#StayTrueToYourself #Alignment

Learning To Let Go

The past year I allowed myself to be involved with someone who I thought was everything I ever needed. I felt so comfortable that I could fall asleep in his arms, & that’s huge for me, because I can’t even sleep in my own bed half the time. But, I also slowly found myself changing, because I was afraid I might do something wrong & upset him. So, I made it all about him, & he allowed it. He only asked me, maybe 2, 3 times what was wrong with me, how I was, etc. I’m a smart girl, but my heart is dumb, it was thinking this was love. Something snapped in me on Sunday, & I talked it out with a guy who knew this man very well. He told me what a couple of my girlfriends had been saying for a while. Drop him, it’s not healthy, he has to have things all about him; you deserve better. Somehow hearing it from a guy, who’s not an emotional girl, got thru to me. After a good cry in my closet, feeling a bit suicidal, I made the decision it’s over. No words have been said, I just will not be there everytime he needs or wants something from me. Will I miss him? Yes, because it didn’t start this way & any relationship, good or bad is part of you. I want to be respected & loved the way I do to my partner. I’m striving for a better me & it starts with letting go of the him & the old version of me. Letting go, moving on, staying true to myself & not letting this make me bitter. Sounds good, right? I know there will be days I can’t do some or any of it, but I’m going to try. I hope you will all help me along my journey.