all sewn up, you put yourself together -
you stay up all night, you stare into the unlight.
the bruises never leave, they are
tattooed onto your body
and every motion
is emotionless, is a blur.

the clarity you once held
like a berry between your teeth -
you bit down too hard.

your heart, always beating
a little too fast - you know
that this can’t last.

but for now just trace your shadow on the ground -
after all, you have to know lost to know being found.
—  Michael Lottner (@michaellottner on twitter)

At this point, honestly, I don’t care what people will think of me after what I’m going to say.

Hannibal and Will’s scene at the end was one of the most beautiful and most romantic moment I’ve ever seen on television. F*ck haters, I know Hannigram is not healthy, and I don’t care anymore.

I wanted Will to be happy, I was conflicted the whole season because of Hannigram, I convinced myself that I wanted a happy ending with Molly and Walter, but when he killed Dolarhyde with Hannibal, it felt so…right

I am so happy Hannibal and Will are together. And since for me they survived the fall, I hope that they will stay together forever.


I’m a piece of trash

Ok so since I try and make EVERYTHING about Big Brother…here’s a game grumps au. 16 complete strangers stay in a house together for a summer, the last houseguest standing wins $500,000.

If anyone has suggestions for who the other 9 houseguests should be, send them in! Please only suggest youtubers who do gaming videos or are associated with gaming. If enough people are interested, I’ll actually do something with this!

I was inspired to make this by the lovely alligator-jigglin-fever

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Do you think that long distance relationships can work? :/

It depends on the person.
If you have two people who can stick it out and stay together, then yes.


How have I spent my entire day? Painting the damn trim for my armor. Never again am I allowed to do a two tone paint like this. Now to cut some straps for the belt loops and I can start the assembly/molding tomorrow!

Also it’s starting to feel a bit fancy for a barbarian >.< but that’s pretty accurate to Kas I suppose.

Interviewer: “Lindsey said, if it wasn’t for Fleetwood Mac, you guys might never have broken up.”

Stevie: “It’s possible…that we might have stayed together.”

Interviewer: “Gotten married?”

Stevie: “Very possible.”

Interviewer: “Had kids?”

Stevie: “Had kids. But you know, destiny intervenes.”

Interviewer: “Do you ever wish that’s what happened?”

Stevie: “No, because I never go against destiny.”

Sunday Night - 2013

loquaciousquark replied to your post “so, leverage fans: is leverage season 3 the time when everyone makes…”

The family that makes extremely poor errors in judgement…stays together. Or something. (FWIW, season 4 is my favorite season of them all, and 3 is necessary to set up a lot of it.)

This show makes me unreasonably happy.  

And it makes me imagine Varric Tethras, masterminding from the Hanged Man. He’s got history. He’s been through a lot. The less said about history, the better. But no one knows Kirkwall better, and messy problems are easier to solve with Hawke around. 

She’s the best grifter he’s ever seen. Hero one minute, beggar the next, and makes the worst jokes in the world when she isn’t on a job. Kirkwall isn’t her home, and if she has a first name, she hasn’t let it slip, but Varric isn’t sure what he’d do without her. 

Fenris has been everywhere. Antiva. Marnus Pell. And something hinky was going in in Seheron.  He knows every bone, and how to break them. Languages come easy–reading came late, but he’s prolific, ferocious, and even Varric keeps away from the wine he’s got stored at the back of the Hanged Man.   

Merrill knows everyone’s histories. Codes. Cyphers. (There’s a difference. She’ll tell you.) She’ll make you a miracle from old paper bits of broken mirror. Blood magic turns beautiful when Merrill’s working. She’ll slip into your head, get into any system. 

Jewel thief. Ship thief.  Shadows and laughter and a smile with too many teeth. Isabela is the best thief who shouldn’t be in Kirkwall, even as she flinches from the family that’s growing at her back. Weird feeling, family. She’s not sure she likes it. 

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Telera pls comment on what happened I can't deal with it my heart hurts

Hello nonny! I have only seen the season finale once and my life is upside down atm, but I thoroughly enjoyed the ending- it was intense, heart wrenching, and confirmed all the Hannigram love. AND of course, needless to say, Hannibal and Will are alive and kicking, so yay! ^=^

I particularly enjoyed the way Will finally accepted that he can’t live neither with or without Hannibal (as Bedelia confirmed) and that his fate is forever intertwined with Hannibal’s. In that final bloody embrace where both are comforting and supporting each other, Will took the decision to plunge from the cliff and Hannibal very clearly let himself go- only a moment before, he said that there was no better death than dying for a friend, so both accepted the inevitability of “dying” together and staying together til the very end.

I say “dying” because I don’t think nobody would believe they died in the ocean- Bedelia’s amputated leg and the way it is wonderfully cooked and presented to her obviously and without doubt point at Hannibal- and as the table is set for three, who other if not Will would be the third guest to the cannibalistic banquet?

I loved the episode, I only hope that I can watch it at least two more times this weekend. Thanks for your ask, and I hope this comment helps! :D

P.S. Don’t forget the song “Love Crime” that plays at the very end- I will survive, live and thrive!! 

Blind Date

read it on the AO3 at

by AnonEhouse

Steve can’t see, which opens Tony’s eyes.

(Takes place in a movieverse where Tony was always gay & the Avengers stayed together after the Chitauri invasion. The blindness is known to be only temporary.)

This is a fill for the Tiny Stony RB prompt Code Name: Invincible

Words: 1859, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

disloyal order of water buffaloes - fall out boy // frontier psychiatrist - the avalanches // fire fire - david michael bennett // okay i believe you but my tommy gun don’t - brand new // riptide - vance joy // cry baby - melanie martinez // float on - modest mouse // o my heart - mother mother // i’m not okay (i promise) - my chemical romance // 19-200 - gorillaz // stay together for the kids - blink-182 

Really bored so I thought i’d send my second meeting the strypes story :)

I saw the strypes in Shoreditch on Wednesday 26th August at their instore - and although it was an instore they actually did 11 songs which was so cool cause we were expecting them to do like 5

I met two girls called Cara and Leila before I went in and we stayed together for the whole show and went straight to the front when we were allowed into the venue and because the stage was only about an inch off the ground I was soooooo close to Ross’s microphone stand, literally less then 30cms away. (I also felt really bad for people standing behind me cause I thought I was blocking peoples view so I spent the whole show bending down haha)

Obviously they were amazing because they always put on a good show haha - because i was directly in front of Ross and awkwardly close I had no idea where to look. Also I know this is a really obvious thing but Ross’s voice is amazing! I was genuinely so impressed! (I know that’s kind of dumb to say seeing as he is the lead singer but whatever)

At the end Josh flicked his plectrum into the audience and i put my hands up more to defend myself (except I actually did catch it) and I slightly shrieked and Niall who was holding open the door for the lads saw me and started laughing.

For the signing I went to the table and pete was in his own world so I started talking to josh and told him I caught his pick and he said yeah i saw that it hit you in the face, i’m sorry about that, and i said no it didn’t hit me, i caught it! And he said I just love throwing plectrums into the audience. Then he said PETE and pete jumped and went oh sorry and started signing my album haha

I didn’t really talk to Evan for whatever reason, but when I went to Ross he was drawing a pig on a mans t-shirt (??) and I said to him that’s very artistic, I really like it and he started laughing and said thank you and then signed my album and also Cara’s who was in front of evan but her album had been passed down. He looked at me to say which album is which and I said don’t worry I can take both and sort them out. Instead he started teasing me and picked up both the albums, offering them to me and then pulling them away laughing when I reached out for them and kept doing this!!

Eventually i stopped trying to take them because I wasn’t getting anywhere and then cara came over and Ross started switching the cds back and fourth between his hands and pretending to hide them behind his back with his eyes shut like he was doing a magic trick and eveeeentuaaalllyyy he gave us one each. I said wait is this actually mine (because cara’s didn’t have a cd in) and I realised I had cara’s and said slightly louder then i intended cara this is yours! and ross heard me and started laughing at us because he had mixed them up haha

I had a photo with them and then said bye to all of them and ross said bye back and we walked over to the other side of the room and were all looking at our photos and I realised in mine Evan had his eyes shut so Cara and I went back and I said to josh can I have another photo because you all had your eyes shut in the last one and josh said yeah come round and when I was walking he said you are the slowest girl here for walking around this table I was like oooooh soooooorrrryyyyy haha 

I sat down in between josh and evan because there was a sofa behind where they were sitting and ross was signing something and hadn’t realised i was waiting for a photo and me and josh started chatting while we were waiting for him (i can’t really remember what about, just random stuff), then i got another photo and left and me and cara spent ages walking around shoreditch being weird :D

- fun night, the strypes are an amazing live band and cool people in general :)

~Submitted by fluffyhairedmonster Thank you! This made me laugh loads with the whole Ross thing 😂 he’s definitely become more confident! Also 11 songs?! That’s so cool it’s like a proper gig! Xx

Week 12 - Wednesday

A bit of background info about Jennie:-

She and her husband Sammie, were living on Galaad Island many years ago when they were still teens. Unbeknown to Jennie, Sammie had hired a private investigator (my then current active sim who’s name escapes me atm) to find out if she loved him enough for him to propose. Everyone around town said no, the relationship wouldn’t last but Story Progression got them together anyway and over the years they’ve had three children! And they’ve stayed together ever since as inactives!

Sadly, Galaad Island is no longer available for download. That link above is the only one I can find about it now but how’s that for a romance story? Pretty cute I thought and when I started playing a different world back then, I just had to take these two sims with me. Hopefully, I’ll get to actually play them one day. :-)

reblog if you’re the angry friend

reblog if you get angry often, and loudly. If you repeated over and over and over “you should leave that dick, he doesn’t deserve you”. If your friend just nods, says you’re right, and goes back to the bastard the following night. Even if he cheated. Even if he manipulates her. Even if he makes her feel like a housewife. Even if he’s a racist bastard. Even if he tells her she should stop seeing her friends, or her family, or whoever.

reblog if you don’t trust the new guy she, they, all of your girl friends, brings to the party. Because you can’t see what she sees in him. He looks like a dick, he talks like a dick, but hey, since he’s got a dick, must be sexual. But then they stay together and move together and plan a baby together and you could see it for one night, but not a lifetime?

reblog if you don’t think any of those dicks are worthy of your friends.

reblog if now your friends just roll their eyes and say “don’t mind her, you know how she is, she gets mad a lot, she doesn’t like guys.” So they stop listening to you and your advice and your mistrust and your bad feelings until one day you get a txt message of a facebook note from a friend you have rarely seen in the last year that simply says “i’m going back to my mom’s house, can you help me get my stuff back?”

reblog if you’re angry because you’ve listened to so many tears on the phone, heard your favorite person in the whole while world get their heart crushed and three hours you spent trying to console her but then she says “oh I gotta hang up he’s right there he drove all the way here and brought me flowers!” and then you’re supposed to forgive the dick who made your best friend cry like she herself forgave him?

reblog if you’re mad that a friend left a douchebag that made her unhappy, and then two weeks later started dating another douchebag of the same variety, and that she’s been doing the same since high school, and despite your advice that she needs time to herself she hops from relationship to relationship and you just wait for the next breakup, but in the meantime, you gotta play nice because that one might be there to stay?

reblog if you haven’t forgiven and will never forget any bad thing that’s been done or said to your friends and your family, reblog if you don’t trust men because you’ve known all your life that men are weak and women are strong, reblog if you’re tired of being angry because you love them so much and hate each and every single undeserving douchebag that had the galls to hurt your precious friends.


Following rumours that the 1D boys were splitting up, the boys revealed that they would actually just be taking some time off, and haven’t confirmed that they won’t be making a return.

Along with their millions of fans, there’s one other person who hopes that One Direction will reunite after their break, and that’s Simon Cowell.

The One Direction boss revealed earlier this week that he’d “known for months that they wanted to take a break”, a decision which he supported completely.

MailOnline have now reported Simon Cowell saying: “I did what I’ve always done with the guys and said you make your own decisions and I hope you stay together, but you’ve got to want to do it yourself so they’re smart guys, they’ll work it out.”

When asked if One Direction will reunite after their break, he said: “I hope so, but like I said, it’s not going to be because of any pressure from me.”

The 1D boss added: “It really has to be, like we said in the beginning, this is an opportunity, you won it, and I’ve always had that attitude with them. They’re nice guys and they’re loyal so it’ll be fine.”

After The X Factor, One Direction’s fame blew up over night. When asked if the boys were overwhelmed by their success, Cowell said: “Of course. Look, even though they’re young, that is a gruelling schedule and after a while I could see they were exhausted, so when they said, ‘How do you feel about it?’ I said, ‘Do whatever you want.’ Having a year off is going to be a healthy thing.”

We hope the boys make a return, too! 

August 28, 2015