I honestly can’t stand when people say Stendan sent the wrong message(s) to its audience. I honestly roll my eyes because they did not present abuse as okay or excusable, they didn’t have the ‘love heals all wounds and mends all ties theme (although people often confuses that) and to top it all off brendan got a sad ending which had a double reason but neither reason was prepped with a bad message behind it. The murder and mayhem and such a show really shouldn’t have to hold the audience hands through these things…story should not lose its fictitious nature, aura, and rights in the sake of common sense.

Even when we speak on morale low topics such as selling drugs, or cheating. Well we know the drug selling wasn’t sent with a positive message since it 1. Killed someone and 2. Started the the carnage to Brendan’s downfall. Cheating however they didn’t even give a fuck…ste honestly cheated on all his lovers with Brendan. Personally I think any idiot who would’ve dated ste after the Noah was a dumbass because small town means every body knows what’s up. You know he comes with baggage and sooner or later he’s gonna fuck you over with that baggage. But they were very lenient on that subject.

I can’t stand how most people act as if it’s positive just because a show includes it…that’s not true. But on the other hand I know we as a society are used to characters like brendan being one dimensional…they’re usually the villains and present as uncaring, unloving, individuals with no past and no future.

Most of the things in the Stendan storyline is complex and debatable and meant for the audience to honestly question. For example the Brendan/Walker sec scene and the question of who really was the 'bad guy’ in that moment. I’ve seen people argue this millions of times picking a stance on one side or the other…because for one we have brendan who is obviously not consciously aware of walkers comfort — and that in fact is problematic because in sex that is both partners jobs but then you have Walker who has consented but he doesn’t truly want it and in this moment is in part making brendan what he doesn’t want to be. It is his responsibility just as much as it is Brendan’s to be honest and forthcoming in his consensual agreement and or deniability, but we know why in truth he’s doing this why he’s intimately opening his body to someone he hates (and why he was willing to force someone else to do the same >.>). The scene actually reminds me of a scene of Lucretia from Spartacus and how she had that long term goal and even with what was happening to her to get there…it’s those types of things that makes the audience question the sanity of these characters or be amazed by their dedication….honestly I think that it’s lazy to just label a character as crazy instead of delving deeper into the core of who they are and why they are.