Mrs Kirk {Part 9| Epilogue}

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Fandom: Star Trek

Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader  (She/Her identifying)

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/request: You and Jim get married. Accidentally. On a new federation planet. Without knowing about it. Turns out its legally binding. Fuck.

Part 1 X, Part 2 X, Part 3 X, Part 4 X, Part 5 X, Part 6 X, Part 7 X, Part 8 X

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Certain Things {Isaac Lahey x Reader}

Author: simplyimaginesxx

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader

Words: 1,482

A/N: This is my first imagine, so I hope you’ll enjoy it! This also is a song fic, so I’ll also be adding the link to the song if you lovelies would like to listen to it. ♡ ⌑ Gif is not mine, and belongs to the owner who did it

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anonymous asked:

Is Dom/Bree/Felix forever canon or do they break up either all together or do two stay together while another goes their own way?

At this point I cant tell you for sure. I try to the let story unfold how it wants to, so I guess we’ll see what happens!

anonymous asked:

could i please see headcanons for uma, harry and gil in a poly relationship?

- They build forts with pillows. They do it every night and most of the sailors are really confused about the laughing in the main room

- Those who evily plot together stay together

- they go fishing together. Uma and Harry have to teach Gil how to fish instead of impulsively jumping in to catch fish

- group cuddling. Since it’s very cold on the Isle they have to rely on each other

- They track each other down to give goodnight kisses. Even if they’re mes away each of them go the extra mile to see them safe and in bed

jasperisapoofed  asked:

Can you give any reason I fusion would stay together other than love I wanna make a perma fusion but I can't think of any reason other than love on why they would wanna stay fused all the time.

Friendship, necessity maybe?

a relationship doesn’t have to be romantic to be strong

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Isn't it just beautiful that Jon and Sansa, two characters had never interacted before prior to S6 and clearly their relationship meant little to each other, now they are each other's everything? And imagine if they got married at the end. I would find it amazing and kinda ironic.

OMGGG yes Anon! You took the words right out of my… keyboard. 

Isn’t it beautiful to see them reunited and finally working together and at home in Winterfell, trying to co-rule and do their best? I mean yeah, bickering and disagreements aside, they are hoping and doing the best they can. 

I mean a couple that rules together, stays together. And that is just beautiful! Not sure by what you mean by ironic - if you meant how these two characters that were never envisioned together finally become the poster couple for the North, then yeah, ironic for sure. But wouldn’t they make such a beautiful couple tho? And that chemistry omg, torrid! I feel sorry for the guards standing watch outside their door on their wedding night tbh..

And the wedding ooh! I hope I get an invitation to their wedding because to be honest, they’re my adopted children. 

Jonsa for life, definitely. xxx

with respect, clueless is not a fit example to use to try and validate the fact that scorbus can date while their fathers do, because cher and josh were no longer step-siblings when they realised they had feelings for each other, so if drarry fooled around behind their wives’ backs and then announced that they were going to get married (or whatever), scorbus would most likely be very upset because it would be very difficult for them to stay together

Friendly reminder that sex is not, by any means, the only way to express love to another human being, and no form of love is invalid. You can “make love” any number of ways, and it’s at least just as wonderful.

You and your significant other just hold hands and go for walks? Beautiful.

You just stay up late together chatting, watching movies, etc? That’s beautiful, too.

You are not invalid for the ways you do (or don’t) show love

anonymous asked:

Ive had a friend for 10yrs who was never loyal to me. He even tried to make me feel insecure about myself when we were in school. But, when we moved to college he began to show interest in me and flirting with me. Ive never been in a relationship nor do I want to be but, I liked the attention and we started sexting. It led to a few make out sessions and he even gorged on my boobs. But, I felt nothing during any of those tonnes. I know I don't even like/trust him. Should I have done that?

You can’t change the past. But if you dont feel nothing special, let him know about it and stay away. That’s sound rude, but if there is no feelings, there is no reason to stay together with someone

im so touched that even though that was an abstract painting with no names or identifiers attached, everyone who reblogged it knows exactly who its for. just further proof of how many people she has touched, and how tight our community is.

we will grieve together, but we will heal together too. stay strong.

Hey everyone I know as a fandom we have taken a big hit by the cast specifically Jeremy, I know we are in a rough place right now. I want you to all know that you are valid and loved by the fandom. That no matter what the cast threw at us we have to stay strong and together, the rudeness that has gone down does not make us less. We are together and we are strong like supergirl says el mayarah we are stronger together

[Day 24] Live Feed Recap:  House Plans To Flip On Mark and Elena

About This Morning

Pretty slow morning so far. Jason spoke to Cody about how he didn’t vote to keep him here two weeks ago, among other things like working together moving forward. Cody went to Jessica afterwards and they figured out it was Christmas who voted to keep him last week. He told her that Kevin admitted to him that he was the third vote for him to stay. The duo pieced together that Kevin also evicted Jillian in week one.

Paul spoke to Jason and told him the plan is to get Ramses out because he wants to use Josh as a tool to get Mark, Cody and Jessica out. He stresses to Jason to NOT tell Mark and Elena the plan, which Jason has not been doing (Mark and Jason spoke before going to bed and Jason never said anything, but Mark was on getting Josh out)

It’s noon. Big Brother has been hounding wake up calls but most are still in bed.

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So, Supercorp isn’t shipped by Melissa Benoist and Jeremy Jordan and y'all are calling them homophobic for that? I’m gay and I personally would love for Lena and Kara, “Supercorp,” to be together OR stay just friends too, but the actors on the show not shipping it doesn’t make them homophobic. It was handled distastefully, yes, but the actors have apologized. They’re not homophobic for not shipping the same ships we ship. They’re human, they make mistakes, they’re apologizing.

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Out of the clique six who do you think is likely to actually stay together for the long haul like friendships AND romantic relationships


  • Lucas and Zay will definitely be friends forever like there isn’t a doubt in my mind.

  • I think Riley and Maya (at least in my headcanon) spend a few years apart because, let’s be honest, their current friendship was a bit codependent and unhealthy but eventually they come together again and stay friends.

  • I can see Zay and Maya as lifelong friends. I think theyre a lot alike and would bring out each others wild sides. 

  • And I think Riley and Smackle grow even closer as the years go by. It’ll be the kind of friendship where no matter how long it’s been since you’ve last seen them you always pick up where you left off.

  • Same with Farkle. I see him being busy all the time but being able to pick up where he left off with everybody. Especially with the guys & Riley.

Romantic Relationships:

  • Now I want to say Rucas stay together but I’d be lying if I said I don’t think they break up. In my headcanon they break up after high school and reunite post college. Kind of like what “Shawngela” could’ve been. As much as I love them I don’t want them to parallel the Corpanga arc where they only ever love/be with each other, the highschool sweethearts to married couple trope is cute af but idk I just feel like they are both so selfLESS that they’d end their relationship after highschool to allow the other person to grow but eventually they, along with everyone else, knows that they’re meant to be. So, they are endgame but it takes awhile to happen. 
  • Smarkle on the other hand are the exact opposite. I think they will continue to fall deeper in love with each other and spend years understanding just how strong their connection is that they don’t ever see the need to break up. I guess they’re kind of the Corpanga in that sense. Frenemies to highschool sweethearts to lifetime partners.
  • Everyone else, i.e Zay and Maya, end up with people outside of the Clique Six.