A Rescued Piglet And Kitten Are Best Friends, And It’s Totally Adorable

This is Laura, a rescued piglet, and her BFF, Marina, a rescued kitty.  They were rescued within a few days of each other by the Santuario Igualdad Interespecie (Interspecies Equality Sanctuary) in Santiago, Chile, and now they’re adorably inseparable.

Laura and Marina just love to take naps, and cuddle, but even when they’re not cuddling, they stay close together, like BFFs should.



Santuario Igualdad Interespecie


Abdul & Shari

A couple that fights together, stays together.

“Be with someone who has true knowledge of self, and you will never doubt yourself again.” - Shari Matthews

“You cannot love someone who does not know them self. You cannot know someone who does not see them self. You cannot see someone who does not accept them self. First nourish the roots, then the tree will grow.” - Abdul Shabazz

My power couple Abdul and Shari met at college and are in their senior year.. What lies in store for them as their final year draws to a close and real life is on the horizon..

They are literally my favourite couple I’ve ever made..Soooo gorgeous together!

Concept: Soul and Maka hold hands after a battle. They nurse each other’s wounds. When Soul’s nightmares begin again Maka holds him, and when she stresses out he is there to offer support masked in teasing snark. They eat all their meals together and make up after arguments by dancing. Their resonance wavers sometimes, but it flickers back to its full intensity. They stay together for a long, long, long time.

When Cress and Iko spotted each other they shared a squeal. Thorne and Cinder shared a cringe.

Something Old Something New, Stars Above by Marissa Meyer

Friends who cringe together stay together

I love how on this show Spencer literally figures out a phone number from a bird, a kid was sent to a mental hospital (Charlotte) while none of the neighbours seemed to even notice or comment or even remember, and an old lady - that doesn’t even live in the same town - ‘senses’ that something is wrong, goes to Rosewood, and physically pulls Alison out of the ground. 

All this and people have the nerve to argue that even one couple staying together despite all they went through (bearing in mind they didn’t have normal ‘teenage relationship’ drama - they didn’t argue because someone forgot a date or someone was texting the wrong person) is unrealistic??

i don’t understand AT ALL why the larries get so damn butthurt and defensive whenever anything solo!harry comes up…. like a lot of larries don’t even give a shit about 1d as a whole and only harry and louis….. the only reason they want the band to stay together is solely for harry and louis to be in the same vicinity as one another because they know that without 1d larry is pretty much as good as gone…..

guys im not joking, i want potter!rhink headcanons. snogging in the hallways. flirting over potions. sneaking each other into their commonrooms and dorms, spending all afternoon and night together. getting jealous of girls who try and spike their butterbeer with amortencia. discovering their patronuses together. going into the restricted section of the library to find weird, dirty facts. sharing these weird, dirty facts over the dining table. making friends from many different houses but staying together as two peas in a pod. using magic to try different hairstyles and laughing at each other when their hair goes down instead of up or up instead of down. did i mention snogging in the hallways


I’m sorry for everything that i have done to hurt you. please know that it was never my intention. i have always been such a kind soul to those around me. you were the most innocent girl i have ever been with. two years. i can’t keep pretending i don’t love her anymore. i can’t keep pretending that you and me are both happy in this relationship. you know we aren’t. I’ve just become so used to being with you and saying that i love you.. its like a habit now. a bad habit. I’m your worst habit and you will only get worse from here if we stay together. please leave me. but please don’t leave me. 


your work of art

Seriously all I want in life is to be best friends with lucas!

bestfriend!luke would be the type of guy that would just come over unannounced saying that it’s time for a nap even if it’s only eleven in the morning, because the best sleeps he gets is always with his best friend. He knows that you can only nap in darkness so he just lets you hide your face in between his neck or when he is wanted to be held you comfortably curl into his back. everyone thinks that you two are lazy always napping together but Luke just tells you that friends that nap together stays together.

Staying Together Keeps Us Stronger

B E A C O N ’ S    H A R B O R   V E R S E.


tag; #beaconsharborverse ,  (some of us were using beaconharborverse, but let’s just all agree to use beaconsharborverse instead )

    See what I did there with that title? ;D For reference purposes, I’m still thinking it’s around mid February time for the verse. Diana and Melissa players are pending, but will be around soon enough. It’s been  had been recently bound, leaving them unable to perform any form of indie magic. Like every other bound coven, the Beacon’s Harbor circle is only able to recite and execute spells when in the presence of another circle member. I feel like we should just drop all the teen wolf mythology stuff, and the packs and the drama with the alpha pack and just keep the Argent Hunters, so I hope you’re all cool with that. The only thing I do want to really keep, is the history of the Lockwood family that involves Tyler and Lydia players. Their family will have history with some greek mythology inspired stuff based on the werewolf storyline for Tyler, and Beth and I can work together on Lydia’s banshee storyline. We can all progress these plots, and also feel free to add on any ideas of your own, Mel/Nick Armstrong/Klaus player (enigmawrites) and I will gladly assume the role of maintaining the flow of the storyline here, ; and the group’s plot is now officially a TSC-focused verse for all of us to continue playing in. Some elements of TVD like the Founding Families and travelers still exist, but we’re officially following Secret Circle’s Witch Mythology, AU TVD Werewolf mythology, along with some Teen Wolf inspired elements of druids, banshees and kitsune for future plots. I had an idea of making one of John Blackwell’s other children a kitsune, another a werewolf/witch chimera, and a few other unique plots if anyone was interested in making a Secret Circle OC? 

                previously on  ———————

Cassie & The Balcoin Family Tree: After Calvin Wilson’s mysterious disappearance, all that was left to Cassie were the ancient parchments Calvin dropped in her mailbox. The documents included names on her family tree. Upon discovering that the initials “JB” stood for John Blackwell and not her grandmother’s, Cassie immediately explored deeper into the Blackwell family history. With Jake’s assistance, she learned that her father was a descendant of a man named Francis Balcoin, the progenitor of all Dark Magic. Jake, didn’t handle this discovery well and essentially refrained from making any vocal note about it to Cassie.

Jake and The Argent Hunters: Jake warns Chris that Cassie descends from Balcoin and possesses dark energy/black magic. The information about Balcoin blood still existing quickly means that situation they’ve gotten themselves into, is much darker and graver than Chris had initially anticipated, leaving him with the decision to turn to the Hunters’ Council (such as: Gerard and other nameless adversaries) for help. Later that day, word spread amongst the other inner circle of hunters in town and all were told it was time to pack up and leave town.

Jake Exposed: Faye, Adam, and Nick have been suspicious of Jake’s motives for a long while, and made proof of them after Adam caught Jake wrapped up in a secret conversation with Chris Argent, alleged hunter. Adam and Faye immediately called an emergency Circle meet-up, in order to expose Jake’s secret to the others. When only Melissa and Diana showed, both Nick’s and Cassie’s absences sounded an alarm. They took action by cornering, and confronting Jake. Though Nick continued to remain M.I.A, the rest of the Circle Members soon learned that Cassie was kidnapped by Jake’s merry band of rogue hunters, also known by the name of “The True Believers”.  Despite originally setting out to murder the circle, Jake ultimately ended up siding with Faye, Adam, Diana and Melissa to rescue Cassie from the Hunters.

The night ended on a bad note with Jake, and a boat full of failed rogue hunters motoring off into darkness. Adam, Faye, Cassie, Melissa and Diana were left speechless. Meanwhile, Nick’s absence continued on as a mystery.  To top it off, whilst leaving behind Beacon’s Harbor in his rearview once again, Jake soon learned a mind-blowing secret from the hunters. That secret being that Cassie Blake is “not the only child of Blackwell in the circle.”

Abaddon: The demon which the Circle Members believed they had destroyed, regained it’s own strengths on Halloween night when reclaiming a host in Nick Armstrong. The night that the rest of the circle unmasked Jake’s true agenda with the hunters, Nick had been MIA, due to crossing upon an entirely different discovery of his own. Most of his memory from that night was browned out, as his consciousness battled against the demon that’d been coursing his veins for the some time. Dawn identified this demon as Abaddon, whom she originally summoned 16 years ago. Everything played out exactly as planned when she fabricated a scenario leading an unconscious Nick/conscious Abaddon to an abandoned site, where Charles jumped in to her rescue. Knowing that the only way to kill the demon was by drowning it’s host, Charles carried out the deed, without any insight to the bigger picture orchestrated by Dawn’s diabolical plan. Dawn played off Charles’s instant remorse and shaken instability, by conning him into believing that she knew a way to bring him back. What she failed to mention, was what’s in it for her. With the help of a newly attained crystal Charles managed to steal from Jane Blake, Dawn led Charles, and Nick’s lifeless corpse to the Nemeton Tree, where they performed an ancient Necromancy spell. Charles, being under great stress, was naive to simply comply with Dawn’s lead; desperate to rid himself of the fresh blood on his hands. They successfully completed the ritual, which resulted in Nick’s blood interlocking with Abaddon’s demonic spirit, thus binding a dominant energy over the demon’s power. Abaddon’s identity is now gone, but it’s fiendish spirit and power remains potent within Nick.  At the Witching Hour, Nick’s state reanimated, resurrecting him back into his new life.  Nick was stripped of any memory recalling Charles or Dawn being there with him at the Nemeton Tree.  Dawn purposely went along with Charles, playing everything off as if it was nothing more than a favor to her friend, Charles.  However, she’s not the only one capable of keeping secrets.  Later that night, after recollecting himself, Charles came into clarity of his suspicions to Dawn, and some underlying motive that he has yet to wrap his head around.

  stay tuned for a present day plots post.