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Learning To Let Go

The past year I allowed myself to be involved with someone who I thought was everything I ever needed. I felt so comfortable that I could fall asleep in his arms, & that’s huge for me, because I can’t even sleep in my own bed half the time. But, I also slowly found myself changing, because I was afraid I might do something wrong & upset him. So, I made it all about him, & he allowed it. He only asked me, maybe 2, 3 times what was wrong with me, how I was, etc. I’m a smart girl, but my heart is dumb, it was thinking this was love. Something snapped in me on Sunday, & I talked it out with a guy who knew this man very well. He told me what a couple of my girlfriends had been saying for a while. Drop him, it’s not healthy, he has to have things all about him; you deserve better. Somehow hearing it from a guy, who’s not an emotional girl, got thru to me. After a good cry in my closet, feeling a bit suicidal, I made the decision it’s over. No words have been said, I just will not be there everytime he needs or wants something from me. Will I miss him? Yes, because it didn’t start this way & any relationship, good or bad is part of you. I want to be respected & loved the way I do to my partner. I’m striving for a better me & it starts with letting go of the him & the old version of me. Letting go, moving on, staying true to myself & not letting this make me bitter. Sounds good, right? I know there will be days I can’t do some or any of it, but I’m going to try. I hope you will all help me along my journey.

People are always going to try and hate on you.. Especially if you take the road less traveled. The trick is to try your best and understand where they are coming from but more importantly, understand that they are speaking from their own journey. Yours will always be different. No two people are the same. And a path mainly traveled is always the best one. Trust yourself. Trust your journey. And trust where you are. It will all unfold in due time