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Just a quick reminder in case you forgot for whatever reason, you’re an amazing person, your art is stunning, your shitposts are iconic, we love what you do so DON’T STOP ♥︎


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And for fun, maji one rappapa and dealing with ghosts/going on ghost adventures:

  • Yuko: tries to act tough and like she doesn’t believe in them but jumps pretty easily. None of the others are allowed to tell other maji students about it 
  • Sado: 120000% a skeptic and isn’t easily scared. Usually goes as moral support (and for her and Black to tease the others a little bit lol)
  • Gekikara: Despite having seen some shit in their life, they still scare easily so they’re seen either walking close or clinging to Yuko or Sado
  • Black: not necessarily a skeptic but doesn’t get scared. Partially goes with the group for “religious” reasons but mostly goes to mess with the others
  • Shibuya: acts uninterested but still goes because she’s secretly into it
  • Torigoya: Won’t even show up to the adventure

I thought “serizawa’s crocs” was just a fandom thing until I saw them in the actual webcomic in a VERY serious context and I promptly lost my mind

Reasons You Most Likely Never See An INFJ

I think the main reasons why you never see or meet an INFJ is because:

1. We probably don’t know if the person we are talking to is an infj. To be honest, I won’t know a person is an INFJ unless that person has taken the test to prove they are in fact an infj.

2. We like to stay home all day. Like, I could stay home for a week and wouldn’t mind as long as I text my best friend or annoy my sister with my constant “love meeeeeee” speech until she pushes me out of her room.

3. We dislike socializing (or some like to socialize but we all have a social battery). Most of the time I dislike socializing only at an event like a fair or something but, if I go hang out with a very close friend or two, I’m okay with that.

Anyways, this is my opinion…


Well… at least one of my council involved AU Ricks is the sort who believes in the citadel.

Imagine the Villain Alliance going out on Halloween dressed as themselves and hoping no one will notice they’re the real deal but people just end up criticizing their outfits.

Someone tells Tomura that he heard the “real Shigaraki” is much crustier and creepier in person. Kurogiri has to stop him before he disintegrates the guy.

Another person tells Twice to stop with his contradicting statements cuz it just makes it seem like he’s trying to hard to be in character.

Kurogiri gets told that whatever “effects” he’s using for his fog looks cheap and fake.

Dabi gets told his scars are in the wrong place and that the “real Dabi” is taller.

Toga gets told that the “real Himiko” is much prettier. She stabs that person to death a few alleys away.

People keep telling Mr.Compress his mask is wrong. He keeps trying to insist he owns multiple masks. No one listens.

And fucking Spinner keeps getting his outfit mistaken for Stain’s, for obvious fucking reasons. He’s ecstatic! He’s the only person who has a good time and fucking beams every time someone comments on his “Stain cosplay”.