This Is My Goal With T25. Abs Are THE Hardest Muscles To Form & THE Hardest To Maintain. I’d Like To Keep My Thighs Though. LOL
It’s Going To Be Hard…..REALLY Hard But I Won’t Stop Til I Get There! This Is What I Want By My 26th Birfday. Lol
#ItIsMyGooooal #T25 #StayInIt #Focus #FitIsIn

Back like we never left.

Today we had a a pretty solid house. Today people showed up for is. Braved the snow for us. A lot of first timers and a few second timers which touched my heart. I want to say Thank you to everyone who snuck out from under the blankets to support us and our dream. It’s lives in me. It lives in you. It lives in all of us. The dream continues to survive another day.