Merchant Adventurers’ Hall, York, North Yorkshire, England.

Sunday, 26th October 2014.

Introducing the world’s first Sonic the Comic convention! Celebrating over two decades of STC, print and online!

Free gifts, Special Guests, a building full of Boomers!


Good, because you need to help us make it a reality. We’re counting on you, Boomers!


Prince Carl Philip was racing again today and with success. He namely won the second round in Falkenberg, which is his first win in STCC. Prince Carl Philip told the press: “It feels really lovely. Finally!  It feels pretty damn beautiful, terribly beautiful.” The Prince celebrated his victory with champagne and cheers of victory.

Once again proud father King Carl Gustaf was there to cheer on his son. And also his new wife Princess Sofia who brought their dog Suri, was there to encourage him and to celebrate the victory.


Today Marcus Ericsson took Henrik Lundqvist for a ride in this Porsche 911 GT3 RS, during the STCC race in Karlskoga.

Marcus: It’s always nice to be here. I used to be a hockey goalie until I was 15 years old and back then I had “Henke” as my idol.

Henrik: To give someone else the control in a situation like this is a special feeling. But I trust Marcus a lot and with a good driver like him behind the wheel I could actually enjoy it. Even though it’s really fast it was just fun.

Who out of you two was the most starstruck?

Marcus: I think that would be me haha.

No matter if you love Formula 1, are in to MotoGp, can’t wait for next the Nascar race, are dedicated to Indy, are raised with STCC, got GP2 in your blood…racing makes the world come together. People from all nations compete all around the world, people from all nations follow, support and love racing.

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Skype Call || Jefftina
  • Jeff: Hopping onto the bed with his laptop, he opened up skype and stared at the contacts window for a minute. Despite talking to Finn and Brittany, he still wasn't assured that Santana didn't hate him, and quite honestly was starting to believe he'd just lost a really good friend. Actually, he was almost completely certain he just had. Right now the only thing that could possibly make him better was having someone to snuggle with, but seeing as all of his friends were many states away, except for Sam who was preparing for his big tour, that left him with limited options. But he knew exactly who he wanted to talk to right now, and seeing the little green light by her name already brought a smile to his face. He could settle for some virtual hugs and started the call with her, hoping that she wasn't too busy and would pick up.

this is the first woodcut i ever did. I still have the block. I remember feeling so proud. I still love this block. im happy it was something i’ve always had love for. I printed this in 2008, on a vandercook at community college. a lot has changed with my work since then but a lot has changed in my life in general. interesting. really miss those jeans, for sure.

Bozard Ford Charity Event

I’m off to the event tonight to rub elbows with the well to do of St. Augustine, in hopes of getting people to advertise in our playbill at Shipwreck. Thank you so much Kaiti. I’m terribly sorry about the shift switch, I’m hoping it will be worth it. You are the fucking best!

today is the first day of real college,

and I am actually missing community college. UMASS Amherst is like the scariest playground I have ever been on. Today was easy and I am thankful for that, but I have also been pacing around my apartment for the last five days so I am ready to get my hands dirty.My sculpture professor called the doors of the Art building “the crotch” of the building because first off the building is shaped like a V and its where “everyone enters and exits,” and I was the only one who laughed out loud. Ekkk. Well there is always tomorrow, which brings throwing and lithography. STOKED. 


The honeymoon is over. Prince Carl Philip was spotted back in Sweden yesterday. He participated in the STCC track in Falkenberg yesterday. He finished as fifth. Proud father King Carl Gustaf was there to support his son.

 He did a little interview with the Swedish press. About Carl Philip’s chances the King said:  “ He’s working hard and doing the best he can. He’s just trying to be as sharp as possible.” The King continued by saying: “I usually do it when I have the opportunity to participate and cheer. It’s really fun. Motorsport is an old interest that has been with us for many years.”

Of course the King also said something about the wedding of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia on June 13:  “It (the wedding) was very, very fun for us and of course for Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia and everyone that was involved.” Furthermore it was a great opportunity to show Stockholm according to the King: “It was fun to show off our beautiful Stockholm. It was good weather and there were lots of people on the streets.”