stays no matter what

I’m red-eyed
Tongue tied
Oh my, now I can’t speak
There nothing to say, I guess I’m out of words
Yes I cried
All night
White lies, is all you preach
There’s nothing to ask, I’ve picked up your pattern

And people start to walk away
Because no matter what I seem to stay
And I have all of these answers except for why

Why haven’t I left
Why I am I a mess
Why am I holding onto love that doesn’t exist
Why am I stressed
Why can’t I rest
Why did I let you put my heart under arrest

—  kdr // arrest

There is alot more to learn and to explore in each other’s personalities, life, and perspective. We don’t want to rush things now. All i want is to stay stable and strong for this woman right there. No matter what happens in this journey, i’ll always be by her side. No matter how hard it is, no matter how crushing the truth is, no matter how heart-breaking the situation is, i will always be the man beside Marian. And i believe, sooner or later, we will both grow together. :) iloveyou @hindichinita

a scene that came up in my head.

owen looked at ahri who handed him  a gift card “hey there cutie!~~ made ya something! ^^” i took it and opened it and my eyes widen and i smiled  sadly  and i hugged ahri “t-thanks…”  she smiled and hugged back “no problem! no mattr what happened just know everyone loves you no matter what you are just stay determinted and move foward ^^”

if you all wanna know what ther gift card ay it’s this
“your loved by everyone no matter wh oyou are or what you are just stay determinted and move foward and be happy! cause someone really cares about ya!”
if someone turns this into a comic i will be so happy ad shcoked at the same time
ahri- @ahrifoxtailgoddess
owen cerulean- myself

[Text: (on the journal it says fried instead of friend. I made a mistake. Lol)
Hello old friend it’s me. You know who I am. I like to fill your mind with doubt and mess with your head. You can try and block me out but I always come back to play. No matter what you do a part of me stays.]

An excerpt from my art/poetry journal.


those cheeky shits

  • White people: *exclude black people from everything for centuries*
  • Black people: okay then we'll just come up with our own exclusive spaces
  • White people: .... hey that's unfair!!!1!!2 :(((((( All lives matter!! Protect ALL girls!!! ALL girls rock!!! All people are oppressed!
  • Makes their bed every morning: Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn
  • Makes their bed sometimes: Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Pisces
  • Covers and blankets stay scattered on the bed and floor no matter what: Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius, Aquarius


王嘉尔: 我的你们 在做什么呢 😊 现在这点都应该睡着了吧😴💤💤 我也现在洗完澡 然后躺在床上准备睡了😙 睡之前想跟你们说一句 谢谢我的你们 😁 每一天都很感谢 很感激 谢谢我的你们 一直在我身边 也是因为我的身边有了你们, 每做一件事都会很有自信的去做, 很敢去做, 可以非常用心的去做,很开心的去做, 无论什么事都在我身边的 我的你们 让我知道了谁才是真正 我的人 也让我真正的体会到了谁 最了解我 我会做好自己 每天每天 感激 感恩 让你们可以到处很骄傲的可以说 我喜欢王嘉尔 谢谢我的你们 521 快乐 我爱你 ❤️ ️ #王嘉尔##521##我的你们##我爱你

All of you who are mine, what are you doing? 😊 You should already be asleep at this timing 😴💤💤 I’ve just finished taking a shower, and am getting ready for bed 😙 Before I sleep, I just want to say a thank you to all of you 😁 I am very grateful and thankful everyday. Thank you all for staying by my side. And because I have you guys by my side, whenever I do something, I can do it confidently, bravely, wholeheartedly, and happily. All of you who stayed by my side no matter what happens, you let me know who are the ones who truly belong to me, and who understands me best. I will do my best, be thankful and grateful everyday, so that you can proudly say that “I like Jackson Wang”. Thank you, all of you who are mine. Happy 521, I love you. ❤️

Trans by: fywangjackson
translations may contain inaccuracies!
© Take out with full credits.

So if you replaced one of the two guys of your OTP with a girl


 Would you SUPPORT a fourteen year old girl being romantically involved with a twenty three year old man? 

 Would you SUPPORT a woman’s consistent refusals being continually ignored because a guy is obsessed with her? 

 Would you SUPPORT a woman giving into these demands and it being portrayed as romantic because the guy is “determined” enough? 

 Would you SUPPORT a woman being stalked and harassed, no matter how cutely, by a guy, handsome or not, cuz he just “can’t live without her?”

Would you SUPPORT a woman getting with her “enemy” cuz he beat her so many times she just had to “submit?”

Would you SUPPORT a woman who’s been manipulated and controlled by a man her entire life, who’s been lied to and hurt by this man, maybe he’s her best friend or something, always fucking forgiving him for his crap and “Staying by his side, no matter what?” 

 If NOT. 

 Ask yourself why it’s ok when it’s “between two guys." 

 Ask yourself why it being two guys makes it any different. 

 And now listen to me, as I give you the correct answer: 

 It’s not any different. 

All you damn feminists claiming you want equality, well, honey, boys are children too. 

Boys are KIDS, goddamnit, they don’t deserve to be sexualized, I’m almost constantly seeing 15 year olds treated like sex objects for older more aggressive males in your damn ships. 

The fact that they’re boys CHANGES NOTHING. 


 Can we PLEASE protect gay men from creepy fucking sexualization too?

Or is that just for women? 

 Are you the type to think men can’t be sexually harassed too? 


2017 resolution for ya: protect boys from creepy ass fangirls and protect gay men from this toxic relationship garbage.

And start listening to this crazy animentality weirdo when he’s waving his arms and talking about something important from time to time, MAYBE YOU’LL LEARN SOMETHING.