t have the strength anymore and they let go. Just as quickly as i was falling i landed in what i think were arms. 

I open my eyes and i see Wonwoo. ‘Oh, so he’s the one who caught me. Wow, this would drive the fangirls crazy if they found out that Wonwoo caught me instead of Jeonghan.’ 

“Should we tell Jeonghan that you’re the angel now?” He jokes, his normally awful jokes actually made me laugh. He set me down on my feet, my legs still hurt and feel like jelly so when he did that i fell forwards. I landed into his chest this time. “Maybe i should carry you.” He says while smiling. He picks me up bridal style and carries me into the practice room. Everyone looked at us. He sits me down on a chair by the andromeda table. “He won’t be able to dance for a little while.” Wonwoo says. 

“Why?” Seungkwan asks. 

“His butt still hurts from what we were doing earlier earlier.” Wonwoo says casually. Everybody elses eyes went wide, because they took what Wonwoo said the wrong way.

Let me explain this, in the other room where i was suspended in the air, Wonwoo was taking a little nap in the chair while we were filming for the performance video. So by ‘what we were doing’ he means the filming.

“We don’t need to know what you do in your free time.” Vernon says. 

I look at Wonwoo and all he does is laugh and pat my hair. “You did well earlier.” He says smiling a little devil smile. I can feel my face get hot. 


MIXING COUPLES *evil laughter*!! Sometimes you gotta mix couples to make things more fun.