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Any gift suggestions for a bffs 18th bday?? thankss

Yay I love shopping for birthday gifts!! Here are some things I’ve gotten my friends recently and just other things i’ve found…. 

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I love your Lilly mai tai bow from southern tea boutique! I want to get one but I have never gotten a bow and don't know how to style it!! How would you style it?

I will be taking some pics soon for y’all! (It’s SO windy in Texas today, that it’s not good to take pics today).

Here are a few ways I plan on styling mine:

1.) pinning hair to the side:

2.) in the back:

3.) in a braid:

4.) in a ponytail

5.) in a bun:

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Have you gotten your bows from Southern Tea yet? If so what do you think of them. I have been thinking about getting some but I want to know from someone I can trust.

Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to answer this! I just found it! I must have not seen it before!!! 

I love them!! They’re very well made! They’re very thick so they won’t change shape or fall out! I would definitely trust Southern Tea Boutique! I think i’ll buy some more bows soon! (You can also get 15% off when you use the code “dash” which is pretty awesome!!)