The Tick Tock of his Hearts

Summary: Set before Turn Left, the dimension canon sends Rose to 1990’s Montreal. She meets the Eleventh Doctor for the first time, but he’s not himself— literally— he’s had to use the chameleon arch. Neither Rose nor the Doctor recognizes the other. That doesn’t stop trouble from finding them (or is it the other way around?) (Not a Human Nature AU) 

Prompt: running, jealousy or kisses

Rating: All ages

Words: ~4k

A/N: Written for arethestarsouttonight my Secret Santa recipient. Happy Holidays! I hope you like your gift :D

Thanks to the lovely lixabiz for the beta.     Ao3

Rose managed to stop running before hitting the brick wall. Jake had got to fix the kinetic energy stabilizer on the dimension canon. It wouldn’t do to break her nose in a parallel universe. She braced herself against the wall and took several deep breaths, until her head had stopped spinning and her heart had slowed down.

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