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Okay but what the fuck is their problem they're always standing together side by side like chained monkeys who the fuck stays together 24/7 not even couples do that it's not even like they go to the same place and split up they're stuck like glue they havent spent a minute apart people are catching them just leisurely walking on the streets together like howww it makes me so emotional they have someone they never want to ever be apart from it's so gross and i'm so offended by their codependency

:( I seriously want to know their secret how did they withstand each other for 6 years 24/7 like how does that work yknow? they live together and they work together and they go out together but no they gotta sit together in the bus too they gotta sit next to each other in parties when theres like 10000 other youtubers like wow why they gotta keep doing that 

one time i accidentally swiped right on a guy and we instantly matched and im like “oh fuck” and he messaged me straight away. The usual 21 question kinda situation, asking about what i do for work, what do i study and all that shit. And we met up after two months, was boyfriend/girlfriend after two weeks, and stayed together for two years. And it ended two days ago. Lets just say two is my unlucky number.

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If you haven’t registered to vote in today’s local elections, please register today so you can vote in EU referendum. Its really easy online and we need to make sure the bigots vote to leave will win. Alone we have nothing to offer as a country. We manufactute nothing, we are stronger together with our continental buddies.

God forbid I ever agree with the Tories so let that be a message to how bad it would be to leave if i am agreeing with them for once


On yet another adventure of buying other doll brands for my Monster High dolls, I came across a two pack set of Gloria Wine Rack with bottles on eBay. Set A is wine bottles, set B is hard liquor. These things are fun and were super cheap.

Each set comes with 4 white wine glasses, and 4 red wine ones. Plus a cute little ice bucket with molded ice in the bottom. The glasses themselves look etched and pretty.

The wine racks are just ok. Unlike the glasses and bottles, they feel the cheaper price and are a bit on the flimsy side. They’ll need glue to stay together. Eventually they’ll be spray painted black to go with the general Mh decor.

The best feature of this playset are the bottles themselves. I didn’t have enough bottles in my previous set up and this was perfect. A while back I purchased a Bratz smoothie bar that looks like your typical bar scene, so it is now Club Catacombs bar where the Fierce Rockers spend many a night plastered. Sorry to my dolls little plastic livers.

Don’t mind the unpainted shelves and wallpaper in the bottom pic, they belong to a work in progress. I just borrowed the shelf for the pic.

Shawn Carter better not say no slick shit about Beyonce on this album. The beyhive will come after his ass even if they stay together…

@otakusapien replied to your post “i want married pynch but not just like emotionally married pynch, i…”

One of them proposing with a Claddagh instead of a traditional engagement ring. Ronan being able to get married in St. Agnes and being freaking /elated/ that he gets to be married in the eyes of God, something he didn’t think he’d be able to do.

ronan and adam being that one couple we all know from high school who got married when they were like 19 but somehow improbably actually stayed together. ronan casually and spontaneously proposing while they’re, like, brushing their teeth or something while adam’s home on break from college, partially because he’s still fucking catholic and cohabitation/sex before marriage are sins, but mostly just because he genuinely wants to marry adam parrish, but he’s not romantic enough or good enough at planning to bring the topic up in an even slightly more appropriate setting. adam wondering if it’s too soon, but then thinking like “when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible,” and then mentally cussing henry tf out for making them all watch that movie like 20 times, but as much as he hates to admit it he totally feels that way so he says yeah, okay, let’s do it. ronan dreams up these really intricate claddagh rings with celtic knots in the hearts and vines winding along the arms and ravens in the crowns. they have a tiny ceremony at st. agnes that’s just them and the gangsey and matthew and declan and opal (with boots covering her hooves of course). the reception is at the barns and it’s fucking wild and they end up sneaking off to a private spot to make out for a while because hey, they’re still basically kids. adam goes back to school a few weeks later and his roommate asks him what he’s smiling about. “oh,” adam says, “just thinking about my husband.”


Mikaela sometimes wondered what life would be like if the apocalypse never happened.

Of course, he would never know. That much was redundant, and it was certainly a waste of time to sit and ponder ‘what ifs.’ But he had all sorts of time in Sanguinem; how else would he keep his true personality in tact if he never thought about himself?

Life was hard to imagine. At first, he believed that he and Yuuichirou would still be at the orphanage… and then what? Their biggest issue would be adoption. They couldn’t be separated, nor did they want to leave anyone like Akane or the smaller kids. They had to stay together as a family, but how were they going to do that if they were all adopted by different families? Hopefully, none of them would be adopted, and then Mikaela, Yuuichirou, and Akane, once old enough, could get their own place and raise the kids themselves.

He figured they would all go to school together. They would live together through adulthood. Life would be easy.

After he was told about the truth behind the Hyakuya Orphanage, that whole image shattered. Would they ever survive? Mikaela remembered the kids that were ‘adopted’ until he figured out the only one who adopted them was death itself.

The world has been screwed from the start; an apocalypse was bound to happen. If everything was right and normal, as they thought it was, they would have to go back through all of human history to stop it from happening.

It was an impossible thought. 

So, although their world was wrong and their live were painful, Mikaela was glad everything happened as it had. Without a majority of the stressful moments, he wondered if he would even have Yuuichirou in his life.

As long as Yuuichirou was there, life was worth it. Apocalypse and all. 

Dear E,

The arguing would make sense if it was actually for something. We aren’t fighting to stay together or to see each other. It’s just fighting. You’ve gone cold on me enough times. It’s my turn. This is what you asked for. So now have fun with it and leave me alone. 


okay but now i will need many fics about God’s boyfriends and girlfriends like who were they how long did they stay together did they break up with God?!?!?!?! or did Chuck eventually decided to leave bc he’s god and all and these people are mortals? did any of them ever know about him? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS I MIGHT END UP WRITING FANFIC MYSELF ASDFGHJKLò

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Another reason why the NT may want to allow breakup rumors to go unchecked is that it'll make an even bigger splash when the team change announcement is made. Instead of just being boring business news, it'll be "1D is staying together!"

That would make an announcement like that much more dramatic.

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If Edward never came back in New Moon and Bella and Jacob got together, do you think that they'd fall out of love afterwards? Or at least would Jake fall out of like romantic love with her? I can imagine them fighting about Edward and how Bella's still hung up on him like 20 years later.

In books and movies people often end up with their high school sweethearts and stay together forever.  In real life it’s somewhat less common.  From a fictional standpoint I think SM meant Jacob to be the “other path” and that Bella would have ended up with him and been reasonably happy. 

Realistically though we don’t know how the two of them might change as they grow up and whether their grown-up versions would be compatible. (Not an issue for E/B because they are canonically frozen as is), and I think Bella’s particular psychological baggage would make it hard. Even if she were able to move on from Edward (which I don’t think SM intended for her to ever truly be able to do) I think even the possibility of Jacob imprinting would be really hard for Bella to take, given her abandonment issues. We the readers know that Jacob won’t imprint, because without Edward, Renesmee can never exist, but Bella doesn’t know that and I could imagine the stress of worrying if Jacob will imprint and have no choice but to break her heart might lead the relationship to fail, along with Jacob resenting being the second choice.