steadfast booking

“I’ll tell you another truth… Another hard fact for you to ignore until it’s too late. In every romance, one person loves the other more. Sometimes it’s a lot; sometimes it’s such a slight difference that nobody could ever tell–nobody, that is, except the one who’s loved a little less. He’s always aware of that patch of shadow where the sunlight doesn’t fall. That fraction between how far he’s reaching and how far away she is. The difference between loving and loving absolutely. Nobody else can even see it, but the one who does more than his share of the loving? Eventually he can’t see anything else.”

- Claudia Gray

All of a sudden the boat was swept into a long drain pipe. There it was as dark as it had been in his box.

“I wonder where I’m headed,” the tin soldier thought. “If only I had the little lady in the boat with me, it might be twice as dark and I shouldn’t mind it a bit!”

-The Steadfast Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Andersen

Woodcuts by Robert M. Quackenbush

Translated by Carl Mamlberg