i havent been posting much here, sorry!!!!! will try to better. just dropping by to say i’m happy fam. sun’s been out this week, days are getting longer. was reminded tonight of my motivation for joining this industry in the first place: storytelling is the oldest and most powerful cultural tool we possess, that alone is why i’m doing this. why i love doing this. i’ve felt very balanced recently, steady in my uncertainty. life happens whether i act or not, and that thought alone allows me to act. 

did a bunch of colour theory this week, &walked around the lake twice. this afternoon maja, leila, and i bought a cake for the class and we all sat in the first proper sun to grace denmark in weeks to eat it. gonna hire bikes this weekend. i’m as good as i probably can be 

On Infinite Earths - Chapter 2


Summary:  Kara shows Cat the possible and the impossible

Note:  Huge thanks once again to @reginalovesemma for being a stellar beta.

Chapter 2 on AO3

Or from the beginning

The portal spat them back out onto Cat’s balcony.  Strong arms around Cat prevented her from hitting the ground or tumbling over the side of the building.  Between years of carefully calculated landings and weeks of world-jumping, Kara landed on her feet like an old pro.  And if she exaggerated how long she needed to hold onto Cat in order to steady her, well, saving people from harm was her job, after all.

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Responding to Hostility

‘When people speak badly of you, you should respond in this way: Keep a steady heart and don’t reply with harsh words. Practice letting go of resentment and accepting that the other’s hostility is the spur to your understanding. Be kind, adopt a generous standpoint, treat your enemy as a friend, and suffuse all your world with affectionate thoughts, far-reaching and widespread, limitless and free from hate. In this state you should try to remain.’

- Dhammapada, in The Buddha Speaks, A book of guidance from the Buddhist scriptures edited by Anne Bancroft.

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Do you have any tips of dealing with anxiety?

Try to breathe calm and steady, concentrate on your breathing. Try to visualize the process of breathing and how relaxing that is. Maybe come up with a sentence that calms you like “It’ll be okay” that you can repeat to yourself over and over again. Take something with you you can fidget with, like a ring or a small ball or anything to calm you down.

Imagine: Not being out but dating Natasha

((A/N: I’m not trying to romanticize anything mentioned))

Originally posted by cityofsourwolfrunners

You used to admire Natasha from a far using your alter ego as a reason to hang out on rooftops to watch the avengers go out on missions. Sure, this was a bit creepy, but you were super shy. Soon after a big save thanks to your alter ego, you were invited to join the avengers. A few weeks after being an official avenger Natasha asked you out but in secret, you guys didn’t need everyone else meddling in your business. Months later you and Nat were still going steady. You were not out to anyone and people thought Natasha was just super comfortable in her heterosexuality. Neither of you minded, this allowed the private stuff to stay private.

When Nat was forced on a date with Bruce Banner by Tony, sure you were a bit upset but you understood. She headed out a gave you a sad smile and you just stood there letting your girlfriend go out with someone because you were too nervous to come out. 

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I decided to write a continuation of the Gency Preganancy prompts since they’ve kind of ended in a cliffhanger, sort of…

A Continuation of these prompts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

“He’s been stable for hours. Morrison and Master Tekhartha were able to maintain a steady stream of biotics throughout the ride over,” An omnic nurse was looking through a tablet at Genji’s condition, “Between that and the repairs to his cybernetic systems, along with plenty of bed-rest, he should be ready for the training field within the week, mission-ready within two.”

Mercy’s arms were crossed over herself, and they tightened around her at the thought of Genji going out in the field so soon. But then Genji himself would likely be frustrated at how long it would take for him to heal compared to other times. She knew she should be relieved that the injuries were so treatable—-that was what she worked for, that was how biotics worked—-but she remembered Volskaya, and the thought of Reaper coming so close to killing Genji itched at a dark and terrifying memory in her mind. The omnic nurse opened the curtain to Genji’s section in the infirmary and Mercy stepped forward.

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Look, just

Ahsoka a handful of years before Rebels, and there is a high profile mission that is going to require two sets of steady hands and two low profiles and a particular quality of split-second judgment unique to Fulcrum agents

and so she’s partnered with Captain Andor and it’s been years but when she sees him she’s right back on Carida in that disastrous mission where the only Alliance survivors were her and the eight-year-old boy she managed to save, who asked on the flight back to base if she was a Jedi

and the last time she saw him he was fifteen, he was tracking a target and she was tracking both of them but she lost visual just long enough for him to get into trouble, and when she catches up in an alley the target is dead and there’s an enforcer droid looming over the kid and Ahsoka taps the panel over the code cylinder port just so and the droid crumples 

and Cassian just looks at her, stone-faced but also shaking, and says, “I had to, he was going to bolt.” 

and they both know they would have found the target again eventually, but he knew Cassian’s face, and Ahsoka looks at him and thinks of the terrible pragmatic decisions she had to make when she was his age and younger, thinks of how warped this galaxy must be that it turns children into soldiers, of how you don’t need the Force to follow a path of fear, of how committed he is and has been since even before she brought him to Bail Organa’s Rebellion for lack of anywhere else to go, and of how many blind alleys he’ll willingly walk into again

and she hides the body and he folds the droid up as best he can, covers it in a jacket and lugs it back to the ship

and eight years later they’re on their way to do some reconnaissance on Jedha, the first attempt to figure out what the Empire wants with the sacked temple and to make contact with Gerrera’s rebels, and Ahsoka regards him for a while and Cassian looks back evenly, and finally she settles on asking, “How’s your droid?” 

and his expression lightens, just a little. “He’s never forgiven you.” 

and even with new commands and new loyalties, you can’t just blot out a grievance like that 

and it helps to remind herself that if she had taken him anywhere but the Alliance, he would have kept throwing rocks and bottles at stormtroopers until he got a blaster 

but it doesn’t help much

Mark felt anxious. He could feel the trepidation coil and grip his heart with crushing strength. 

He didn’t know if he could do it.

The wings that were once a complete, glorious pink and eager for the air at all times stayed firmly closed to his back. His fingers shook until another steady pair took hold of them. They were paler than his. Less calloused. 

“It’s alright. I got ye." 

He almost believed him. Almost. 

"C'mon Mark. Let’s go." 

The Fallen took a breath that reached the very bottom of his lungs. Chocolate brown eyes fluttered closed and remained so. Tainted wings started to stretch and fan out to their full length. They both pretended not to see the slight quiver of fear and anxiety in the primaries. 

Jack may not ever say it aloud, but even in their current state, Mark’s wings truly took his breath away. They were beautiful. Powerful. 

"Go on. Give it a go… Slow.” The demon’s voice was low. Close. So close. 

One flap. Two. Three. Jack matched his wingbeats stroke for stroke.

Each one got stronger and stronger, until the tenth lifted him a few feet in the air. Mark felt his heart race, and then steady after another deep inhalation. It relaxed him. 

Even though his emotions were going haywire, his muscles knew exactly what to do. They remembered. 

For a moment, the two hung on the breeze, gently testing the air currents. Easy. Simple. Maybe - just maybe - he could do this. 

Jack new what the other was thinking. He could read it on his expressive face. The way he faltered slightly in his hover. 

“Do you want me to lead?" 

Mark nodded, eyes still glued shut. 


The demon reaches out a hand. The Fallen was taking it even before it was outstretched. Instinctive. 

Together, they could fly again.

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Aro Slytherins? Maybe even aroace? - S

We’ve actually done aro slytherins here, but we could do it again.


Aroace Slytherins using their ambition to its fullest power, making it a point to fulfill the stereotype of “you must be able to get so much done because you’re ace” like “thank you very much, I will then. I will climb the ladder and smash all your dreams just for saying that.”

Aroace Slytherins being incredibly nervous and wringing their hands together so tightly it leaves marks when they come out but all others notice is the proud way they have their head held high and how steady and strong their voice is.

Aroace Slytherins creating a Super Secret Club™ just for other aroace Slytherins to support each other - in everything from coming out to facing prejudice to needing some help getting their hands on that potion ingredient they need to try this new potion they found.

Aroace Slytherins being the kind of people to roil on the inside when faced with amatonormativity or compulsive heterosexuality but never just coming out due to anger or to make a point. They’re the kind of people who come out when they want to who they want - usually friends they trust completely. They are not above coming out to shut up bigotry, but only if the timing is right and they’re pushed to the edge.

Aroace Slytherins being able to present an incredibly convincing front of not being aroace to the outside world when they aren’t ready to or haven’t come out yet… to everyone except the person (or persons) they are dating, as they rarely ever get intimate in public. PDA is limited and for show purposes only.

Aroace Slytherins not feeling the need to be very loud on a day to day basis about their pride but when they show up to pride events, they will show you up.

Aroace Slytherins either being very touchy-feely and flirty or very private and seemingly withdrawn. Sometimes they may even fluctuate directly from one to the other. There’s not usually much of an in between, though.

Aroace Slytherins knowing all the technically legal hexes - wordless and wandless - for those moments when the aphobia is too much in their way. They teach them to younger aroace Slytherins.

Aroace Slytherins being calculating, listening to all the people to avoid, and finding people’s biggest insecurity, saving it only for when necessary.

Aroace Slytherins who take up the role of protecting other mogai Slytherins from in house and out of house prejudice, who are protected in return by the rest of their house. Loyalty runs deep.

Aroace Slytherins who have a host of loyal friends to either stand with them or be there for comfort afterwards when they are ready to come out to their family. They typically come out to friends before any family.

Aroace Slytherins becoming a bit of a legend within their house - and even sometimes among others, remembered far after the time that they graduate.

~Hufflepuff Mod

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i'm kind of down for ultravanilla majima. makoto just like HEY MAJIMA WANNA HOLD HANDS and he just goes HOLY FUCK BABE THAT IS *LEWD*

@kazuyagoddamnmishima every goddamn word your hands craft is beautiful. also he was def sweating like a fcuking BEAST when he had to touch her during the escort missions “are things moving too quickly??? does this mean we’re going steady????” as he shields her body from yakuza thugs