Winter Celchu advising Queen Leia about matters of the State
L'Wren Scott, Spring 2014

What If… Alderaan wasn’t destroyed by the Death Star. Leia Organa ascended the throne a few months after the Battle of Endor…


“… Lady Winter Celchu was more then just the Queen’s foster sister, she was also Leia’s most trusted companion and confidant. A solid and steady presence in the Queen’s life. The most prominent example, is perhaps one Jaina Organa’s many messages send to her twin, in which the princess described her honorary aunt as dutiful, tireless and unfailingly loyal to her mother and one of the few people Leia relied on.

Despite perpetually living in her sister’s shadow, Winter willingly served her Leia’s burdens as monarch. Winter has proved several times to be an able and competent leader in her own right. Her skills and intelligence made her a woman of significant standing not only on Alderaan but also the within Alliance and the New Republic…”

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How much are we trying to raise for Camila? How much does she need to get her house back?

So she’s not going to get her house back, it’s literally going on auction tomorrow. XC which is why she needs the help more than ever. 

Right now, because her dad doesn’t have a stable job, and her mom stays at hoe watching the kids (which is why they are in this mess is because her dad couldn’t afford paying the bills of the house) Camila, through youtube and twitch streaming, is the only stable form of income for her whole family. And you only get paid from youtube once a month, so it can be hard to manage without a steady one/two weeks  of paychecks coming in. So, she’s going to be the ones paying all the bills of the tiny downgrade of a house she’s living now, as well as paying for food and everything you need to live which is really really bad especially for a 21 year old. XC 

So they need the money to not only help support them now, but I was talking to her earlier, and the tiny space they have now is NOT fit for living in at all, so they need to either move or expand on the house, because they are practically suffocating. already because of the lack of space they are having to give up a lot of not only luxuries but furniture and stuff that they kinda need, as well as their dog. XC So the patreon money is going to help with either moving, or expanding their tiny house, as well as paying bills and stuff and so on, etc etc. So it’s a pretty tight (no pun intended) situation. 

But, I’m not sure how much she needs to be honest, I just know the situation she is in right now is really bad, with how much the bank screwed her and her family over. So I’m not sure how much her goal or need is specifically, I just know she and her family need help right now, and because we don’t know, we’re trying to get as much help as we can, but at the same time, another reason why we are completely understanding if anyone can’t, or is unwilling to help as well. Camila already doesn’t want to ask you guys of anything despite her current situation, so whatever people are willing to give, will be very appreciated, but if you can’t, it’s also totally ok and we understand. 

Madison went for a cry in Sophie’s garden then joined Max on the hammock for some quiet time.

I’ll be your eyes ‘til yours can shine
And I’ll be your arms, I’ll be your steady satellite
And when you can’t rise, well, I’ll crawl with you on hands and knees
'Cause I… I’m gonna stand by you - Rachel Platton

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@heart-of-mold.) It had been a bad night and the robotic monster he was supposed to be watching almost came into his office place twice.

Gabriel had been working his ass off trying to keep springtrap occupied and distracted. After finally being able to get the monster away from him the second time, Gabriel collapsed back in his chair and let out a sigh.

The sudden silence was filled with only noises of his thudding heart and the steady hum of the fan that was on full blast on the desk. Sweat dripped down his face and he wiped it away with a sleeve he turned his head towards the fan to cool himself off a bit…

“This night has not been going any good…” He muttered glanced at the clock that read 1:30 AM. “And I’m not even half way through it…”

Open rp

It appears Bren was for once, not actually bothering anyone as he often had been past couple days. Instead he was to be found sitting contently high in the rafters of the guild hall. At the moment he was trying to carve a small wooden figurine, The sawdust and small flakes of wood raining down in a somewhat steady stream before settling into a small pile. Around that pile was various broken bits of wood from prior dropped figurines. None of them looking all to aestheticically pleasing..


she invites him over for dinner.

or, really, for take-out. she probably shouldn’t, because she’s coming
off of nearly a week’s worth of double shifts and overnights she’s taken
on because she can’t stand to be at home. (she’d told herself, when she’d
ended things with jack, that it was what she needed to do. they both saw
it coming, and she doesn’t regret it, but it still hurts in a way she hadn’t
expected. there’s relief, but also a steady ache. she decides it’s because
she’s back to being alone again, faced with luz’s i told you so and lance’s
clumsy sympathy. that’s it.)

still, even if she does look a mess, she decides it’s good enough for a
night in between friends. he promises to bring wine and knocks on the
door a few minutes after eight and she checks her reflection in the mirror
(why, she doesn’t know) before she answers the door.


she steps back, opens the door a little wider.

          “– thanks for coming.”

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Re: earlier anon message, what would you say to people who funded the Kickstarter last time when one of the goals (that was surpassed) was more regular updates and feels that was not achieved?

The updates have been more steady though? They went from like one episode every six months to three episode every 3-4 months? Not to mention higher quality? I don’t think she can literally work any faster? ~Three to four months is a VERY realistic timeline output for a comic of this density and the quantity put out at time? (Did you forget that this one is pushing that four month mark because it is FIVE comics (like ~50 pages) Not to mention that she has also been working on the Madison special comic and doing conventions (advertising and sales is an important part of business too!) 

FOLIAGE REPORT, September 28, 2016:     For those who’re thinking about taking a drive through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to see the beautiful fall foliage, here’s the current status of this years grandeur:

So far, the leaves are only beginning to turn.  Even up at Newfound Gap and in the higher altitudes, which usually get colorful first, there’s only an early change in some trees to a somewhat yellowish hue.   There’s a small splash of color here and there; but, it’s still early for heading up there for the Magnificent Colorshow.  We didn’t check up at Clingman’s Dome this trip; but we will for our next report.

Traffic/Congestion:   Steady, but not horrible.  

Have patience, and give it a little more time to really brighten up.   

We’ll keep you posted!

Because words are hard and I wrote some last night and it’s not finished but here’s a bit of them,

It hurts everywhere except for the warmth of the hand in hers. A sloppy bandage holding her together even as she feels like she is about to fall apart. He runs with her, the pounding of his feet on the grass matching up with hers in a steady rhythm.

She feels his eyes on her, tracing her features, following her tears. She feels him watch and she knows it is coming but she is still taken by surprise, pulled back into him when he suddenly stops.

His hook at her chin makes her shiver from the cold as she looks away from him, her hair soaked from the rain, sticking to her cheeks. He pushes the strands away before tilting her face up to look at him.

His eyes look through her just like they have done for the last five years.

He knows her. He knows her heart.

So when she says please in that almost voice, in that sob disguised as speech, he only nods his head and pulls on her hand, beginning to run again.

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How many years would Yamamoto Xanxus and tsuna want to date before getting married

-Yamamoto would take around 3-4 years before he pops the question. It’s one of those steady, smooth relationships.
-Tsuna will pop the question in 9 months. If he’s in an actual relationship, he already knows who he has signed up for and he doesn’t see the point to wait around. He needs heirs and you need actual protection from his enemies. The quicker it’s done the better.
-Xanxus will take around 11 years? Or until his s/o gets pregnant or wants to start a family. /Or/ if one day, he gets super-jealous and decides “fuck it, you’re mine and you will wear my name”.


Guan Shan rang the doorbell.

There was no answer.

The steady beat of heavy rain on the windows of the hallway made up for the silence. It was flu season.

He flicked the duplicate key from under the doormat and let himself in. He Tian’s spacious apartment was dark. There was no sign of anything stirring, not even the low hum of the aircond in his bedroom. Guan Shan walked in quietly, looking for signs of the boy he knew.

“He Tian?” He called out, walking past the kitchen and dining area.

Still no answer. Guan Shan bit his lip and headed straight for the bedroom. There was a mass of something lying under the heap of blankets like an unmoving, ominous lump.

Oh god. Was He Tian even breathing? Guan Shan rushed to the bedside, throwing the blankets back.

He Tian blinked.

A cool hand pressed against his forehead, and the familiar scent of citrus body wash and Guan Shan spelled acres of relief within his system.

“Stay right with me.” Guan Shan was saying, stroking his limp hand under the covers.

“Nowhere else to go.” He Tian managed to wheeze out before ending in a fit of coughing.

Guan Shan stood up and padded away. He Tian tried to fight the urge to get up and tell him not to leave, but failed and sat up anyway. This caused a bout of wooziness so strong it made him sway to the side. Guan Shan was steadying him in an instant.

“Stay in bed, silly.” He murmured, gently wiping at his forehead with a cool, damp washcloth. “Let me take care of you.”

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my ultimate kink is sub joji like no "mistress" "baby boy" nicknames just Submissive lil fucker begging for you to fuck him but he's like super loud when he moans and his poor neighbors


you push Joji against the bed frame, grabbing both his wrists and pinning them above his head.
He moans, begging you to touch him and make him cum.
You slowly reveal his cock and stroke it slowly before finally lowering yourself onto him.
He’s a writhing, panting mess as you ride him at an agonizingly slow pace. He whispers your name as he thrusts against you, trying to shove his cock deeper inside of you.
You push his hips down completely, not allowing him to go at the pace he wants.
He whines and begs for more but you continue going at a slow, steady pace.
When you finally pick up tthe speed, bouncing wildly on his dick, he screams out in pleasure. He can’t help but cum almost instantly when you whisper dirty things into his ear. There’s absolutely NO WAY the neighbors did not hear the filthy noises that came from that room.

Pulled 305 on a deadlift the other day. I just wanted to get over 300 lbs. I was doing 330 for reps before my injury but hell I’ll take it. Not going to push it anymore though, I start my bulk this Saturday which I’m excited for, guna keep my gains slow and steady this time. Currently 176, guna beef up to 200. Yeah it’s a lot but if I stick to my diet and refrain from dirty bulking I should put on some decent amount of lean mass, either way I’d like to have the size.