staying storng

Hey, just a little “stay strong” kind of submission. My daddy lives in Australia, I’m from the middle east which makes 14,000 km away from each other. I don’t need to tell you how difficult it is, how scary it is, how lonely and how hopeless it feels sometimes… But listen to me, it’s all baby steps. After over a year of working hard, dealing with stress, the military (!), crying myself to sleep, hoping, loving each other.. We did it and he was right there, holding my juicebox for me. I could touch him, I could smell him, my daddy was right there. And let me tell you, the hard work pays off. It really does. Falling asleep on his chest with his fingers running through my hair was worth every lonely night. Just keep going, okay? Just keep going and keep dreaming and keep looking forward. Don’t lose hope, little one. You’ll get there soon ♥

Daddy and I are now married and will see each other again in 80 days, and then when we’re back home we’ll start the process of moving me to Australia. It’s a crazy journey but having this account and other littles to share it with really helps and I just want to say if anyone ever needs to talk to someone who’s been there and understands, you can always message me at @bigcl0uds and even send me anonymous asks if you’re a little shy.
Stay storng, little angels! Distance is a meanie but you will kick it’s butt ♥

OMG HI! lol thank you so much for sharing this lovely story!! I love your blog and have been following it forever!