std joke

Marilyn (G-Eazy/OGOC Imagine)

Your POV

“Guys! Guess what I got?” I yell as walk into Nate’s apartment. The normal place that all of us hang out at. Us being Nate, Swazz, Derek, the Jacks, Dillon, and Sam.
“An STD?” Sam joked.
Nate slapped him, “that mean she would have to sex.” He said rolling his eyes.
“You better not say STD.” Sam glared. I rolled my eyes, being the only girl and the youngest sucks. “No I got us G-Eazy tickets and back stage passes.”

They all stared at me shocked. It would have been a lot of money but being a girlfriend of G-Eazy’s I got a discount even though I didn’t want one.

“For all of us?” Dillon asked.
I smiled, “for every single one of us.”
“When?” Johnson asked.
“Tonight. We need to leave in an hour so hurry up and get dressed.” I replied.

Everyone scrambled out of there seats to go change into the nicer clothes they had at Nate’s. Considering I picked out what was wearing for the concert I didn’t need to change.

“Oh my god! We get to see G-Eazy perform live.” Swazz said as we exited the car.
I handed out the passes. “Keep these on all the time. It’s not only your backstage pass but how you get into the concert.”
“How much did this cost?” Derek asked, curiously.
“A bit of money.” I said shrugging my shoulders.
“How much was a bit.” Gilinsky said crossing his arms.
“About $2,000.” I became interested in the bottom of my tank top.
“Two thousand!” Johnson shouted.
“Yeah. I felt like this would be good treat for you guys. And no this doesn’t count as a birthday gift or Christmas gift.” I said. And I get to see my boyfriend perform.
“Why didn’t you take your boyfriend with you?” Dillon asked.
I shifted uncomfortably, “ I didn’t bother asking him. Besides he has to work today anyways.”
Nate narrowed his eyes, “where did you get the money?”
“My savings.”
“Y/N! Wtf?” Derek yelled.
“Stop it! Let’s just have a good time and not talk about this. I bought the fucking tickets for all of because it’s been such a good year.” I yelled back.
“Fine” everyone agreed.
“Good. No let’s go. We are in the front row.” I said guiding them to the entrance where we were let through in less than five minutes.

The music for I Mean It started in less than hour. Then out came my boyfriend wearing his signature jacket and black t-shirt. He went through his whole set. He kept on looking at me multiply times during the concert so much that Sam noticed put his arm around me. The music stopped and G (if I say G I mean Gerald not Gilinsky) started speaking.

“This last song is dedicated to someone very special in my life. She has made these last few months of my life amazing. She has sat through studio sessions, meetings, and me just being an asshole. I’ve gotten to know her mentally, emotionally, and of course psychically.” He smirked. “Don’t worry I returned the favor.”
I giggled.
He spoke again, “Y/N my baby girl why don’t you introduce yourself.”

“Y/N it looks like someone else has got your name in here.” Sam said.
I shrugged his arm off my shoulder. “Or maybe not.”

Gerald put down the microphone and hopped off stage he carried me over the barrier and then set me on stage before getting up himself.

He put his arm around my waist. We shared the microphone. “I love you” he said, give me a kiss on the lips.
I smiled up at him, “I love you too”. I took the microphone from his hand raised to my lips, “how’s everyone tonight?” They screamed. “Good. Now I’m not going to waste any more of your time so Gerald how bout you perform that song for us.” I said turning to G.
He took the microphone from me, “I think we can do that.”

He brought out a stool and sat on it, putting me in his lap. The microphone raised to his lips the music for Marilyn started. And he performed. At one point while rapping he made me stand up and he stood up in front of me. You could tell he meant the words cling from how he held himself. The emotion in his voice and his eyes. The song ended to quickly. Everyone in the audience screamed while I hugged him. Only pulling back to kiss him for a few seconds were he got very touchy.

“Thank you all for coming tonight. I love you! See you soon!” G yelled to the microphone. He picked me up, making me squeal and brought me backstage.

He smiled down at me, cupping my face with his hands, “did you like the show?”
“I loved it.” I said brushing my nose against his, looking into his eyes.

He leant forward our lips brushing against each other. My eyes fluttered closed. Ours lips pressed against each other. His hands went down to my hips, gripping them. He kissed from my lips too my neck sucking. I moaned, my head rolling back giving him more access. Gerald picked me up my legs going around my waist. Our lips connecting again. This time in a more feverish manner.

I was slammed into a wall. I broke the kiss, trailing my lips down to his jaw were I sucked before leaving a trail of kisses until I found his sweet spot. He groaned. I kissed back up to his lips. I pushed myself against him. Our clothed hips clashing together creating friction. My breasts pushed against his chest. He angled his hips up so his hands and arms were free trying to get rid of my jacket. He pulled it off me tossing somewhere. I was pressed against the wall harder than before. G’s lips leaving mine to go to my shoulder and collarbone. He sucked on the skin, leaving marks on my neck, shoulders, and collarbone. I moaned at the feeling.

“Seriously! Backstage! In a public area at that! What’s wrong with you? And not only that doing that to my sister? To our sister!” Nate looked at me. “How the fuck could you do that to us?”

G put me down. I walked towards Nate, G right behind me. “I did nothing to you! I didn’t lie about the tickets and I most certainly didn’t lie about having a boyfriend! So what do you mean how could I do that to you? You seem to be the only one is pissed off Nathan!” He flinched at the use of his real name. “And don’t bring Gerald into this. He was actually happy that he was going to meet the people I talked highly about.”
“Hey! Don’t fucking use his real name! Your not his mom!” Gilinsky said getting in my face.
“Oh my god! Is that what you think I’m trying to do is be his mom? Wow Gilinsky.” I pulled out my wallet, grabbing a fifty to hand to him, “here you go. You do still have to baby sit Madison right? I think you need to ask for tip next time you have to baby sit.” I said stuffing the fifty in his hand.
“Say one more fucking thing about my girlfriend.” He warned.
“Girlfriend? Jack you can’t even fuck her. That’s exactly why you are her babysitter. All of us know that you have cheated on her before multiple times. It’s not that hard to figure out.” I said grinning.
“Y/N.” He warned.
“No what do you love her? Because we both know that if you said that you would lying. You told me that yourself multple times.” I opened my arms, “ go ahead and hit me or slap me. I don’t need them to protect me. This is your one chance to get it over with. They won’t be able to stop it and we can just forget it.”
I saw everyone but Gilinsly looking at me like I was crazy.

“So if I hit you they can’t do anything to me. At all?”
I nodded.
“Okay,” he said then swung at me.

He hit me hard but not hard enough I rub my jaw. “You’ve got an alright swing work on though for next time” I said giving him a hug.
“Why is it everytime this happens you tell me I need to work on it?” Gilinsky asked me.
“Because it’s only bruised for a few days. There wasn’t even a cracking sound!” I exclaimed.
“This has happened before?” Gerald said putting himself between me and Gilinsky.
“Yeah. We kinda have an agreement besides he punches like a girl.” I said looking a Gerald. He was pissed. He looked like he wanted to kill Gilinsky well then again the other guys did to except Johnson. Actually I didn’t see Johnson. I look around till I see him coming backstage. He sees everyone but me glaring at Gilinsky.

“Woah. What did Gilinsky do?” Johnson asked.
“He punched me.” I replied casually.
“What?” He yelled.
“Can we not talk about because if I think about Gilinsky will be 6 ft under and Madison won’t have a babysitter anymore.” Gerald said.

We all looked at him surprised before laughing.
Swazz came up to him, shaking his hand. “Your are fully welcomed into the group for that. Just if I see you like that with Y/N again you won’t be be able to have kids.”
Gerald took away his hand slowly, “okay. I can respect that.” He looked at Sam, “I get jealous I see you arm around my girl again and you might not like me. Now I’m going to go take a shower.” Gerald said.
I have him a kiss on the lips, “I’ll be there in minute.”
“I’ll be waiting.”

I turned to the guys, “do you approve?”
“Hell yeah!” They screamed.
“I still can’t believe you let Gilinsky punch you.” Johnson muttered.
“Dude it’s happened before and besides we would love to beat his ass but let’s face it, this whole babysitting business he’s got going on is getting him tons of money.” Derek joked.
We all laughed. The guys started getting stuff to eat and drink and sat down on the couches.

“Well I’m going to go take a shower with Gerald. Don’t eat everything!” I told them.
“Yes mom.” They said.

Right before I walked into G’s dressing room I heard Gilinsky yell, “use protection!”
“Shut up!” I yelled back.

Have A Nice Life

“Ssh baby it’s gonna be okay” I cooed my son,Bryan back to sleep. Justin was downstairs in the home studio,while I was upstairs trying to get some task done. For the past two days I haven’t gotten any sleep whatsoever because of Bryan’s constant crying and Ive been getting texts and calls from Bryan’s birth father,Daniel.

A year ago,after Daniel found out I was pregnant he left me,all alone and pregnant. Not long after till I found out he went to go screw around with my “best friend” and she ended up getting an STD. So jokes on her. After I meet Justin my whole entire life changed,he took Bryan in as his own and raised him with me as if he was his blood.

I sat on the bed,trying to find a venue for my sisters wedding,when there was three loud bangs on the door. I looked over to see Bryan asleep,it was almost midnight-so who the hell was that.

I went outside shutting the bedroom door behind me and walking down the creme colored staircase. There was another knock-So I grabbed the baseball bat near the coat room and swung the door open. “Jesus,you planning on swinging that thing?” He asked,taking in my image. “Daniel? What the hell are you doing here?” I questioned.

“I’m here to take my son”

“You’re not laying one finger on my baby you asshole” I hissed,trying to close the door but his foot beat me to it.

“Excuse me?”

“I’m not letting you take my baby away from here so you can bring him to your shitty slut shack” My grip on the door tight “All you do is smoke,drink and stick your dick in anything that has a vagina”

“That isn’t true” he yelled.

“You’re outta your goddamn mind if you think I’m letting you leave with him”

“Give me fucking baby!” He yelled banging his fist on the door frame.

“No! Just go home” I screamed,hoping that he would get it in his head that I didn’t want him here. “Justin and I are taking care of him”

“He’s not going to do anything,Bryan isn’t even his son”

Seconds later Justin walked out of the studio and continued to walk towards the front door “What’s the problem?” He asked looking between the both of us.

“I want my son and I want him now”

“You can’t have him” I argued.

I don’t care if he was his dad,he wasn’t taking my baby away from me. “Daniel,it’s passed midnight and your drunk,just go home and come back tomorrow morning” Justin said calmly. I tried to keep myself calm but all I wanted to do was swing the bat on Daniel to cause him pain like he did to me.

“I don’t have to fucking listen to you” He spoke,narrowing his eyes “Move”

“This is my house pal and if you think you’re going to disrespect me,you got a whole different ball game coming your way” Justin said grabbing hold of the door “Go home”

“And if I don’t?”

“I’ll tell the cops you’re harassing my family”

“That’s not your fucking baby-he’s mine!”

“He was your’s but you left” I croaked wiping the visible tear away from my eye. “Have a nice life” Justin spoke slamming the door shut.


“I know he isn’t my son by blood” Justin cooed “But he’s mine by heart”.

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Black men using Atlanta as a punching bag against black gays for Aids and STD jokes is very transparent and unfunny

People trying too hard as always!!¡