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Just the concept of backstory Magnus and the Taaco twins being insta-besties while they were at High Stakes Adventurer Space Camp tickles me pink. They got along so well! Too well. They were the Nightmare Scenario, the Terrible Trio. Lup bridged the gap between Taako and Magnus perfectly and together they more or less wrecked havoc. 

Magnus saw them on Day Three tormenting the IPRE’s equivalent to Leon the Artificer, or sneaking into the cafeteria after hours because the food was unacceptable and knew. These were his people. He attached himself to them and refused be dissuaded. Lup accepted him pretty much instantly because hello, giant person to use as a human shield/easy going goodtime fight buddy. Taako took a lot longer to warm up to their new, big, excitable tagalong, but Magnus grew on him, especially with Lup there to serve as a filter. 

Of course, they were still competing for a few coveted spots on the IPRE mission, so it wasn’t all roses and sunshine. There was a fair amount of mutual pragmatism there as well. A general understanding that if it came down to it they did really want this job and would do anything to get to it. But in the meantime…. the twins helped Magnus memorize IPRE regulations, they teamed up to sabotage people they didn’t like, gave a little boost to a few select underdogs (over Taako’s protests). Lup and Magnus wrecked more training dummies than anyone could count. Playfighting in the halls. Idly using Magnus as a jungle gym to get to high shelves/look down on someone/avoid walking. A truly epic amount of foodfights. They scared off half of their fellow trainees with sheer enthusiasm (and a little bit of bullying). 

Because as nice as they are, they can kind of be jerks. Lup and Magnus are good people who unfortunately have an automatic teasing instinct. Taako refuses to be a good person, especially not in such a high stakes environment with his sister already compromised. They were Space Camp Mean Girls. They were three fourth of the Marauders (Barry was their Pettigrew, obviously). They were a force of nature and juvenile hijinks. They slid in only because they had enough Bond to power the ship themselves, the three of them. They’re bad enough as Tres Horny Boys. Imagine how awful they were when it was Double the Taako and College Aged Magnus. 

Centuries in the Making: Part 2

Prompt: Description: An average human, an Original Vampire, and a bond so strong no magic can break it. New Orleans is in for a hell of a ride.

Part 1

    Your grandmother had always said that fate knew what it was doing. That all you needed to do was believe, and everything would turn out okay. On the ride home, your mother had turned to you, and rather bluntly said, “Bullshit.” And at this particular moment in time, you couldn’t help but agree with the woman who had birthed you.

    Maybe that made you a bit jaded. But, you figured you could be a little jaded after rooming with a vampire for eight months, being forced to flee from some supernatural invading force, nearly being killed by your roommate’s brother, and then finding out another vampire was your soulmate.

    Maybe if you stayed in bed and hid under the covers, everything would go away. While highly unlikely, you decided it was worth a try. Or you would have, if people hadn’t been yelling on the other side of the door.

    “You do realize that this is a trick, Elijah. It’s our mother trying to get under your skin! She wants you to accept his offer.”

    “Niklaus…” The voice was soft, but firm, and it made you want… something.

    “She knows how much you value those words Elijah. How you ached for the person who would say them when we were human. There has never been a vampire with a soulmate, Simply because we have no soul left.”

    You felt your heart speed up as a moment of silence lapsed between them. “I feel the pull, Niklaus. And you know I would never say that lightly.”    


    “Would the words convince you?”

    “Excuse me?”

    “If my words are on her skin, written in my hand, sealed with a magic so strong and sacred that not even vampirism could eliminate them; would you accept it then?”

Another moment of silence before he asked, “Are we bargaining now brother?”

“Not at all, it’s simply me trying to call you to your senses. Of course, why I would think you’d come to them now, after a thousand years, I don’t know.”

“It is rather foolish of you.”

His voice is soft when he speaks, “I’ve lived a thousand years without my other half, Niklaus. Seeing her now, feeling the pull, feeling that magic… this is real, brother.”

You hear a slight growl before he says, “Well then… let’s see those words. Come on out, little snoop.” It takes everything you have not to squeak like a mouse, and instead of heading to the door, you stay rooted to the bed.

After a minute, the door creaks open to reveal the owners of the voices. The one who had tried to kill you earlier, Niklaus, stares at you for a moment before scowling. “Are you going to hide there like a five year old or be an adult and come here?”

Your eyes flicker to the other man, Elijah. He gives you a small smile, before holding out his hand. Slowly, you climb out of the bed, realizing for the first time that someone had changed you into an oversized tee-shirt and sweatpants that were too big. You walk towards them slowly, until you’re only a few inches away. Slowly, you pull the collar of the shirt to the side to reveal the scrawl that had taken up residence there when you’d turned sixteen.

“Shit.” You jump a bit at the quiet exclamation, before pulling the shirt back over the words. You watch as he turns to Elijah, “Show me yours.” You watch as the man carefully rolls up the cuff of his sleeve. You stare at the words there, scribbled in your worst handwriting. Niklaus curses again, “When they’re this close I can feel the magic. Damn it, Elijah, that’s ANOTHER target on our backs.”

    You watch as Elijah smirks, “So you’re not denying it?”

    “Of course not. I can feel the magic in the air at this point. We need a witch and a spell to hide it. We can’t have you two walking around with magic seeping from you. We can only guess what happens if you actually seal the bond. Honestly, some days you’re a bigger headache than you’re worth, brother.” He turns to you, “Looks like you’re stuck with us now love.”

    Your lips pucker slightly, “Goody.”

    He sighs, before stepping back, “Well then, I’ll leave you two to it.”

    Elijah’s voice is calm, “And where are you going?”

    Niklaus smiles, “To find a witch that our mother doesn’t have her claws in. Perhaps our youngest brother? I’m sure he’d get a kick out of this.” And without another word, you watch him disappear.

Elijah turns to you, “I’m sorry about Niklaus. He doesn’t do well with change. He’ll warm up to you eventually.”

You nod once, before wrapping your arms around yourself. A moment later you feel fingers glide across your cheek. You look up into brown eyes, and watch as they study your face, “Your wounds are closed. I imagine any damage Klaus managed to inflict is now gone.”

You swallow once, “How?”

His answer is simple, “My blood.”

You nod, before shifting your eyes away from his, you feel his fingers travel down your neck before stopping at the collar of your shirt. “May I?” his voice is soft. You nod, and feel the fabric of the shirt glide across your skin, before his fingers ghost across your collarbone, and you feel a slight tingle as he traces the words. “It’s not my best hand writing I’m afraid.”

You smile, before nodding towards his forearm, where the cuff of his shirt is still rolled up, “You got my bad teacher scrawl.”

You watch his lips quirk, before he adjusts the collar of the shirt. Carefully, he offers you his arm. Hesitantly, you take it, and trace the familiar writing with one of your fingers. When you look up, you find him looking at you. You offer him a small smile, “Who said fate doesn’t have sense of humor?”

Nervous Touch| Jimin

Jimin is known for his charm on stage but when the lights cut out he cant help but become flustered. Its something you’ve learned to deal with but often grow tired of. Maybe Jimin will show you what actually riddles beneath the flustered boy he once was.

Originally posted by marikit257

Warning: Cussing, smut, flustered Jiminie!, then out of no where hot sexy Jiminie!

Genre: Smut and a lovely amount of fluff

Word count: 7.4K

A/N: Im sorry i meant to upload this yesterday but i didnt have my laptop to post it and i tried to post it on my phone but it fucked up. Here it is now tho, please enjoy the trash that i write

Life was enough of a struggle at the tender age of finally being able to find yourself. Being surrounded by hard studies and your parents attempting to guide you only driving your insanity. All though my plate was already full of these things it only grew larger as i was brought into the lime light. Instead of the guidance and judgment i gained from my parents they came from other peers. everybody judge your every movement, every talk and every blink. I however didn’t ask for it but my boyfriend Jimin did so willingly. Jimin had been one of the very handsome members of BTS. He was known for his witty charm and irresistible ways but however when the light was taken away from him he was quite the opposite. He became soft and warm hearted when around me always making sure i was cared for.

Jimin held two personas, one where he is on stage as the cheers and roars from the crowd fuel his energy and sexy behavior. The audience always encouraged this persona making him crave it even more. His other persona was the one I was familiar with, the one where he was so afraid of touching me, as if i was a porcelain doll and i might break at any moment.

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Baby, Rock On - ft. Jimin & Hoseok

Summary: Jimin followed the company’s orders about not having a relationship while being an idol, and ended it with you even though he was still in love with you. Everywhere he goes, he gets reminded of you and misses you even more. He’s tried to move on, until you showed up at the dorm one day with, which took him by surprise.

Song: Rock On - Tucker Beathard

Word count: 5695

I guess a Jimin angst, and Hobi fluff

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Girl I really did mean it when I wished you the best

“Jimin get away from me!” You slapped his hand away right before it was about to land on your shoulder. He flinched at your loud words, and actions. He was hurt to say the least, he didn’t want to do this, but the company was making him.

“Babe,” he brought his hands to his sides and licked his lips, his eyes were glistening, showing you that he was ready to cry at any minute. “I don’t want to do this.” You could hear the break in his voice, as it became a whisper.

“Then don’t do it Jimin.” The tears were falling down your cheeks, as you used the back of hands to wipe them away. “Tell me to stay Jimin!” You let out a little sob as he shook his head.

“I can’t Y/N.” You turned your head to the side and nodded, then sucking in a great amount of air to hold your tears back a little more. “I wish I could babe, I wish this isn’t how it has to end.” In his 3 years with you, he never thought that he would have to do this. You were both in love with each other, sharing an apartment, motivating each other to chase their dreams. He always told you that you will always be there with him, through thick and thin and not even joining BigHit would make you leave him. That was until they told him he had to get rid of you otherwise he wouldn’t debut.

“I’ll have my things moved out in a few days.” You said it so coldly. You slipped on your jacket, and grabbed your car keys. Jimin was right behind you as you were walking to the door. This was it, this was goodbye.

“I still love you Y/N.” Were his last words to you, as you shook your head and slammed the door. Once you got into your car, you broke down. The love of your life was chasing his dream and you were standing in the way this whole time.

While back inside, Jimin sat on the couch in complete silence with his head in his hands, the tears falling down. He looked up to see all of the pictures you two had taken together, and all of the memories that were created along the way. He wanted you to be by his side for so much longer, but the company wouldn’t allow it. He chose his career over you, and it’s going to haunt him until the day he dies.

Good to hear you’re killing it way out west

You never kept up with Jimin and what he was doing. You would hear his name every now and then on the TV, from talking about music videos to tv shows to radio interviews. But, you always ignored him, and stayed away from listening about him and hearing how he was doing. He promised you forever, and you didn’t receive forever.

In the meantime, you wanted to focus on college even more. You studied as much as you could to get your mind off of him, and after another long 2 years, you finally became a doctor. One of the top students to graduate your class, and you couldn’t be more proud. Your life was just getting started, and even though you were doing it alone, you felt accomplished, and on top of the world.


Jimin always wondered what you were up to everyday. He didn’t have much time to check up on you, but he always thought about you and it made his heart ache even more. What would happen if you two stayed together and he hid you from BigHit? The endless amount of ‘what ifs’ hit him every single day, because he misses you, and is still hopelessly in love you.

While getting his hair done before they went live that night, he was scrolling through twitter when something caught his eye. A university tweeted a picture of their graduates from Med school. He clicked on it because something, or someone looked all too familiar.

And there you were, in your white jacket with your hair pulled back, smiling at the camera. ‘You did it Y/N.’ Jimin thought to himself. All of those night studying at your desk instead of going to bed, all of those nights falling asleep at the library and all of those nights that 2 pots of coffee were consumed, they all paid off.

You got your dream, and he got his.

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The Perfect Shot

Part Six

Originally posted by evenstoast

Pairing: Jughead x reader

Warnings: angst, violence, swearing, blood

Summary: remember when I said it gets worse? That still applies.

Part One

I stare through the calculus homework on my desk, like I’ve been doing for two hours now. Betty has called four times, leaving two messages that I don’t have the strength to listen to, and thirteen texts that start out polite and become progressively distraught. I had to turn my phone off to stop myself from calling her.

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Almost Is Never Enough |Part 2| Final

Word Count: 5.6k

Genre: Angst + Smut + Fluff, Bestfriend AU! Min Yoongi!

Summary: What happen when you fell in love with your best friend and make him confused with your confession? Will he return your love or will he run away?

A/n: I kept it pretty vanilla ;) Feel free to give me some feedback!

Mobile Masterlist

|Part 1|

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*Back to current time*

Yoongi followed me to the living room grabbing onto my arms to turn me around.

“But I can try” He looked at me with desperate eyes. “I can try to love you… I-I’ll fall in love with you Y/N. I can. Believe me. Just give me time. I don’t want to lose you…”

I couldn’t hold back my tears anymore. I feel exhausted, and weak from all the emotions that rushed through my body. My body fell to the ground as I shook my head.

“Yoongi… I don’t want you to love me that way… What don’t you understand? I want real love Yoongi. I don’t want you to force yourself…” I sobbed uncontrollably shaking my head in confusion and with mixed emotions. 

I feel pathetic. I shouldn’t have told him. We wouldn’t have this conversation. He wouldn’t try to love me out of pity. I don’t want to hurt him. I don’t want to deal with this anymore.

It’s been three months. Three months of agonizing pain and locking myself up in my room until Yoongi showed up a week after he ran away from my confession. It was raining and he was wet from head to toe. He told me he didn’t want Lisa and that he’s sorry for running away. He wanted to try having romantic feelings for me. He wanted to try loving me. But you can’t try to love a person. You just do.

I rejected his proposal over and over again but it didn’t discourage him from showing up at my house every so often for the last 3 months. Sometimes drunk and aggressive. Sometimes sober and desperate. 

I wanted nothing more but to wrapped my arms around him and embrace him every time but I can’t and I won’t. That would only make things worse. That would only make my feelings for him stronger. It would only make Yoongi lie to himself more and more. I can’t let my feelings ruin the only person I care so much for in this world.

Yoongi looked down at me with half of his eyes open. Brimmed with tears that he bit hard on his lips to try and suppress. “Y/N… please…” His hands scrunched up in a ball as his knuckles turned more pale than it already is. “Why can’t we go back to the old days? Why can’t you stay as my best friend and why can’t we just forget all of this? It’s been three months Y/N. I can’t do this anymore. No one understands me like you do. I can’t… please please please…” He knelt down taking a hold of my hands that are now covering my face.

“Yoongi I can’t forget the fact that I love you and every time I see you I want to be with you. I can’t forget the feelings that I’ve been hiding. I can’t… It hurts too much. The day you ran away when I confessed to you I already got the answer. It’s okay if you don’t love me the same way but please don’t force this on yourself. Both of us will never be happy…” 

He let go of my hands for a moment before grabbing on to it again. 

“No… I don’t want to.”

“I’ve never asked for anything from you but now I’m asking you to leave and let me be Yoongi. If you stay I don’t know if I can take the pain any longer.” I stood up and walked towards the door. Yoongi followed me quickly afterward. 

I opened the door indicating for him to exit. His body was facing me and wouldn’t budge. He just stands there and looks at me through his dark orbs.

“Yoongi please leave” My throat is now dry and hoarse making my voice crack a little.
My eyes look away to somewhere behind his body that was blocking almost my whole view.
“Please Yoongi…”
“Y-Y/N…” His voice cracked and he sniffled a little.
“I beg you Yoongi…” I say as I try to push his body through the door.

He doesn’t move or try to resist. I pushed him once more as hard as I can before he finally moves. With this opportunity I pushed him out the door and closed the door immediately behind him. With my back pressed against the door as I slid down to the floor.

“Y/N… Y/n” 

I can still hear his voice calling for me through the door as he bangs on the hard wood. I can hear his sobs that’s faintly there. His light cough, his cologne that stills lingers under my nose, and his warmth that I can still feel on my hands. Once again I broke the promise I made to myself and I wept onto my knees. My arms wrapping around them as I hold myself.

“Ahhh I-I’m sorry… I’m sorry. I’m sorry…” Was all I could let out. This is all my fault.

After that night, Yoongi didn’t come banging on my door anymore. He didn’t call or text me at every hour that he could anymore. No more Yoongi… no more laughters… no more warmth… and no more love.

I woke up to complete darkness that covered every inch of my room. Time had fled to an unknown place that I didn’t care about. I didn’t mind the darkness or the strikes of light that fought through my thick curtain. It’s silent, I’m drowning in complete silence and that scares me more than it should. Everything is still and dull. Boring and colored with gray. The only thing that seems to sparks my interest on getting up is the picture that hangs next to my high school diploma.

A picture from the time when I was drunk and had forced Yoongi to take a selfie with me. His cheeks blossomed cherry from the alcohol that had rushed through his veins. My right arm wrapped around his neck pulling him as close to me as possible. My left arm reaching out to fit both of us in the screen as my once bright smile contrasted with Yoongi forced one. It was my prized possession that I had cherished enough to hang on my wall. It had once brought smiles and sunshine to me every time I woke up. Now it’s something that reminds me of the pain and of him.

I can barely look at it without shedding a tear. What is it still doing there? Why didn’t I put it in the box that I had filled with everything that reminded me of him? Everything that had his scent. From the hoodie that he left, that I wear more than my pajamas, to the pillow case he always slept on when he stayed the night. I hid the box in the deepest corner of my closet. It hurts too much to look at them but it holds too much memories to throw away.

I removed the picture from the wall and placed it face down flat on the table. Pulling the curtains to the side revealing bright lights that illuminate my room. I reached for a sweater and some jeans to put on, zipped up my boots and walked out of my neglected apartment to meet Tae. Tae has been giving me mental support as he felt partly responsible for encouraging me to confess to Yoongi. I don’t blame him for anything. I only blame myself.

I walked down towards the stairs to the mailbox room. I opened the mailbox that I haven’t checked in what feels like a decade. The box was mostly filled with commercial mail and credit statements. But something caught my eye, there was a little brown box that was tied with a pink ribbon and had a letter attached to it.

To: Y/N
From: Yoongi
I know you don’t want to see me and you don’t want anything to do with me but this is all I can do for you. The song that you helped me record and the song that made me realize what I’ve been missing when it was right in front of me…

A while back Yoongi heard me singing in the shower and basically persuaded me to help him with a song. I agreed after he pleaded and bribed me with late night snacks.

*ring ring*


“Y/N are we still meeting at the café?” Tae’s voice rummaged through the speaker.
I looked at the box and gave it a little squeeze.

“I’m sorry Tae something came up, I promise I’ll meet up with you tomorrow.”
“Something came up? What is it?” I can sense his eyebrows furrowing in a line as his voice drops to a low monotone one.

“I just had some business to take care of. I promise it’s nothing” I confessed.
“Fine.” He huffed out a sigh before speaking again.

“If you need me. You know I’m only a call away”
“I know Tae” I whispered giving him a little farewell smile that he couldn’t see.

I marched up the steps back to my apartment with the little box in my hand. When I opened it, there was a DVD with Yoongi’s hand writing on the display of it.

Almost is Never Enough X Min Yoongi X Y/N

I ran my fingers across the DVD before inserting it into the DVD player. My heart ached a little as he appeared on the screen. He’s seated in his studio in sweats and a plaid shirt. His hair messily falls on one side of his face, probably from running his hand through them so often. 

He stares at the camera and smiles before turning sideways towards the microphone setup in front of him. He plays with the switches on the pad until the music came on. A small square off the right side of the screen appeared. A footage of me sitting inside his studio singing my part of the song. The music matches with my singing perfectly. My heart trembles when Yoongi begins to rap for the second part. The song ended with…

“ ..A chance is all I need, a chance to hold your trust. Almost is never enough but almost is all I need for us..”

He stops and turns back to look into the camera. He opens his mouth and then closes it again afraid to say what’s coming next.

“Y/N I know you probably don’t want to hear this right now and you probably won’t believe me but I really do like you. More than like you, more like love you” he chuckles as he runs his hands across his face and rubbing his eyes.

“This is so embarrassing to say out loud. You know I’m never the type to be mushy… I-I uh can’t really express my feelings well and I only saw you as someone who’s close to me but I was wrong. Now I see clearly that you’re not just close to my heart but you are a part of it. I love you so much Y/N, you don’t even know. A part of me always knew you had these feelings for me and a part of me felt the same. But you went out with a couple of guys and I thought what I felt was wrong. If I would have known that you wanted me the way I wanted you. Then maybe we wouldn’t be where we are right now but right here in each other’s arms…” he gave a bittersweet smile as he rested his eyes on the floor for a while before standing up and reaching for the camera to end the video.

My hands trembled covering my mouth as my shaky voice escapes through them. Tears flowed down like an endless river as I sob and shake from what feels like a heartache. I didn’t know he felt the same way and I probably would’ve sooner if I didn’t try so hard to push the man I love away from me. My body feels exhausted as my tears dried up in patches on my skin. I picked myself up as I reached for my keys and bolted for the door. I have to get to Yoongi. I have to talk to him.

I scrunched up my fists and knock on the hard wood door several times constantly due to me being so impatient. I knock so hard that if I knock any harder the door would have a hole in it. Less than a minute later I heard footsteps scrambling to get to the door. 

The door opens quickly as Yoongi’s eyes widen in surprise. He looked tired and a little bit more frail than the last time I saw him. His dark eye bags are now visibly there. His hair is swept in every direction while his attire is a big white tee and some boxers. Still, he looks perfect to me. He’s still the Yoongi I fell in love with and the Yoongi I still and forever will always want to be with.

“Y-Y/N… what are yo-“

I cut him off by wrapping my arms around his neck and connecting our lips. Yoongi grabbed onto my body as I pushed both of us into the apartment before kicking the door close. Yoongi kissed back instantly making it feel even more perfect than it already was. 

His lips were soft and were carved perfectly to fit mine. The taste of mints linger from his tongue to mine when I let him in to explore. Our body clash against each other as he pin me to the wall. He pulls back from the kiss and my brows furrow from the lack of touch. My lips tingle as I can still taste him.

“Y/n.. I-I don’t understand. Does this mean-“

“Yes Yoongi. I love you..” I looked him in the eyes as he stared back at mine like two lovers who haven’t seen each other in years.

“I’m not going to lie and torture myself anymore. I tried so hard Yoongi.. and it’s not working. Every day it feels so empty! Empty in my apartment that missed your presence so much. Empty in my heart that was filled with you. I love you Yoongi..” I looked down cheeks flushed in bubble gum still afraid to hear what he has to say. He lightly lifts my face up to his before he leans in placing his forehead against mines 

“ I love you so much more” he whispered the words that I longed to hear. Tears welled up as they glided down my cheeks.

I whimpered a little as he ran his thumb across to wipe them away. “Shhh shh… baby it’s okay.”

He reconnected our lips in a sweet kiss that soon turned to a passionate one. His hands roamed over every inch of my body before landing on my ass and lifting me up. I jumped up in a quick motion wrapping my legs around his waist. He carries me to the bedroom that I’ve been in so many times before but never for this particular reason. He lays me down on his mattress before pulling away to remove his shirt. His skin pale as snow like a canvas I want to paint marks all over.

My legs wrapped around his body as my core and his growing one rubbed against each other. He let out a moan before hovering over me once again. He removes my top and my bottom in the process as he run his hands across every inch of my body. 

He crept his hand to my back to unhook the bra and massages my boobs. Then he continues to pull down my panties. He takes a step back and takes in the view that I display. Even with his eye lids half open, I can still see his pupils blow out from lust and hunger as he looks at me.

“You’re so beautiful” Quickly, I covered myself with my hands in embarrassment.

He forcefully ripped my hands away from my body and pinned them against the white sheets. 

“Don’t hide away from me babe. I love everything about you. I want to see all of it.”

Sloppy wet kisses covered my body as moans and grunts were echoing through the room. His hands still pinning mine down as he sucks on the hardened nipples sending a rush of pleasure to my core. His body in between my legs rubbing against my wet core making me scream out of frustration and pleasure. He kissed his way down from my stomach to my thighs to my inner thighs. 

Then he finally lets my hands go. He looks up at me with filthy dusted eyes as he licks his lips. With just that I feel even more and more aroused and turned on than I ever have. I reached for his hair trying to lead him towards the place where I need him the most. 

He grabs my hands and places them on my sides. “Ah ah ah. No touching babe. I do all the touching in this house.”

“Please Yoongi. No more teasing, I need you” I plead with desperate eyes which he takes pleasure in seeing.
“I love it when you plead. Plead again and I might think about it”
“Please please please Yoon- ahh” He cut me off as his tongue licks the tip of my entrance to the top of my clit in one swipe.

Drops of saliva leave his mouth coating my wet core as he eats me out like a lion that hasn’t eaten in days. Moans erupted from me like a volcano thats about to explode. His name ripped from my lips over and over again. He dipped the tip of his tongue inside my entrance causing me to freeze and stop breathing for a moment. He dipped in and out to see my reaction as my breaths speed up. Catching my breath is harder than winning a lottery. 

Adrenaline rushed through my body and up to my brain as I screamed in pleasure chasing my orgasm. My lids close as I see starlights clearer than ever. A moment later Yoongi flips my body over spreading my legs even wider as he held my upper half down flat on the mattress. My ass pointing upward giving him access to all that he needed right now.

“Yoongi let me return the favor” I weakly blabbed. He leans forward next to my ears and bites down on it as I screech in surprise.

“We have plenty of time for that later baby. Right now I need to be inside of you so bad.” Him saying my new nickname made me even wetter and more ready to take him than I already am. I nodded as I turned around to see him. He pulled his boxer down as his shaft sprung up hitting his stomach. Long and thick, hard and red leaking with pre-cum. I licked my lips as I take in the delicious sight.

“Are you ready baby?”

I never nodded any faster in my life. He entered in one thrust. Slowly as he stayed still for me to adjust to his length. He filled my insides up completely and stretched it out to what seemed like it was impossible. Grunts and moans were release as he moved out and thrusted in again. This time harsher and faster. He grabbed my ass and gave it a little squeeze before thrusting into me harder than a train wreck.

“Oh my g-god.. a-ah Y-oong-gi. Yo-u’re so big”

“Damn you’re so fucking tight and you feel so good I can’t stop” it didn’t take long before my stomach started to tighten up.

“Yoong-gi I-I’m about to c-cum”

He didn’t stop. He just kept going harder and faster than before hitting me in every corner and g-spot that no man ever did. Skin slapping against each other loud and obnoxiously, moving the creaking bed to the point it might’ve broke any minutes. A few more thrusts and he could send me to Hong Kong. My body shakes violently as he continues to thrusts helping me ride out my highs. Screams and curses of profanity mixed with his name played on repeat. It didn’t take long for Yoongi to reach his high neither. He started to slow his pace down and he couldn’t say anything but “fuck”.

“Can I cum inside you Y/N” and with a nod he released his warm seeds into me and collapsed next to me after. Stripes of sweat threaten to cascade down his face as his heart beats slow down while catching his breath in the process. He reached over to pulled me into his arms as he used a blanket to cover our exhausted naked bodies. 

“That was amazing, you’re amazing” he said as his nose ruffled through my hair taking in my scent.

“It was perfect” was all I could muffle against his chest. His chuckles vibrated against me as silence fell upon us again.

“I love you so much Y/N. I love you to the moon and back and to eternity. Never forget that. Ever!” He tightened his arms around me before placing a sweet kiss on my forehead. 

“I love you too. I guess you were right. Almost is never enough but almost was enough for us.”

Rebound Girl, Pt. 6

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word Count: 1.5k

Summary: You are devastated after you left Jensen and sure that he’s back with Danneel to start their happy family. But suddenly he is in front of your door.

Warnings: I’m so bad at them, tbh, I’m sorry. Mild Angst, language, tell me if I missed anything.

A/N: my entry for @casbabydontgoineedyou‘s 1k follower challenge and I honestly feel very bad because it has actually ended already and I’m still not finished. Hope you can forgive me?!

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You were heartbroken, to say the least. You left your cellphone turned off after you came home from driving through Dallas senselessly for hours and even for three days after that. Not once did you visit any social media sites to avoid any pictures of Jensen and Danneel, any baby news. You had turned your answering machine on your phone off when you came home in the afternoon of that day you had left Jensen, not listening to the message that had been left.

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I am not christian

You sat peacefully watching Aethelwulf pacing through the room. -The great heathen army is doubtless on it’s way here already.- Ecbert said leaning on chair. - I charge you, my son, to go out and face it.-
-If it is really big as bishop suggested then we will need more time to gather army.- Aethelwulf said. You hid your smile.” They are already here. Finally.” Well is no secret, at least here in castle, that you and your brother Alfred are bastards. Bastards of pagan. Your brother didn’t appreciate that fact. On the other hand, you… You loved stories that your grandfather, king Ecbert told. You enjoyed listening about your father Athlestan, his friend Ragnar Lothbrok and famous Lagertha the Shieldmaiden. And when you finally had chance to meet Ragnar, you couldn’t tell that you didn’t feel proud that your father was pagan. Although grandfather told you that your father  was also good christian, you hardly believed, but nodded as you agree. You met his son, Ivar as well. Back then you couldn’t understand him too much, you knew only some words of their language. So you to sneak around him, man of your kind, without him noticing it, played chess with him. While focused on board and his moves you could tell he’s pretty smart, opposite of what bishops tell people.
-I agree. But now, time itself is of asset.-  
-They can’t bring such force to Wessex within a week.- Aethelwulf barked. -I agree but element of surprise is most valuable asset.-  Your stepfather pointed finger at Ecbert. -Since you gave me command let me take care of it.-
Suddenly Alfred stood up. -Father, I want to fight with you.- he said. -As do I.- Aethelred followed. You shifted in your seat in desperate fight to hold laugh.”Oh my brothers that is not how you do it.” Aethelwulf put hands on their shoulders. -And I won’t risk lives neither of you. You are future. Now go to bed.- As you predicted. He will never let them fight, neither will you. Especially you. 

It’s well known thing that daughter of Aethelwulf is not, well, ladylike. He always used to say that your male-like behavior is curse of adultery, adultery  with pagan. For some reason your stepfather didn’t favor you. For Alfred, you could tell he almost love him, but you. He despised you.
Wicked smile appeared on you face as you sneaked in Alfred’s chamber. He was asleep already and for once in your life you liked fact that your twin is able to fell asleep faster than eat dinner. It wasn’t too dark because of moonlight, so you could move with ease through his room. You took few things before you silently storm of.
As you walked your horse out of stable you noticed  puddle formed on the ground. You could see how your helmet and chain armor shine in moonlight. You smiled to yourself. Helmet was covering half of your face and if you keep distance from your stepfather, you may stay unnoticed. You hid hair under helmet and rode off towards army that was leaving gates of city.
You’ve been traveling whole night towards Repton, where Heathen army has settled. When in morning, while army was taking rest, scout came with information that heathen army is not far away. Aethelwulf proudly smiled and led his army. When you  arrived on one hill, first signs of Heathens showed up. They were waiting for you  at bottom of hill. Your heart pumped against your rib cage. You weren’t here for battle as much as you were to see them. The Heathens, the pagans. Before you could reach them they disappeared in woods. Few moments after they showed on top of the hill. Few times charging up and down the hill left Aethelwulf furious.
-We will not let them make fools of us! You!- he turned to man on his right. -You said that they settled in Repton?- Man looked at him confused by his sudden question. -Yes, my prince.-
-And that is where we are going.- he smiled before he charged towards little city on the river behind hills.
As you entered valley, rain of arrows splashed on you. You rose Alfred’s shield to protect yourself but  one pierced through flesh of your arm. You let out shriek as you fell of your horse. Your helmet fell of your head. Luckily everybody else were busy fighting heathens. You didn’t expect such welcome.
As your army charged on heathens, you crawled in near grove. Needless to say you were angry. You always saw battle as act of honor and bravery and now you were scared, in pain and crawling as last coward. Few moments after Aethelwulf retreated army, well what stayed of your army.
Heathens celebrated their victory and that was when you spotted him. He sat in his chariot, while three other boys were hugging him. You shifted in try to find position that hurt less. One of boys that was hugging him turned around. That moment you realized that he spotted you and now he was coming your way. He had long brown hair and beard, unlike Ivar. You couldn’t run away. It was too late and you were too weak for that now. He grabbed you by shoulders, you cried out in pain and threw you in front of everybody. Their attention focused on you. You could see Ivar’s face expression change.
-What should we do with this one?- he asked blond guy with really big beard. -She can be slave.- You could understand them and you didn’t like suggestion. - No, my brothers. We could win this battle faster than we thought.- evil smile appeared on Ivar’s face and you heart dropped. Not for fear, but fact that you thought that he was your friend. You were just enemy princess for them.
They took you to their camp. Now you were sitting tied up to column in Ivar’s tent. You were clenching your teeth as one young girl was sewing your wound. In that moment Ivar crawled in tent. He dismissed girl and shifted gaze on you. -We meet again.- he smiled. - I would like to say it’s my pleasure, but I can’t.- He was well aware of sarcasm in your voice and you could see half impressed smile. - I see that you learned our language. There is so many possibilities of using you. I could offer you to Ecbert for him to surrender or I could use you for your knowledge of landscape. What do you prefer?- He asked mockingly.
-I prefer you to take this shit of my hands.- you rose your hands to point out the rope. -That is not way christian princess behaves.-  -I am not christian.- you spitted back. He seemed little surprised but arrogant smile hid it. -You are princess in castle of christian king. You are christian.-
-I am not christian!- you yelled. -I’m princess in castle of christian king but that doesn’t make me christian.- He crawled towards you. -I don’t believe you.- You rolled eyes. -What do you want me to do?- you asked rather sarcastically. -Prove me.- He grinned. -Make a sin.- You reacted not even thinking about it and when you started thinking about it you found yourself kissing this pagan. He tasted like blood and dirt, and that insanely turned you on. You could feel yourself leaning in more. Ivar licked your lip asking for access. You opened your mouth for him. You never kissed anybody in your life and yet this felt so natural.
Somebody coughed behind you and you both moved away. It was that guy with brown beard, Ubbe as you remembered. He had grin on his face. -Ivar that is not what you do with captive.- Ivar threw cup that lied next to you on him. -Go out!- One last smile and Ubbe left. Ivar turned to you. -This was very… productive conversation. We’ll continue.- With that he crawled away leaving you still tied up.
“What the hell just happened?”

Part Two, Chapter Seven; In the Days Between - Part Two.

This chapter explores Julia’s life in the future. Julia (aka Faith) has been separated from Claire in their journey thru the stones and arrives in 2007. A nurse at the hospital she is rushed to quickly takes responsibility for her, accepting her as her own child. Part Two finds us about two and a half years after Julia arrives in the future.

You can find previous chapters here.

New Years Eve, 2010; Boston, Massachusetts.
Nurse Katie Campbell

I hated parties like this. The only people I knew were the host and hostess, my cousin Michael and his wife Tiffany, and their immediate family. They were all occupied with their hosting roles, leaving me to float aimlessly from room to room in search of meaningful conversation.

Sitting in the corner of a plush sofa in the family room, I absently listened to the coverage of the ball drop events in New York City. All of the children had congregated here too, leaving me in ample company, albeit noisy. Julia adored her older cousins and had no interest in me. I could have left the state all together and I don’t think she would have cared, as long as I was back by bedtime.

The countdown clock read two hours to midnight. If I just stayed here and hid among the children, would anyone notice? A tall, dark haired man sat down on the other end of the couch and I mentally sighed. I’d have to find a new spot soon.

“You look like you’re having about as much fun as I am.” He commented. I turned and found him looking extraordinarily bored.

I cocked an eyebrow and raised my glass of wine, “I don’t know what you mean, I’m having the time of my life.”

A huge grin spread across his face, making me realize with a start just how handsome he was. There were worse people to crash my hideout.

“So, how do you know Michael and Tiffany?” Came the standard, safe question.

“He’s my cousin,” I answered for the fiftieth time tonight, “his father is my uncle.”

Recognition lit his face, “Ah, so you’re Katie.”

“And you would be?” I asked pointedly over the rim of my wine glass.

“Luke Murray, sorry.” He had the good grace to look a little embarrassed. “My son Max and I live across the street. Michael’s talked quite a bit about you.”

Ah, yes. The neighbor Tiffany tries to hook me up with every time we visit. According to her, we were perfect for each other.

I responded dryly, “And Tiffany about you.”

He laughed, a deep, resonant sound that sent an electrical current up my spine.

So what if he’s attractive, Catherine Anne. He also has a kid and lives on a completely different continent. Ignore it.

“It seems they’ve been conspiring against us.” He commented.

“I would have used the word matchmaking, but conspiring works too.”

He grinned unabashedly, “You’re not quite what I imagined you’d be.”

I snorted, “Neither are you.”

Somehow I had always imagined an overweight, balding man in his forties, despite Tif’s gushing descriptions. Luke Murray was about as far from out of shape as a person could be. He wore a loose fitting shirt, but I could tell he hid abs of steel beneath. The jeans he wore could hide many a fault, but I would bet my life his calves would rival Hercules himself.

No chance, no way. Get a grip.

Julia ran past me squealing with glee as Jake, Michael’s middle child, chased her around the couch. She launched herself into Luke’s lap shouting, “Save me from the dragon, Prince Charming!”

Luke didn’t even flinch, but hoisted her over his shoulder as he stood and charged after the fire breathing beast. He skillfully set Julia down and tacked Jake in one fell swoop. The eight year old boy erupted into a fit of giggles as Luke tickled him.

“Let the princess go or I'll… I’ll…” he punted. Then, seized with an idea, held the squirming child upside down and shook him gently, looking very much like someone trying to empty a piggy bank of its coins. “Or I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll tickle you until you cry for mercy!”

Jake quickly surrendered, and he and Julia scurried off to join whatever game the other children were playing.

“Mike said you had a daughter, right?” Luke asked with a huge grin, and I found myself grinning right back as I nodded.

“She would be the fair maiden you just rescued,” I laughed.

His eyes grew wide with astonishment, “That adorable sweetheart is yours? She told me earlier that I was her Prince Charming because my shirt matched her eyes. Oh, and that she had extra shoes packed in case she loses one at the party tonight.”

“You should be flattered, she doesn’t pass that title out to just anybody,” I felt my cheeks grow warm. Prince Charming, indeed.

“I’m deeply flattered,” he assured me, placing a hand over his heart in over dramatic sincerity. “I’m just glad I’m not the one who has to tell her she can’t have a pony for Christmas.”

I laughed, thinking of the spoiled creature who lived at my brother’s house. “She already has one.”

“Hello again,” Luke said as he stepped into the doorway beside me.

I smiled in greeting. We had gone our separate ways to attend to our respective children in the last hour, but somehow both wound up back in the media room. “Still here?” I asked.

He groaned, rolling his eyes. “Max is a night owl and having the time of his life. Me, on the other hand…”

“I found Julia sound asleep in the corner of the laundry room with the dog.” I commented, shaking my head at the memory.

“Smart girl,” he chuckled.

She certainly had the right idea in disappearing. If our bed hadn’t been used as the coat depository, I would have vanished with her in tow long ago, claiming it was her bedtime. She may have protested, but, as she was the youngest child still in attendance, I didn’t think anyone would have thought much of it.

“Five minutes!” someone shouted drunkenly.

I sighed, “At least it’s almost midnight.”

The crowd in the media room was thick and Luke moved to let someone exit the room, looking after them in envy of their departure. “Can I get you a refill?”

“Yes, please,” I answered, all but shoving my glass into his hand.

Maybe it was the wine or maybe it was the festive, holiday spirit, but the close proximity of a certain Luke Murray was doing strange things to my adrenaline levels. He stood beside me, leaning against the back wall of the room as we watched the final minutes of 2010 tick by. I was hypersensitive to the brush of his sleeve against my arm, the smell of his cologne, his nonverbal reactions to the people around us.

He tipped his head in my direction, commenting, “You know, it’s good luck to kiss a redhead on the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve.”

“You’re making that up,” I replied as my heart thundered violently in my chest.

He chuckled, “Maybe the redheaded part, but not the rest.”

I frantically tried to think of something witty to say, but before I could, the tv announced that it was ten seconds until midnight and the room around us got considerably louder.

Luke leaned closer and his breath tickled my ear as he asked, “May I?”

Nine, eight, seven…

I looked at him, breath catching in my throat. His face was wonderfully near mine, his eyes asking in such a way that I nodded without really realizing I had until his face drew closer still.

Six, five, four…

Slipping my arm between him and the wall, my hand rested in the curve of his lower back. Luke responded in kind and drew my body to his. He was wonderfully solid, his unwavering strength and concentration supported me in a way I’d never felt before.



Christmas Morning, 2013; Boston, Massachusetts

“Mooooooom, Max won’t share his candy!” Julia’s voice floated up the stairs.

“It’s not my fault you ate all of yours already!” The teenager responded, followed by loud footfalls in the living room below as Max presumably evaded his stepsister’s reach.

Luke groaned, pulling me closer. His words were jumbled and run together with sleep. “‘Mnotreadyforthis.”

Another volley sounded between the siblings and I grinned when Julia switched to Gaelic. I could hear them clatter up the stairs and braced myself for impact.

“Yeah, well, same to you!” Max shouted as the door to our bedroom flew open and Julia launched herself onto the bed. She scrambled over Luke to my side, scurrying under the blankets.

“Your hands are freezing!” I protested as she latched herself onto me.

The bed shifted again, less violently this time, as Max climbed aboard and began to poke her from the relative safety of the other side of the bed. Julia reared up, flinging the blankets off and sending an even colder blast of air into my warm cocoon. She lunged towards him and put just enough pressure on my abdomen to make the babe within me turn somersaults in complaint.

“Oof,” I groaned.

Julia froze, looking down at me in concern. “Did I hurt the baby?”

“No,” I answered, “but he isn’t overly pleased with being tackled this early in the morning.”

“Neither am I,” Luke said gruffly, peeking out of one eye.

“She!” Julia insisted, then patted my growing bump. “Sorry.”

Max grinned sheepishly but made no move to leave, echoing, “Sorry.”

“Go back down stairs and we’ll be there in a minute,” I pushed the eight and a half year old bulk off of me. They did so without complaint, leaving us alone once again.

I rolled onto my side and pressed myself against my husband, melting into him as he curved himself around me. His hands instinctively gravitated towards his child, whispering “Merry Christmas” to the both of us.


okay, so a seadweller tried to break onto our ship and helena murdered his fucking friend and then she was like ‘lets kill him 2′ but me, being an albino, i was like ‘nah i wanna fuq with this dude’ and i went up 2 him all ‘innocent’ and i whispered ‘if you stay with us, ill be yours’ like some slave bullshit and hes like ‘ok lol’ and he stayed but i HID IN THE AIR VENTS AND HE KEPT TRYING TO FIND ME TO BOSS ME AROUND AND I WAS LIKE ‘LOL U DUMBASS FISH MOTHERFUCKER.’ and then i woke up

Snowball Fight

JIN: I can see him taking it easy on you but I can also see him wanting to win as well. Either way, despite what happens as far as winning goes you can rest assure that your prince will be taking you in his arms and fixing you a cup of hot chocolate or coffee afterwards.

SUGA: Ahh, beware I’ve got a feeling that your rapper may just trick you by staying hid behind his post and the moment you go to make sure he hasn’t fell asleep, that’s when he’ll bombarded you with snowballs. Afterwards he’ll insist on you joining him for a quick nap.

J-HOPE: He’d be like Jin, he may take it easy on you and he may not. Either way, at the end win or lose he’ll be telling you how adorable you looked and that if he had to lose you were the one person he didn’t mind losing to but he may be telling you how adorable looking you are when you pout because you lost.

RAP MONSTER: He may overthink his strategy plan and therefore you might have a disadvantage, but don’t get cocky with it because he may not overthink anything. One things for certain this will be one snowball fight that you’ll never forget.

V: Playful Tae is going to do his best to beat you and beat you bad! Keep your guard up at all times, but just know at the end of the snowball fight if you should happen to lose, Tae will find a way to make it up to you because that’s just who he is.

JIMIN: You may have a decent chance even if you aren’t good at snowball fights because I’m thinking he’s also going to have a camera taping it all to show the guys later. As the two of you cuddle watching the footage after the snowball fight try not to giggle too hard from your Chim Chim’s slip ups.

JUNGKOOK: Is going to have full intentions of beating you and beating you bad. He’ll have no mercy on you and being all cute and whinny isn’t going to cut it with this guy. However, after he wins and lets face it he’s going to, he’ll be the sweet charmer we all know he is and prove to you why you’re his favorite girl.

my veins broke
sometime in the summer

they tore into strips
blood running rivers down my body
congealing as it reached the ash-covered ground
it hurt at first
screams rushing past my lips
like sea foam over rocks
or cobwebs over old books

my lungs broke
sometime after noon

they’d been slashed by something
(I still don’t know what)
and I tried to manage my breaths
short chokes
chest aching, aching, aching
and then I choked out blood
and it ran down my chin
like ice-cream down an infant
like drool from a wolf’s mouth

my fingers broke
sometime during mass

swollen and blue
like pneumonia had come to stay
and I hid them under my heavy thighs
biting my lips, holding back cries
and then they started bleeding
staining my pretty white skirt
like blackcurrant juice
or raspberry sorbet

my heart shattered
sometime after the new laws

there were too many shards
that had become lost within my bloodstream
and there was no blood this time
but the pain was the worst yet
I was choking
air slipping off my tongue
I saw a thousands things
a thousand pictures
I heard a million things
a million voices
and a few lonely cheers
I felt too much
my body cracking, concaving in
blood rushing through my emptied frame
I felt death come
a welcomed whisper of cold breezes
and the sound of a ticking clock
or was it my skin fracturing?
I barely remember anymore

an angel came to tell me
that I’d spend the rest of my days in limbo
and I cried
for there’s little worse than pain
except not feeling at all

There's Room In My Bed

(Lip (s2) after Fiona kicks him out) Lip x OC 

 I heard the banging on the door before I saw his aggrieved face. Quickly, I opened the door for him. He sighed in relief when he saw that it was me who opened the door and not my psycho of a father. His eyes wondered behind me and scanned the house; as a silent answer to his question I shook my head. Then moved to the side and let him in.                                                               

“He’s out on a ‘business trip’. which basically means he’s spending a weekend away with a whore.” I sighed adding a small laugh and headed into the kitchen to make two hot chocolates.                                                                                

“At least he’s out your hair,” Lip offered, I shrugged my shoulders and sat next to him on the couch, handing him the hot chocolate.                                   

“So, what brings you to my grimy abode?” I joked 

“Well Ki Swan, Fiona kicked me out, because I dropped out of school,”I smacked his arm because I knew he was a genius and was the only person to get out of this hell hole. It didn’t help that I had strong feelings for him and wanted to see him do well. He looked at me in surprise and slight humour, I’m only a small girls so it probably felt like a poke to him.

“Are you insane!? I can’t believe you. I mean it’s your life and I’m in no position to say. But you can do good, you will do good. You’re wasting talent;I just want you to think about it okay?” he sat back slightly, pondering whether or not to listen. 

“I will… If I can stay here tonight..?” He slipped that in slyly. I laughed at his bargain and nodded my head.

“You can stay till my dad comes back, but after that I can’t help you.” My sympathetic smile seemed to reassure him and he nodded. We had a deal. 

“Thanks,” he gave me a kiss on the cheek. My heart sped up and my cheeks burned, to hide the blush I took our cups out and washed them. 

“So where are you sleeping?” I called from the kitchen.

“What are the options?” He called back.

“Well there’s the floor, the couch, my dad’s bed or the kitchen table,” I stated.

“Or there’s space in my bed,” As soon as the words had left my mouth he nodded furiously shouting a ‘that one’. I laughed at his reaction and leaned on the doorway. Seeing his childlike face as he was told where he was sleeping but that soon turned into a devilish smirk. Most likely thinking about getting in my pants, however I am not a slut, I need reassurance although I wouldn’t say no to some cuddling.

“Wipe that smirk off of your face. Keep that thing in your pants. Go and get ready. I have a shirt of yours somewhere in my room from when I stayed at yours.” He hid his smirk slightly but it didn’t go. He jogged upstairs and I followed after turning the lights and TV off. 

When I opened the door to my room he was lying there in his boxers. I shook my head and found my diary open on the side. My hands slapped his bare chest repeatedly and he just giggled. I grabbed his shirt that was on the bedside table. I shoved it out in front of me. Reluctantly, he took the shirt and slipped it on. I switched the lamp on and the ceiling light off. and climbed into bed facing Lip with my back to the wall.

After an eternity of staring at each other he stroked my cheek, I leant into his touch. Everything was going right with the world.

“So have you decided to go back to school. Just think. If you get a bomb ass job. You can get a house, or apartment, and you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. You don’t have to sneak around. You can be your own person.” I attempted to persuade him, even adding a little hopeful smile and leaning into him, whispering into his ear. He leaned in more connecting our foreheads. 

“So I don’t have to avoid your dad to get in bed with you? You can just come round whenever, sleepover. Have fun?” He whispered back as if speaking would break the peace. And even though my heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest I laughed. 

“Yeah, whatever you want,” I then turned to have my back facing him. Closing my eyes. I felt his arms wrap around my waist and my body pulled flushed against his. I hummed in content.

“I just might go back only if you come with me through everything so I can sleep like this every night. Just by your side.” I kissed his nose, turning my body slightly and resting my forehead against his.

“I’d like that.” We finally kissed and it felt amazing like fireworks. He reached to pull my top up so I brought my feet up to his stomach and pushed him off of the bed. he landed with a thud and a groan whilst I laughed.

“Not yet Gallagher,”

Broken Wings

Originally posted by tagebuchdesherzen

A.N: Not an xreader, just a short story I wrote. I didn’t capture Gabriel perfectly but I tried my best.

Heaven was supposed to be a paradise but Gabriel felt like it was quite the opposite.

The constant fighting drove him mad. Lucifer and Michael were constantly at each other’s throats. Fighting over who was the most powerful. Who was Father’s favorite. Who could fly the fastest, hit the hardest, whatever. If it could end in an argument, it happened.

Gabriel would constantly be stuck in the middle. Being the other archangel apart from Raphael gave them the illusion that he had to chose. He loved his brothers equally and it broke his heart to see them fight.

After a battle if he tended to Lucifer’s wounds, Michael would call him a traitor. If he backed Michael up in an argument, Lucifer would push him to the ground.

Raphael didn’t take part in these, instead he looked down upon them. He was focused on work and never gave his brothers a second glance.

It was after the incident in the Garden that Gabriel was finally forced to chose. Would he support the brother who was kind to him and be sent to Hell or support the brother who looked down on him and stay safe in Heaven?

He did the latter. He could still remember the look of betrayal in Lucifer’s eyes before he was escorted out of Heaven’s gates.

For a few centuries he stayed and did hid heavenly duties. He turned to comedy to conceal his pain. He got close with some of the fledglings, teaching them as his brothers had taught him.

There came a point where he couldn’t take it any longer. He noticed the Pagans. How little rules they had. How much freedom he’d have, if he’d only join them. He studied them for a few decades. Gabriel found he preferred the Norse gods. He’d join their ranks.

But wouldn’t he get caught? Would he mess up and be cast out of both Heaven and Valhalla? Surely his wings would give him away…

His wings. The golden feathered wings that all admired. The wings that branded him as an angel. He had to get rid of them.

Gabriel snuck into Heaven’s prison. His cries of pain would be hidden among the others. Quietly he slipped out his angel blade.

Slice. Scream. Repeat. Feathers fell to the floor, now stained red. He shook with pain but continued. Soon only scars adorned his back.

He’d leave Heaven. He’d leave the pain of remembering. He’d finally be free, finally be happy. He was not a coward, nor was he his brothers. He was Gabriel, he was his own person.

Once the deed was done, he crept out of Heaven, making his way to Valhalla. The one eyed Odin stood at the gates, staring at him suspiciously.

“Who are you?” He asked.

Gabriel bowed. “I am Loki, god of mischief.” He grinned. “And I’d like to join you.”


A Love Story
Voltaire and Emilie Meet
In 1733, Voltaire was 39 years old and a successful playwright, poet and businessman when he met Emilie. She was 28, and lived the life of an upper class Parisian woman of society. When they met, they felt an instant attraction to each other.
The two certainly knew of each other before their first meeting because they had mutual friends and acquaintances. Emilie had read Voltaire’s work, attended his plays and was fond of the theater. The Duc de Richelieu and Voltaire were close personal friends. Emilie had had an affair with Richelieu, and wrote to him saying, “Why did you never tell me that M. de Voltaire is the paragon of Men?”
Voltaire wrote to a friend about Emilie: “Everything about her is noble, her countenance, her tastes, the style of her letters, her discourses, her politeness. … her conversation is agreeable and interesting.” They had a lot to say to each other - this was a meeting of the minds.
Rules Are for Other People
Voltaire and Emilie went to the opera, dined at the most respectable inns, and appeared together in the audience chamber of the King. This public display of an affair was considered inappropriate and all of Paris society was shocked at how they ignored the rules of acceptable conduct. But Voltaire and Emilie didn’t care. Rules were for other people, and they were in love.
Police Looking for Voltaire
In May of 1734, Voltaire and Emilie attended the wedding of the Duc de Richelieu. Several days after the ceremony, Voltaire received a message from the office of one of the king’s ministers that said: the author of the “English Letters” would do well to “absent himself.” This was a warning from a friend that the police were looking for him. He didn’t know why, but quickly left the country to escape arrest.
Voltaire learned later that a printer wanted to make some fast money by printing and selling his work without him knowing about it. Voltaire’s book, the “English Letters” (Lettres Philosophiques) praised political and religious freedom in England. Government censors viewed this as criticism of the King and the Church in France. The printer was in the Bastille. A lettre de cachet had been issued for Voltaire’s arrest and the police were looking for him.
For two months, Voltaire hid out staying with people he knew along the French border. He also stopped at the Chateau de Cirey, the ancestral estate of Emilie’s husband, and found it was in great need of repair.
Decide to Live at Cirey
It may appear strange that Voltaire and Emilie devised a plan to live at the Chateau de Cirey and that Emilie’s husband agreed to this. Voltaire loaned the Marquis 40,000 francs at low interest to pay for the renovation. The Marquis gained a home in the country where he could hunt, and Voltaire paid for Emilie’s extravagant spending. This arrangement made sense to Emilie’s husband.
Voltaire had always wanted a home in the country where he could write. Renovation of the chateau began in August and Voltaire and Emilie made the chateau into a comfortable home. Voltaire was a wealthy man; they wanted for nothing, and lived in luxury.
The Love Relationship
Those who knew Voltaire and Emilie were interested in their romantic relationship, and stories about what transpired between them at Cirey. Madame de Graffigny, a guest for three months at the Chateau de Cirey, wrote to her friends that Emilie had a lot of jewelry which was likely gifts from Voltaire, and that the couple spoke in English when they had arguments. It was details like this that people found most interesting.
Madame de Graffigny also wrote that visitors were only entertained in the evening. Voltaire and Emilie worked during the day, frequently sent notes to each other and often met to discuss their work. Guests were expected to stay in their rooms, read a book, or entertain themselves. Thus, few people understood the intellectual world in which this couple lived.
Intellectual Relationship
Both Voltaire and Emilie had a desire to discover the “truth” and to write about their findings. They both wanted to make an impact on the world. The bond the couple had for each other was greatly due to the work they were doing, both jointly and separately, and how they supported each other to achieve their goals.
The Search for the Truth
Voltaire and Emilie collected a library of 21,000 books, which was the equivalent of a university library of the 1700’s. The library included the work of writers from ancient times up to their present day. Time was spent reading, analyzing, and discussing the work of many writers to determine what they believed was the truth on many subjects.
What were the subjects that were of greatest interest to them, and about which they wrote?
Metaphysics: This is a division of philosophy that is concerned with the fundamental nature of reality that is outside of what can be perceived with the senses. Voltaire and Emilie were seeking answers to questions that have been asked for centuries and are still asked today, such as: Is there proof that there is a God?, What is the soul and is it immortal?, Does man have free-will?, What is the origin of evil?, and Where do our thoughts come from?
Moral philosophy: Of special concern to them were problems such as: What is happiness?, the nature of pleasure, social good and evil, rewards and punishments, equality, and the relationship between passion and reason.
Physics (also referred to as natural science in the 1700’s): Both Voltaire and Emilie were interested in the work of Isaac Newton and in the sciences.
History: Emilie’s expressed a lack of interest in history because it was just a recording of wars and conquests. This led Voltaire to include in his historical writing the accomplishments of the great men that contributed to the advancement of civilization.
Critical deism (criticism of the Bible): Voltaire and Emilie did a detailed analysis of the Bible to form their own opinion on whether this document was a valid basis for religion.
Much of the results of their research, discussion and analysis on the above topics are the subject matter of Voltaire’s writing. Some samples of Voltaire’s work are included on this web site.
Collaboration and Critique
In the Introduction to the “Elements of the Philosophy of Newton” published in 1737, Voltaire states that he and Emilie collaborated in the writing of this book. They both believed that bringing Newton’s work that explained principles of gravity, optics, and light into the French language was a work of major importance. After this joint project, Emilie continued her study of mathematics and completed her translation of Newton’s “Principia” which Voltaire had published after her death.
Voltaire’s original manuscripts have comments in the margins written by Emilie; and Emilie’s manuscripts have comments in the margins written by Voltaire. They read each other’s work and made suggestions for improvement. Voltaire frequently praised Emilie’s intelligence, saying she was a genius, and dedicated almost all of his work to her during their fifteen-year relationship. Possibly Voltaire’s dedications to Emilie are a recognition for some degree of input that she made to his work.
Voltaire and Emilie had similar values and supported each other’s intellectual goals and achievements. This was the part of their relationship that others did not see and helps to explain the high regard, devotion, and bond that they had for each other.
Voltaire wrote to a friend shortly after Emilie’s death in 1749, “It is not a mistress I have lost but half of myself, a soul for which my soul seems to have been made.”
Lost Correspondence
During their fifteen-year relationship, Emilie saved all the correspondence that Voltaire sent to her. She had his letters bound into eight books with red morocco leather covers. This correspondence has never been found.

Edmund x Reader: Role Playing Games

Anon asked: Hi ! Can I get one where Reader accidentally says to Lucy that she goes out with Edmund but it is false and Edmund comes around and ‘plays the game’ ? You’re a good writing, I enjoy a lot reading !


Anon asked: Hi, I love your blog! I was wondering if you could do one with the Vlogger!Lucy hc because I’m obsessed with it! Maybe it could be Lucy vlogging Edmund and the reader being all cute and fluffy and her subscribers all commenting that they ship them so hard. Thanks ❤️


Edmund almost choked on his water as he passed by the living room. He heard a familiar voice talking to Lucy. “What in the…” Edmund peered through the open cutout connecting the kitchen and living room, trying to see what they were doing. He always had a weird feeling that they were up to something when they were together.

      “Come on!” Lucy said, rolling her eyes. “You and my brother hate each other. Don’t deny it.” Edmund pinched the bridge of his nose. He hoped (Y/n) didn’t fall for the trick.

    He saw (Y/n) tighten her grip on her chair. “Lucy, you don’t know everything.”

      And she took the bait. Edmund was about to intervene, but something stopped him. He knew his curiosity and mischievous nature would get him in trouble some day. Why not today? He stayed quiet and hid behind the open counter. “So, you like him, then?” Lucy said.

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