staystrongyouarentalone  asked:

Hi Cody(: thanks to you I am getting better everyday. Your blog, its enough to keep me going. I love you so much. You don't always reply to my messages, but I get it. You have millions of loving followers(: I hope you've been doing well lately, starting off the new year right. I know I am (: Continue to stay strong! I just thought I would let you know I am staying strong for you like you told me to! <3 Love you . -emily

You are so incredible, don’t ever forget that. These messages are what keeps me going everyday. Today I wanted so badly to give up, because I looked in the mirror, and just bawled. I broke down. I wanted to just be done, but I came on here and read through my inspiration page - you guys are life savers. It’s so amazing that I can do what I do. Always keep that head of yours up, and continue to smile. Like I told you before: stay strong for me, even if you can’t for yourself. <3 I love you.

My year on tumblr.

Today- November 18, 2013- celebrates my 1 year being on tumblr. I remember when I first made this blog as an escape from my regular world, in search of new foreign friends and a way to feel better as well as help others. 

I remember the first time I saved a life here, it’s something you never forget. I remember making friends on here within the first few months that I honestly love and still talk to- they are amazing. I remember hitting 1k & 2k and thinking wow- maybe I am making a difference. Maybe I am helping people. Maybe I am needed. The truth is, you guys make me feel incredible. You can all relate to me and I can relate to you. That’s the good thing about tumblr, meeting new people you never would’ve found before, and they are mostly down to earth, caring people. 

I love you all so so much. I don’t think I would be here without any of you. I’ve made great leadway into my recovery and I’m feeling great. I appreciate any messages I get from you guys and know that each one I get I cherish. 

I also owe some thanks to my incredible inspiration, Cody. He is such an amazing person and seriously knows how to help everyone. He is so sweet and caring. 

Thank you, all of you. I love you forever, and here’s to meeting more of you soon! <3