Illustre : How did you get into the artistic world ?
STC019 : Being an only child, I used to get bored when I was a kid, so my parents gave me pencils to keep me busy and keep me quiet. Now, neither of them fail to ask me whether I’m still drawing. It’s in my blood now (though if we had a little more money at the time, I would’ve probably preferred horse-riding or synchronized swimming. As to how I got into the artistic circle, it was actually because a friend of mine wanted to study Applied Arts and I told myself “why not?”. After that he wanted to enter “Les Beaux Arts” and yet again I thought “why not?”. He actually got rejected but not me, so we lost touch after that.

I. : What do you like about your work as an artist ?
STC019 : The relaxing aspect. Other people stimulate me. The drawers and comic book authors are all laid-back and friendly, I feel really at ease with them. As to drawing in itself, there isn’t much actually. I do it by habit and it makes me sad more than anything because I put too much pressure on myself.

I. : What do you like about your work as an artist ?
STC019 : Peace of mind. When I get into my militant stance, I try to find new ways of presenting women and people who don’t fit into the binary “men/women” frame. Hence the idea of writing mostly in English, where nouns aren’t gendered. Seriously, why is “une voiture” (a car) classified as feminine in French? “A car” sounds cooler. I try to write stories that illustrate other things. For example, in my second novel “Water L’eau”, my main character is named Tequila. She’s a metis woman who shaves her head and is an alcoholic. However she isn’t depressed, depressing, wistful or waiting to be saved, she just likes to drink a lot, nothing more. We then learn that she may have created the universe and that Jesus-Christ was probably based on her.

I. : What kind of material do you prefer working with ?
STC019 : Cheap pens, like the ones you get for free in factories or hair salons. The fact that they’re free makes it more fun to make shit. Stolen pens also, and basically anything I find lying around. I go through a few “tool phases” where I would for instance only draw with the same pen for 3 weeks until it runs out before moving back to painting or something like that. I still like drawing on the computer though because it’s faster and less dirty. I’m quite a perfectionist when it comes to details; I lose it if I make a bad stroke.

I. : What is your main tip for working well ?
STC019 :…. I don’t work very well. I’m not very thorough in my work, I’ve got a bad character, I don’t handle criticism well and I love compliments. I just draw all the time really without stopping. I used get stuck with writers’ block like a lot of us do. But since a year now I just push myself and force myself to draw all the time. Now it’s just a reflex. I can draw all the time, anything, whether it be good or bad it needs to come out.

I. : What are your main sources of inspiration ?
STC019 : Manga. I was in awe when I discovered the works of Taiyo Matsumoto, Atsushi Kaneko and Kaneoya Sachiko. Mangas that stick out of the traditional framework are really exciting. Other than them, I really enjoy the Shojo imagery (I’m currently writing a memoir on the “magical girl” genre, like the Sailor Moon series) and the “aesthetic” fad on tumblr inspires me a lot. My work has often been compared to that of Julie Doucet, and I love Julie Doucet. There’s also Dominique Goblet, Hans Bellmer, Le Spleen from Verlaine…

I. : How do you see the future of your work ?
STC019 : I keep saying that I’ll stop doing comics and/or art after finishing my Masters degree. It drains out to much of my energy and I’m constantly worried about ending up going in circles and making crap. It’s very common feeling with artists, I know, but as a result I feel like I don’t belong to the world of comics and I ask myself why I should bother. I’d like to get a job and some dough and meet people so adorable that I’ll add them on facebook. Yet sometimes I get up on some mornings and tell myself “Today is the day you’re going to break through in the comic book world, you can do it!”. So yeah, I’m more of a pessimist, but not entirely.

I. : Utilitarian or futile ?
STC019 : Extremely useful, what would otherwise be the point of putting in so much commitment.

I. : Linear or cyclical ?
STC019 : Neither !!! Going in circles ? NO WAY. Staying in the continuity and in the same spirit as these asshole comic-book authors that have never stepped a single foot aside from the white line in over 30 years? HELL NO. I’m into chaos.

I. : One word description.
STC019 : Romantic-trashy.

About the piece of work chosen by the editorial staff : It’s really funny that you choose this piece because this was a freak-out drawing. We’ve been doing a workshop with Stefano Ricci, who makes us draw exclusively in black and white, it’s the paradigm of depression. Since I didn’t know what to draw, I started with a radioactive skull (which came from a comic made last year about a nuclear bomb explosion triggered by a kiss, an explosion that turns all of the French into green skeletons while stopping at the border, causing the rest of the world to quarantine us and leave us find peace in our hearts.) It’s a poopy drawing really, but it does look pretty rock n’roll I guess. A friend of mine told me “I like your work better when you’re feverish and tripping”. Perfectly fair point.

You can find STC019’s work in the upcoming Illustre #2 as well as on her tumblr page !

Clémentine Negroni for Illustre, March 2015 translated from French by Robin Ono

Hello my incredible fellows! 

Here’s a thing I need to ask you. I’ve entered a silly comics’ blog contest and I need people to vote for me… and it’s kinda a pain in the ass, asking people to vote for me etc., but I kinda want to at least try to win this stuff. 

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Beautiful comic idea by ter0rr : “Will and Hannibal spooning in bed. Hannibal dreams of Dali’s Autumnal Cannibalism, but it’s him and Will who are melting and eating together. Will dreams of a boat in a stormy sea with two fishermen paddling strongly onward together, both are Will and Hannibal.Their dreams could merge as they cuddle closer while they sleep. <3 U3U x”