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Any tips for a fourteen year old who doesn't know how to do life

You have like a few years to figure it out but here’s my how to do life tips:
-get a functional sleep schedule
-eat two big meals and one small meal a day snacking is encouraged
-laugh as much as you can it will make you a healthy person
-don’t think in negatives instead think in positives (for example in stead of aw fuck man it’s raining think yo dude rain is really phenominal and pretty and the plants are drinking up look at them go
-drink water this one is important you don’t wanna be crashing like my ass did Bc of dehydration
-try to do something light exercise wise every day like walk a few blocks or do some fun dance exercise YouTube videos
-don’t procrastinate if you can help it like I know I have like deep rooted reasons I do it but it won’t help you honey if you can not procrastinate consider it
-love yourself you are all you have garunteed in life and honestly that’s so so much
-don’t be an asshole to people karma is real and she’s a fucking nasty bitch
-don’t rush yourself with romo stuff it isn’t that big a deal man
-let go of things like literally don’t drag shit out it will make you miserable
-remember it’s okay to have feelings and that everyone does have them
-just be polite it makes you such a good person

Side note I need to like follow my own advice


Roman - Your Story Revolving around a Winter’s Morning and a Holy Night vol.1 illustrations

“I” watch the girls fade into the distance…between “morning” and “night”.

Good evening, my dear traveler of the horizons.
This is a story(roman) dedicated to you, who have awoken in a horizon that is neither morning nor night.
This is a story(roman) of the wounded, the beaten and the ones who suffered great loss.
This is a story(roman) of those who continue to wander with their eyes to the sky.
Ah, for we are born. And we will die.
Just like how the windmill turns. This is a story(roman) found there.
A special story(roman), the likes that could be found anywhere. Let’s bring a song to life.
Let’s continue our song. Just like him - one who would eventually be born on a holy night(Noël).

The Story of Morning and Night

You will awaken. In a horizon that is neither morning nor night.
You, the traveler of horizons who have gone forth and come back. Your journey starts here.
Perhaps it will be an endless journey. Perhaps there is no clearly defined destination. However, you will set off regardless. You will experience many meetings, and many goodbyes. You will know your name. You wish for it, and the girls answer. “Oui, monsieur.”

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Last Name

Prompts - Marrying Dick Grayson

Relationship: Lover

Character: Dick


Gifs: Found on Google.


Dick remembers going through his parents wedding album, it had been a huge wedding. He wished they could be here now, his mother would be crying, his father telling him that this was one of the biggest days of his life. In his father’s stead stood Bruce, the man that took him in and raised him. Bruce had also taken you in after both your parents ended up in Arkham. Bruce helped Dick with his tie a small smile on his face.

“I’m very happy for you both. You both deserve this joy.” Dick didn’t know what to say all he could do was hug Bruce and whisper a thanks, Bruce hugged back patting Dick’s back.

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Fic: We Own Tonight (9/?) (M)

Author’s note: It took some doing to get this one exactly the way I wanted it; I’ve had it planned since the beginning. Some things will look familiar; hopefully, there are enough new players to keep it interesting! Enjoy!

Also posted: / AO3

Chapter Nine

“How do I look?”

Killian stood back to take in the full effect; as always, his princess was stunning. Her gown was a soft rose color, set off by pale gold sash. Her blonde tresses were twisted up in braids, holding her tiara in place. She playfully twirled around for him, the skirt flaring. “Well?” she demanded.

He swallowed. “I don’t believe there are words, highness. But you’re always beautiful to me.”

Emma frowned. “Highness?”

Killian stepped closer, smiling apologetically. “Apologies, love. It’s difficult for me to think of you any other way when you look like this.” He reached out and took her hands in his. “Forgive me, Emma?”

Emma slid her hands so their fingers were laced together. She felt closer to him every day and today of all days, she wanted him with her. “Just save it for when were out there, okay? With you, I’m just Emma.”

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Cupcakes and Letters

Merry Christmas, Sweetheart! [nattprins]  Hope you like it.

[Pairing: Hijack]
[Rating: T]

Dear Jackson,
So, I suppose I’ve had this really big crush on you for quite some time now and I decided that since there was no possible way that I was going to find the courage to tell you face-to-face, I might as well tell you through pen and paper. I know this is probably really clichè, but hey, sometimes being clichè is okay. You’ve never really noticed me before. At least, not in the way that I’ve noticed you. I’m not going to give anything about me away because if you found out who I am you’d probably never talk to me again.
Wow, this is probably the lamest love letter ever, huh?
Oh well.
Signed, Your secret admirer xx

Jackson Overland-Frost [or more famously known as Jack, because he thinks his full name is annoying and hard to remember] has never really taken an interest in Henry Haddock before. The boy was small and scrawny and an all-around dork. The only reason Jack was noticing him now was because of what the people at table seven were saying.

“He is so frickin’ skinny. Honestly, does he even eat?”

“I bet he’s an anorexic. What a freak.”

“And did you see all of those freckles? What’s up with that?”

“Yeah, like, what did he do? Shower with spray-on Cheetos?”

The girls in the group chortled while the guys laughed as if making fun of Henry was the funniest thing.

Jack was pissed. What made him extra pissed was the fact that the people poking fun of his coworker were intentionally speaking loud enough so Henry [who was two tables down from them, trying to take an unreasonably complicated order] could hear. And even though Henry was smiling, bright as can be, Jack noticed how he was self-consciously tugging at the sleeve of his sweater, his hands shaking. Jack clenched his hands in anger, the urge to punch something [or someone] undeniably strong.

He quickly walked over to the table and asked a little too sweetly, “May I take your orders?”

“Can I get a skinny lattè?” Asked one of the girls, a smug smile on her face as she glanced around at her douche-y friends who were obviously holding back their laughter, “Oh, and a vanilla cupcake.”

Jack forced a smile, “And for the rest of you?”

“Skinny lattès for all of us."someone else replied, the others nodding excitedly.

Walking back to the kitchen, Jack felt something in his chest clench with fury when he saw Henry wiping his eyes [his hands still shaking] before he reached for his recent order. Henry was about go over to the table when Jack stopped him.

Henry looked up at him, his freckle-ridden cheeks instantly darkening when he realised who was blocking his path. Dropping his gaze to the floor, Henry began shifting from one foot to the other. "Did I do something wrong?”

“No,” Jack began, then he leaned over and whispered into Henry’s ear, “Watch this.”

Henry gulped, watching nervously as Jack made six cups of coffee. His eyes grew wide, however, when Jack took a swig of each drink before spitting it back into the cups when no one was watching. Forcing another smile, Jack sauntered over to the table and gave the drinks to the six teenagers at table seven. Henry nearly puked as he watched them drink the coffee, probably talking down on someone as they did so.

Jack walked back up to Henry, a smug smile on his face. “They totally deserved that.”

Henry’s face turned a bright shade of crimson. The tips of his ears were burning and his heart was beating so fast that he was almost convinced it was going to beat right out of his chest. And all of this was over one silly little gesture.

Henry wasn’t the only person who was in awe of Jack’s actions. Merida was too. She’d seen the entire scene unfold. And when Jack walked back into the kitchen to fetch his new order, she smiled brightly as he looked her way.

“What you did was really nice.” She called, setting a stack of dirty dishes in the already-way-too-full sink.

Jack grinned, although his eyebrows were drawn together as if he was confused. To be honest, he had never noticed her either. Good lord, how many people worked here? There couldn’t be that many, because the coffee shop was awfully small. Maybe he was just really oblivious. Either way, he nodded in her direction before continuing on with his work.


Later that day, as Jack was getting ready to head on home, he walked over to his locker and put in the combination, barely opening it before an envelope fell out and landed on the floor by his feet. Picking it up, Jack opens the envelope and extracted a small folded-up sticky note. The note was simple, written in swoopy cursive with a single, filled in heart at the bottom.

1. You make my heart race.

Along with the note came the first love letter.

Dear Jackson,
You looked stunning today. Every day gets harder for me because I keep finding more reasons to love you. It’s getting incredibly hard for me to resist touching you. You, with your lovely brown hair and dreamy blue eyes. Alas, I am but a coward and choose to remain silent.
I hope that you treasure my love from afar.
Signed, Your secret admirer xx


15. Your eyes put the stars to shame.

“I think it’s Merida,” Jackson said as he bit into the chocolate chip cupcake, re-reading the love letter in his hand, “I bet she likes me.”

“She does stare at you quite a bit.” Henry replied in that thoughtful voice of his, his chocolate chip cupcake left untouched next to him on the pavement.

It was lunch time at the coffee shop and as usual, Jackson and Henry were eating lunch together. They found that both of them liked chocolate chip cupcakes and black coffee and so the two of them spent most lunch breaks together while everyone else went to the Taco Bell across the street. Ever since the ‘incident’ a few weeks ago, Jackson had taken to hanging out with Henry [who was known to Jack as Hiccup, because when Jack had first asked for his name, Henry was so scared the he got, well, the hiccups.] He learned a couple new things about the adorable 18 year old- he was quiet and shy. He blushed easily and he was as sweet as they come. Granted, he was brutally honest and quite sarcastic, but that only made him all the more interesting. Henry was truly amazing and Jack almost felt guilty that he hadn’t talked to him sooner.

Henry simply shrugged and told him that he didn’t want to be noticed so it wasn’t Jack’s fault. And despite himself, Jack couldn’t keep away from him. There was just something soothing about his presence. Henry was a good listener and knew just what to say or do in just about any situation [he just proved to keep excellent company.]

“Do you think so?” Jack asked, a bit too enthusiastically, running his fingers over the curling script of the note, “'Cause if we’re being honest here, I think she’s cute.”

Henry nodded, “Yeah, when you’re not around she gushes about you.”

Jack grinned and took another bite of his cupcake, “Should I talk to her?”

“Don’t speak with your mouth full.”

Jack laughed and ruffled Henry’s hair playfully, causing the younger man to blush, his gaze dropping to the ground. Henry still wasn’t quite used to how physical Jack was.

“I think you should.” Henry stated after a period of silence. Jack looked at him curiously.

“I should what, Hic?”

“You should talk to Merida.”

“Oh, yeah.” Jack smiled and glanced back down at the note in his hand, “I think I’ll wait until I get a couple more letters, though.”

“Bastard.” Henry muttered under his breath. Jack laughed, ruffling Henry’s hair again and enjoying the brilliant shade of red that stead over the younger mans face.


Dear Jackson,
It’s almost been a month since I first started sending you these letters. I think they’ve made me a bit more courageous somehow. I was never really the openly courageous type. Not until I met you, Jackson. I am so glad that you’ve noticed me. I still thank the gods to this day for whatever it was that got you to notice me because since that day my happiness only grows.
You’re absolutely marvelous.
Your secret admirer xx


Henry stared longingly at the happy couples who were chattering amongst themselves. Henry would never have that kind of relationship, where he and the other person would hold hands and share kisses and yet be able to hold a long, heartfelt conversation. Not with the person he wanted to have the relationship with anyway. But that was okay. Occasional conversations and having lunch together sometimes was plenty enough for him. At least, for now it was.

Jack managed a small nod at Merida when the slim ginger glanced over at him and waved awkwardly. He grinned. She totally liked him. It was so obvious. He thought it was really sweet that she wrote him those letters. He loved them and thought the action was adorable.

Jack’s gaze travelled around the crowd and he frowned a little when he spotted Henry off to the side. Jack watched Henry as the other boy observed the groups of people, looking as if he wanted to join them but couldn’t quite figure out how to do so. See, the coffee shop gets rented out to parties every now and then and currently it had been taken over by a Valentines day party, or something of the sort. Jack had noticed recently that Henry had been sort of distant. And for someone who loved Jack’s company, and loved giving Jack company in return, it was all quite odd.

Jack made his way over to the younger man and stood beside him.

“Enjoying the party?” He asked smoothly, taking a swig from his glass of punch.

Henry shrugged, smiling shyly up at the other before turning his gaze to the floor, a blush creeping up his neck.

“You’re not lookin’ too hot, Hic. You okay?” Jack asked out of fake curiosity, leaning over to look at Henry directly in the face.

Henry shrugged again, “I’m fine.”

“Are you sure? Do you want a cupcake? I’m sure I could snag a few from the kitchen.”

“No, Jackson. I’m fine. I just need some air.”

Jack watched as Henry wove his way through the crowd and slipped out the back door. An amused smile tugged at his lips as he picked up a plastic plate and placed four chocolate chip cupcakes onto it. When no one was paying attention, Jack quickly snuck out through the kitchen, taking Henry’s path. When he got there, Henry was muttering to himself and angrily kicking at the loose chunks of gravel.

“Idiot. You shouldn’t be getting so close.”

Jack tilted his head, slightly confused. Who shouldn’t Hiccup be getting close to?Jack cleared his throat, the look on Henry’s face when he turned around was almost enough to make him lose it. Henry was mortified.

“I brought you a cupcake.”

A cupcake? Jackson, there are four cupcakes on that plate.”

“Okay, so I brought you more then one cupcake. Sue me.”

Henry shook his head, sitting down on the pavement.

“Hiccup, what are you doing?” Jack asked, sitting down next to him, “Why aren’t you inside, hanging out with people?”

“I don’t like parties.”


“Yeah, the thought of all those people in a tiny little space scares me.”

“Why did you volunteer to work tonight then?”

“Extra pay.”

Jack rolled his eyes, biting into one of the cupcakes, “You’re such a dork.”


Dear Jackson,
I can’t take this anymore. I’m afraid that my silly little crush from two and a half months ago has grown into something else. It’s gotten so strong that it almost hurts. But, it’s a pain that I am will to bear, because you’re worth it.
Gods, I wish you knew how you make me feel.
Your secret admirer xx


Henry sat on the park bench across from the coffee shop, staring unhappily at the building. The bench provided a clear view of the shop windows across the street and Henry could vaguely make out the outlines of people milling around.

His stomach sank as he belittled himself, he was a coward and no one could ever love a coward. That’s what he believed, anyway. He should have just asked him to dance. Why did he always have to chicken out of everything? He stared down at his shoes sadly, tears blurring his vision. He watched as tear drop after tear drop fell to the ground, splattering across the pavement.

“You okay?”

Henry nearly jumped out of his skin at the voice. He tugged at the sleeves of his sweater nervously, a bright red blush already creeping up his neck. Using the back of his hand to wipe the tears from his eyes, Henry glanced up at the person who was talking to him.

“Yep. Just being the coward that I am.” He replied, his laughter obviously forced.

Jack sat beside him on the bench, tapping his foot against the ground absentmindedly. “I think Merida wanted to dance. Do you think she wanted to dance with me? Should I have asked her to dance, Hic?”

Henry shrugged, still tugging at his sweater. “Maybe.”

“Yeah,” Jack decided, “I should have asked her to dance. D'you think I should talk to her about the letters?”

Jack didn’t notice this, but Henry’s eyes grew wide at the mention of the anonymous love letters.

“I don’t think that’s a very good idea, Jackson.” Henry stated, a little bit too fast.

“Really?” Jack tilted his head, confused, “Why’s that?”

“Well, it’s obvious that she wrote those letters to remain anonymous. You should just ask her out and forget all about the letters.”

“But I love those letters. You know that, Hiccup. Reading them makes me…happier, somehow. Like I’m finally worth something.”

“You shouldn’t be feeling worthless in the first place.” Henry muttered, “You’re incredible, Jackson.”

Jack hadn’t noticed the way Henry stared at him. He didn’t notice how Henry seemed to hang on every single word Jack ever said or how much thought he put into the conversations they had. He had noticed, however, someone across the street, waving at him through the window. It was Merida.


Dear Jackson,
I can’t do this anymore. You should know that I lied right from the start, Jackson. I lied when I said I was okay with loving you from afar. I lied when I said that I was becoming more courageous. I am a liar. And a coward. The truth is that it hurts. Every time I see you, my heart just aches because I know I don’t have a chance with you. I want you to be happy, Jackson. And the only way you can be truly happy is if I take a step away. And so, I’m letting you go. I’m going to force myself to move on even if it tears my heart to pieces and makes it impossible for me to breathe. I will move on, because that is what’s best for you.
I wish nothing but the best for you, Jackson.
Your secret admirer xx


Jackson rushed to find Merida, the final letter crushed in his hand. He didn’t understand the meaning of it. Why was she just giving up all of a sudden? He thought they were finally getting somewhere.

“Merida! Hey, wait up!” Jack grinned when he spotted her about to leave the shop.

Merida smiled brightly, tying her scarf around her neck as Jack sauntered over, “Hey. What’s up?”

He smiled, holding out the letter for her, “There’s no need to love me from afar anymore.”

Merida raised an eyebrow, glancing at the letter before looking back at Jack, “What are you talking about?”

Jack laughed, “Oh c'mon! The love letters and notes you’ve leaving in my locker for the past three months can’t just be appearing on their own. Seriously, I know it was you.”

“I haven’t been leaving you letters, Jack.” Merida shook her head, smiling, “I admire you, yes, because you’re amazing and what you do for Henry is sweet. But I have a girlfriend.”

This bit of news shocked Jack a bit, but he supposed that it would explain why Merida spent so much time with that one blonde girl from a town over. What was her name? Rapunzel? Something like that.

“Oh,” he finally said, shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot.

At that moment, Merida noticed a small figure standing by the entrance to the coffee shop. Even with all the lights off and the flickering street lamps outside, she could make out that scrawny shape anywhere.

“What about Henry?” She asked, a bit too loud, forcing herself to not look in his direction.

“Hiccup?” Jack muttered, confused. It took him a minute to realise what she was suggesting. “What? Hiccup? That’s not possible.”


Henry decided that it was time to 'fess up. If Jackson wanted to be with Merida then he would let him. Wish them the best if need be. Henry was sure that when Jackson saw the first item he would know exactly who was sending the letters. He sniffled, feeling as if his chest was collapsing. He knew that Jack didn’t love him in that way and he never would. But it had been worth it.

He slid the envelope into Jack’s locker and went to the entrance of the shop but froze mid-step when he saw Jack talking to Merida.

“What about Henry?” Merida had said, causing Henry’s heart to speed up.

Henry could see the love letter that he’d written in Jack’s hand. His heart swelled. Maybe there was hope.

“Hiccup? What? Hiccup? That’s not possible.” Jack’s laugh sent a shot of pain racing through Henry’s heart. “No, Hiccup and I are just friends.”

Henry could no longer hear anything above the ringing in his ears and the sound of his raging heartbeat. It was painful, but more so then before. His heart hurt. His chest hurt. Everything hurt. He knew that Jack didn’t like him that way, but hearing it with his own ears was far, far worse then imagining it in his mind. The pain in his chest was unbearable. He was being selfish [being heartbroken like this] but he told himself that he had exactly one day to feel like this and after that day was up, he would carry on as if he’d never loved Jack in the first place. He would let Jack go and he would move on. Maybe he would skip town for a few years. Maybe he would go abroad. Or maybe he would stay here and die every day while he worked along side Jack. Whatever the verdict, he would have to decide later, because right now he was just wasting his grieving time, and damn did he need it.

For a moment, Jack stood in the darkness, mulling things over in his mind. Hiccup? he thought, walking back to his locker, surely, it couldn’t be Hiccup.

Jack pulled open his locker, wanting to retrieve his things and hurry on home when he noticed the single chocolate chip cupcake. His heart thundered inside his chest as he removed the cupcake, along with the note that was stuck to the bottom of it. Written in the swoopy cursive that he’d come to love was this:

79. I love you.

Jack didn’t understand why his heart was beating so fast. He stared at the simple note, and ran through all the other letters he’d received in his mind.

Dear Jackson.

Stop that, Jackson.

Dear Jackson.

You’re incredible, Jackson.

Dear Jackson.

You’re such a dork, Jackson.

Dear Jackson.

Thanks for picking me up, Jackson.

Oh dear gods, how had he not noticed sooner? He’d thought the writer was just being formal, but in reality he was giving Jack the biggest clue of all. As much as Jack hated his full name, he didn’t really mind when one person addressed him as such. That person was Hiccup.


Henry sat in his room with the lights off, listening to a playlist of Mayday Parade, Mariana’s Trench, and The Script on repeat. A container of chocolate chip cupcakes sat on the floor next to his bed. The container was empty, almost as empty as Henry felt.

He would mope about tonight, and in the morning everything would go on as if the letters never happened. No matter how badly it hurt him.

It came as quite a shock when Henry heard the doorbell go off. Once. Twice. Three times. Figuring that the person wasn’t going to go away, Henry dragging himself out of bed, not caring how bad he look at this particular moment.

His heart started to race again, however, when he realize just who exactly was at the door.


So many thoughts were colliding in his mind that Jaxk barely remembered how to breathe. His thoughts and emotions were all knotted up, so while he was trying to sort through how he felt, Jack found himself walking down the street towards Henry’s house. Jack was nervous as hell when he walked up to the door, ringing the bell once. No one answered. He rang twice. A third time. The door swung open.

“Jackson?” Henry muttered, absentmindedly tugging at his sweater sleeves, “What are you doing here?”

Jackson gently placed his hand over Henry’s, to both stop his nervous tugging and hand him the most recent letter.

Henry gulped, attempting to keep himself from hyperventilating. His hand clenched, crushing the note because he knew exactly what it was. He should have taken the note with him instead of putting it into Jack’s locker. He didn’t want him to know who he was.

“Hiccup, what is this?” Jack asked, his voice soft.

“I-I have n-no i-idea what y-your talking about.” Henry blubbered, and much to Jack’s dismay, his eyes filled with tears.

“Hiccup, please tell me.”

Henry sniffled even more, wiping his runny nose with the back of his hand, “I don’t-”


“What did you come here for, Jackson? What did you want to accomplish?” Henry suddenly snapped, pulling his hand away from the other person, “Did you come here to gloat? To rub it in my face that I was stupid enough to fall for you? Huh?”

Jackson felt his heart skip a beat, and it skipped hard. His mind was racing at a hundred miles and he wasn’t entirely sure what he was doing, but the moment that he pressed his lips to Henry’s [sloppy and awkward as the kiss might have been] he knew why he was there. He knew why he had shown up at Henry’s house and he knew why his chest had hurt so bad when he saw how utterly broken Henry was. The reason why all of these things were happening was very simple, really.

Jack loved Hiccup. He wasn’t sure when he had started loving Hiccup nor was he sure why he hadn’t noticed sooner, but one thing was for certain; he wasn’t going to stop loving Hiccup for a long, long time.

[Golly, this took so much longer then I thought it would, I am so sorry.]