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minho is my favorite too!! and I also hate teresa. I’m sorry if I’m being creepy but I know like nobody reading the series and I need to share my emotions with someone. what part are you at?

ahh, not creepy at all! yeah i liked teresa a bit in the first book but mostly i was just indifferent because we only really get to know her at the very end but yeah by book two i was just like wow please just stop existing but i do LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE brenda ugh she’s GREAT

i’m just at the beginning of the death cure, page 35 when they’re supposed to get their memories back

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so I'm confused, Newt is older than Thomas (I often thought he acted like an older brother to him) but Thomas Sangster looks like a baby compared to Dylan O'Brien!! I mean I'm sure it'll be fine but I just feel like it'll mess with their friendship!

Haha I understand what you’re saying!

Yes Newt is older, and yes he does look younger.

But don’t worry about it, trust me!

Most of the time when a character is cast, no matter how great the casting is, there is ALWAYS going to be an evident flaw. That’s simply because the character is fictional - does not exist. Meaning they have to cast someone close to the description, because perfection is not achievable.

So, I should just stop stating the obvious because you probably already know this haha

My point is… Sure at the moment, there’s some flaw that we could point out at any of the cast members! But I think once people see the trailer or the movie, those flaws diminish. After seeing what the actor is capable of on screen in character, any flaw they have associated with their character is overlooked. I personally believe this will happen because Thomas Sangster is a phenomenal actor!

Basically I understand what you’re saying and I don’t want you to worry because everything will work out! :D

Thanks for messaging me again though! I LOVE YOU

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hi!! I came across this graphic: stayinguptowatchthesunset[.]tumblr[.]com/post/50140300863 and I am absolutely in love with it. it's beautiful and I am so jealous. I'm trying to learn how to make graphics, could you possibly share/give me advice on how you did the bottom part of it with derek's eye like that!? I love it so much. if not I completely understand!! thanks xxx

Thank you darling, you’re the sweetest! <3 I suck at explaining stuff and my psd is a big mess of duplicated layers and filters so I’ll try to do my best. Please let me know if something is not clear enough :)

Idk if there are caps better than others to do this, but I think that the character should have an expression/ be in a situation that justifies the use of the skull. I mean, it might look weird on someone who looks happy and is enjoying whatever he’s doing. So, dying!Derek it is, resized to 500*281 px. I did some prep work on the screencap, which is essentially some curves layers to brighten it, a black and white gradient map and a levels layer for contrast. I wanted to have more dramatic shadows on the right side of his face and I did that with gradient fills layers set on soft light.

Then, the skull. I used this texture (from mellowmint’s anatomical textures pack) reversed it, resized it and moved it around so it would match his face. The warp tool (Edit>Transform>Warp) is useful if the skull doesn’t match your character’s face very well or at all (luckily I didn’t have to use it here).  Play with different blending modes to see which one gives the best results, depending on your cap. Here, I set it on linear burn, 60% opacity. I didn’t want the skull to cover all of his face so using a layer mask (a+ tool, you can find a lot of tutorials to learn how to use it), I masked the parts and bits I didn’t want. The blending was way too harsh,  especially  around the nose; so, still on that layer mask, I used a soft brush with a medium grey color (it still hides stuff but less than the usual black) to make it more natural. If you’re not comfortable with layer masks you can also get the same effect with the clone stamp tool. 

And that’s pretty much it? I merged and duplicated everything two or three times,  set them on various blending modes and opacity, then added a few paper and grunge textures, and voilà!