Date ideas

Take me to a library

Take me to a museum 

Take me to an aquarium 

Take me to your favorite spot as a child 

Take me to your favorite store 

Take me to a book store 

Take me to a cafe 

Take me to a park 

Take me on a walk 

Take me somewhere you’ve always wanted to go 

Take me to a movie that’s been out forever so that no one else is in the theater 

Take me to a garden 

Take me to a class any class an art class pottery class cooking class

Take me to a fair 

Let’s stay home and have a movie marathon 

Let’s stay home and cook ourselves dinner 

Let’s stay home and bake something from scratch 

Let’s stay home and redecorate your room 

Let’s stay home and start a project you’ve been putting off for months 

Let’s stay home and make a pillow fort 

Let’s stay home and sleep

anonymous asked:

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The Schuyler Sisters 

Hamilton 1920s!AU (finished ver.)

This was fun to do even though colouring was hard work XD I’m still trying to figure out my colouring style but I’m happy how this turned out


RaHyuk teaching us why we shouldn’t go outside 

Stay Safe Sweetheart

Tonks: *lay in bed unable to sleep* /He will be there by now…/ 

Tonks: /I should’ve gone with him/ 

- Flashback- 

Remus: we’ve been through this, Harry is going to need all the help he can get… James and Sirius aren’t here to protect him so I have to. 

Tonks: if he needs so much help then i should be there! I’m kinda good at this sort of thing incase you hadn’t noticed! 

Remus: I know… But Teddy needs you 

Remus: stay safe sweetheart

-Flashback ends- 

Tonks: /I can’t just sit here, i have to help him/ 

Tonks: *looks over at Teddy who is fast asleep in his crib* /If we lose it will be no world for him to grow up in/ 

/i have to go/ 

Tonks: *leaning down to the crib* you’re so loved Teddy, mummy and daddy love you so much. 
*she kisses his forehead* stay safe sweetheart

Tonks: *takes one last look at Teddy* 

Andromeda: I knew you would, Stay safe sweetheart. 

((OOC: this is the first time attempting a two character threat alone, not sure it’s gone as well as I’d hoped but I loved doing it))