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Do Jeanne and Nick know how wild their boys are? Well, except for Harold because he is an actual earth angel and all.

Well, first of all Jeanne knows more about it thank Nick does, but mostly because she asks the boys more about those things. Nick is very caring and soft but he doesn’t want to intervene too much so unless they come and ask him about something he doesn’t say much about it. Jeanne has some idea of it, but she also tries to be respectful. She mostly bothers Hunter because he’s the family baby, but then again he actually needs help where his brothers don’t.

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I always dreamed of leaving this place. Moving away to make new friends and a new start with the one I love. Seeing new places, new adventures, and a different life for my children. Then I fell in love with him, the guy who never ever imagined leaving. The one who wants our kids to grow up doing what he did, and to show me all the things that makes this place special. He made me realize that sometimes you have to stay to understand the beauty in a place you’ve always hated.

Ok I wasn’t sure if I was gonna make this post but. I guess I am.

I relate very heavily with so much that is going on between Jack and Kent (specifically Kent ok) and I’ve seen a lot of people talking about Jack minimising what happened. Which I think is true. 

You just have to remember that there’s no way Kent isn’t pulling the reverse himself. He has built everything up so much in his head. If you asked them, really asked them, what happened, their stories might even hardly match up.

What I’m trying to say is that these boys are NOT OBJECTIVE. They have both gone through a LOT and for Jack, reducing what happened in order to compartmentalise and deal with the other things he had (and has) going on is a defence mechanism. For Kent, going over it all again and again in his head until everything means more than it did, until Jack loves him back, at least in his mind (and yes, Kent is deluded. I’ve been there) is also a defence mechanism. 

They’re different people who deal with different, very shitty situations in different ways. In doing so, they hurt each other. This is so painfully real and normal. They were children. They’re still young now (and did not have a healthy development by any means, what with growing up so embroiled in hockey culture) and they screw up. It’s not okay, they need to fucking communicate, but it’s not condemnable. 

You don’t have to like either of them, just understand that neither of them carries any kind of overarching blame. At the end of the day they’re just boys who want different things out of each other.


20 Things You’ll Love If You Like Staying Home On The Weekends

Let’s be real for a second: staying home on the weekend is the best. Sure, being a social butterfly has its perks, but being a homebody is so relaxing and cozy. You can sit back and chill, knowing that you don’t have to run from one social obligation to another. Birthday parties, theme parties, dinners… the exhausting weekend list of activities goes on and on. You’re just not into that stuff. To you, there’s nothing like some good quality time with your TV, laptop, and bed (AKA the best friends a girl could have). You may not have a reputation as a party girl, but you’re doing you, which is the most important thing.

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Sometimes its easier to go out than to stay home and lay on your couch, because when you stay home and lay on your couch and drink chamomile tea, you have to face the facts. That there are people in this world that you cannot have, but that you still want. That even though your want is selective, when you do select to want that person it feels like you have wanted them forever and will want them forever. This, therein lies the difficulty.
—  John Mayer