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stydia youtube au?

I probably need to watch more youtubers and i need someone to write a better fic

  • Lydia started as a fashion and makeup blogger. It’ll look good on college applications and she’s worked out a formula for maximum success and minimal effort. 
  • She doesn’t calculate for how much she enjoys it. And certainly not for just how popular her channel is.
  • Stiles starts making youtube videos for no real reason. He like’s being the comedian and he likes the outlet for his energy. He’s not that focused on the follower count till he wakes up one morning and notices he’s passed the 500K mark. 
  • Lydia goes to vidcon. She and Kira go and they spend the day wondering around the convention (videoing like everyone else) and just enjoying the day. At the end Lydia take’s the most impeccable selfie of Kira and her in front of the vidcon sign and posts it. 
  • it’s only later when she’s checking her comments that there’s hundreds of comments saying “😂 😂 😂  @PointlessStiles and @Scott_11 in the backgroundso she checks back on her photo and sure enough there’s two boys around her age pulling stupid faces in the background of her photo. 
  • She obviously check out the accounts and quickly realises he’s already following her and Kira already. He’s a youtuber too. And a good one judging by the number of followers he has. 
  • When Stiles get’s the notification he has to sit down. “@Lyds_Martin started following you”. Stiles doesn’t encourage internet stalking but he’s been mildly stalking this girl for a while. When he’s seen her taking a selfie in the main entrance hall with Kira(Scott’s gaming partner) he couldn’t help himself. 
  • But vidcon is over for another year so there’s no chance to see her again. Instead he does what any normal Millennium would do. He starts building an online friendship with her.  
  • Lydia notices Stiles likes across her social media platforms. She’s followed both him and Scott across all social media and realised that they have a lot of friends in common she’s just…never noticed before. So she starts liking his things back. 
  • It just escalates from there. Liking each other posts. Retweeting each other. Eventually leaving comments and emojis on each others posts.

 @PointlessStiles Fierce af 🔥”
@Lyds_Martin 😂 how many times did you film this “
@PointlessStiles Brains and Beauty 👓📚 “
@Lyds_Martin you look good in plaid”

  • Stiles does his next youtube video with a cast on his arm and Lydia watches with concern. She moves over to twitter and sends him a message. He replies pretty quickly and tells her he’s fine. Not even a break. And they just….keep talking. 
  • Lydia finds out he’s planning to go to Boston U, right next door to her. He’s friends with Allison through Scott and thats how he knew who she was. She tell’s him about MIT and the riemann hypothesis. They talk about everything and anything. Eventually they exchange phone numbers and keep talking on there.
  • Her comments on his posts always get a fair few likes but suddenly they’re getting replies by the hundreds all with the same word “STDYIA 😱 ❤️” In some format. She searches it on tumblr and realises it’s people shipping her and stiles together. 
  • It’s kind of creepy but mostly harmless. Lydia tries to push it to the back of her mind but she’s starting to realises how much she thinks about Stiles and how much she likes him. It’s kind of hard to ignore other people noticing their chemistry too. 
  • And then suddenly it’s time for vidcon again. It seems natural with all of them being friends to meet up. Lydia’s stomach is flipping. It’s ridiculous. She meets plenty of new people all the time and never feels like this. 
  • Stiles waits with Scott and Allison in the entrance lobby. He’s full of nervous energy and Allison keeps smiling at him knowingly. When he see’s the glint of strawberry Blonde hair making her way across the room he smiles brightly. 
  • Lydia hugs Allison first but then moves straight to Stiles. He holds out his arms and she moves into them quickly. She breathes a hey into his neck. 
  • They spend the rest of the day wandering around. Kira’s on a “women online” panel and they go to support her. Lydia finds herself sticking by Stiles. She like’s his insight into the vlogging world and the fact that between his laidback attitude is a smart, well planned business plan. 
  • They both get stopped more then once for a selfie and it’s the first time Lydia’s ever felt like her channel actually reaches real life people. Stiles seems to sense her slightly forced smile and puts a hand on her back to help her relax. 
  • When they’re walking back to their hotel, behind the rest of the group Lydia takes a breath and grabs Stiles hand in her own. He looks down at her and smiles gently. 
  • He kisses her before they all leave. It’s soft and gently and Lydia wants to do it again. In just a few months they’ll both be in Boston and she’ll have plenty of opportunities to do just that.  
  • Later that day Allison DM’s her a photo. She blushes at it and sends a message to stiles for his approval. 
  • She get’s a record number of likes and comments when she drops the photo of her and Stiles kissing on instagram, with the caption “Stydia💕 “