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Soldiers missing home might find comfort in the arms of women infected with sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis—something that the U.S. military wanted to avoid. In World War I, such diseases were rarely talked about openly, as in this poster.  The Hygienic Laboratory, now NIH, did a lot of work on arsphenamine, a drug used to treat syphilis, including standardization and regulation of commercial production, investigating its side effects, and how it worked in the body.  As cited in the 1918 annual report, “The average preparation now on the market is considerably less toxic than the product formerly imported from Germany. This favorable result is partly due to the fact that the laboratory gave every possible assistance to the manufacturers. A member of the division spent several months in one of the largest plants where arsphenamine is made in order to familiarize himself with the difficult manufacture of this product and to render assistance in overcoming the difficulties. The result of this cooperation was that this particular firm was able to increase its output of a better product, thus removing the serious shortage of this drug.”  The development of antibiotics made this work obsolete after World War I.

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Hi! Hopefully this isn't repetitive. I'm writing a novel set in the 1940's. It doesn't focus much on the wars and stuff, but basically I need anything about 40's conflicts, Psychiatric care/hospitals and methods in the 1940's, any sort of cryptozoology/paranormal history in that area of time, and any sort of boarding school info, like lifestyles and how it worked and stuff like that. If that's too much, I'm sorry. Any help in any areas that sound interesting to you are fine. :) THANK


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During WWII, Stan Lee served our country designing propaganda posters warning the military about catching VD. So, new variant cover month theme?

WWII STD poster theme? okay I’m here for it 

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hi, so, half of me LOVES your comic abt "finding out you're asexual" (1. where was that house when I was trying to figure myself out and 2. your art style is so adorable omg !!! the freckles !!! the floppy hair !! i love !!!) but I gotta say, as a bi grey-ace I felt a lil icky reading it, just bc of the incredibly sexual way you depicted the other orientations? like there is so much more to those orientations than just the sex? idk. Just wanted to hear your thoughts

So this is a very interesting question, and thank you for not being overly aggressive with it ;) I am sorry that you felt a little icky reading it though, I understand that everyone is going to have a different reaction to seeing this because this is art (subjective) and we are all humans.

But maybe I can add a little context for this comic. I’m technically a grey-ace panromantic person (though I prefer to ID with the umbrella term ‘asexual’) and I would consider myself sex-positive or sex-neutral in my attitude to sex in general.

With this comic, I wanted to express the feeling of utter relief and happiness i felt at finding out what asexuality was, especially because I had spent a very long time before that trying to figure out if I was straight, gay, bi, pan, or just crazy. Because NOTHING fit. And I think this is why a lot of people find that I am portraying other identities as restricitive. Because they are … if you are trying to be something you are not.

My intentions with this was not to explore the intensely complex ways we experience our orientations, hence the over-simplification of 3 rooms and a garden (though it doesn’t mean people are necessarily confined to one room only). I needed to express my relief, and I wanted to practice comics too. This was done a year ago, when I was still figuring out how to write and draw a comic, so I kept it short and simple.

And finally, the over-sexualisation… which I still don’t actually see. Firstly, I did not ‘plan’ the comic, I just punched it out, so that was a mistake as I couldn’t then go back and edit things I only later realised could be seen as problematic. But. In all the rooms you have people making out, and people chatting. I could have shown that in the aroace garden too, I admit, but over-sexualisation looks like everyone naked and having orgasms or at least actual sex. I only tried to portray sexual/romantic attractions in a visual manner. Also, my own perceptions of sex come into play I think. I don’t think it’s a dirty thing at all, it’s beautiful for the people involved and it is something that should be celebrated. 

I come from a culture and a background that is very sex-positive, and that might also be why people reacted so badly to the STD posters on the wall. I did not realise that was seen as a bad thing. I always thought that sex was great, but you needed to do it right and know about getting pregnant and having STIs. In my sexual education, nothing was ever mentioned about non-heterosexual sex ed, which is something that really should have happened. So, to me, those posters are a call back to that feeling. 


So, I am sorry some people may have interpreted my comic in a negative way, it really wasn’t meant to be. I just wanted to explore one specific feeling of relief and happiness in a short comic. And I can’t explore the complexities of all the LGBT+ identities in a short comic, though I am aware of them, and will explore them in the future. But once you publish artwork and send it out into the public, you can’t control how people will interpret it. Especially without knowing the context it was created in. And my job, as a comic artist, is to make my message as clear as it can be, and in that department I failed. I will simply try to be better next time :)

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Hi. First, I just wanted to say that I love your blog! Have you ever been to the anti-Richonne sites? Some of the posters on them seem seriously mental!! One poster on STD is particularly vicious (also a Jessick fan), and wrote how her male friend thinks that Richonne is racist and disgusting because it brings Michonne down, pairs her with a man who made her his second choice, who took from her and never gave back and treated her like shit. Thoughts about the hate for this couple? It's crazy!

Hi, and thank you! 😘 Sorry it took so long to get to this - been busy voting!

So to be completely honest, I spend absolutely zero time thinking about Richonne haters. Some people I genuinely respect don’t like Richonne, because they don’t like Rick, and that’s just not a conversation I’m going to engage in. I typically ignore hateful anons, don’t go in the tags, and don’t look at YouTube comments for the same reason. I don’t like negativity, so I just avoid everything anti-Richonne at all costs. 

But the truth for most people that don’t like Richonne is that they’re mad. This Black woman that they’ve relegated to a non-factor in Rick’s life just took the throne, and they are beside themselves. They never thought it would actually happen, even though signs have been pointing to it forever. They’re so used to Beckys and Jessies being propped up for no reason, they have no idea what to do when a space they’re so used to occupying is finally given to a person that deserves it.

And they veil their jealousy in worry for Michonne, as if she gave a fuck what Rick was doing with Shittycuts. She didn’t want him. Hell, she was too busy trying to stop him from burning Alexandria to the ground. She was just trying to live. She waited for him to change before she even considered letting him in in that way. Only a thirstbucket like Jessie would see Rick covered in human blood, watch him kill her husband and then completely disrespect the shit out of his body/memory, and still be like, “Yep, that’s who I wanna be with.” Michonne probably thanked her lucky stars that that Rick was someone else’s problem for a day or two. Michonne was over it.

And let’s be real, Rick didn’t choose anyone over Michonne. He was trying to go back to how things used to be, and he had to learn the hard way that that couldn’t work. The showrunners can act like Birdland was important, but Rick knew that lady for all of three weeks. Her husband was dead for what, two days when they kissed in that garage? And he looked like he wanted to cry. Rick and Michonne have shared more intimate moments without even touching. And can we talk about how just a few seconds into kissing Michonne, he was between her legs and moaning into her mouth. Yeah, she’s totally second best. 🙄

So people can say what they want, but I know what was on my screen. Jessie was a rebound, at best. And if it wasn’t clear from what was shown, Rick said it out loud: this is different. He is head-over-heels-willing-to-run-a-thousand-miles-in-cowboy-boots-for-toothpaste-and-sleep-in-uncomfortable-positions-to-wake-bae-up-with-shoulder-kisses-and-morning-sex-before-going-out-to-tear-the-world-a-new-asshole in love with Michonne. And they can stay mad about it.